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Targus DVD301 10 Sport Portable DVD Player Case
List Price: $27.99

Our Price: $16.99

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Product Description

The Sport Portable DVD Player Case offers you a secure storage solution for your portable DVD player. This Sport Case holds up to a 9 inch DVD player while allowing you to use the player without removing it from the case. The case features non-woven pockets that hold up to 8 DVD disks and an external zippered pocket to hold accessories like power cords and headphones. And your DVD player is secured in place by a security strap along with extra padding for added protection. There's even a handy adjustable suspension shoulder strap for easy carrying.

The Sport Portable DVD Player Case from Targus offers secure storage and transport for your portable DVD player. The durable carrying case holds one portable DVD player (up to a 9-inch diagonal screen) and lets you use the player without even removing it from the case. The case features non-woven pockets that hold up to eight individual DVDs and an external zippered pocket to store accessories like power cords and headphones. Your DVD player is held in place by a security strap and features extra padding for additional protection. An adjustable suspension shoulder strap simplifies carrying.

What's in the Box
Bag, shoulder strap, and warranty information.

  • Supports Up to a 9 Inch DVD Player; Use Player Without Removing From Case
  • Non-Woven Pockets to Hold Up to 8 DVD Disks
  • External Zippered Pocket to Hold Accessories Like Power Cords and Headphones
  • Adjustable Suspension Shoulder Strap
  • Extra Padding and Security Strap to Secure Player

Customer Reviews:

  • dvd case
    we use on a 9" portable and it works fine. plenty of compartments for storing stuff. The only thing I wish it had was a strap to hang from the headrest. I rigged one up easy enough but they could have done it easier and more permanent....more info
  • Does the job!
    I bought this case for my 5-year-old nephew after I purchased a Sony DVD player for him for Christmas last year. He likes to take the DVD player with him pretty much wherever he goes, so the case is indispensable. My sister reports that the DVD player (Sony DVP-FX820 8-Inch) fits well, and there are no problems with the case. ...more info
  • Not cheesy-looking
    This item is compatible with the panasonic 8.5 screen DVD player. Perfect fit and the item is very nice, not cheap looking and nicely padded. Definitely worth the extra price. Other cases available that were cheaper, but from the pictures, they looked it....more info
  • Handy & Reliable
    This case is just awesome. It has extra compartments for your DVD's or CD's, your power cords and anything elese you might want to place in it for your dvd player. A handy strap for carring. I am very please that I
    purchased this item. Worth the money. ...more info
  • Excelent product!
    Este bolso es de excelente calidad, lo compre para un portatil Asus, y cabe perfectamente bien, buenos materiales, buena proteccion para el equipo.

    This product has a excelent quality, I bought for a Asus laptop, and it fit perfectly, good material, and offer a good protection for the equipment...more info
  • Very nice bag!
    Perfect for carrying the Sony DVP-FX820 portable DVD player as well as other electronics, cables, headphones, etc.
    The compartment for DVDs only opens up part way so it is a bit of a pain inserting and removing the DVDs (you have to take them out of their cases) but it securely holds a lot of disks. You might want to make a list of where you put the DVDs so you can find them on a dark train......more info
  • Good case for bulky DVD players
    Our DVD is a bit chunky and didn't fit in some other cases we tried. It fits very well in this case. This one doesn't have a system for hanging the case between two seats in the car. That is it's most significant drawback. Another minor issue is the power supply and cables barely fit in the pockets but this would probably be an issue for any case. The front pocket of the case has sleeves for up to 10 DVDs which is a nice feature. ...more info
  • Nice bag
    This bag was what I was looking for to hold by kids' portable DVD players. Lots of room for the player, cables, and headphones....more info
  • Works great for the Acer Aspire One
    This case works very nicely for the Acer Aspire One netbook computer. The computer fits really well and there is space for accessories.

    I am deducting one star because the side pocket does not hold accessories/cords/adapters as well as it could. I imagine this would be a problem for DVD players as well. It's not a huge problem but still could be better....more info
  • Excellent
    Holds my 10 inch dvd player and all related gear. Attractive case with several handy storage areas and good protection for contents....more info
  • great item
    This case fits perfectly and offers a level of portability and protection for my DVD player--go get one!...more info
  • Great value and quality...
    The Targus DVD001 13 Portable DVD Player Case was exactly what I was looking for. It is an attractive bag and very functional. One of the features that I enjoy is the strap for long carries in large airport terminals. The padding on the strap has elastic characteristics that provides a very comfortable fit. The storage space with the various compartments was also surprising and accomodates all of the accessories that came with my Panasonic 9 inch player. Not only that, but the main compartment also allows a pair of Sony noise cancelling headsets that I got for listening on a noisy plane ride. The headsets twist sideways for a flat profile and are able to fit on the top of the player when it is strapped in. It's a tight fit, but works very well. Overall, it is a bag that will provide effective carrying of your player, accessories, several DVD's or CD's (22 total) and even note pads, pens, boarding pass or flater items in its front and back compartments....more info
  • Perfect Compliment to My Portable DVD Player
    My sister was kind enough to buy me a portable DVD player so I could watch movies during my ridiculously long Dialysis treatments, but ever since I received it I was carrying it around in the thick plastic tubing it came in to protect it from damage.

    I read numerous reviews online regarding this DVD case and I've been delighted with it's quality and durability. I now place other accessories like headphones, lip balm and medications and lab reports so it's become my official DVD Dialysis bag. Besides the main DVD section, it has numerous zippered areas to store more than enough DVD's.

    I recommend this to anyone seeking a great compliment to their portable DVD equipment. You will not be disappointed....more info
  • Targus DVD 301 DVD Case
    This is a great case for the money. It's very well made, nicely padded and very much worth the money. I have bought 3 of these for 3 different portable dvd players....more info
  • Excellent case, am very pleased with it.
    I am enrolled in a distance learning program where the lectures are on DVD, and purchased the Panasonic 8.5 inch DVD player to "carry my classroom with me". I purchased this case for the DVD player and it is wonderful. The DVD player has a very bulky external battery, I needed it for the long life, and this bag holds the player with the battery attached perfectly. There a padded insert that creates additional storage for the adapters and headhphones next to the case. The shoulder strap is VERY comfortable, others should learn from this one. The front pockets, one for DVD storage, the other for...I use it to carry my Bible for reference when "attending class" will hold a small book or other accessories very well. The DVD storage pocket will hold 15 or more DVD's easily.

    Overall, excellent value for the price paid....more info
  • I like it
    Easy and good for travel. We use it on plane - can see dvd player with it still in the case and hold it semi-secure while playing. The straps can be wrapped around the food tray in airplanes so it doesnt go anywhere when my kid grabs it. Overall, pretty happy with this purchase....more info
  • Great bag
    I purchased this bag for a 10.2" DVD player and it fit in there fine with room to spare. It also has room for all the cords. I had purchased two other bags that fit DVD players up to 10" and had to return them because my DVD player didn't fit. This bag is great! ...more info
  • Doesn't work with the Toshiba SD-P101S 10-Inch Portable DVD Player
    This case is recommended by Amazon with the Toshiba SD-P101S 10-Inch Portable DVD Player. The DVD player DOES NOT fit into the case with the battery connected to the player. The case itself is nice, I wish they had a similar case but larger....more info
  • Great Bag for your DVD Player and Accessories!
    This is a sturdy, multi-pocketed bag that holds just about anything you need for your portable DVD player, even up to 10 DVD's. The quality is excellent, especially for the price. There is plenty of room for up to a 10" player. It also has a strap that velcros over your player so that it doesn't shift around in the bag, especially useful for my smaller 8" player. It comes with a detachable strap if you want to carry it over the shoulder, but it also has a handle if you want to just carry it by hand like a briefcase....more info
  • Targus DVD001 - Love it!
    This review is for the Targus DVD001 case (inside, according to Targus, is 12" x 2.5" x 9.5"). I bought this over a year ago to use with a small 12.1 inch laptop (11.75 by 1.5 by 8.5). The laptop fit is snug with room for 1 or 2 rows (2 each) of standard DVD cases on top. So as long as you are looking at the DVD001, then you can be sure it will hold players of like size. However accommodating accessories like power supplies, might still be an issue. The side pocket will, at a stretch, accommodate the power supply, as long as you don't mind the bulge and don't intend to use the DVD slots. If you find that an issue you might want to aim for 14" laptop cases instead.

    Targus has discontinued the DVD001, so get it while you can. Targus doesn't make anything in the 13' size anymore....more info
  • dvd player case
    Great bag to store dvd player and accessories; a nice feature is that it has compartments for wires dvds and cds; it is also a nice looking case....more info
  • nice bag for a about 7 to 10 inches portable dvd players
    DVD001, i think fits upto 11 inch portable dvd players . I can safely say definitely up to 10 inch ones.

    I use it for my LS2 Panasonic player. i have additonal space on the side for wires and adapter.

    I place my player vertically in the bag not horizantally, that makes better utilization of space and it fits perfectly .

    I do not think you can fit any player bigger than 8.5 vertically as mine fits perfectly and nicely.

    nice looking bag ( once again depends on who is seeing it).

    over all a nice bag. it has place to hold 12 to 14 CD/DVD disks with a slight soft cushion to protect your DVDs.

    I liked it....more info
  • great product
    thanks for shipping it so fast. it holds the portable dvd i bought for my daughter perfectly. it holds more dvds than we own. great product, thanks again...more info
  • NIce Portable DVD bag
    This bag is very roomie except for getting DVDs in and out. Outwise this bag can't be beat. ...more info
  • The BOMB!!! lol.....
    ...forgive me for going retro on the slang but I couldn't think of another word that can truly describe my elation over this bag. I am sooo glad I chose this particular one. I had 3-4 bags from amazon that were in the running but I went with this one and it did NOT disappoint. I have an 8" portable dvd player and it fits it perfectly and securely. Plenty of room for the 2-part adapter cords to fit in right next to the player; good amount of dvd slots that can be doubled/tripled up if you don't mind ur dvds touching; versatile carrying style with both handle and shoulder strap; front velcro pocket for misc when you need to just slip something flat in the bag in an instance; surprisingly light weight to carry which I LOVE the most.... makes it so easy to tote ur portable around. I highly recommend this bag! I paid the amazon NEW price and it was really worth the money. ~ Sincerely a very satisfied customer....TD79...more info
  • Excellent Portable DVD player
    This DVD player is excellent, very clear picture, good quality sound and not heavy to carry....more info
    I read other folk's great reviews about this bag and it was all true! While being lightweight and compact, it is sturdy and has lots of room for many DVDs, my earphones and plugs, and it still cushions my DVD player. It has a great over-the-shoulder strap, which is padded and soft. I don't think I could find a more perfect bag to travel with me on my many plane trips. And it is so reasonably priced!...more info