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Belkin F5D7230-4 802.11g Wireless Cable/DSL Router - This device is a must if you have multiple computers and a hi-speed Cable or DSL Internet connection. With a built-in 4-Port Ethernet switch and support for 802.11g technology, you can share files, peripherals, or the Internet - with or without wires! DMZ Hosting Configures easily with any web browser or Easy Install Wizard 64- and 128-bit WEP data encryption Stackable enclosure and vertical stand (included) helps reduce the desktop footprint Includes - power supply, manual, quick install guide, RJ45 networking cable, & software CD

  • Creates a network in your home or office without cables
  • Ensures data and network security with wireless 64- and 128-bit WEP encryption
  • Offers backward-compatibility with all 802.11b devices
  • Sets up easily with Belkin Easy Install Wizard-automatically detects Internet settings and self-adjusts Router to get you online in under 3 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Little Unit!
    Great unit for the price. It was easy to set up, and performs flawlessly. Not much more needs to be said. The only cons might be that it has TOO great of a wireless range, and there is no On/Off switch, so I need to unplug it, whenever it is not in use....more info
  • Good product with good performance
    I bought it a year ago. Though it took about 1 1/2 hour to setup(it's my fault not to follow the instructions, with overconfidence), once setup, it works without any issues. We have to use blue cable when asked to use blue cable and I used the other cable that I had, it caused the issue. So, I would say, setup is easy if followed the instructions correctly.

    I use my laptop in various rooms of my house, never fails. Signal never drops to zero. By the way, why I chose Belkin againt Netgear is for one good reason. I have Dell laptop and netgear has compatibility issues with dell laptops. I saw it with at least 3 models Dell Latitude 610, 620 & 630. All failed to work with netgear.

    I usually power it off when I don't use it. I used to forget yet times. And I forgot to power off 3 days ago, to find it dead by next day evening. I check the voltage from power adapter, it shows pretty less than what it should deliver. Used a different adapter, now the power light glows but nothing else seems to be glowing. I did my own tests and failed. Then called customer support, they asked me to few tests, all failed. They asked my details to send an e-mail confirmation for a replacement, they did it in 3 days. That's a fantastic service from Belkin. They have customer support and sales in India too! Now, I have ordered the same for a friend of mine from Amazon. I will recommend this product....more info
  • Very, very slow
    Despite having to reset the router multiple times because it has trouble handling more than one connection at a time, it is extremely slow. The wired connection runs at about 1/2 to 1/3 the speed of my netgear router, and the wireless connection is quite slow too. However, it works for the most part and I have not had much trouble lately. It is still slow though....more info
  • Great router
    I have had many routers but the wireless work great on this one I can download shows and movies at great speeds with no problems....more info
  • Not too bad
    This item was easy to install, but the wizard was of no use to me. For someone that has a simple setup this item will work well. ...more info
  • Cheap for a reason - the wireless doesn't work
    I have to reboot my laptop every time it hibernates to use the wireless. When I disconnect this and reconnect my old Linksys, I don't have this problem. I spent ages thinking it must be the laptop, but it's just this cheap piece of junk. Avoid!...more info
  • Not what I expected...
    While this may be a capable router, the configuration is relatively simple. I do have some significant issues. Having an older model of the F5D7230-4, which is the model number for this router. I recently ordered two, and the user interface for these two is different. Not only is it different than my older router, the UI is also different between the two new ones.

    this may not be too much of an issue for most. But, I purchased them wrongfully assuming they would have the same features as my older F5D7230-4. there is significant difference between the versions. mostly for my use, I wanted to bridge my wireless connections to insure I had complete coverage in my large home. However, these do not support it. Customer support at Bangalore Belkin was of little help - they assumed I knew little or nothing of hardware, software, or firmware. They were clueless when I informed them of my intent and needed to pass me along to a supervisor and level 2 support.

    If all you need is a wireless 4-port router for a limited coverage area. This is capable. Beyond that, go with something else. Despite the price....more info
  • Save yourself a headache and DON'T buy this
    This router has been an absolute nightmare since day one. I thought got a faulty one, so I even had Belkin send me a new one, which was just as bad. On average, I lose connection to the internet every 30-40 minutes. At least 10 times per day. Typically, it just needs a restart by unplugging it and repowering it, but now, that's not working anymore. I have spent hours on the phone with Belkin's technical support (thankfully, they are all very nice and somewhat helpful) and no one can tell me what's wrong with this piece of junk.

    Save yourself the time and frustration and DO NOT buy this product!...more info
  • belkin ok
    overall the product is above average. no major hiccups to complain about. installation was relatively esy. performance is not upto the mark when considering that my pc is just 10-20 ft away from the device. ok...more info
  • Double distance
    The router extender was linked to another Belkin, it took a short while to work out the set up (hint - turn off security to auto link) but now I get Wi-Fi all over the three stories of the house....more info
  • Good product, Great tech support!
    I bought this item because...
    It had the best price of any "name brand" items I saw.
    I'm a happy consumer of other Belkin products.
    Tech Support. Even when people had problems (comments in reviews) tech support helped. I had a problem during setup. The Tekies at Belkin walked me through it. :)
    Especially because of Tech Support I then bought two Belkin USB Network Adapters (USB Wireless Adapters) model number F5D7050.
    In closing: Good value, good product, very good tech support.

    Hope this helps,
    The Ammo Guy 8-)
    "Aim small, miss small."
    ...more info
  • Works fine as a switch
    We got this ridiculously cheap on Black Friday a couple years ago. It sat around collecting dust b/c the Actiontec Gateway Verizon includes with DSL service is also a wireless router. I revived it today to share a 50 foot cable to the gateway between my desktop and a laptop. Disabling NAT Routing was a snap, and now it's a plug and play wired switch. Couldn't have been simpler. ...more info
  • Works well after upgrading firmware
    As-received, the router would only stay connected to the Internet for a few seconds at a time and then drop out. I called Customer Service (yes, they're in India, but had no problems whatsoever understanding their English) and they were very helpful; they instructed me to upgrade the firmware, and that fixed the problem right away. That was maybe 3 months ago, and since then it's been working just fine. I only took a star off because a product should be expected work well right out of the box. ...more info
  • Do not buy - needs to be restarted every 6 hours
    We bought this router from Best Buy and it worked fine for 5-6 months but then it stopped working suddenly. We asked Belkin for a replacement (as the warranty was still valid). Belkin sent us a "new" router that is a royal pain. It works in spurts and needs to be restarted via a LAN cable from a specific Windows laptop every 6 hours. This is a ridiculous excuse for a router. Do not buy. We should have stuck to D-Link routers, our last router from D-Link was fantastic, it worked for 4 yrs inspite of hundreds of physical falls. ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I bought this from Walmart because of the price tag. But after the first day it would keep dropping the connection to my modem. I would have to reinstall the software at least once a week. When I got a brand new Motoroloa cable modem it wouldn't work with it at all. besides all of that it was incredibly SLOW. I would rather just plug the wire into my computer. Save you money and buy something better....more info
  • Unethical company
    Placing false reviews for their own products. Using their wireless networks as gateways for spam. Don't buy from Belkin....more info
  • Simply did not work
    I bought this product and was simply unable to get it to work. It did not even work wired in (ethernet cable connected from modem to router to computer). I had to return this item to the store.

    ...more info
  • it works!
    good idiot proof product! i know nothing about computers or routers. this thing needs to be plugged in and thats it - it works. anywhere: in america, in europe, in near east - anywhere....more info
  • Easy set-up and inexpensive
    Incredibly easy to set up and start using. The directions were easy to follow, especially the ones on the CD. The installation was step-by-step and very clear. I'm computer illiterate, so I didn't realize the G router was the most limited in range. About 30 feet (and one room) away, the wireless reception is down a few bars and a little erratic. But that's my fault for not reading the product description more carefully....more info
  • Belkin Wireless-G Router DSL/Cable Gateway
    The router works well but can't get connection at some corners of my apartment. Connection temporary goes off and needs you to go over the process again to get connected. Overall, it works good for its price....more info
  • If your router always disconnects, this might fix it.
    For a long time, I thought this router was a POS. I live in an apartment complex with lots of wireless activity going on, and I have multiple roommates that draw internet from this router all at the same time. The router would always ALWAYS!!! stop working and we would have to reset it to start using internet again.

    I went to Belkins website and there was actually a fix for it! All you have to do is change the channel to one of the fixed channels instead of "Auto".

    Here is the article...

    Hope this helps. Other than that, it does the job. Settings are a bit confusing to set up at first but you can figure it out....more info
  • Failed after six monts
    The router set up easily, always appeared to warm to the touch, just failed after six months. Shortly before failing kept dropping wireless connection. Now even if hardwired the router actually makes the dsl connection drop...more info
  • Very Easy Setup
    I don't have big house. Just one desktop and a laptop. Its very easy to set up. I havent done any speed test. But works fine for me for normal use like browsing the net, watching video etc...more info
  • Unreliable!
    This is the most frustrating piece of computer hardware I have ever owned. It seems to just randomly lose its connection with my cable modem, so I'll click on a link and it will just hang there for 30ish seconds trying to make up its mind...whenever I'm connected directly to the modem I don't have this issue. Next time I'm spending the extra money for a linksys...more info
  • Worthless junk, no reliability
    Using WPA this router drops connections every 15 minutes like clockwork on my MacBook and on my Netflix Roku player. I threw this in the trash and bought a Linksys which works perfectly....more info
  • Live up to their warranty
    This router has worked very well in my house for 2.5 years, but I had problems after I tried to update the firmware. I set up a return via their Website (lifetime guarantee) and had a new router within 1.5 weeks. That is good service....more info
    In October of 2007 I purchased this item through Amazon, and when it came I communicated with Belkin about getting it to work. I spoke with 7 people over a period of nine or ten hours before they decided to exchange the product. I sent it back and they sent a new one that also did not work. I sent that one back and have not been able to get this company to send me my money or contact me again. They suggest that you go though their customer service telephone number that is simply an endless link of "Push this number" that NEVER actually allows you to speak with anyone and then hangs up rather than transferring you to an operator. My suggestion is to RUN away from dealing with these people...more info
  • Belkin Wireless-G Router DSL/Cable Gateway
    I received my Belkin Wireless-G Router this morning. I was able to install and network my desktop and laptop in minutes. The instruction were easy to follow and I was up and surfing the web on my wireless laptop effortlessly. Would recommend....more info
  • Worked ok at first
    I have owned this for over a year. First year was fine. After that I started loosing signal for no reason. The only way to get it back was to do a hard reset. Im having to do it every two days. I've heard ppl say try changing the channel from auto to a static channel, that doesn't work, because mine has always been on a static channel and it is still doing it. Basically the router is done. Save yourself a headache and extra $$ and buy a good router or you will be shelling out even more $$ replacing this one every year....more info
  • Decent Router for Money
    Pros :
    -It's small
    -If you don't want/need security, just plug in the wires and go. Setting up WPA is really easy though. Easier than WEP, in my opinion.
    -Customer Service was good.
    -Price is right

    -Might require firmware upgrade right out of the box. I'm running XP and needed one.
    -I get a lot of signal drops
    -Range not as good as my old Linksys. Your results may vary.

    I couldn't get this thing working out of the box. A call to a helpful Service Rep and I was up and running. A firmware upgrade was needed. I find WPA security to be the simplest secure set up option, again your results may vary....more info
  • Belkin router
    It did everything that I needed it to do. It was a little hard to hook up but that was because of my internet provider....more info
  • Pretty Bad..
    The setup and connection was pretty straightforward. The diagram was easy to follow.

    Once it was connected here is where all the fun started.

    While in non-secure mode, I had no problems. Once I enabled the security, it failed to provide the valid DNS or router information even thou it authorized the laptop. When it did recognized the laptop, it kept dropping the connection. In the beginning I thought it was my laptop (Sony), but then I tried another one (HP) and had similar issues.

    A month ago I switched to Linksys and so far so good....more info
  • This router SUCKS!
    Do NOT buy this router! I never had any problems browsing online until I purchased this router. If you want to watch any videos, they will only load halfway. Half of the time you cannot even connect to the internet. Pages loading only partially are the norm when using this router. Don't waste your money on this product!...more info
  • Bad product with even worse customer service
    Let me preface this by saying I have never felt the need to write a review before, but the amount of stress and suffering this router has caused me has driven me to share my opinion with the world.
    Aside from providing an unreasonably slow connection, the customer service is outrageously bad, which is surprising considering how much practice they must get. When I first ordered the router, they flat out didn't send it. After hours on the phone and continuously being sent to the tech department (as opposed to customer service), they finally agreed to actually send the router I regrettably paid thirty-four cash moneys for.
    The router worked for about two days before it $*&@ the bed completely. This started a whole new week-long adventure in incredibly rude service and terrible hold music that ended in a $50 hold on my credit card. While I waited a third time for a replacement of one of these terrible things, I sent back the first broken machine (the postage for that is on you, by the way, unless you want to jump through the million hoops of tons of robo-questions and ringing and rude Californians to make them e-mail it to you) and they decided to charge that $50 anyway, maybe just to be consistent.
    With all said and done, I payed $34, $50, then $34 (assuming they give me my money back) for a less then-sub-par plastic box that doesn't even have any buttons on it, sometimes works, and seemingly magically eats cell phone minutes and ruins your lunch break from work....more info
  • Belkin is an excellent company
    Pros :
    1.) It is small in size.
    2.) It efficiently handles multiple wireless connections with optimum speed.
    3.) Has a good range.
    4.) Nothing to be done to set it up. Just plug the wires in the correct place.
    If you dont want to configure the security part, you need to do nothing but plug the wires.
    5.) Customer Service which operates from India is excellent.
    6.) Comes with a lifetime warranty.(That guarantees the quality)
    7.) Amazon offers the cheapest price for this device.

    I dont see any.

    Detailed Review:
    I have been using Belkin products ranging from Wireless routers to Bluetooth dongles to Ipod Skins. And each time I must say that they are the best in quality and service.
    Well, you really dont need service in first place. but if you need, they are good with that too.

    I experienced this router at atleast 3 different places at my friends. We used to share wireless connection among 6-8 people and it was always outstanding.

    When I bought it from Amazon, I saw that the average rating is 3 for this router. I really dont know why this excellent product has been given low ratings by the users. Since I had personally witnessed the usage of this product, I took no time to order it when I needed to setup a wireless network at my parent's house. Since they aren't techno-savvy, it is the best for them.

    I downloaded a new version of Firmware from Belkin's site which started giving me some problems. When I called up the Customer Service and told them the symptoms, in no time they identified that the problem was due to the newly installed version . So, they asked me to install a newer version and since then everything is running like a charm.
    ...more info