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Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional software allows business, creative, and engineering professionals who work with graphically complex documents to exchange business-critical documents accurately and efficiently. Convert any document to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), and with one click from Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Project, as well as from Microsoft Visio and AutoCAD, preserve document layers.

Combine multiple documents—including large-format technical drawings and page layouts—into one compact Adobe PDF file in a single step. Automatically initiate and manage document reviews using intuitive electronic tools. Create forms that can be exchanged with colleagues and customers, and archive your project files as searchable Adobe PDF files.

View, navigate, and comment on large-format documents with tools that eliminate the need for paper-based reviews, making it faster and easier to meet critical deadlines. Streamline proofing cycles with robust tools that let you automatically track, manage, and incorporate electronic feedback. View detailed artwork or large-format documents with intuitive navigation tools. Output PDF/X-compliant files, and help eliminate surprises at the printer by preflighting files and previewing and printing color separations.

MODEL- ADBCD31868WI VENDOR- ADOBE SOFTWARE FEATURES- Acrobat Professional 6.0 Windows- Full version Acrobat 6.0 Professional software offers the most advanced control over document exchange, review, and output. Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional software makes it easier than ever to distribute, review, and archive Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files created from a variety of sources, including specialized software applications. Document fidelity is preserved and errors in the review process are significantly reduced, helping professional users meet tight deadlines without compromising accuracy. Part of the new family of Acrobat 6.0 products, Acrobat 6.0 Professional offers all the benefits and features of Acrobat 6.0 Standard and more. While both programs deliver tools for all business users, Acrobat 6.0 Professional also offers features tailored specifically for business professionals who work with complex documents, as well as engineering and creative professional document processes. * Benefits for business professionals Business professionals are under increasing pressure to meet aggressive deadlines without sacrificing quality. Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional offers reliable, efficient document exchange with the greatest flexibility for creating Adobe PDF files from any document, as well as the greatest control over document exchange, review, and final output, helping professionals to meet tight deadlines and reduce costs. - Easily create and combine docu

Customer Reviews:

  • Save your money
    OK, this does have some new features, which are handy. But some of the old, useful features of Acrobat 5 have disappeared. Remember how you could quickly edit spacing and wording of a document without having to go back and redo the PDF from the get-go? GONE. Can't find it. The online help is even more useless than ever. Bad, bad choices were made in this new version. Save your money, don't bother to upgrade....more info
  • Fantastic service
    Parpoobooks provided excellent service with priority mail which took only four days from time of their notification. I also had made a mistake in not checking system requirements for professional version (mine is 98) and had to request the order be changed to the standard version.
    No problem, I returned the original order and had the replacement in a week. It seems Parpoobooks has modeled their customer service after Amazon.
    I would oder from them again in a heartbeat....more info
  • Save Your Money
    I've used past versions of Adobe and while not particularly impressed I maaged to get some things done. I've had to re-type an entire 12-page PDF document with this version because the resulting "converted" version which is in table format is no more than gobbledygook (text prints in one table column rather than the 8 columns alloted). I've been everywhere short of the moon trying to find solutions to this problem but I think I'll have better luck finding ocean front property in Arizona than I will any viable solution any time soon. I'm going to invest in an OCR program, scan the documents that I need in and then let the OCR program do the rest. Anything has to be better than this frustration....more info
  • Upgrade is no help for Real Estate
    As a Realtor who is pushing the envelope, attempting to move to digital file keeping, digital recording, digital faxing, and digital signing, the concept of Adobe Acrobat is extremely helpful. I've been using Adobe Acrobat since version 4. Version 5 was a very useful upgrade, worth every cent. Version 6 was a grand waste of money and has turned into a waste of time. Files take longer to save in Adobe Acrobat 6, but they do end up being smaller, so maybe there is a more advanced compression algorithm at work. Nevertheless, files do take about twice as long to save in the new version.

    Furthermore, at least for my line of work, I see no useful additions to the software. The interface looks a little fancier, and a little more advanced with more curved lines and a splash screen with transparency...(everybody together now, "Oooooh, aaaaaaah"). But, at least for my line of work, I have not seen any productivity or security upgrades which make the investment worthwhile. Save yourself the money and stay with version 5.0.

    Unfortunately, it seems that the other reviewers' negative comments are right on the money....more info

  • Warning!!! Danger if using Office 2003 Windows XP!!!
    I love Acrobat. It won't work with Office 2003 (xp home on computer). Get a "unable to print to pdf" error upon installation. Check the Adobe homepage, it's a problem they're aware of (their recommended "fix" was to turn OFF "system restore" (which deletes ALL previous restore points!) and to edit the system path variable (also "icky" if no system restore to help out)

    Don't do it........don't buy it....I tried the upgrade to 6.0.1 as well.........didn't work......wait for the fix in the next version....Acrobat is good...they'll fix it.....just have to be patient :-)

    p.s. works like a champ in MS Office XP professional (not Office 2003)...more info

  • Really a mess
    It's obvious that Adobe feels safe and entrenched as THE maker of PDF creation software, because Acrobat installs like a herd of elephants moving in to your computer. It completely re-worked my MS Word toolbars and would not allow me to restore them the way I want them. (Even after un-installation, there is still something at work against my template.) Other applications felt the impact, too. All I want is a way to make PDF files, not a new lifestyle.

    Unfortunately, Acrobat 6 could not deliver the PDF files for me. On a P4, 1.8 Ghz system, I allowed it to process my Word document for 5 hours before I gave up and had to get some real work done. I went and found activePDF Composer, which handled the same Word file and delivered my PDF file in just 10 minutes.

    Get over yourself, Adobe....more info
  • New User Hints
    I purchased this program due to the ability to have hyperlinks to other documents. New users should read the README file to find out how you ensure that the program is set to convert the hyperlinks you identified in the original file. One thing you cannot do is to create a file where a hyperlink is pointing to another existing pdf file that has embedded links in it. On your original document, you can enter the "hyperlink to an existing pdf file with embedded links" -- and continue to enter more text on your original document. It is not until you save your file that program rejects the link you entered to an existing pdf file with embedded links. The program just quits on you and you have no idea why -- especially because "the bad hyperlink entry" was entered some time in the past. I spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong with what I was doing. I did not find anything about this situation in the Help files.

    I am using the program to create files that are a part of a corporate training program. This program has great potential to be used for creating documents that are part of self-learning training courses.

    As others have stated, it does take a long time for the program to create the pdf file. Plan on having other projects to work on - like phone calls you want to make - while you are waiting for the program to do the Adobe conversion....more info

  • I HATE this product
    At my business we are required to scan things to PDF documents to send to our clients. I love the PDF format. It is a great way to easily condense documents into small file sizes while still maintaining quality. It's unfortunate that I haven't found a way to create PDF without going through Adobe first. As the IT guy in our office, Acrobat problems is the biggest thing I get called about. This is the most bloated invasive software I have ever used, even more so than some spyware I've seen. It installs itself EVERYWHERE.

    I have an Acrobat icon in Microsoft Word, which seems convenient for converting documents from Word to PDF, but it places the toolbar below all the other toolbars, when it only contains three buttons, taking up valuable screen space. It took me hours to find a way to remove it because it kept coming back when I would try to disable it manually. Acrobat will install toolbars everywhere that are difficult to remove, it will add "convenient" convert to pdf options on all your right click boxes, it will reside itself in your system memory and keep itself always on, it will add itself to your quick tray icons, and then it will come to your house, eat your food, and hit on your wife.

    Acrobat created problems on our computers that could only be resolved by reinstalling Acrobat. That is fine I guess, however uninstalling Acrobat does not completely remove it. I used their uninstall program, and still found over 100 instances of Acrobat left in my system registry. Acrobat still had a program left in my memory that was causing problems after I uninstalled it. This program installed over 300 keys in my system registry! Lastly, this program constantly has trouble detecting our scanners. We use Acrobat to scan on over 15 computers and we constantly have to unplug our scanners and have plug and plug reinstall them so Acrobat can find them.

    I love PDF documents, and their "Print to PDF" feature is very useful for converting things to PDF, but as a whole, the Acrobat software is the worst software I've ever used from a large company, and I eagerly await the day when another company makes an easier to use PDF program that can be used for scanning....more info
  • Slow, slow slow. Poor saving & editing. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!
    This upgrade has what you would expect from Adobe as far as viewing documents. Editing and saving are a far different story.
    They've made some nifty improvements that are very nice, especially for reading an eBook. Beyond that, editing is a pain. Saving is close to impossible, if you, like me, have a number of font files on your computer. (Just to be fair, I have over 10,000 fonts on my computer, however, only 350 of them are installed in Windows. The others are only called when needed.) Adobe takes the time, everytime that you save a pdf, to find every font that's ever been on your computer, no matter where the location. I've gone to the website, and tried the suggestions they offer regarding fixing this, however none of them worked AT ALL. I'm reinstalling my old copy of Acrobat 5. I'll take the step backwards in technology, as little as it's worth. Adobe, I've not impressed at all. Everything that you've ever done is incredible, but 6.0 is one of the worst excuses for a upgrade that I've ever seen. Compare to Windows ME over Windows 98. (old, but good example of retrogress.) SAVE YOUR MONEY and wait for an acceptable upgrade or revision....more info
    The general direction of Adobe's efforts with Acrobat is admirable, so it is a bit disappointing to see them roll out such a half-baked product.


    [1] Fabulous document review capabilities -- you can edit directly into the underlying text, approve, then export them back into Word.
    [2] More importantly, Acrobat sets up an excellent document-review work flow that works with Outlook and other mail programs to track who has received the document and responded.
    [3] To simplify editing Acrobat transmits the PDF to the reviewers, who send back only their annotations. Acrobat then creates a compound document in which you can review all comments at once or individual comments by reviewer. With Word, you'd have to send everyone the same file, then compile the various changes.
    [4] In MSIE, Acrobat 6.0 can quickly convert Web pages into PDF, creating either one composite file or separate files for each page.
    [5] The generated PDFs maintain most HTML links and it can also store rich media files such as Flash and animated GIFs!!
    [6] From Office documents, the bookmarking is now better (what a relief that is)
    [7] The compressed converted files are smaller. This becomes less evident though if you have textboxes and graphics in your documents, which we usually have.


    [1] The beast is a pain to install. I downloaded the "Tryout" version from the website, and my Acrobat does not work anymore. It will not convert a simple Word document (only formatting) due to some printer error. Not sure if this happens with every installation of this software but I am fairly technically savvy, have tried reinstalling, changing printer settings to FILE, etc etc. No go.
    [2] It took over all my Acrobat 5 associations and registry settings, so remember that you cannot uninstall it and "go back" to Acrobat 5.
    [3] The software is Bloated with a mega-capital B. I use a recent Pentium IV with 1 gig of RAM, and after the install of Acrobat 6, the thing practically crawls.
    [4] Searching: Who needs the right-hand side navigation? Sure it "looks" cool to some people, but I'd much rather have the simple (and 10 times faster) Ctrl-F Windows pop-up box, as it is in every Windows app.


    [1] Don't install. Wait for the next version. (My general recommendation.)
    [2] If things have already gone wrong, try to change the "PORT" on the Adobe PDF PRINTER settings in Control Panel to FILE:, then try printing out again (will ask you for filename, give a file path, e.g., c:\ Once the POSTSCRIPT file is generated, you can run it through the Acrobat Distiller to generate the PDF file.


    If you use a supercomputer and are hard-pressed to upgrade immediately (e.g., if you use a version earlier than 5.x) than this may be worth it. But if you are at the 5 levels already, wait for the next version. Hopefully Adobe will have figured out the bloat and the install issues by then....more info

  • Good product
    I purchased this software in 2003 and have used it for five years without any problems. I only had Acrobat Reader before and since I've had Adobe Acrobat Professional I've used it constantly. I wouldn't be without it....more info
  • Eh... Version 5 was fine.
    I've been a fan (and user) of Acrobat for many years, and am continually amazed by the number of organizations that *don't* circulate their documents in PDF format. I don't even *read* Word attachments anymore, for fear of viruses and because I *know* they won't look like the author intended.

    However, earlier versions have each added great new features, and the differences of v6 over v5 just don't seem substantial enough to warrant the price or effort of upgrading. For most users, I'd recommend saving dough by finding a copy of version 5, a vast improvement over versions 1 thru 4, and of course a conceptual and practical leap (or three) beyond sharing documents in native formats such as Word....more info