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Sony BCTRM Compact Battery Charger for DCRDVD 101/201/301
List Price: $85.46

Our Price: $10.59

You Save: $74.87 (88%)


Product Description

It's smart to keep a fully charged spare battery with you when shooting for extended periods. With Sony's small, lightweight and portable BC-TRM M-Series battery charger, you can put the power back into your camera quickly and easily. This AC-powered unit lets you recharge a back-up battery while you continue to use your Handycam(R) camcorder. It plugs directly into a wall socket for quick, easy charging. Take it wherever you go. You'll always be charged up and ready to go.

  • Recharge a back-up battery while you continue to use your Handycam camcorder

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent charger that is a space saver too.
    This charger takes up minimal space. The prongs for plugging into the wall fold in preventing snags. Excellent design. It also charges your spare battery in minimal time.
    Highly recommend....more info
  • Great charger.
    The size is perfect and it works as advertised. A 'must have' item....more info
  • Fast and Efficient!
    I'll leave this short and sweet - it charges my batteries fast and gives them a good charge. I haven't had to charge my battery since its May the charge lasts so long. Not a huge fan of Sony because they are such a monopoly (notorious for only being compatable with sony products), but this is a good charger....more info
  • Only Factory Items Perform
    You get what you pay for. I paid twice as much...and it's worth every penny. Don't skimp on batteries and chargers.
    ...more info
  • This little charger is a "must have" for DSC-R1 owners!
    Forget the "brick" and the AC cord! Just get one of these compact chargers and an extra battery and your DSC-R1 will never be out of power. I carry a charged battery in my gear bag attached to the little charger and swap and recharge as needed....more info
  • Fantastic, compact battery charger for the Alpha
    After traveling a good amount with my Alpha cameras (previously A100, now A700), I was tired of lugging around the battery charger with the long cords it requires. I bit the bullet and bought this charger.

    SO GLAD I DID!!! Seriously, it is extremely compact, and the prongs fold flat into the unit making it that much smaller and safer to store with other gear. No cords = no snags or knots or jumbles. I can leave this charger in even my smallest camera bags without compromising space for other equipment like filters or cleaning supplies.

    Bottomline: If you travel with your camera, particularly when space is a premium, this charger should be on your very short list. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED....more info
  • Exactly what I needed
    I needed a replacement charger for my Sony camera and this one worked perfectly. I also like that it plugs directly into the outlet, since it's smaller and there isn't any cord to deal with, it fits perfectly in my camera case...more info
  • Perfect. Compact, Quick Charge and Bivolt
    This should be the included accessory with all sony M-Type battery cameras. An absolute must if your shooting and need to charge at the same time. Plus it is a faster charge than the camera itself....more info
  • Good, Solid Sony Battery Charger for InfoLITHIUM Batteries
    This is a well-designed Sony charger for Sony's "M Series InfoLITHIUM" batteries. If you own a Sony camcorder or digital camera with one of these batteries, you know that one of the advantages of the design is the ability for the device to read the charge level of the battery and provide a fairly accurate display on the device's LCD monitor of how much energy (in minutes) remains on the battery. As with all things Sony (but, to be fair, for most major digital camera/camcorder manufacturers), you will pay far more for each battery than you should, and secondary battery chargers are also overpriced. The benefit, however, is that you generally receive good, reliable performance. Both are true of this Sony device when used with Sony batteries.

    This charger is not much larger than an NP-FP50 battery itself, and because the charger only weights 70 grams, it is almost transparent in the travel bag. Compare this with the Sony ACSQ950D AC/DC AC Adapter/Quick Charger for MiniDV Camcorders high speed charger, which easily weighs seven or eight times as much and has a form factor that is six times as large. But make your choice carefully: this charger (the BC-TRM) is NOT a high speed charger like the AC-SQ950, and may take as long as four hours to fully charge a NP-FP50 battery (the AC-SQ950 can do it in far less than half the time, and will do two in sequence).

    What this charger offers is very small form factor in an extremely light package, and with universal voltage (you can plug this unit into most any European power outlet with a simple plug adapter without any type of transformer. A bonus is the folding plug design which tucks the protruding electrical plug back into the unit when not in use (all chargers should have this feature). If you require frequent, multi-charging on a daily basis, you might consider stepping up to the AC-SQ950, but it it much larger and heavier, which is the price you pay for its outstanding performance.

    Both of these units should operate well if they are not abused, and any can be made to work on vacations where luggage space/weight is at an increasing premium. Everyone has their own preferences, but for me, when it comes to digital cameras, I prefer to use the manufacturer's own equipment (batteries and chargers). If you carefully shop around, you should be able to find a generally reasonable price. I downgrade this unit to a four-star only because of the length of time to fully charge a battery. The quality, size, weight and design are excellent. Happy shooting!
    ...more info