Home Budget Book, 64 Pages, 10-1/2x7-1/2, Teal
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More than a budget book, it is a complete financial guide designed to assist homeowners in saving money. Contains completed specimen page, tax tips on how to cut interest costs, how to figure the operating cost of a car and many more money-saving ideas. Vinyl cover. Good for a full year. Not dated. Wirebound.

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Customer Reviews:

  • The Best Home Budget Book
    My store stopped carrying the Dome book. I used the one they did have last year and never did like it. I'm so glad I found the Dome on your website. I'm using it this year and it's great for my needs....more info
  • Dome Simplified Home Budget Book
    I have used these Budget Books for years but cannot find them in the local stores anymore. Ordering on-line was a very quick and easy way to get one and it was here just in a couple days. ...more info
  • Almost perfect!
    The basic design of this budget book is good. Because we are older we don't need many of the printed categories such as child care,education,rent, loans, etc. I have used white-out tape on those.
    I find the spaces TOO small. The book could be 8 or 9 inches in depth with a cooresponding change in length to allow more space to write.
    My hunt for a good home budget book was long and disappointing until I found this one, so I am grateful for the design being workable.
    Overall I am glad it was available....more info
  • Budget Book just what was needed
    The Dome Home Budget Book arrived sooner that expected and was in excellent condition. Great book for those who have not converted to computer entry! Very pleased....more info
  • Handy item, but if the publisher reads this review, please...
    If you want a home budget book, I recommend this one highly. My only complaint is that it doesn't have enough choices. The utilities are lumped together and there isn't an entry for all of them, such as "cable". I could have used a couple of more blank columns for our individualized expenses, such as internet and cell phones. I chose to cross out some of the ones I used less such as "household expense" and "loans" to use for other items I need to keep track of.

    For the price, though, it can't be beat and makes book keeping for the math challenged (that would be moi) much, much easier.

    ...more info
  • Good planner
    This is a really good home budget planner. Besides space to record monthly expenses and totals, there is pages of tax information (ten most common omissions on tax returns, comparison of what the average deductions are for income ranges, education tax incentives, how childs income is taxed etc),a page on 20 ways to save on your food bill, pages to record yearly tax deductions (medical, interest, child care, etc), and two pockets for you to keep you reciepts, etc.

    I have been using this book for 5 years and haven't found a better budget book than this one. If you really want to know where you money is going and how to save money, this is the book for you. ...more info
  • Useful
    This is pretty useful recorekeeping system. However, it was a bit time consuming for me. I prefer Quicken Home and Business where I can subcategorize and have pc calculate budget for me.

    I had Home Budget Book for couple of years and it made budgeting simple. Anybody who are interested in keeping financial situation under control should own this book...more info