Commandos 3: Destination Berlin
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Product Description

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin places you in charge of an elite team, deep behind enemy lines, carrying out the missions with the most danger!

  • Lead your six-man team across three extensive campaigns -- from Normandy to Central Europe to Stalingrad
  • Use your men wisely -- they allhave unique skills, and you'llneed to know who to use for each challenge
  • All-new environments and dynamic mission objectives that will keep your squad on their toes
  • great new tutorial system prepares you and gets your team ready for action
  • Exciting multplayer deathmatch for up to 12 players

Customer Reviews:

  • DirectX drivers
    Be advised that your video and sound cards must be DirectX 9 compatible to play Commandos 3, simply downloading DirectX 9 will not make the game run. I.E. The GeForce FX5200 video cards are compatible with DX 9. I can't fairly rate the game because I can't play it on my system, wish I had known this before I purchased it! Looks like a new graphics card is in order, I imagine this is the way most new games will be heading....more info
  • A decent game.
    I really enjoyed this game to a point. Having played the other 3 Commandos games, I could not wait for this to come out. The graphics are better than the other games even when you zoom in. The other games got pixelly where as this one doesn't. If it does, it's time to upgrade (I played this on a pentium 4, 512 meg ram, 128 meg video card).

    What I liked was the graphics, how challenging the game was, and the way the landscape changed making you change your strategy.

    What I didn't like was the controls, no cutscenes leading up to the next level, and there wasn't alot of strategy involved beyond what I already metioned. There are no more hot keys to control which weapon you use and other funtions. that really hurts this game more than anything. The cutscenes and other "eye candy" things I can do without (though I really enjoy them), but the based on the other 3 games, the stratgey involved stinks. Not more sneak attacks or thinking before you act. You can go in guns blazing and not suffer like the other games.

    I did enjoy the game, but with the controls and strategy they took with this game, it really hurt the game. This could have and should have been an awesome game. But all we are left with is an average game with a few really good levels. At this price (and probably lower would be better), I would recommend this game, especially to people who have played the Commando series. But definitely don't pay full price....more info

  • Commandos
    This game is short and the graphics should have been better. I expected a game much longer with better music and better graphics. Commandos 2 is way better than Commandos 3....more info
  • Commandos 3
    Great improvement from the first two. Much harder. Loved 1 and 2. Completed both. Commandos 3 is taking a lot more concentration. Love this game....more info
  • Not Recommended
    I read all the reviews, and after playing this game I can't be more agreed. This game is absolutely not recommended and a big turn down to all commandos fans everywhere....more info
  • Commandos 3: Destination Berlin
    I have always been a fan of the Commandos series. They take patience and planning. Destination Berlin continues in much of the same way its predecessor did but with better graphics and new controls. I must admit that I am not all too happy with the hotkey changes but you get used to the new controls all the same. Graphics are nice and so is the sound, although they are nothing to write home about. The cutscenes are great in that they really provide you with a feeling of impending doom. Number one thing to all that are interested is that you must be a patient individual. If you like to fast forward through games, this will not be a game you will enjoy. All and all a decent game with very few draw backs. ...more info
  • why?!?
    Oh my gosh, we are so disappointed in this game. My sons and I love playing the previous Commandos games, but we have nice, large monitors, and never play a game at anything less than 1024x768 (up to 1600x1200, where the game allows). And we love playing coop mode in several games (these, Ghost Recon, Civ 3, etc).

    However, for unfathomable reasons, Eidos has taken three incredible non-user friendly actions with this game:
    (1) removed mappable hotkeys
    (2) restricted resolution to 800x600 (nuts)
    (3) removed coop mode (incomprehensible)

    Yes, they added other coop modes, which is great, but WHY remove coop mode? Other games provide coop AND other mp modes.

    And 800x600? Please. Very few people play at that low resolution anymore. Polls show that the most common game resolutions now played are 1280x960/1024 and 1024x768.

    And no mappable hotkeys?

    I wonder where these games are being developed, and who the software architects are, because these actions are inexcusable in this day of good design patterns.

    I very much appreciate the reviews here and elsewhere. The two games we most wanted last Christmas, then in the Spring, then later, were Commandos 3 and the new Tomb Raider game. Reviews informed us of the TR debacle before we experienced that disappointment, and fortunately, I'm able to return this lousy game and get my money back.

    Don't get me wrong. I *want* this game to be good. If Eidos puts some effort into allowing a useful resolution and restores coop mode, I'll gladly plug my nickel down again. But I let my money speak, and right now it's saying, "Nope."...more info

  • Disappointment Plus
    After thoroughly enjoying Commandos 2, I looked forward with great anticipation to Commandos 3 only to be greatly disappointed. The characters and graphics are basically the same but the actual play is quite different.There are no varying levels of play so it seems everyone is playing at expert level which can make the game for average gamers very difficult and frustrating. The actual keyboard selections for actions seem more complicated and the loss of time in selecting the proper action often results in the gamer getting killed off and the game having to be re-loaded adding to one's frustration. The only positive I see in this game is any satisfaction the gamer might get in completing a mission. They all seem too difficult for the average gamer of which I am. The cost of the game is higher than the satisfaction received. I could not recommend it....more info
  • A Huge Disappointment
    I had always been a big commandos game fan before I played this commandos 3. This game was not well both designed and planned, far from creativity and good. I was just surprise when I finished this game, which only took a few days and I said to myself, is that it? these are just only very few things that describe how bad this game is, which I believe there's still lots more.
    (1) there's no movie/teaser in the beginning, no preface. It takes you directly to the option bars (single player, multiplayer, options, etc).
    (2) it's the same as commandos 2, even worse, each level is very short and easy. I can't even consider it as commandos 2 expansion pack.
    (3) there's no new characters; moreover, they threw away the driver, natasha, and the cool features that were in commandos 2 (dog, rat, etc)
    (4) the ending is horrible, no movie (again)
    (5) you can eliminate the enemies without bothering to do the "art of silence kill", because you can just ambush and blow them up easily without any trouble, as well as your money....more info
  • Awsome
    Hey bud, if your looking for a cool brain racking strategy game this is the one you are looking for. This the the best strategy game ever after Commandos 2 : Men of Courage. The previous edition was a classic. I sincerely hope this game would again win the best game of the year award. I have not played it yet. I am hoping to buy it in the next few days.

    Mark my word. If you want to play a realy challenging strategy game with exceptional AI - this is the game pal, this is the game.

    Good Gaming...more info
  • What a Let Down
    I've had great expectations for this game. I have played the first two parts, and I call myself a big fan of Commandos series. Playing this game makes me feel as if the developers have created the third part before the second one. Graphics are pretty much the same, if not inferior to part two, and the environment is much less interactive. Now you can examine only other soldiers and boxes, whereas you could examine almost every object in part two. Range of weapons is too short now. I entered a room and I could not shoot the enemy standing at the other side, except with a rifle. The range of the hand gun and the machine gun simple couldn't reach him, which is totally silly. Help screen of the game says that all of the commandos can use gas grenade, but in fact only the Sapper can. Little things like that have greatly contributed to my disappointment. I miss the Driver too. AI is somewhat improved and the game is more difficult, which is good since the only objection I had to part two is that it was a bit too easy. Other changes have ruined the game for me. Can't help feeling that the developer was awfully sluggish and uninventive this time around. I wish they had released an expansion pack with few minor improvements for Commandos 2 Men of Courage in stead of this disaster.
    If I hadn't played the first two parts, this game might have gotten more than two stars, but as it is maybe two stars is too generous.
    Harshly yours,
    Aster....more info
  • Very Difficult but Short
    If you have played the previous games , It is too short compared to the Commandos 2 but very very difficult. The last stages in all three parts are almost impossible. TIP: quick save as often as you can....more info
  • Not worth it
    I love commando 1 and 2 alot. I played commando 2 for more than a year and still love to play it with hardest and still beat the game with no alarm from the enermy. I install the commando 3 then I don't feel like to play it after the tutorial.
    The control of the game is so bad that I don't wan't to lean and play the game. I wait until the expansion if any, and if they fixed then I will play. Otherwise, I won't play it and their rate from me will be less than a star....more info
  • I replayed Commandos 2 as an antidote to this disappointment
    Like most, I agree that Commandos 3 is no where near as good as its predecessor.

    In terms of game play, the levels are less challenging, requiring far less strategy and nuance (you can go in gung-ho and kill everyone easily, unlike C2 which punished such impatience). I was disappointed at the lack of levels and the speed with which this game could be completed. The controls are no where near as easy to master or as intuitive as C2 was, plus key (and fun) characters, tools, weapons and techniques are missing from this edition.

    In terms of overall presentation, C3 lacks the intros and cut scenes of C2, which, although not essential to the game, did add some appeal. Most disturbingly however where the sheer number of bugs in the game. I did eventually download the patch which fixed some of the issues (though not really to my satisfaction), but for a game of this calibre and one so anxiously anticipated by gamers across the world, so many bugs is unacceptable. There is nothing more frustrating than having to constantly reload your profile because the game has crashed and deleted your save-games. Grrr.

    Overall, a very disappointing experience - not worth the money to buy it new and well worth an email to the makers to voice your disappoitment....more info

  • not even worth one star!!!
    Too bad, the graphics, I see more squares, missions are designed like cheating customers,ie, too simple, too few, they are ruining the good name of commando series, STOP THIS CRIME!!!!!!!!!!...more info