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Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel
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Product Description

Take a spin with danger to unravel the mystery of aghostly merry-go-round

Grab the reins on a whirlwind ride into the secrets of Captain's Cove in thisNancy Drew Mystery 8 The Haunted Carousel!  The past and future blurtogether when you, as Nancy Drew, investigate the strange events surrounding theCaptain's Cove Amusement Park.  A freak roller coaster accident and acarousel with a mind of its own draw Nancy deep into a dangerous circle offalsehood and fear.  Everyone you meet puts a different spin on the story.Will this merry-go-round ride bring joy...or tears? 

Play the part of Nancy Drew on a not-so-merry ride with danger!

  • You must explore every inch of the Captain's Cove Amusement Park o investigate a series of frightening accidents.
  • Examine the inner workings of the antique carousel as you search for who, or what, is behind its mysterious midnight rides.
  • Keep your eyes peeled and remember what you see.  You never know what information or tool might come in handy in your quest for the truth.
  • Joy is seeking the keys to her past; Elliot just needs to stop procrastinating.  That's what they say, but what aren't they telling you?

  • 20+ hours of game play
  • Ride the carousel as often as you like!
  • Nancy's laptop helps track progress and get clues
  • New cell phone takes and makes calls anywhere in the game
  • "Phone-a-friend" game hints (but only if you want them)
  • "Second Chance" option; no need to start over
  • Two difficulty

    A curse has closed Captain's Cove Amusement Park! Someone has stolen one of the carved wooden horses from the park carousel, despite old tales that say bad luck will befall the park if the horses are ever separated. At first Nancy Drew believes the disappearance is tied to an unsolved jewel theft... but is the carousel hiding another secret, too?

    Like all of the Nancy Drew mysteries from Her Interactive, Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel is a first-person role playing game that lets players explore its richly imagined amusement park setting while solving the spate of mysterious incidents that have shut down the park. Featuring well-drawn characters, some tough but satisfying puzzles, arcade games, and plenty of thrills, this game is sure to satisfy.

    Though the game design and artwork have the winsome flavor of the original Nancy Drew novel series, the tools the teen sleuth has to work with are utterly modern. A cell phone keeps players in touch with faithful friends like George, Bess and even the Hardy Boys. Nancy's laptop lets you pick up helpful e-mails that assist in analyzing clues.

    The game informs as it entertains. As players unravel the mystery they also learn a few basics about electrical repair, carousel design history, the uses of a lathe, and decoding old stenographic documents. In this way, The Haunted Carousel seamlessly and safely allows girls to truly inhabit the role of Nancy--to be resourceful, clever, persistent and, of course, more than a little snoopy. Player confidence is only enhanced by the game's structure, which poses some tough challenges but also makes sure you have the tools to solve them, and provides lots of encouragement along the way.

    Captain's Cove is not without its dangers, however. Carelessness could plunge Nancy into a dangerous accident, which leads to getting her banned from the amusement park property. Fortunately, the game is very forgiving, allowing you to choose a "Second Chance" option that lets you revisit--and revise--any critical mistakes.

    Beautifully designed, true to its subject matter, and with a genuinely interesting mystery at its heart, Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel is a game that will have girls hungering for more.--Alyx Dellamonica

Customer Reviews:

  • Haunted Carousel
    What a game...I originally bought this for my kids-but I just happened to get a peek while strolling by when they were playing it on the comuter- later that night I played it and I was completely hooked, it kept me up waaaay past my bedtime(regretted it the next day)-I did solve it-took me about a total of 8 hours of game play to do so. I suddenly found a love for carousel horses all over again myself-very interesting facts and tid bits in the game about them. I totally recommend you try this and also for your kids. ...more info
  • The worst game in the series
    I was excited about getting "The Haunted Carousel" when i orderd it.What a let down.This is by far the most boring game in the series.Its way to easy.Plus you are limited by where you can go.This is a major step back to the quality of the first game in the series.Cheap and fast way of making Herinteractive a quick buck.They just threw this together.I hope future games,they take the time to really think things through....more info
  • Fun, but too quick
    My 10-year-old and I played this game after playing all of the previous Nancy Drew games. It has great graphics, an interesting plot, and challenging puzzles. The one drawback was that we finished it WAY too quickly, unlike the last two games. We're looking forward to the next installment and hope that it lasts longer than this one! That said, we would both recommend this game, with the caveat that you should play it in Senior Detective mode to make it last longer....more info
  • Play the Part of Nancy Drew on a Not-So-Merry Ride with Danger!
    The past and future blur together when Nancy Drew investigates the strange events surrounding the Captain's Cove Amusement Park. A freak roller coaster accident and a carousel with a mind of its own draw Nancy deep into a dangerous circle of falsehood and fear. Everyone you meet puts a different spin on the story. Will this merry-go-round ride bring joy...or tears? You must explore every inch of the Captain's Cove Amusement Park to investigate a series of frightening accidents. Keep your eyes peeled and remember what you see. You never know what information or tool might come in handy in your quest for the truth. Examine the inner workings of the antique carousel as you search for who, or what, is behind its mysterious midnight rides. The roller coaster is closed for repairs after a malfunction sends a visitor to the hospital. Was it a freak accident, or part of a plan? Joy is seeking the keys to her past; Elliot just needs to stop procrastinating. That's what they say, but what aren't they telling you? P.S. If you need additional help with this game, please post a review entitled "Dear Nancy," I will try to respond as soon as possible but please be patient and check every day, I will answer. Hope to hear from you soon!:)...more info
  • Very Exciting But Short
    This is a realy good game but its short. I finished it in two days! But I liked this game. You won't want to stop playing! You learn alot too. For example I learned alot about electronics. I recomend you to buy this game....more info
  • Short Fun
    This Nancy Drew Game, the Haunted Carousel was very exciting and I couldn't wait for it to come out. Three hours of game time, and I was done. I had solved the case, but not in the 25+ game time garunteed. I would have given it five stars, but it being so short I took off one star. I thought the characters were fun and some parts were really challenging such as using the lathe. My favorite characters were Joy and Miles, the riddles were great. I didn't really like how the cell phone would ring and naturally pop up, because sometimes it was in the middle of when I was planning to do something important. Overall though, it was a very fun game!!! I cannot wait until Danger on Deception Island. It sounds great and is coming as soon as October of this year!...more info
  • Great quick game, but somewhat disappointing
    We love the Nancy Drew game series and find it a great way to challenge, empower, and educate young people, but this long awaited installment just didn't reach the level of previous games. We were able to complete gameplay in less than 3 hours, which is disappointing as we were looking forward to this game for some time. Some superb new elements have been added (such as a cell phone, e-mail hints, interesting riddles, and more interactive 'hotel room'), but overall not as educational (as say Scarlet Hand which was one of the best in terms of education)or satisfying as it should have been. Still looking forward to the next installment --- hope it retains some of the better aspects of previous games and loses some of the weaker aspects of this one. Overall, we were disappointed, but hopeful for the next one....more info
  • One of my favorites! The Haunted Carosel Review
    Maybe it's because this was one of my earlier nancy drew games, but i disagree when people say this game is too short. there's a lot of action and everything that you have to do takes a decent amount of time. every thing about this game was fun- except one arcade game. eventually we got it but it was hard! i'm going to rate the features on a scale of 1-10, 1 the worst and 10 the best.

    GRAPHICS: 8.99 they're not the BEST but pretty good. actually i'd say they're very good. probably the newest ones have the absolute best graphics, but these are also extremely good.

    PLOT/STORYLINE: 8 hmmm. basiclly, the amusmant park nancy is investigating is supposedly "haunted"and the carousel is going the middle of th night! and the rollercoaster suddenly stops, causing an accidnet! the owner wants nancy to find out why the park is "malfunctioning". also, kind of a "mini-mystery": help one of the employees, joy, to help "get her memories back
    ' with...................wait for it................miles the magnificant memory machine!he's kind of a robot. machine. type thing. y. all the characters have motives...actually, this was one of th eones where i had no idea who was the bad person.....maybe you wil know????!!!!???!!!

    CHARACTERS:10 ooh!!!! i LOVE the characters!!!!!! they are SOOOO COOL!!! here they are!
    Ingrid: head engineer. supersticious. also...strange. (you'll see.) and... suspicous. also i love her voice! its hard to describe but its smooth and..see for your self! she recently apparently came into a lot of money. at least, she's buying expensive jewelrey. and looking aat expensive cars. hmm....
    Elliot: art person. painter. you get the idea. behind on his work. could he be telling the truth when he says that hes just a procrasinator? or maybe he's just something sinister????!!!!???
    Joy: ah yes.she thinks the owner is cursing the park to attract cutomers. her name is ironic, as harlan describes her as "joy-less". but she really is. maybe because both her parents are dead?her dad was the owners partner. joy doesn't have any memories of her mom. hmm......maybe nancy can help....
    Harlan: security guard.suspicous of ingrid. reminds me of a (skinny) teddy bear by his voice. seems nice...but he's...hiding somethinmg. at least, it seems that way. suspicous of ingrid. does he have a shady past?.....

    GAMEPLAY: 7.5 took me about about 2 weeks, maybe 3weeks. more experianced palyers can probably solve in a week or less. harder than the secret of the old clock but easier than ghost dogs (to me)

    SCARYNESS: 5 not really scary, exept the haunted house is kind of scary but not like goose-bump scary or anything. mostly the suspence is what makes it scary. the end is a teensy bit scary, but not more than most nancy drew games

    PHONE: you have a cell phone! you can call bess and george, the owner of the park, a detective, various people who's phone numberse you find, and i think you can call the hardy boys but i'm not sure.

    EXTRA: you have your own hotel room! which you can go in. you also have a laptop in your hotel room with various features! you can order food from room service! the park there are games you can play, prizes to win...and you can riede a certain ride! and more!!!!!

    OVERALL: not an overly difficult game, i'd say medium easy on a sclae of 1-10 10being the hardest i'd say 5-6 for more experianced players, 7-7.5 for new players

    PS i'm sorry this is so long!!! :-) ...more info
  • Haunted Carousel
    I have to say i loved this game it was really fun, even though it is the shortest one, taking me about 2 days to solve. It is easy, so it is good for someone who is playing their first game. It lets you ride the "Haunted" carousel, play the games on the midway, and also explore the insides of the shut down rides like the roller coaster and the haunted house. This game is not too suspensful, though, But i have to say i still enjoyed playing the band organ and making nancy pig out in her hotel room. The room service idea is kinda cool. But i think it was not a good idea to put a laptop in her room, since the game is already so easy. But all in all, it is a really fun game....more info
  • Disappointing Carousel Ride
    I wish we had read a review of this game before we had purchased it. Having purchased and played all preceeding Nancy Drew games with my children (where we were very satisfied and impressed with the quality) the Haunted Carousel was a noticeable letdown. Each game claims a minimum of 20 hours playing time and we have found this to be true with the exception of Carousel, which we finished in under 6 hours, at the highest difficulty level. The game contains far fewer problem solving opportunities and too much "help". You can't even wander through the park. I would suggest it only if it's hugely discounted as it is only about one third the playing time and quality level as other games in the Nancy Drew series....more info
  • Carousel - Way too short and no puzzles!
    If you like the Nancy Drew game series (and I do), there are much better ones to get. There are almost no puzzles to solve and you don't get to go anywhere interesting. At all. A theme park haunted house? Great - lots of potential there! But enter it and all you get to see is a virtually empty room. And it's the same with the roller coaster. I kept thinking the game was going to "open up" to more detail and more places, but while I was waiting for this to happen I followed what I thought was a simple clue and suddenly found I had solved the whole thing. Seriously, I thought I'd missed half the game, but walkthroughs tell me differently.

    Don't waste your money....more info
  • not as challenging
    I've played all of the Nancy Drew games and found this one to be too easy. My daughter found it a little boring (except for the ending). I would get this as a starter game. If you are a veteran of these games I 'd suggest that you wait until it's on sale....more info
  • The Haunted Carousel: Hauntingly Good!
    In The Haunted Carousel, Nancy is visiting a theme park to solve the mystery of why the rides are acting very strange. The roller coaster suddenly stopped, and in the middle of the night, the carousel starts turning by itself. Nancy Drew comes to Captain's Cove amusement park when it is shut down. However, people are still working there, and Nancy is quick to meet these people and figure out their motives for possible sabotage.

    This game was the first Nancy Drew computer game I played (I have now played seven, and I will be starting a new one as soon as possible.) This is probably one of the more scary ones out of the ones I have played. The Haunted House is even scarier than the person in the salt water taffy shop in Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon!

    Even though it is pretty scary, it is also entertaining. There are puzzles, games and absolute oddities (the robot thing is definitly included). The ending is very exiting, and it really surprised me. (Now I know how to spot possible culprits early on. It won't surprise more experienced players, but it is really a quite good game. It is one of the simpler games. If you are looking for a more challenging game, I suggest you try Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand. The Haunted Carousel is definitly not very long compared to the other games, but is just as entertaining....more info
  • cool new nancy!
    this game is really cool! i liked riding the carousel, except when i fell of! iv'e played these other nancy drew games:
    1.secrets can kill
    2.stay tuned for danger
    3.message in a haunted mansion
    4.treasure in the royal tower
    5.the final scene
    6.the haunted carousel

    i'm quite good at these, actually!
    my fave was probaly this one,maybe,i cant choose!...more info

    I have played all of the Nancy Drew games, and ecxept for Secrets Can Kill, I enjoyed all of them. When I bought The Haunted Carousel I thought it was going to be as good as the best of them. I was very dissapointed. It was very short, very easy and you didn't have to snoop at all. The puzzles were very easy and the new computer feature helps you out too much. In conclusion I felt like this game was a waste of money. I still feel like the best game was Treasure in a Royal Tower....more info
  • Too quick, too easy, too disappointed
    My sister and I waited and waited for this game to come out.
    We loved the Nancy Drew series and enjoyed playing the others.
    But when we finally were able to buy this game we finished in it in less than two days. It was extremely easy and the game world was small and condensed.

    The story line was cute and the dialogue was good, but the amount of exploring and discovering of the game was rather poor. It was a good game for younger detectives, but it was way too easy for us older kids and I hope that the next games are made longer....more info

  • Easily The Best Nancy Drew Mystery Ever
    I am eight years old and I enjoyed this one easily the best from the other nine mysteries. Haunted Carousel lets you try for the brass ring on the carousel, play a mouth organ, check out a cool haunted house and much more. The ending is really hard to think of but you get it through with a couple of second chances. Try this one out next....more info
  • The Least of Nancy Drew
    The game is easily the least challenging of the Nancy Drew games (best were Scarlet Hand, Treasure in the Royal Tower, The Final Scene and Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake). The puzzles are too few and too easy, and basically you just wait until a clue or necessary game piece is given to you instead of having to really figure out where to look for it. The ending is a REAL disappointment, especially compared with the more exciting endings of earlier games. And Bess obsessing over Matt calling her is SOOOO lame. Best features are Nancy's new cell phone and the To Do list that can be checked off....more info
  • good enough just to earn a star
    I was slightly disappointed in this game. Why? Well it was extremely short. Also, there weren't that many puzzles, as if Herinteractive is running out of ideas. I wish I could of sleuth around some more, there were so many places that we could of sleuth at. There were a lot of bugs in this game and now my computer is fool of patches that I loaded from Herinteractive. There were so many bugs, that I could hardly play the game. Next time, I think Herinteractive should spend a bit more time checking out for the glitches and all. But I got over that.The characters weren't as fun as they are in the other games.I wasted twenty dollars on a game that took me a day to beat.If you are really looking foward to spend twenty dollars, I wouldn't waste my money.. It was so easy. Almost too easy. Herinteractive makes very good games, but this one, wasn't as good as the others....more info
  • Great, but short
    I'm a big fan of the Nancy Drew mystery games and Nancy Drew and the Haunted Carousel doesn't disappoint. Well, maybe a little. The story is good, game play is simple, but its too short. I got maybe 6 hours of game play out of it. If you're looking for a challenging adventure game, pass this up. If you're looking for a fun, easy, quick adventure, than this if for you. Perfect for kids....more info
    I am a huge fan of the nancy drew computer games, and when i preordered it i was so exited. When i came i played it untill i beat it. It was very addicting.

    One of the favorite things about this gmae was how you could buy food from the hotel. I found this quite fun to do, and i know i sound strange but i did it constantly. In this game you get too- ride the carousel, play the mid-way games, insult the staff(i did this a lot), and of course snoop.

    I know this sounds bad, but this game didnt exaclty meet how i thought it was going to be. I actaully found it very boreing at times. But all in all, it was really good....more info

  • Great!
    The best one I've solved! I was sad when it ended. And I suddenly realised how much I loved carousel horses! I'm eager to do another!...more info
  • Worst Nancy Drew Game in the Series
    I was very disappointed in the newest Nancy Drew game, the Haunted Carousel. I have been a great fan of the computer game series, but this game was not nearly as fun, challenging, or interesting as the others have been.

    For starters, the game can be completed extremely fast which takes a lot of fun out of pondering the mystery. Secondly, I had guessed the culprit almost immediately, and my suspicions were only confirmed as the game progressed. I never even suspected any of the other characters. I also found many of the elements of the game extremely bizarre and unbelievable in real world scenarios, which only hurts the series because Nancy is supposed to be a character to whom everyone can relate and imagine being in her shoes.

    There will still be die-hard Nancy Drew fans who think this game is great. But, it seems to me that Her Interactive has realized what a seller the games in the series are and have stopped producing quality games in favor of producing more games faster, which leads to poor plot lines, bad character development, and mediocre games. I can only hope that the next game in the series will make up for the mediocrity of the Haunted Carousel....more info

  • a disappointment
    I am ( or possibly was) a die hard nancy drew fan, and frankly I feel like they just did this game wrong. It tok me and my eleven year old daughter 3 hours to finish without cheats. by far the worst nancy drew game out of all 21. ...more info
  • Disappointed
    I have all the Nancy Drew mysteries...they are wonderfull.Which is why I'm so disappointed with this one in particular (The Haunted Carousel) It does'nt live up it its name, its as if they just whipped this out and depended on its name to sell it. Instead of 20 hours of game play, it should read 4+ hours and 10 and under intstead of 10 and over. Its too simple on senior (can't imagine what its like on junior) ..not at all like its thought provoking predecessors, there is'nt any depth to the plot. What happened to the sluething?...more info
  • Another Great Game from Nancy Drew
    This game was very enjoyable though it was not the best in the Nancy Drew series. The plot was a little dry and the characters not as well developed as the games in the past but there were some good parts to balance it out....more info
  • really easy and short
    I love nancy drew games so much so as soon as I got this one I was like great! a week of fun but this one took me a day but other than that it was great!! (next time i'll try senior)...more info
  • Very Short
    Is it just me or is this game really short? It only took me 5 hours to complete this game, it's only my second game, but maybe I should update to senior level in the next one. Other than that, great game, I know there's better and longer Nancy Drew software out there! I would suggest this game for younger children unless you choose the senior level, or this is your first Nancy Drew mystery, probably the easiest to start on....more info
  • Excellent game.
    This is a really fun Nancy Drew game, just like her other ones, does not disappoint....more info
  • Great, not very short...
    The Music was great, and the game was very suspensful... I always thought 'This is where the villian is going to get me' LOL
    About it being very short... in other ND games, you had 4 or 5 masive rooms to explore... and when you got stuck, you had to comb threw every room a couple of times to see if you missed something... In HC there were 9 differant locations, over 12 differant rooms. Each was very small... So you didn't always have to wonder if you missed something, and explore a huge room... Just a couple of small ones. This break down was extremely helpful. The graphics were amazing, only, like Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, the closed captioning would come on occasionaly when you didn't want it to. The music was great also, very amusment parkish... LOL. This game had a very good plot, and a lot of comic relief, not to much, but enough to make this game fun. I do have to say, the ending where you battle the criminal wasn't very long, so I was a little bit dissapointed, but It was still a great game. :~) I give it five stars....more info
  • Waste of money
    My daughter loves these games, loves to spend time solving the mystery, finding clues and spending time on the game.

    This one lasted a few hours. It practically played itself at the end. It was short enough to have been a demo disk for the real Nancy Drew game.

    We have all of the others, which were ok games. Poor, clunky interface, but lots of content. This one had the same interface without the content. No more for us....more info

  • Not Impressed
    I am a Nancy Drew game fan, but this one was a disappointment. The game was way easy and lacked many of the hallmarks of ND games. For example, Nancy no longer has an alarm clock to go from day to night. Therefore, the gamer is forced to "sneak around" while people are still their offices. The amusement park has a map and you just click where you want to go. No more fun wandering around... There's loads of people to you need to call to give you answers you need instead of doing the research yourself. And the topper: there are very few "hot" items to pick up. Not once did I get nervous or worried and the ending was anti-climatic. I think that herinteractive should stick with what worked before. This one is way too dumbed down....more info