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Wai Lana 137 Yoga Mat
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $19.99

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Product Description

Designed to provide a safe, comfortable foundation for any yoga practice (1/8 inch H x 24 inch W x 68 inch L)
*Tested by an independent laboratory.

This Wai Lana yoga mat offers a stable, comfortable surface on which to begin or develop your yoga poses and practice. The mat is cushiony for comfort with a tacky surface to help you maintain postures accurately and safely. Durable and lightweight, it measures 68 by 24 by 1/8 inches. To wash it, you simply rinse with cool water and detergent and squeeze it dry with a towel. The mat rolls up to a tube shape with an approximate diameter of four inches for easy storage and transport. --Emily Bedard

  • Adds Yoga to your life
  • Perfect companion for yoga exercises
  • Whether in class, beach or park mat are the perfect companions for yoga on the go

Customer Reviews:

  • Good product
    Doesn't break the bank. I have bought three over the years and they are all from Wai Lana. Her workout, is a different thing. :-)...more info
  • Terrific but sometimes skids--buy two!
    This mat tends to skid on tile if you don't double up, so order two. But it's excellent and cushioning for yoga, pilates, and perfect to place beneath a BodyDome....more info
  • Namaste Wai Lana
    I bought mine from Amazon in 2003 and it is still in amazingly good condition despite frequent use. I don't have any comparison as I've never needed another mat. I'm very pleased with the durability and performance of this product. So far it seems like it will last for a lifetime....more info
  • A very good mat
    I bought this mat, because my gym recently began offering yoga classes, and the mats they supplied soon got pretty grody. This mat is longer and thicker than the gym's version, looks a lot nicer, and has a good 'tacky' feel under my bare feet. And it was cheaper than comparable mats at local stores. It's easy to hand wash (and comes with instructions), so I can keep it clean. Overall, it's a great yoga mat. ...more info
  • love this mat!
    This is the best mat I've owned in a while. It's thick enough for pilates moves (especially ones that require balancing on our tail bones - eesh) and it's sturdy enough for yoga poses (no sliding around while doing a downward facing dog!). Not only that, but its pretty long, so I can use it for regular floor exercises too. Definitely worth the price....more info
  • Average good yoga mat
    I do like the "stickiness" and cushion of this mat, but for the $12.99 I paid 2 years ago and combined for free Super saver shipping it very good, but for nearly 20 bucks it's average and not super impressive. I am 5'3" and find it just right for me.
    I use it mostly at home but I took it to a highly regarded and priced class of a local yoga teacher and one of the first comments made to me was how narrow the width of my mat was =-/ Oh, well of course being small I had never really noticed because the mat is AVERAGE, but you may if you are taller and wider. For the current price plus burning fuels to get one I would recommend a local sports shop or general Dept. store.
    If you need to find the "up" side the mat is engraved/moulded with the Wai Lana name and has a sticker on the correct side to use(I will upload). It also comes with instructions to wash off the residue from manufacturing(?) before use. If you have slipping problems try washing it as described- stick it in the tub with lukewarm water and a good rinsable, mild soap or detergant....more info
  • The necessity of using a yoga mat
    It's almost a necessity to use a yoga mat. I didn't think so when I was taking the yoga class at a local gym, because we never used them. When the gym closed and I started using DVDs and tapes for yoga, I hurt myself. I was in a triangle position, and one of my feet started to slide. Because I was on carpet, there was nothing for my toes to grip. My foot slid, and I could hear muscles (or something) tearing. I wasn't able to stop my foot from sliding, and it just kept going further and further. I guess I tore some groin muscles. For several weeks, I wasn't able to do much beyond stand upright. It even hurt to walk. But I sure learned that I should use a yoga mat. I'd hate for you to have to learn through the same experience....more info