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Product Description

XIII takes you through the darkest parts of America's corridors of power, as you discover the ugliest government secrets.

  • Capture the Flag and Deathmatch.
  • wide variety of gameplay cunning
  • Handle a silent crossbows to precision sniper rifles, furious automatic weapons, chairs, bottles, ashtrays, shovels and even enemy soldiers bodies
  • Work with a dizzying array weapons, from silent crossbows to furious automatic weapons -- you can even use chairs, bottles. even enemy soldiers as human shields
  • Innovative new multiplayer system with new game modes like Barfight and Cover Me

Customer Reviews:

  • eb world has it for $29.99!!! wow!!!
  • Great for beginners.
    I rented this game once from a creap family-owned game shop, and the only reason I did was because of the 'graphic novel' style of the game.
    After playing it, though, I was hooked.
    I'm used to playing more fantasy games, like Final Fantasy and Chaos Legion, but this is one game I love.
    I then bought it on clearance at my local video/game store, and now I'm fairly far in the game.
    Most people harp over it, saying the graphics and the shooting style is utter garbage, but it's a great game for those who've never done first person shooters before. ...more info
  • Good game, but a fair warning...
    I bought this game for my brother for christmas. He really likes it, and it seems to me I could get into it as well. However, there is a problem, but only because of the FPS (mainly). I have motion sickness sometimes, and when I was watching my brother play this, after ten minutes, I felt like I was going to throw up, and I had to go lie down. Ive played FPS's myself, and when im in control, that doesnt usually happen. But its a word of warning: Dont get this game if you get motion sick easily....more info
  • A Cell-Shaded Masterpiece!
    I took advantage of a recent price drop and bought XIII and let me tell you: It's worth paying full price! The last first-person-shooter that I bought was Timesplitters 2 and I was less than impressed with it. So the idea of buying another fps wasn't foremost on my mind. But I'm glad I bought XIII. This is a top-notch production. The casting of David Duchovny in the lead is an inspired choice (this is a conspiracy game, after all, and who better to unravel a conspiracy than Mulder). Adam West also sounds like he had a ball playing the part of General Carrington, XIII's cigar smoking mentor ("You hear me, son?") I wasn't sure how the cell-shaded graphics would look during actual gameplay, but believe me they look STUNNING! I also like the "graphic novel" style of storytelling here--this is especially effective during a firefight when these panels pop up on different parts of the screen, warning you of approaching bad guys. Something else I enjoy: when you shoot a bad guy with a crossbow or a sniper rifle, you see three panels pop up at the top of the screen, showing a close-up of the bad guy's face as your bullet or bolt sinks into his head--AAARRRGGG!

    Regardless of how much you pay for XIII, you'll get more than your money's worth. It takes about 20 hours to beat, maybe 25, and it ends in a cliffhanger that I didn't see coming. "Holy sequel, Batman!"...more info

  • great game, a must
    Innovative, mysterious, a great game, original design and full of twists....I tried it at a friend's and bought it for myself immediately. Do not hesitate...more info
  • Great idea terrible execution!
    The game it self is pretty neat too look at looks very 3-d and i really appreciated the original thought put into it. But the game it self totally had no substance. the story was boring the aiming is way too damn hard to be a simple game. I loved the way it looked but other than looks the game supplies nothing. I wouldnt of gave it any stars Had the graphics not looked so cool!

    Side note to designers Make a game where the bodies dont disipear after you kill sombody!!! that totally ruins a game!!!...more info
  • y so few?
    this is not a review it's a comment, the others that rated this game say thay liked it a lot but, gave it zero stars... just thought i should say something about that, so you should know that more stars is better.
    i just got this game and love it i haven't enjoyed a FPS on PS2 in a long time (no Mouse). I'm giving it 5 stars cuz its dam good and to counter what was probably unintentional zeros by the other posts.
    as far as lack of multi player options... Net play is just a bonus here.
    Live the game people :)...more info
  • Bad game design and even worse acting and story.
    Just why video-game designers love amnesiac main characters, I have no idea. Maybe they can never dream up more creative ways of generating suspense and mystery other than the ol' "Who am I?" XIII's main character is so devoid of colour, so boringly voiced and humourless, that even if the game itself were fun, the very fact that you have to play as an utter nerd for a main character just cripples the experience.

    But this game isn't fun, either. Half of this game is an example of just how horribly wrong a stealth game can be when the elements aren't right.

    As a shooter this game fares somewhat better, but not much more. Enemies strafe even faster than you and reloading takes forever, and their shots are so accurate that taking cover doesn't really help. This game is also extremely stingy about giving you ammo (an average enemy drops maybe two shotgun shells and 10-20 bullets). Frustrating, but at least there's action. The stealth part, on the other hand, is plain garbage for a couple of reasons:

    - Who came up with the idea of helmets? I can't remember another single stealth game where a headshot doesn't kill an enemy. In fact, the very concept of stealth games is impossible without headshot kills -- unless you have alternate methods of distracting or killing the enemy (Metal Gear Solid's choke/neck-break and noise distractions, for example).
    - I don't know where main character "Number XIII" learned how to shoot, because even un-helmeted enemies seldom die with a headshot. I've tested this by activating an invincibility cheat code, walking straight up to an enemy, and blasting him in the face. Nope, still alive and kicking.
    - No radar. The "sixth sense" in this game which is supposed to replace this basic function is useless, because it tells you where enemies are by means of the "tap, tap" of approaching footsteps. Which means you won't be able to spot an enemy who's a foot to your right, just offscreen.
    - When special events occur, they use a "window-in-window" technique which is interesting visually (a comic-book device), but unhelpful to the player. You don't know where these events take place in relation to your current location. And sometimes, you hear an important conversation that's somewhere in your vicinity, but the game doesn't tell you where it's coming from.

    Give me No One Lives Forever anyday, if first-person stealth/action shooters are your thing. Cate Archer can kick "Number XIII"'s butt any day, and say more interesting things along the way. I bought XIII from the bargain bin and wish I'd gotten myself a nice dinner instead. Worth maybe five dollars, no more, and even then, I'd sell it the minute I finish it....more info
  • Conspiracy Thriller Comic Turned Into a Video Game!
    Reviewed for Big Boss Games by: LEG

    If you've read any of my other reviews, you will know that I'm a huge fan of First Person Shooter type games or FPS. That being the fact, I've played many dozens of FPS type games on various platforms. In order for an FPS type game to get a perfect score, it has to excel on numerous fronts. It needs to have decent graphics, tons of different weapons, numerous unique and non-repetitive levels, smart enemy A.I. and a decent amount of game playability.

    Well folks, XIII or Thirteen is such a game. Imagine taking a spy thriller type comic book and turning it into a video game. That's exactly what the programmers at Ubisoft have created. Don't be put off by the "comic" looking graphics. Doing so will cause you to miss a really awesome game. I know, because that's exactly what I did. Until a friend of mine told me that I just had to play this game. So, I put my prejudice against "comic" graphics aside and played the game. I'm so glad I did!

    Once I got into it, I was hooked until I couldn't stop playing! It's awesome how the "comic book" references are thoughtfully put into the game. Things like shooting a bad guy at the top of a cliff and then watching the words "Ahhhh!!!" come up in a balloon as he plummets to the ground. Just like it would in a real comic book!

    All "comics" aside, once you really start playing the game you just forget about the cartoon like graphics and start blasting away at the bad guys. You get to shoot over 15 different weapons (knife, 9mm pistol, grenades, .44 special, double-barrel and pump-action shotguns, harpoon launcher (yes, there's an underwater level), crossbows (nothing like headshots from long distance with this one), mini gun (think Uzi), kalash (think AK47), assault rifle (with grenade launcher), machine gun (so heavy, it actually slows you down), bazooka (a FPS game without a bazooka is not a FPS game!), sniper rifle (again, what good FPS would be complete without a sniper rifle!). And you can also use chairs, brooms, bottles, ashtrays and other objects as weapons. The latter weapons will become a necessity during the "stealth" mode levels of the game.

    All of the levels are very diverse and take place in various locations, everything from sandy beaches and wooded forests to icy, snowy mountains. As you play the game, various pieces of a conspiracy involving a presidential assassination begin to unravel. Although, you yourself have amnesia and are trying to figure out whom you are as well.

    There are a total of about 8 different boss fights that you have to defeat to continue in the game. Luckily the checkpoints are thoughtfully laid out so that you won't have to cover too much repetitive ground if you should die the first few times. Some of the boss fights were easier than others, but they were all enjoyable.

    There is also a 4-player split-screen multiplayer mode that includes deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag. You can also play deathmatch by yourself, since the game designers thoughtfully added some "bots" to play with you during deathmatch.

    XII Thirteen is rated "M" for Mature. Like most FPS type games, there is a TON of blood and intense violence. This game is all about shooting and killing people and blowing things up. Which is the case with most FPS type games. If that's what floats your boat, then get a copy of this game! It was totally awesome, all the way to the very end? The music soundtrack was also very fitting to the game.

    There were many instances where a map and directions on where to go would have been extremely helpful. You may want to also purchase the strategy guide for this game. XIII Official Strategy Guide...more info
  • Mr. Rowland?
    This game is GREAT! First of all let me say that I am not a fan on First Person Shooters but this game caught my attention with cell-shading and the story. In the game you wake up on a beach with no memory of who you are. You are shortly arrested for the murder of the President. As the story progresses you uncover a conspiracy larger than the government. The weapon choice is average, but the enviorments are neat. Multiplayer mode is fun and there are different types of multiplayer games. There are times where you must be stealthy, and there are times where it is flat out chaos. Overall this is a great game and a must have for Playstation 2....more info
  • gotta wait for a new computer
    Thought I had all the power I needed to install and play XIII. Make sure you can play 32 bit games. Save your money if your not sure and stick with Half-Life.UBISOFT's technical writers need to include everything.My computer is fairly new so I guess I can return it or squirrel it away to play years from now on a new computer....more info
  • your number is up
    This is the best first person shooter i've played in a while and i don't play many first person shooters. The voice acting is incredible! It has David Duchovny and Adam West in it. All of the special gadgets and weapons are amazing. I personally don't like like many stealth games but this made me like them more. And its such a good price for the great quality of the game. I recommend this to anyone who likes action games or comics. ...more info
  • Think Nintendo meets Manchurian Candidate...
    I have to hand it to the people at Ubi. This is one creative and innovative game. It's creative primarily because of the "comic book" style animation and graphics. Now, you might think "well that's lame" - but it's really not. The graphics of the game are smooth and it is a refreshing twist from the typical "Call of Quake" run and gun - everyone's head is exploding - nonsense. It's also creative because of its plot and twists (which I won't reveal, but think Manchurian Candidate or Day of the Jackal... the plotline is THAT good.) XIII could easily be a movie starring someone like Mel Gibson (thinking PayBack) or perhaps if XIII is going to be a bit suave... Pierce Brosnan (007). David Duchovny is to weenie-ish for me as the voice... I expect him to be wining "But Skully - Aliens have ruled the world since the dawn of man" at any moment. This game has some nice foley work as well as some nice voice talent... you will vaguely recognize the voices... but it is well acted and well orchestrated.

    This is not a "get in there and blow everyone's head up" - but it is not one of those lame easter-egg hunt games either (like Myst or those other 'you must find everything to proceed' games). It has a nice blend of action and suspense... you definitely get to kill people (I like the SAW), but running around like Superman on Steriods get's you killed in a heartbeat (which is more realistic in my opine).

    Who killed the President? Play XIII...

    Who is XIII? Find out... you'll be really surprised!...more info

  • Hmmmm
    Hey for PS2 this is the best 1st person shooter made. But for XBox it sucks royaly....more info
  • It sucked!!
    I didnt like it at all.....It had no pont to it!.....the grafics was good but i hated the grafics of the people!...more info
  • XIII you are the one with the abilities to shoot
    The story and graphics were great. This game is good for 13 and up. Its not to late to buy it. So buy it quick before your number is up....more info
  • One Awsome Game
    XIII is one of the best 1st person shooter game I ever have played. I don't know a person that wouldn't love playing XIII. XIII is has the best 2 player mode I have seen or played ever. I think XIII is worth $30.00 the whole $30.00....more info