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Marine Aquarium 2.5 Virtual Undersea Paradise Win/Mac
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $4.67

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Product Description

Marine Aquarium 2.0 is like having a small piece of an aquatic paradise in your home -- without having to take care of actual fish!

  • Twenty-six exotic species of fish are included here
  • Watch in amazement as these 3D fish turn and swim
  • Enhance your virtual aquarium with adjustable lighting, bubble and Sound effects
  • Watch your fish in silhouette or wire frame mode
  • Peaceful and hypnotic, you'll feel as if you were underwater in the tropics, every time you look at your monitor!

Customer Reviews:

  • Marine Aquarium 2.5
    Beautiful in every way!!! Even the little clown fish specie of Walt Disney's PIXARS "FINDING NIMO"is included. I have put it on all the family's computers. It's better than the real thing because you don't have to feed the fish or clean the tank. The fish movement is incredibly real and graceful on my Dell XPS 3.8ghz. Your computer power should be,at lease, 2.0ghz.

    Get the Marine Aquarium 2.5 version and not the first Marine Aquarium,which is nice,but limited. The 2.5 has the 'rock-glass Time/clock/date calender'and more fish selection for the tank. Great screen saver for the computer,it almost makes me want to "tap" on the screen. ...more info
  • Own an aquarium without all the work
    The most beautiful screensaver I've ever seen! I only wish there were a lot more fish to choose from, but the fish are so life-like you can't complain! I've owned salt-water fish when I was younger and this is a LOT EASIER! HIGHLY recommended to anyone looking for something beautiful to put on their computer screens. I sit at work and watch mine and soon I am in a trance....more info
  • One of the best screen savers out there
    After using Marine Aquarium 2.0 on my Sony Viao (Windows 2000) and then a Dell laptop (XP), I tried to install it on my HP TouchSmart (Vista) and couldn't get it to work. So I purchased the 2.6 version and still couldn't get the TouchSmart to accept the screen saver when I tried to enter it in the Control Panel Screen Saver option. Maybe everyone knows this, but I found out that the trick was to once it is installed on the desktop, right click the Marine Aquarium 2.6 icon, select "install", then select specific parameters to engage the computer to default to the software when the computer is not in use. The 2.6 version comes in two main parts: Marine Aquarium which has 29 fish and a new program Goldfish Aquarium 2. Marine Aquarium as usual is a beautiful (very authentic)rendition of a coral reef. New is the crystal clock which gives date and time in 4 different settings. Although only 7 fish can be displayed at a time you can select random displays or your favorite fish (again right click the desktop icon, select "settings"). At first blush the Goldfish Aquarium appears "ho hum" with a gold fish bowl and a single fish. But wait - the software will scroll through 11 different programs: the "Piece of Driftwood" is particularly beautiful, the "Art School topview" is absolutely awesome - it defies description. Again right click the Goldfish Aquarium icon and select "settings" to taylor make your screen saver presentations....more info
  • Marine Aquarium 2.5 Virtual Undersea Paradise Screensaver
    The Marine Aquarium 2.5 Virtual Undersea Paradise is easy to use and install. Also, give you the choice of how many and what kind of saltwater fish and sea life you want on your virtual aquarium complete wit sound effects. It's beautiful and relaxing and worth the price....more info
  • Very realistic aquarium screensaver
    I first found Marine Aquarium version 1.1 and loved it. I upgraded to 2.0 a few weeks ago. This is a very good product. The fish look so realistic you could be watching a DVD of an actual aquarium. I havent had any unwanted side effects like lockups. I'm running it now on a 2-year old computer (with an AMD Athlon 1.3 Ghz processor and an Nvidia Geforce2 graphics card). It works fine there. On the other hand, I tried installing version 1.1 on a 5 year old computer (pentium 3 - 500 mhz with a bargain video card). That didn't work. You need a fairly recent computer to be able to handle these detailed graphics....more info
  • Superb!
    This has got to be one of the best $20 I have ever spent on software. It is a true gem of realism and relaxation. It works great on PCs with Pentium 550 processors and 128 mg ram. The realism is unbelievable. Well worth the price.......more info
  • Great virtual aquarium!
    More than I expected. An excellent compromise for living in a small place and not wanting the trouble of a 'real' aquarium. I have it on daily and enjoy watching the fish and the sound of the bubbles are great too....more info
  • As Real As It Gets
    I have seen a lot of good screen savers but this is
    one of the best. I can look at it and never get tired
    of it.Its as real as it gets....more info
  • Marine Aquarium Screensaver software
    Absolutely fantastic..........
    As good as the real aquarium that I have with the advantage that the fish never have to be fed or the system kept clean and balanced !!...more info
  • 98 percent as relaxing as the real deal
    WITHOUT all the nasty fish mess, dead fish, and time involved.
    Aquariums are nightmares unless you plan on investing BOOKOO bucks, or you dont mind a cruddy looking tank.

    For me this product is worth 20 bucks, exactly what I paid for it....more info

  • Very Good
    This is a very good screensaver. It is unique and high resolution. It also has a widescreen version (download from their site) for my widescreen notebook. It is a bit pricey, so that dropped it to four stars for me....more info
  • Look, Ma...My Mac has a Leak
    Two words: AWE SOME
    The screen 'show' on my flat screen iMac is truly impressive. The lighting, the fish, and the effects are nothing short of breathtaking.

    Only one fault: installation instructions for Mac OSX fall short of the mark -- they're simply not accurate. (They call out inaccurate File names for their own software and incorrect Mac System Preference File names.) What should have been a simple installation (normal on a Mac), took me 20 minutes. Once I figured out what the instructions REALLY meant, I was up-and-operating in short order. Buy it the end, it was worth the frustration....more info

  • Great screensaver for fish lovers and keepers
    Marine Aquarium 2.5 is a great, realistic screensaver to have if your a fan of fish or you enjoy keeping them. I got this screensaver to help me coup with being away from my fish tank at home while I study at college. This purpose is ideally suited as the fish are very realistic and behave as wild fish would. I enjoy how you can optionally have daytime and nighttime light effects on the scene, or add different species of fish to the fray. One of the only things I can negatively say about this program is that only one background scene is available.
    With only one minor deficiency this program will keep you satisfied and relaxed for a long time....more info
  • No cleaning required!!
    We've had this on our computer for a week now and thoroughly enjoy it. We've had both a marine tank and reef tank in the past and find this very realisitic. The only improvements I'd like to see is more of a variety in the sizes of the fish to be more representative of reality and it would be wonderful if the live coral, feather dusters, etc., also moved with the current in the water....more info
  • Cute
    A cute screen saver. I wish the graphics were a little better. Coral is pixelated at higher resolutions, but for ten bucks, it's pretty cool. ...more info
  • Excellent Screesaver
    If you like aquariums...without all the fuss, you'll like this screensaver. Very realistic fish and the starfish even moves up on the glass. If you have to pay for a screensaver, this is the one....more info
  • Where are the crabs, seahorses, snails ?
    This ss is kinda nice, but there is not enough variety. There should have been a lot more exotic fishes, and crustations like spider crabs, snails, starfishes, etc.

    There are over a thousand different animals in the ocean, but the programmers decided that it would be easiest to place only a handfull.

    There should also be an option that lets you "buy" toys to place in the aquarium. Like sunken boats and treasure chests.

    I hope someone makes a third version of this ss with my above recommendations....more info

  • 0 stars
    Over $20 for a screen saver? No. Go to Wal-Mart and pick this up for $5....more info
  • Not The Definitive Version
    Do NOT buy this screensaver! Why? Because the original creator and designer, Jim Sachs, has a new version out that blows this one away. The one featured here on Amazon is limited to only 7 fish per tank and the background is pixelated; two negative features which has resulted in lower rankings on aquarium screensaver reviews in the past.

    I currently have Marine Aquarium 3.0 (beta 9), which is the latest version as of this writing. It has a super wide screen photo-realistic tank with absolutely no pixelization that scans back and forth to display a maximum of 30 fish. Keep in mind that I'm talking about the beta version. There will be additional improvements in the final version, such as more fish variety, the ability of the starfish to climb the glass, more moving plant life, etc.

    I have downloaded every aquarium screensaver out there, including the highly rated Dream Aquarium and Aqua Real 2. Many have more overall features, but this is not necessarily a good thing. Being able to "tickle" your fish is just plain goofy. Jim Sachs deserves high praise for listening to end users and making significant improvements to Marine Aquarium. Version 3.0 is currently the best simulation out there.
    ...more info
  • No mess, just fish!
    I bought this after researching other aquarium screen savers and reading the great reviews this one received. It's all true - this is a wonderful, relaxing, realistic and fascinating aquarium screen saver - well worth every penny! And no fish to feed, no filters to change, no water to clean......more info
  • Amazing graphics
    The graphics are amazing. My local CompUSA was using this on all of their demo monitors, and I just had to have it. It is a lot of fun. And you don't have to clean the tank! But one watchout... I don't recommended it for "slower" machines... it totally bogs down my Pentium II 333 at work... had to uninstall it. Works great on P3 933....more info
  • Nemo's Back
    This is a well designed, high qualty annimation ScreenSaver for a low price. If you like Aquariums you will like this no-maintenance version. There is more you can do with selecting the scenes and the fish you like, which I haven't yet tried....more info