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Insect Lore Ladybug Land
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Product Description

Witness the magic of biology as tiny larvae bloom into beautiful ladybugs. The ladybug metamorphosis kit is a colorful, see-through habitat that provides kids with an up-close look at the miracle of nature. Features: Colorful, see-through Ladybug Land habitat. Mail-in certificate for ladybug larvae and food -15-20 larvae, shipped separately. It includes a magnified viewing lens fun-filled fact and a instruction guide. You can watch in amazement as the larvae shed their skins and extend their delicate new wings. Then set them free into your backyard, where they will contribute to the living ecosystem. A wonderful journey for little nature a lover, this one-of-a-kind kit makes the wonders of the world real, tangible and fun.

  • Watch the small larvae eat and drink from special gels, form cocoons, and emerge as adult ladybugs
  • Includes sturdy Ladybug Land habitat, magnifier dome cap, coupon for 15 to 20 ladybug larvae with special food and complete instructions
  • See-through domed habitat allows you to get a bug?s eye view
  • Discover the ladybug metamorphosis in the Ladybug Land
  • Watch your larvae grow into adult ladybugs

Customer Reviews:

  • Made me a hero with my granddaughter.
    This is educational, but no one will notice if you don't tell them. It comes with a mail in cupon and once you have the larvae, the fun begins. Make sure you share the information and discuss all of the events of the bug cycle. Learning can be fun....more info
  • fun
    Bought this for my son's 4th birthday. All the kids loved it and they still talk about it all the time....more info
  • Ladybug mausoleum
    Larvae arrived with all but one dead. After a little while, it died too. Contacted the company and they responded very quickly. They also sent a new batch of ladybug larvae very quickly. The only problem is that these arrived dead too. All of them.
    Emailed the company several times back and forth and finally came to a resolution. They sent Painted Lady "butterfly culture" aka tiny caterpillars.
    As of June 12, 2005, the five sent are all alive. Hopefully, we will finally get to watch nature at work. All we've seen so far is the grim reaper.
    So, in order, it's dead ladybug larvae; dead ladybug larvae; help from customer service;live caterpillars.
    Now,all we have to do is figure out what to do with our empty ladybug land....more info
  • My daughter loved it!
    I gave this to my 2nd grader for Christmas. It took a while for the larvae to arrive due to "unexpected need" -- how does that happen when the same company sells the land and ships the ladybugs? But once the tube of larvae arrived the land did exactly what it promised. My kids loved watching as the larvae became pupae attached to the dome, then hatched as ladybugs. We kept them in the dome for a couple of weeks (until after the last frost) then released them on our rose bushes. Ten minutes later the kids were begging to order more larvae!...more info
  • Ladybug Land a Great Science Experiment!
    I bought this item for my kindergarten class. We watched the larvae crawl around for a few days, but they ate all the food they came with on the first day. I started to worry they would starve, so I fed them aphids until they went into the pupae phase. I got about 10 ladybugs, and only 4 of them survived to become adult ladybugs, but the kids were really excited when they finally came out. They look a little different than regular red ladybugs, but you can still tell that's what they are. The kids enjoyed watching them, and it made for a great science experiment in the classroom. I would highly recommend this product to anyone teaching small children. You do have to be careful not to knock the lid off. I had several escapees because my children kept bumping the lid, and they were able to crawl out from under it. ...more info
  • Bad Design
    I bought this kit for my daughter and we all had great fun watching the larvae grow and morph into lady beetles. Unfortunately, the container is poorly designed. When you take the lid off to give them water, the lady bugs (at whatever stage) wander into the crevice meant for the lid. They are then squished when you try to replace the lid. Out of the 10 larvae, we ended up with one lady beetle to release. The rest died in the manner described above. If the container was designed a little differently, we would consider buying more....more info
  • Ladybugs are a big hit
    Bought this for my son's 5th birthday since he loves Ladybugs. Sent of for the larvae two weeks before his birthday and it arrived on his birthday. All the larvae arrived alive. They changed to pupa in two days and are now ladybugs. He is constantly watching his ladybugs. He has a little brother (1 1/2) who also likes the ladybug land and has dropped it many times. It has no cracks and the bugs do not seemed fazed so I would say it is very durable. ...more info
  • A neat learning experience...
    My 4 year old daughter is a ladybug nut. We got this for Christmas and sent away for our larvae which come in a tube in the mail with all the food they need. Even the adults were fascinated watching the larvae turn to pupa and then to ladybugs. The customer service was very helpful when we called because our bugs stopped doing anything. They told us the bugs were "dormant" because it was too cold in my daughters room. We moved them to a warmer spot and within 30 minutes had ladybugs!! Definitely worth the cost. It is clean and sturdy thank goodness! Although the inside does get slightly messy (of course). We loved it....more info
  • Teacher and Parent
    I bought this for my son's third birthday. He's already an avid entomologist. The larvae arrived just as expected already shedding its skin, which each one did multiple times. It was fascinating for my husband and me as well. The three of us found ourselves glued together watching these amazing creatures as the larvae shed it's final skin and entered the pupa stage. Several days after the fully-formed ladybugs emerged (they were yellow at first), we set them free into our back yard. They have a distinct appearance which is slightly different than the ladybugs we're accustomed to seeing around here. Therefore we have been able to easily identify them when we come across them in our yard.

    We received about 14 or 15 ladybug larvae and all survived to become ladybugs except for one, which I consider to be pretty impressive. The container was especially effective because my son was not able (or tempted) to manhandle to ladybugs, yet it was easy to keep the water filled with the specially designed lid and water tube. We had an excellent view of all the events taking place inside. I would recommend purchasing books to go along with this. We had four different simple books relying upon excellent photographs and easy-to-understand descriptions. This heightened my son's (and our) anticipation and helped us to better understand what was happening.

    I can honestly say that this has been well-worth the price we paid for it. Soon we're going to get a refill kit of ladybug larvae and begin anew....more info

  • Sometimes Cannibals (but not always)!
    Our ladybug larvae seemed to prefer to eat each other rather than the food which came with our shipment of ladybugs. It was rather gruesome to watch, so we let the larvae loose outside. The company representative we spoke with had no explanation for the phenomenon, but was willing to ship us another package of ladybugs free of charge. I don't think we can handle watching a repeat of the cannibalism.

    The new larvae behaved themselves (i.e., they didn't eat each other). They grew to maturity and we relaeased them into the backyard. I guess ladybugs, like love, can be better the second time around.

    ...more info
  • Loved this toy
    My 6 year old daughter loved this toy. She is having fun studying the bugs from our garden, we did not even receive the mail order bugs yet. ...more info
  • A little boring--kids review
    I couldn't wait for when the lady bugs arrived in the mail. When they finally did, I was grossed out at the fact that they were tiny larvae. There wasn't much to watch besides the fact that you had to feed them everyday or else they'd die, but reaching my hand in there was probably one of the most dreaded things of the day...especially because nobody else would do it for me!

    A lot of people complain that the ladybugs didnt live but I think all of mine made it to the ladybug stage. It may have been a disgusting process, but it felt great to finally let them go.

    I recommend not getting these if you are not going to be willing to feed them and see white larvae....more info
  • A ladybug lover's dream
    My 3-year old absolutely LOVES ladybugs, and this item was a big hit with her. We kept it on the kitchen counter, near where we eat, and the ladybugs and their activities were always a popular dinner conversation topic! When the weather turned warm enough, we released the ladybugs in our yard and watched each and every one of them spread their wings and fly away. I am sure we will order additional larvae and do it all over again. The product is sturdy (we just had to remind our daughter not to jostle or try to lift the dome) and makes it easy to achieve successful results. A very fun and experience for the entire family!!...more info
  • Very disappointing!
    We were so excited to try this out with our little boy, but it was not what we expected. The only exciting day of insect watching came the day that the shipment arrived from Insect Lore - the ladybug larvae moved around a lot for about a day, then hid for almost 5 days while they turned into ladybugs. Once they were ladybugs, they just sat around and didn't do anything (they only seemed to move when we weren't looking at them). Then they died. Wow, what a letdown. Next time, we'll go with an old-fashioned ant farm!...more info
  • Fun For Everyone!
    I bought this kit for the library I work at in Utah, so that the children could come in and watch the ladybugs grow as a part of our Catch the Reading Bug summer reading program. It was a big hit! We had to order them again, because the kids were sad we released the ladybugs. The first time we did it, however, out of the 12 ladybugs, only three made it to adult. The second time we had better luck. We currently have six of 10 that turned into adults. I wouldn't be surprised if we have some eggs in the habitat pretty soon.

    The butterfly kits were a big success as well. We had one handicap butterfly, but he/she learned to fly just fine. We ended up having 8 of 10 turn into butterflies (despite the fact that three of the chrysalis fell down).

    As for some having dead ladybugs arrive, it's possible that the environments they were shipped through were too hot for them. You may want to consider contacting the company first if you're worried about the larvae arriving alive. All of our ladybugs arrived alive, so I can't be sure why this problem occurred. As for Oregon residents who bought this kit, unfortunately most companies won't ship ladybugs to Oregon, but try googling live ladybug kits. There may be a company out there who will ship to Oregon. ...more info