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Adesso PS/2 to USB Adapter, connects 2 PS/2 connectors to 1 USB port/hub (ADP-PU21 )
List Price: $23.40

Our Price: $3.32

You Save: $20.08 (86%)


Product Description

The USB to PS/2 Converter is the best solution for those who want to use legacy PS/2 devices on new USB systems. It allows you to connect a PS/2 mouse and keyboard through the USB port on any computer. Perfect for Notebook Laptop users!

  • Connect Two PS/2 Input Devices to One USB (PC) Port
  • Use Existing PS/2 Input Devices on New USB Computers
  • Works With All Adesso Touchpad and Trackball Keyboards

Customer Reviews:

  • Works under both Linux and Windows
    I am using this adapter for connecting a keyboard and a mouse to one of the USB ports of my IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T43. Without requiring the installation of any drivers, the adapter works under both Linux (Ubuntu Breezy Badger) and Windows XP Professional. From time to time, the LEDs on my keyboard and the light of my optical mouse flicker for a moment, but this does not have any adverse effects on the functionality....more info
  • Works with Vista
    I got it a month or so ago and so far so good. It installed right away with Windows Vista and has given me no problems at all. Great Product....more info
  • Works great with KVM & Mini Mac
    I have a 4 port KVM switch that I use to switch my monitor, keyboard, and mouse between various computers. However, I had no way to attach my Mini Mac to this device since the Mini Mac only has USB ports (no PS2 ports) for mouse and keyboard. I bought this adapter to connect the Mini Mac to the KVM, and it works great!...more info
    worth the extra $$$.. it actually works where the cheaper ones didn't.
    I highly recommend this product
    ...more info
  • Works great
    This USB adapter works great and allows me to connect both the keyboard and touch pad of the Adesso rackmount keyboard/touchpad connectors in one USB port. This works especially great when frequent removal is needed....more info
  • Works Great!
    Works just as described. Just plug in your mouse and keyboard into the device then plug into your usb port and you're up and running. On my computer with Windows XP it automatically detected the device and installed the necessary drivers and it still works great to this day....more info
  • Works for Mac mini
    I bought this to provide a connection from my old Dell ergonomic keyboard (SK-6000, but that's a detail) to my brand new Mac Mini (May 2009). I plugged it in, turned on the mini, and after it started up I was shown a screen saying the Mac didn't recognize the keyboard. But no problem, it asked me to press the key to the right of the left "Shift" key, then the key to the right of the right "Shift" key, and the Mac figured out the rest.

    My mouse is usb, so I didn't use the mouse connection. The device works with just a keyboard cable plugged into it.

    No software to deal with, everything works great, and I'm completely satisfied with this handy gizmo....more info
  • This is the one you want
    I just purchased another converter for around the same price as this Adesso and it didn't work. I read in another review (after purchasing the faulty one) that "this is the one you want." I couldn't agree more.

    Grazie, Adesso!...more info
  • It DOES work on a Dell
    The adapter is a straight-forward device. The USB end plugs into the computer's USB port, and the other ends plug into the keyboard and mouse connections. The PS/2 connections are color coded, so it's not too difficult to connect.

    I bought the adapter to use on a Dell desktop Dimension 9120 computer (less than a year old) running Windows XP, to connect an Adesso keyboard with built-in touchpad. Also tried it successfully on a 2-year old Dimension 8400 desktop computer.

    I am not having the same experience another reviewer had. There were no details provided by the reviewer. Adesso tech support had no issues of this nature, either. This adapter does work with my Dell computer, and I am happy with the results.

    The adapter is required because Dell dropped the PS/2 connections in favor of USB for all their I/O. PS/2 is now "legacy equipment"....more info
  • works great
    I plugged both of my ps2 devises into the adapter and the adapter into my computer and it worked perfectly without any problems. ...more info
  • Works
    Easy to set up and am using it with a wireless keyboard and mouse, without any problems....more info
  • Works great in a mixed situation
    I have a ps2 mouse and keyboard connected via a ps2 KVM to a Linux computer with ps2 ports and a Windows XP computer with only USB ports. I used this adapter to connect the ps2 cables from the KVM to the usb port on the XP computer. Everything worked right away and has been completely trouble-free....more info