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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight
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Product Description

Flight Simulator 2004: A Century Of Flight celebrates the world-altering invention of powered flight -- by taking you on a tour of great aircraft from the past and present! Complete set of historical and modern-day aircraft to fly, from the Wright Brothers' Flyer I to the Boeing 747-700

  • Dynamic weather system based on realistic atmospheric physics, with true three-dimensional clouds that form and dissipate
  • Worldwide scenery with accurate 3D terrain and auto-gen objects that fill in the world with appropriate buildings and vegetation
  • Enhanced interactive air traffic control (ATC), including traffic at all airports around the world
  • Improved support for 3D graphics hardware acceleration in multiple windows and across multiple monitors
  • For 1 or more players over LAN or Internet

Customer Reviews:

  • the coolest game on earth
    i love flying and i want to be a pilot when i graduate. so i bought this game at my local walmart for $[...] it is the best game ever. it has flying lesons right in the game and u can fly any thing from a boing 777-400
    to the write brothers origanal 1903 flyer. its a must for any one that likes flying.i would also recomend the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick. i found it works best for this game.
    Hope u have as much fun with this sim as i did
    Injoy!...more info
  • A wonderful Flight Simulation
    This is great for getting the feel of flying some of the aircraft that made history and has a good mix of modern aircraft. It covers from the Wright Brothers right up to the Jumbos of the present day with a good mix of the periods to select aircraft models to simulate....more info
  • Still my favourite FS
    I have recently reviewed Flight Simulator X. While that simulator has amazing graphics and improved gameplay (..somewhat) I still keep FS2004 as my favourite, everyday-use flight simulator.

    There are several reasons to get this:

    - Price. The price is almost a steal for this wonderful product. I remember paying $49 for it at Walmart when it first came out.

    - Performance and Graphics. It's very beautiful game. It has great landscapes, 3D cockpit. I only wish the water effects were a little bit better. Most importantly, this game will work on almost any decent PC with 512MB of RAM, 128MB video card.

    - Gameplay. Amazing. Simply stunning. I absolutely love flying from Chicago to Indianapolis in a Boeing 737.. enjoying beautiful waterscape of Lake Michigan and green corn fields of Indiana.

    The aircrafts perform and like they should. I love the older airplanes such as "Dougs" which fly realistically with no problems. The game features a lot of historic aircrafts but you can download THOUSANDS of add-ons.. not only aircrafts but also cockpit panels, landscapes and even ATC.

    Overall.. I love this product. I am absolutely in love with it and will continue to use it for long time. It's a lot better in performance terms than FSX.. and a lot better for beginners. It has everything you need and nothing you don't need.

    It is VERY playable with a keyboard and mouse, though not recommended. I personally recommend a Logitech FLI kit or something like that.

    If you think you can handle having fun and learning geometry, physics and math at the same time then you have no problems with getting this product.

    Very recommended!...more info
  • Much better than FSX!!
    I have been playing this game for several years now (since it was originally released), and I have enjoyed every minute of it!! Unfortunately, the game CD was damaged, so instead of replacing it, I went out and bought FSX.

    I found, to my dismay, that FSX won't work on my computer. I have a fairly good (though not great by today's standards) computer: XP-Professional with SP2, Intel Centrino Duo CPU @ 1.73GHz, 1GB of RAM, and 100GB hard drive that is only about 1/3 full. With these specs, FSX doesn't work very well. However, FX2004 works absolutley great!!

    So I'm simply going to buy another FS2004, and hold on to FSX until I get a substantially better computer. If your computer specs are anything close to what mine are, I recommend you do the same.

    Make no mistake: FS2004 ROCKS!!!!!!...more info
  • Great Game-But Graphics Aren't Too Great
    I got this game in December of 2006 and it is great. The only problem is the graphics aren't too great, such as there aren't any roads. Also, there are not any airport vehicles or jetways. I'm thinking of getting FSX. Most of the bad reviews for FSX are based on the size it takes up-which is 14 GB. I do suggest this product, just if you don't know anything about flying, the "Flying Lessons" do take a long time to accomplish....more info
  • As a flight training tool: 2004 version = excellent! Other versions = poor.
    If you are a flight student or perhaps someone who is considering reactivating old flight certificates, this is an excellent tool. I learned about it through my flight school who recommend all of their students to use it frequently. I purchased this version after erroneously thinking the latest version - Flight Simulator X would suffice.

    If you are looking to for a flight training devices, DO NOT USE MICROSOFT "FLIGHT SIMULATOR X". Instead, use this version. It is the way to practice actual flight. The new version, Flight Simulator X is a sight-seeing program, and does not accurately simulate flight unlike advertised. I explained the problem with the new Flight Sim X's problems to Microsoft, and asked for a refund which, they declined. To an untrained eye, it would appear to be similar. But to a trained pilot - particularly a pilot with an instrument rating, the new version is poor.

    The 2004 version is excellent to practice instrument flight.

    If you are looking for a game, there are no challenges or campaigns and you should look elsewhere for a game.

    ...more info
  • FS2004
    FS2004 is ok but the graphics are bad.WHEN YOU HIT THE SEA, THE PLANE JUST JUMPS UP. The plane does not catch on fire or blow up when you hit the runway to hard it just bounces up a little....more info
  • Good enough
    Bought this product as I like all flight sims. It is good. I look forward to MS coming out with another MS Flight Simulator with aircrafts like the Baron 58 and ATR-42, and a few other prop aircrafts.Something totally different, aircraft wise.

    This package lives up to expectations and the improvements over the previous MS Flight Sims is huge. Really enjoyed flying the Baron 58 aircraft as I used to own one previously.

    ...more info
  • The Classic Flight Simulator
    Forget about MSFS-X. A Century of Flight is the only flight sim you'll ever need. As an owner of MS Flight Simulator X, I can honestly tell you that it won't give you any better graphics or performance than 2004 unless you have a $5,000 machine minimum. I deleted MSFS-X from my 2 GHz duo-core machine and re-installed MSFS 2004 and have BETTER performance and graphics. For the full experience, get a CH yoke and rudder - you'll think you're flying the real thing!...more info
  • Air plane lover
    I purchased this for my 8 year old grandchild because he absolutely loves everything about aviation. Was hesitant about whether he would be able to understand the operations of this program. Wow.... he loaded the program and took off with it. Plays it for hours at at time flying different types of aircraft. I made a very good choice for him. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys airplanes....more info
  • Best online for simulations!
    I went to ground school with the aspirations of becoming a private pilot. While taking my flight lessons, I purchased this game and used it as a backup and practice when not in the classroom or in the cockpit. This game is worth buying just for the schooling provided. Microsoft did such an amazing job of recreating some of the greatest planes that I felt like I was sitting in my plane. Using the many online programs that go with this game, you can talk to ATC, have live weather conditions and even see who's flying around you. This is the next best thing to flying and I still prefer this version over FSX....more info
  • FS2004 Is The Greatest!
    I've been flying FS2004 for about 2 years now, and I just love it. I started flying sims when FS98 came out. It was ok, but I knew Microsoft could do better. The scenery was cheesy (especially the mountains), and the weather was anything but realistic. FS2000 was much better, but buggy. FS2004 has gotten most of the bugs out that hurt 2000 (I didn't buy FS2002). I love the weather, especially when downloading real-weather. And, the tons of add-on (freeware and payware) do make this sim "As Real As It Gets". I haven't tried FSX yet, mainly because I just don't have the computer power to run it properly. It's been getting some bad comments. Just remember that FS2004 also got bad press when it first came out. Now, almost everyone loves it. We just have to wait for the computers to catch up with the software. ...more info
  • FS9
    A very enjoyable game. Once I figured out the settings to make it more realistic, I have used it to enhance my flight training. More realistic crashes with explosions would, of course, make it that much cooler, but that isn't the point of playing. Real time weather and realistic runways are helpful to practice on. ...more info
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
    The version shipped to me from Amazon is unlike the original I purchased from Microsoft some time ago. The original came in a metal box; the Amazon version arrived in a cardboard box. Graphics quality in the Amazon version is well below the standard of the Microsoft original, therefore I conclude that Amazon has substituted a cheaper, less expensive version with the intent of creating a "bargain" price. I am not happy with your version....more info
  • Good Sim
    I like combat sims but use this one for a nice change of pace. So far this has allot of the same features as previous versions of flight simulator. I would like to figure out how to change the default resolution to fit my monitor better....more info
  • Wow Awsome
    This game was everything i wanted and more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is much better than Flight Sim X .........more info
  • Great game, need a joystick
    This is a great game and a fantastic value right now, but you should know that the game is virtually unplayable without a joystick. The game expects you to have a joystick and the controls are extremely difficult without one because keyboards don't have analog input. So definitely get a joystick....more info