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The Simpsons Hit & Run
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Product Description

The Simpsons Hit & Run is a hilarious mission-based driving that feels like an episode of the TV show!

  • Massively Skateable Springfield Environments
  • Get Tricky on Springfield Landmarks
  • Shred and Grind Head To Head.
  • Events will set off hidden animated gags just like you'd see in actual Simpsons episodes
  • Fun and funny multiplayer driving modes for up to 4 players

Customer Reviews:

  • The Simpsons meets Grand Theft Auto
    I was surprised at how good this game is. It's not quite as free-form and open as GTA; in fact the levels are quite linear, but cleverly designed to not seem that way. Missions are all about driving, which gets tedious sometimes. Timed missions are sometimes very tight. Overall it's fun though, well worth the $10 or so bucks it sells for these days....more info
  • really fun
    This game is really fun! I have 1 thing though. this game is very short, and is very easy to beat! but like i said this game is really fun...more info
  • after the wrestler boss
    After the wrestler you'll have you fist oft wo bonus stages nfor extra points by how mant times you puny and your ballon before the time limir. Reach the end of the dock and pick up the pie. Like in the first level you can do extra damage to the next boss a gigantic crust ballon if you pick up the cat before it wa;ls away it hits this mamoth boss when you throw it. Here is the second stage boss statistics. The crust ballon boss has hand chop like attack and a body slamms that does about the same amount of damage as the wrestlers boss moves. He also has a long dikstance attack when he will try to hit you with some explouding ballons if he gets a chance if you counter to slowly. Hit the ballon with 32 hits of about 3.1% damage each hit and it will crazy to the ground the woddon pear will collaspe then you will take a huge fall and enter th third stage the grave yard which is split up into two segements. The next boss is two one one boss fight they only have one attack and it does about 1/6 damge each time the two minions together have 25% resitance so so about 12 hit on each of 8.3% damage per hit more or less will bring these men in blake wan bees down. Now you enter the four stage mows tavern the boss get fast and stronger have higher inndurance strength and speed status. This boss has strong attack statusa fire blast and a punc will deplete on bar of vital you with two to four hits if at half a bar of vital our less. Hit with 27 hits of about 3% damage per hit will doging his power fist and godzilla heat beam like attack this boss goes down. Next it on to the mountain stage. After about 29 hits of about 3% damage give or take half a percent or so the bear boss will go down. Just doging his rolling attack paw swipe and fallening bouilders until he is conquered. You next go to cut scene were you fall over a waterfall and enter the next stage dream land after you are knocked unconcus this is when the game really heats up. This boss ahs 79% resitance hit bowling ball 79 times it will go but not with out release more last suprise weak attack as it destroyed that is pretty much un avoidable. This one of easier boss hit the nija smaura boss with 41 hit. His attack has limited ranges with his spear is only go at super point blnaks range. After a cut scens smither flee on a helicopter you hitch a ride now you are ate the final. Two boss fights first the annoying mr. Smister then finanly a super annoying robot cop mr burners boss. Here is the damage resitance strength for the two boss combine damagae resitance of 118 percent . Give Mr. smiters a damage resitance evivalent of about 10 59 hits worth of damage for mr burner. Or more precisly it takes about 22 hits of 4.5% damage and about 96 hits at 77/100 that attack strength to bring down Mister burn. After 95 hit his hit tech suit is destroyed go in and deliver the final blow and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 the winner undisputed doudle tag team champions are Hommer, Marry, Bart and Lizzy. Congrulations you beat one fo the hardest arcade games of its time. Go foward now and may the DOOP be with you! (Not the drug)...more info
  • Grand Theft Auto: Springfield
    Saying "the best Simpsons video game" used to be kind of like saying "the best-smelling sewer" ... the franchise had consistently horrible play control and graphics, terrible game design, and no real understanding of the Simpsons characters or why anyone would want to step into their shoes. Above all, it never seemed to occur to them that, rather than just copying popular games and sticking the Simpsons into them, they should find a genre actually appropriate for the characters.

    Well, Simpsons Hit & Run still doesn't quite give you the experience of "playing an episode" that the fans really want, but it's as close as they're likely to get.

    Strange security cameras have appeared all over Springfield, and the Simpson family is drawn by a series of coincidences into investigating them. As Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and for some reason Apu explore the city, they find that the whole town is going crazy, and it's up to them to stop it. The investigation consists of several chapters, each chapter consisting of a variety of missions for the same character. These missions usually (but not always) involve skillfully driving a variety of vehicles through the streets of Springfield, either racing the clock, collecting objects, or forcing an enemy vehicle to stop.

    If this sounds a little familiar, it's because it is. This is the Simpsons version of Grand Theft Auto (and, thus, a great alternative for parents who are looking for a version of that game that doesn't involve selling drugs and murdering people). The Simpsons still steal cars pretty freely, but it's for the good of the town, and running someone over or wreaking too much havoc results in an unwelcome visit from Police Chief Wiggum.

    The good side? The game's playable, fun, and it's the first Simpsons game that kind of makes you feel like you're actually in Springfield interacting with these characters. The control is good both on foot and in the car, and the mystery actually makes a lot of sense. It's also fun to see Springfield landmarks going by, and to notice all the references to classic episodes. You can get hilarious new outfits for many characters, and even take time between missions to find other Easter eggs.

    The bad side? Some missions are repetitive and annoying, and you can fail at them due to pure bad luck. You're allowed to skip missions, but doing so also skips the cinemas that follow them, leaving gaps in the story. The game is also fairly short, and because each section of Springfield is cut off from the rest it feels less like a single town and more like four separate towns. Certain places that I was really looking forward to fooling around in (like Moe's) are also surprisingly empty and lackluster. A lot of the cars, too, are boring and too similar to one another -- unlike GTA they weren't restricted to reality, and I expected these vehicles to handle much more differently from each other than they do.

    Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a less brutal (or easier) version of Grand Theft Auto, or to any Simpsons fan. This is as close as they've ever come to letting us step into the TV and be part of an episode....more info
  • Great addition to your Simpsons Collection
    This game is so much fun and addicting. It's like watching episodes of the series. I have to admit, though, there are times where you get tired of trying to find every single item on the map, but, you are rewarded. I like that you can go back to an early level if you missed something and just wanted to move on. Very nice. Characters are great, voices wonderful, graphics very nice, everything in this game is wonderful. And I thought Road Rage was one to beat!! My suggestion is that if you are a true Simpsons fan, you'll like this game, if you are a gamer who is into driving or adventure, well, it may not satisfy your taste. Note: Driving your cars are much more difficult in this version than in Road Rage. Frustrating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's better....more info
  • Very fun but can get frustrating
    This game is a blast. It is pretty straightforward but some of the tasks took me multiple tries and multiple days to get. Even my husband took turns when I got too frustrated and then he got frustrated and so we both stopped for a while. But it is a fun game. There are little secrets all over the place and the different cars are fun to drive. Its a good game for any age because the controls and game design are straightforward, like I said. I have yet to finish the game (because I'm stuck) but I am a good ways thru and have enjoyed it immensly so far....more info
  • the best game ever
    this game is fun and exciting even though some of the missions are hard it still makes it fun...more info
  • This is Great!!
    I think this is the greatest simpsons game yet. Road Rage was okay, and Simpsons Skateboarding Was the worst!! But Hit and Run is exteremly good. 50 missions, and cars from the first game and some extras that you thought would never be in a simpsons game. This game tops all the diving games, plus some halarious jokes by the characters. I bought the game in 2003, and I've betten is only once. The bad thing about this, is that the characters NEVER SHUT-UP!!!! The character you play in as in order is Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Apu, Bart again, then Homer again. This is a great game for a gift, or just to burn a whole in your pocket for some fun. What are you doing? Don't just sit their, get out your cretit card and by this game!!...more info
  • I don't understand the negative reviews of this game!
    First of all, let me state that I played and finished the PC version of the game using a gamepad and force-feedback steering wheel. Perhaps the Playstation version is not as good. This is a great game and some of the comments from other reviewers just plain do not make sense.

    1) There is great variety for a driving game. With most driving games you are doing basically the same thing over and over. This game has 77 different missions (including bonus missions and races) with many of them having multiple parts. Each mission is different. Sure, most involve racing, smashing an opponents vehicle, chasing or escaping, etc; but isn't that better than driving around in endless circles? If you are fan of NASCAR, you should appreciate the variety.

    2) The game is not just driving. There are all kinds of extra things that you can do that are not necessary to complete the game. However, Simpsons fans will want to explore all the nooks and crannies of each level. For example, there are seven "special" cards hidden on each of the seven levels. Almost all require you to perform a "Platform" type manuever to obtain and some are quite difficult. When you collect all 49 cards, a special bonus is unlocked. Also, there are numerous hidden gags and tons of dialogue recorded by the Simpson's cast.

    3) The storyline is hilarious and pertinent to today's TV reality show fad. I won't give it away here but you must get to the end of level 5 before all is explained. Those complaining about a lack of story obviously didn't get that far. For those lacking in driving skills, misssions can be skipped to keep the story flowing. Yes, some of them are quite challenging but I was able to complete them all without skipping any.

    4) This game is addicting. Several of my friends (some of them female) who are not video game fans, could not stop playing this game.

    5) Unlike NASCAR, this game has nearly 50 different vehicles that you can drive; each with it's own handling characterstics...everything from Otto's schoolbus, Marge's Canyonero, Bart's Honor Roller, Apu's Trans Am, Snake's Lil' Bandit, Krusty's Limo, etc. etc. Yes, Bart and Lisa both drive cars in this game...Folks, it is a VIDEO GAME based on a is not meant to be realistic!

    6) The graphics are awesome. There are three different parts of Springfield that you can explore with many little extras thrown in for fun. Everything that you can think of is there, Krustylu Studios, The Duff Brewery, Moe's Tavern, Power Plant, Frinks Laboratory, etc. etc. You can walk around and explore the whole town. There are also many secret shortcuts that you can find to help you win races. All the main characters are present...Mr. Burns, Smithers, Prof Frink, Barney, Nelson, Milhouse, Cletus, Willy, Prin Skinner, Patty and Selma, Apu, and many more. All of them have funny things to say.

    I don't know what more anyone could want from a Simpson's game. My only small complaint is that it is hard to perform some of the trickier maneuvers with a gamepad. One thing that I found that helps is to use the Mouselook option in the Options and then use the mouse to rotate your view so that you can make some of the jumps a little easier....more info

  • Greatest Video Game Ever!
    It was explained enough in previous reviews. I just wanna add that it is actually teh greatest video game ever made! If youre a true fan of the Simpsons or video games its a must have!...more info
  • im lovin it!!!!!!!
    BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you talking about people who think it's a disappointment?! This game is awesome! There is secret places, you can purchase cool cars, and buy funny clothes! Like McDonald's says, "I'M LOVIN' IT!!!!!" It is a whole lot better than Road Rage. I thought that was disappointing. BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Greatest Game I've ever played!!!!
    Simpsons Hit and Run is probably the funnest game I've ever played. The only thing is, you have to be a Simpson's fan to adore it. My alltime favorite character is Otto the bus driver and thankfully he was in it! You play as first Homer, second Bart, third lisa, fourth marge, and sixth Apu. You do fun missions on each level. It is so detailed, they have the homes on the map right where they should be. Like the Flanders house is right next to the simpson's house. And when you're not doing a mission, you can free roam and do whatever you want. If you go up to a car a press Triangle you can drive any car you wnat driving on the road. and on each level, if you see someone with a money sign over their heads, you can purchase a bonus veichle. Like on level three, I was able to purchase Otto's bus. You'll see Krusty, Otto, apu, Grnadpa, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Homer, Smithers, Cheif Whiggum, Ralph Wiggum, Milhouse, Principal, and more! I promise, you will enjoy this game!!!!...more info
  • BEST GAME EVER (sort of)!
    This is the best Simpson's game ever! Simply put, unlike Road Rage, you can actually get out and walk instead of being trapped in one of those boring cars. I thought the repetitiveness was fine. And, being a player of Jak II, I found the difficulty fine. Buy this game if you are a Simpson's fan, and buy it if you aren't....more info
  • Give Homer Doh
    An awesome game with excellent graphics, but the old "gimme coins" setting.If you're an old simpsons fan, this is your game.NOT CHILD FRIENDLY!!!!!!!You can see a regular simpsons storyline with a bit more innopropreit stuff than the show.This is a multi-sided game with some of this and some of that.The last levels are painstakingly hard while the toutorial doesn't help at all.

    Fun Factor:9.5


    Ages:10 and up


    Hint:Blow up Apu's Gold Car and get a TON OF COINS...more info
  • Totaly awsom
    When I played simpsons hit and run at my anut's house, I was Knoked over my seat! From posting my coments about the new mic bain film to avoding the mob and geting to the hostpital at the same time, I new that this was the game for me. U play as, homer, marge, lesa, bart and apu[not in that order]. (...) Whith meny gags and cars/outfits. In sort, It is unbelevable....more info
  • It would be better if you rent it
    This is one of the most awesome games I've ever played. But there are some parts that are very stressful. In the game you play as Homer, Bart, Lisa, Margie. My favorite character was Homer because he was alot more better than all of them. So if you want this game you can at least rent it....more info
  • after the wrestler boss
    After the wrestler you'll have you fist oft wo bonus stages nfor extra points by how mant times you puny and your ballon before the time limir. Reach the end of the dock and pick up the pie. Like in the first level you can do extra damage to the next boss a gigantic crust ballon if you pick up the cat before it wa;ls away it hits this mamoth boss when you throw it. Here is the second stage boss statistics. The crust ballon boss has hand chop like attack and a body slamms that does about the same amount of damage as the wrestlers boss moves. He also has a long dikstance attack when he will try to hit you with some explouding ballons if he gets a chance if you counter to slowly. Hit the ballon with 32 hits of about 3.1% damage each hit and it will crazy to the ground the woddon pear will collaspe then you will take a huge fall and enter th third stage the grave yard which is split up into two segements....more info
  • Great Game!
    Much like the GTA series, except no cursing and less violence but more comedy. A definate must play game for any Simpsons fan....more info
  • Best simpsons game in the galaxy
    The characters are great, levels are great,
    graphics are amazing, and there's great comedy. ...more info
  • If you are a Simpsons fan, this game is for you.
    This is one of very few games I enjoy that are cartoony adventure games. This game should be fairly simple to most adults, semi-easy to teens, and maybe a bit challenging for kids. This game as i'm sure everyone could guess, is along the lines of a GTA Simpsons game. But to be kid friendly, in this game when you hijack a car, you just get in the passenger side... :'(. This game is so rad though..! Even ask Wee-Man. ( He was playing it on TV and saying how cool he though it was. ) All this praise i've been giving must be perfect. Not really... It's an adventure game, so it will get old quickly. ( But you can get coins you find and go around and buy new stuff for your Simp. ) This game also has another flaw: Camera control. I havent played this game for awhile, but I think it was with Homer, and i had to collect some stuff at the Nuclear Plant. The mission involved a lot of jumping, and I got mad at the camera... ( to me, a bad angle view in a game is almost the worst thing in a game... ) But all in all, aside from the bugs and little things that are annoying.. you'll find this game to be GREAT. ( Ohh... err... some missions can get very annoying because MANY of them include going through checkpoints, or collecting stuff... )...more info
  • Grand Theft Auto meets The Simpsons By The Z
    Well, the game doesn't have guns or blood so it doesn't really make the game like Grand Theft Auto. The voiceovers and jokes make even the dullest person cry! You can get extreme cars and even better, you can enjoy the pleasure of running over an innocent pedestrian! But the only cons in the game are the insane missions. The frustration makes you explode. Some of the charctors, like Apu, Marge, Lisa, and Bart have really cool costumes [Sorry Homer..]. Although the beginning is pathetically boring, once you get to level 4, you will be laughing like a hyena! Overall, this game is hillariously cool!...more info
  • Those who can't succeed on their own, clone.
    Simpsons hit and run is basically just a Driver/GTA clone. It has free-roaming areas to explore with 'hidden' goodies to find and collect, and lots (too much) of driving oriented missions which involve your typical buffet selection of chase, vehicle destroy, race, and delivery.

    The characters handle well and the voicework is all from the cast and is stellar (although repetitive). The mission variety is okay, but is hampered by a heavy reliance on the driving missions mentioned above. The cars offered seem to offer little difference between the once you choose.

    The game is basically a nice diverigence during those 23 and half hours you have to wait for the next simspson rerun to show up....more info
  • Frustrating Game Despite Starring the Simpsons
    I love the SIMPSONS and this is the first Simpsons game that I have played, so I can't compare it to the rest. Maybe in comparison to the earlier games it is a great game, but as a stand alone game, it is not very good.

    Yes, all the characters are here in a GTA like format. You can interact with the locations you know from the TV show. All the voices are the same. There are cut scenes with all the characters.

    BUT, the game itself is not much fun. A lot of the game is driving missions and the actual driving is incredibly frustrating. If you make one mistake, hit something once, you are out of the race pretty much and fail the mission.

    Plus, many of the missions are multi part and even if you fail on the last part of a three part mission you have to go and replay it from the beginning. Spend twenty minutes just getting back to that third part. The good thing is that after 8 or so attempts, it lets you skip it. I hate to say how many times I have skipped missions.

    Not to mention on all the second, third, and fourth attempts you have to listen to the same dialogue over and over and over again. That really gets annoying. I played a lot of it with the sound off.

    I've had the game for almost a year now and can honestly say I haven't picked it up all that often to play it. I played it for a while after it came out, then just put it aside, for months at a time, before picking it up again. It really isn't all that much fun.

    ...more info
  • Game came broken
    My son really wanted this game. Waited anxiously for daily mail. The game came with a large crack in it. Obviously, sent to us that way, not broken in transit. I emailed the seller twice with no response. I am out a few bucks, my son is sad and I would never buy from this seller again.
    I have purchased about 10 items from amazon all others met or exceeded my expectations - from games, to videos and books!!...more info
  • The Simpsons Hit & Run PS2 game very good game!
    I rented this game from the library a while back I really enjoyed it I'm going to buy it. Buy this game you'll really like it. It's really fun and not to hard at all....more info
  • The best Simpsons game ever!
    This is a great game! I would REALLY recomend it to anyone who loves the Simpsons. You can play through 7 levels and play as Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Apu, Bart, and Homer IN THAT ORDER. The game does get kinda boring after a while but i would still buy it anyday!...more info
  • Walk!?That wasn't part of the deal!
    This is the best simpsons game by far with all the references,humor and fun you expect in a game.This game is like simpsons GTA.Instead of killing people with guns you kick people with the mighty boot.When you hit someone with a car the go flying in the air.It has funny dialogue and some crazy missions.There is plenty to do between the side missions,gags,finding collector's cards,and the main mission itself.What I like is how you can drive or walk depending on how you feel.All the key places are here like the Kwik-E-Mart,Power Plant,Church,and all the other places.The voice acting is great with all the cast members in the game.Vehicle designs and stats make sense and are cool.You play as Marge,Lisa,Apu,Bart,and Homer.Sadly it's time to go to the cons.The missions are far to repeditive.Collect these items,destroy that car,race this guy,beat the clock.Those are pretty much the missions you do.Also The levels are repeditive.7 levels 3 environments.Granted they change a little each time but still.My final complaint is that it goes from easy to hard in the blink of an eye.Don't let the cons turn you away from this fantastic game though....more info