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Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones with Reversible Earcups
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $11.83

You Save: $8.16 (41%)


Product Description

Studio Monitor Series Headphones incorporate high-end materials and advanced engineering; critically clean, exceptionally clear sound for professional and high fidelity applications. Reversible earcups enable single-sided monitoring flexibility. 30 mm diameter drive units are larger than many headphones for deeper bass, lower distortion and wider dynamic range; bass response extends down to a low 18 Hz. 500 mW power handling stands up to day-in, day-out use at high output levels. Ferrite magnets allow for high energy and compact size producing ample sound output - 98 dB/mW sensitivity. Oxygen-free copper cord assures maximum conductivity, minimum noise. It conducts electricity better than conventional copper. Supra-aural design rests lightly on the ear and creates a controlled environment for better sound. Driver is positioned the correct distance from the ear canal. Wide, molded headband distributes the headphone's weight over a wide area; reduced pressure means comfortable listening for hours on end.

The MDR-V150 closed supra-aural headphones provide top-end comfort and sound quality. Sony's closed type headphones allow only a limited amount of ambient noise into the ear canal, giving your attention fully to the music. The padded earcups fit comfortably, hour after hour. For those who like to use the headphones for single-sided monitoring, these MDR-V150s come with reversible earcups. The supra-aural design is engineered for excellent listening comfort. The wide headband distributes the headphone's weight evenly. The two meter cord (6.6 feet) is made of oxygen-free copper wiring and is double-sided.

Sony has installed several key features to these headphones to enhance their sound quality. The thirty millimeter drive units delivers a deep bass sound and a wide dynamic range (the frequency range extends down to 18 Hz.) Both the stereo mini-plug and the UniMatch phone plug are gold-plated to make sure sound is transported fully and accurately. The gold-plated treatment also helps resist corrosion and supports the headphones' high conductivity and low noise. Lightweight ferrite magnets allow for high power at a minimum size. Finally, the PET diaphragm works to deliver low distortion.

Excellent fit, excellent compatibility and excellent sound: these headphones fit the bill for a sound professional.

What's in the Box
Sony MDR-V150 headphones and UniMatch plug adaptor

  • Supra-Aural Design for excellent listening ability
  • 30mm diameter driver units provide deep bass
  • Fixed stereo miniplug for use with portable equipment; detachable phone plug for studio and home audio equipment
  • Wide molded headband gives long-lasting comfort; oxygen-free copper connecting cord
  • Reversible earcups for single-sided monitoring

Customer Reviews:

  • For the money they are a great product.
    I've owned 4-5 of these through the years, theyve been on the market for a long time and for good reason. They are quality headphones for general use as well as adequate for recording and sound editing. They are comfortably balanced, reasonably loud, and work fine with any mp3 player ive ever used.
    The few negative points for this model relate to how they sit on your head. For folks with large roundish heads or with lots of hair, these wont have a problem staying put. The plastic holding the earpieces is sturdy, but doesnt really conform to my head, so as far as using these on the go, I wouldnt recommend it to people with short-cropped hair. Same goes for using them while laying down reading a book, they arent very convenient with the plastic piece anywhere but on top of your head.

    They are fine for using if you are sitting on a train or bus, however they arent really sound insulated so prepare to have your music compete with the ambient noise sometimes. They perform below average in keeping the sound confined to your ears for headphones of this type, as they are not large enough to completely envelop the ears.
    I think with exception of 2 of these units, they all eventually suffered the same fate, which was a breaking of the plastic piece where the earpieces swivel. This is the weakest point and a good drop can crack it. Some tape can mend these, but its a bit tricky and you lose the swivel. Be careful not to snag the rather long cords, as enough pulls will also destroy them in short order. Same as any other headphones tho. I must stress that I put some heavy use into these, they are by no means fragile but be prepared to replace them after a year or less if you are a person on the go as I am.

    In all, a great price for very comfortable and high quality headphones. They will likely drain your mp3 player batteries faster than average, but for home recording on a budget, or general gaming, movie watching, etc, they are pretty nice....more info
  • a great product for a low price
    The head phones work amazingly well very comfortable padding sounds amazing and loud! Extra long thick cord is great and useful (at times it can get in the way) the head phones come off the head band but I don't rec amend that was teff to snap back on and was scared I was going to break the little plastic pieces holding it in but it didn't over all im very pleased with it oh and came with an adaptor for my radio ...more info
  • Awesome headphones
    I am hearing impaired have been looking for headphones with great sound. These are perfect!!! Reasonable price, fantastic sound....more info
  • The earwig's earphone
    This product jumped right onto my head, nestled over my ears, and worked perfect from the start... not too loud, not too much bass, no screechy treble and overall left the impression that I was hearing everything the source had to display....more info
  • Good
    Good quality, not too tight like some of the reviews said, great sound for the price....more info
  • Headphen Review
    Headphine a Christmas gift for my daughter to go with:
    I haven't personally used by my daughter has and hasn't complained....more info
  • Works well but too tight
    These headphones deliver good sound at a great price. Though they're far too tight, even at the widest setting. And I only have an average-sized head. After wearing them for an hour my ears start to get sore. They also can't be folded for easy packing. Ultimately this is best for people who want headphones for home-use and have small heads. ...more info
  • Great Sound and Super Comfy!
    These headphones are lightweight and the sound quality is excellent. They are so soft and comfortable around the ears. This is especially nice when you are using headphones for long periods of time. We use them when watching movies on Netflix, or when playing computer games. We keep the computer in the family room, so with the headphones, it doesn't disturb anyone else in the room....more info
  • Excellent purchase, very excellent device
    This is quite a good buy for the price. Earphones at this quality probably are worth more than 100 dollars. I use it everyday and they have yet to fail me in terms of quality. ...more info
  • BOO!
    I wouldn't know what the quality of this item is, because they came to me broken. As soon as my husband plugged these into his brand new Sony DVD player the end of the receptacle came off into the player. I called Sony to see how to go about exchanging them for a new item and they said that is not their policy. That once the item is purchased from a retailer that you assume the risk of the item being damaged and are responsible for it. Therefore, if you want to obtain a "working" item you must pay for shipping to and from their repair facility and if they deem the item is unrepairable they will send you a refurbished product. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!?!!?!? I just bought a SONY DVD PLAYER and the compatible SONY HEADPHONES and it is my fault your product came broken?? I was very disappointed to say the least. With a home full of Sony products to include 2 VAIO Plasmas, a camcorder, digital camera, surround sound system, boombox, portable DVD player AND these crappy headphones...I am saddened to know that they were willing to cast aside a lifetime customer for $17 headphones. Buyer beware on this product, and all other Sony products!!...more info
  • Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones with Reversible Earcups
    It is a Sony. The sound is great considering how much I paid. The price is definitely omitted but I would give you hint it is Low. I used it to listen to my I-Pod and also stereo. Definitely a good buy...more info
  • Can't beat them for this price!
    I have owned several headphones and I'm VERY critical of sound quality. While I've never been a fan of Sony Headphones, I absolutely recommend getting these (I paid nearly [...] bucks at my electronics store, but you can find them cheaper). These phones have a wider-than-usual sound range resulting in lower bass than your average phones and also higher highs.

    I still feel like there there's something missing sound-wise and they do sound a bit "hollow" - that's the only reason I give them a 4-out-of-5 rating.

    ...more info
  • Sony Monitor Series Headphones
    I find these headphones give good quality sound and are quite comfortable. A good value....more info
  • Tighter than a Gnats......
    These things will squeeze your brains out of your eyeballs - listen to other people - I didn't.
    Sound quality is woolly, not crystal.

    That said I bought some Sennheiser PX100's infinitely better sound and now my head does not feel like it is in a torturers vice.

    Could have save myself the $15 and some pain - although if you are thinking about surgery for ears that stick out - this is a cheap alternative.

    ...more info
  • My son and I think these are good headphones
    I purchased two sets of these headphones, as a portable DVD player I also bought had dual headjacks. This way, my son and a friend can watch a movie or listen to CD's, both using a set of headphones. My son has used them, and I have used them and we think they sound good. I'm no sound quality expert, but I think they are decent. For the money, definately give them a try....more info
  • A little snug, but nice sound
    I normally buy really cheap headphones, so these are definitely a step up for me. The cord is longer than I'm used to and they come with an adapter for larger jacks. The headphones' earcups should be comfortable, but they are just a little bit too snug for that. However, they are still better than the really cheapo headphones I used to buy. The sound certainly is much better and I don't have to run the volume very high at all to hear the nuances of the music properly. Since I use these at work, it's important that I can hear my boss' voice when he needs to speak to me, so that feature is great....more info
  • not very comfortable
    This model's headband has no cushion, and the earpiece foam is too thin and not dense enough to cut out much external noise. Therefore it is not very comfortable after 30 minutes, and not good for noisy environments.
    Sound quality is good, however....more info