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Cosco Work Platform Step Stool #11-003-AGY1
List Price: $129.99

Our Price: $93.64

You Save: $36.35 (28%)


Product Description

The Cosco 11-003-AGY1 work platform step stool features a surprisingly lightweight aluminum frame along with a hefty 300-pound duty rating. This step stool's three large polypropylene resin steps have skid-resistant step treads for secure footing, and its large, non-marring feet won't scuff your floors. It also features an extra-large top platform that measures 16-1/4-by-16-1/4 inches so the paint rolling pan won't overlap.You'll find plenty of space for paint cans and tools in the molded utility tray, which includes two locking drawers for smaller tools. Fold this stool with one hand into a 5-3/4-inch deep package for easy storage. Cosco backs its ladder with a 10-year limited warranty.

  • Lightweight platform step stool
  • Aluminum frame with a 300-pound duty rating
  • Large, non-marring feet
  • Includes molded utility tray and two locking drawers
  • 10-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Cosco Work Platform Outstanding
    This is the 2nd purchase of this Step Stool as I got one as a belated XMAS gift for my daughter and son-in-law as they were always borrowing mine and they loved it. Very sturdy and easy to use.
    ...more info
    I didn't think a ladder could be so exciting but this one is, compared to regular ladders, this one is a must, the steps are much wider, great when hanging lamps, changing bulbs, etc, you don't have to worry about balancing and your feet don't get cramps in them from the rungs, like on a regular ladder. Has all kinds of compartments and extras added on so that you dont have to keep going up and down to get parts, everything is there so the ladder can be loaded at one time, really is a great timesaver too. Be sure and get this model the next time you need or are wanting to change ladders, its the best in my book...more info
  • very good
    Sturdy, not too heavy, good features. Has slide out small drawers for little screws etc. Holes for screwdrivers. Paper towel dispenser. Rated for 300 lbs. Has a carry handle which also locks the ladder closed. All in all I really like this....more info
  • Ladder is what I expected
    This is the second ladder of this type I have. I must say the price charged by Amazon is much higher than what I have seen in the past. But is was not available locally when I needed it. Locally when available it was $74, I paid over $100 to amazon...more info
  • Excellent ladder. No complaints
    In short, this is a very well-designed ladder. It's relatively light for its size due to the aluminum/plastic construction, but is still very sturdy; there's no wobble at all. The platform located above the top step is very useful for holding tools, paint cans etc and it has two small pull-out trays. In addition, the height has been sufficient for all of my indoor needs. It's a bit expensive, but I would highly recommend it....more info
  • I liked the older one better...
    They shortened the steps for some reason. I am an artist, and I would stand on the ladder for hours very comfortably. However, I stupidly left the ladder over the weekend at a new home build and someone liked it enough to run off with it. So now I have to buy a new one and the steps look less comfortable. Maybe they are fine, we'll see. Other than that I ADORED this ladder for the ability to stand on it for so long. I suggest it highly for anyone who feels a little rickety on a wood ladder. I am also pretty overweight, and I found the soundness of the ladder very reassuring. Also, the handle is FABULOUS. It is so easy to cart around. ...more info
  • Step up to a better product
    I have been using the step stool frequently since I purchased it and I am quite pleased with the product. It is well made, sturdy but lightweight, and is perfect for times when you need a couple of steps but don't require a ladder....more info
  • Well Made Work Platform
    I purchased 2 of these Cosco Step Stools, This one and the one a step below in price , of the two ,This one is by far the better stool as far as ruggedness especially if you weigh over 220 lbs. So far i have only used it to remove my outside Christmas lights , but it actually worked better than a conventional step ladder.I can see where i will get a lot of use out of this ladder , and would recommend it highly. Product ID. Cosco Work Platform Step Stool #11-003-AGY1 ...more info
  • In a League of Its Own
    This is a super product. Rock steady, comfortably wide steps -- especially the extra-wide top "working" step, with a convenient work tray and a high bar to support you if you want help keeping your balance. It holds 300 lbs., so you can use it even while carrying your lunch. I've seen it selling in local stores for $130, and it's worth more than that....more info
  • best step ladder you will ever own- bar none
    This ladder is safe and sturdy dosen't wobble, folds up to about 3 in. thick, so it fits in tight spaces when not in use, I would recommend this to everyone. Great buy....more info
  • Yes, it's the World's Best Step Ladder
    This step ladder is outstanding in every way and well worth the price. It provides the necessary safety and security....more info
  • Step Stool
    Cosco Work Platform Step Stool is a great ladder. Not to heavy to move around yet very sturdy and secure when you stand on. The third platform is wide and your feet fit on it flat for good balance. This is the second one I have purchased - it makes a great gift for a first time home buyer. ...more info
  • A little too Tall
    The ladder woks great except where one has 8 ft ceilings. When I moved upstairs to paint, I discovered this dilemma. I can stand on a lower step, but they are not a comfortable platform when you are up on the ladder for the better part of an afternoon....more info
  • great utility ladder
    This is the perfect footstool for a variety of uses. It is high enough to reach most cupboards and very sturdy. The work tray is handy for holding tools. I'm sure we will get many years of use from this ladder....more info
  • Best Of its Kind
    I have had this ladder for about a year now and it has been about the most stable, versatile, handy ladder I have ever used. It holds a bucket of paint, or tools, or whatever you need on the tray that extends down. My wife uses it reach hard to clean things like fans and corners. This ladder definatly a step above most others like it....more info
  • Larger than expected, a ladder not a stepstool
    This item was larger than expected and is definitely a work platform, not a stepstool. Its sortof thick when broken down, so you need space to store it. Its about 20 lbs, so if you were looking for a stool to take around and clean with, its a bit more than you would probably be comfortable with carrying from room to room. It is great for a ladder though, and has a sturdy top step.

    I am giving this three stars because the shipping was horrible and the manufacturer's customer service was not responsive. It shipped in the manufacturer's box, which had no padding around the ladder. When it arrived, the box was dented all over, and one of the yellow platform pieces was broken. There was no padding around the ladder inside the box. I filled out a form on the manufacturer site to see if they could send a replacement part but never got a response.

    ...more info