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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 09/09/2003 Run time: 404 minutes Rating: Nr

Jack Bauer is having another one of his "very bad days" in the second season of the groundbreaking real-time thriller 24. Once again the hours are ticking by with more guaranteed cliffhangers than a convention of mountain climbers. Holed up in a Los Angeles condo and estranged from his daughter, Jack is no longer on the government payroll; unfortunately for him, this small fact doesn't seem to matter to President David Palmer and the NSA, who call him back in to the CTU and give him 24 hours to infiltrate a terrorist organization that is planning to detonate a dirty bomb in the city of angels. All Jack wants is to get his daughter out of the city, unfortunately Kim's new employer, the abusive father of the child she is nannying, has other ideas.

Fans of the original won't be disappointed, as there are more than enough shock moments in the first few hours to hint at the climactic build-up to come, while newcomers can quickly get involved in the lives of Jack and his family. There are some new characters to bolster the veteran cast and, interestingly (although not surprisingly), Jack's character has taken an altogether darker, more psychopathic turn. The danger the characters find themselves in also has a much more global, not to mention topical, impetus, grounded as it is in the war against terrorism. Although the territory is more familiar this time around, this second season is just as much a high-tension, taut, adrenalin-fuelled ride as the first, and one that will have you glued to your TV for the next 24 hours. --Kristen Bowditch

Customer Reviews:

  • 24 - Season Two
    24- Season Two, was excellent, The service at Amazon. Com was great, and timely. This DVD was addictive and great. I searched the internet for the best prices and Amazon beat everyone.
    ...more info
  • 24 Jack the Modern Day Hero
    24 Jack he is the modern day hero even though you watch the TV series you have to wait from Monday to Monday to see what is gonna happen next this way by having your own DVD collection you can watch the entire series back to back without having to miss any action that Jack has in store for you ...more info
  • Season 2 is one of the best TV seasons of all time, you will be glad you got into 24
    The 24 collection is a worthy hobby and is certainly growing to be one of largest of the television series DVD anthologies. There are currently six seasons and season seven is planned for 2009. Each season has 6 discs, with 4 episodes per disc. Each episode covers approximately 1 hour of real-time drama although there are breaks for television advertising time meaning each episode lasts for about 45 min. To date there is approximately 6 days worth of 24 viewing. Each season is the kind of item that requires 1 hour a day of your time for the next 24 days. It has won Emmy and Golden Globe awards. It has already achieved some of highest viewer rates for any television show. The discs are held in a cardboard and plastic flip holder. It slides into the slim line box. It is not that easy to remove but this increases the security of the discs. The sound is in 5:1 Dolby Digital and the show is shot in 1.78 : 1.

    The real-time nature makes it unique along with its split screen type editing where more than one scene can take place at a time. There is also the clock with its ominous digital ticking that seems more like a countdown even though it is moving forward in time. 24 Season 2 is incredible television. If you had to select the best seasons from any TV series then 24 Season 2 would easily rank up there. It is maybe the best TV action season you can own. So that says a lot. Also it mimics the mindset and politics back in 2003 with respect to post-911 events and the war in Iraq. It is dead-on interesting in hindsight to see Season 2 with respect to the current situation.

    24 season 2 is mostly about Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) who has left CTU (counter-terrorist unit) because of his wife's demise. Presidential candidate Senator David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) is now in office. Bauer's daughter Kim is working as a child minder for a rich but dangerous businessman. CTU learns that there is an atomic bomb about to go off in L.A today. Each episode becomes an edge of your seat thriller with lots of plot twists and character turns. From the bomb chase, to double-crossing, to NSA internal problems, torture, going to war, intelligence reports gone bad and a cabinet that is split on removing the President from office. Can Jack Bauer find a nuclear device, prove the intelligence reports wrong, save the President's career and the millions of people in LA in less than 24 hours? There hasn't been an action season like it!

    Overall the show has very high production values and the transfer quality of season 2 is exceptionally better than season 1 which was one of the early DVD TV releases and so sometimes the widescreen bars produced fluffy edges. Well that's gone now. Although at times the suspension of disbelief is sometimes stretched to the maximum (how many times can they accidentally stumble onto something?) you will still you be hard pressed to find better TV that is non-stop rush of action and suspense. Give it a go and see if you want to enjoy some more. The 24 fever is well worth it.

    Oh yeah and guess how many episodes there are?...more info
  • Real disappointment
    2.5 stars. I'll admit that most of what was going on in season 1 really stretched the envelope of believeability, but it was still wildly addictive. Season 2--really felt like a group of writers who had already shot their load. The whole storyline with Kim Bauer, as most of the reviewers have reported, had absolutely nothing to do with nothing and was nowhere in the realm of believabilty. Plus,was it just me, but did the story just fold in on itself after the bomb went off in like episode 16? The Warner storyline was the most interesting-but again, after the explosion, even that went away. I like the actor Dennis Haysbert (Are you in good hands?) but the whole 25th Amendment angle was laughable. I hear the seasons get better after this one, so I'm going to continue trudging on, but I don't know if I could go through another season like this one....more info
  • Should have ended at hour 16
    Season 2 follows Jack Bauer as he tries to stop a nuclear bomb from exploding in the city of Los Angeles in addition to preventing a war of retaliation springing from that same event. Most of the cast from the first season is back including the now-President David Palmer and his ex-wife Sherry. Jack's daughter Kim and the crew from CTU including villain Nina Meyers all are present and accounted for. I won't reveal much of the story specifics because too much of the enjoyment of 24 revolves around the unexpected twists and turns of the plot. Suffice it to say, that the viewer is kept guessing about much of what is going on and Jack is put through a very bad day indeed.

    As with 24 - Season One, there are some real highs and lows here. Jack himself is great and the show is at its best when we watch him do what he does best. President Palmer, played by Dennis Haysbert, has great presence and is always compelling to watch. The struggle to find the nuke and stop it from killing millions of people is riveting and provided for some very exciting moments. Unfortunately, that story is resolved in episode 16 along with virtually every other plot thread and then the show tries to start a whole new series of stories revolving around a war to retaliate against three countries that may have been involved in the plot to nuke LA. The season really loses steam at this point and almost every aspect feels extremely contrived and unrealistic. Instead of building to a great climax, it wheezes across the finish line like an out of shape marathon runner. I know it wouldn't have the same marketing pizzazz but they honestly should have named this season "16" and finished after 16 hours. It would have made for a far stronger product.

    The worst aspect of Season 2 is undoubtedly Kim Bauer and her increasingly unlikely story where she meets and is threatened by what appears to be every psychotic in the greater LA area and even a mountain lion thrown is for good measure. There is no connection whatsoever to the main story, she's just there for Jack to worry about and, apparently, to annoy viewers. One plot that was somewhat interesting was civil unrest and rioting related to the bomb but after several scenes building tension on this point it simply fades away unresolved and forgotten. Other flaws include CTU headquarters apparently having no restrictions to family and friends walking around at will, a phony urgency to retaliate with hours of the nuke or never, and more.

    The funny thing about 24 is that you can point out endless flaws that are silly and easily avoidable yet the show's twists and turns largely carry you through them on sheer momentum. Kiefer Sutherland is fantastic in the lead role and also helps viewers ignore most of the worst flaws. Still, there's no question the show would be far less frustrating and more enjoyable if the writers would dig a little deeper and make a more honest effort to provide less contrived situations and an understanding of national security that surpasses that of the average 12 year old. I do recommend this season of 24, but only to those who are willing to accept some frustration with their entertainment....more info
  • Superb
    I enjoyed Season Two of 24 over Season one. The set was in great condition and didnt have any problems. Recieved it fast and had prompt service!!! This was exciting and I didnt ever want to stop watching!! ...more info
  • So 24 had a miss this season
    After a spectacular Season 1, 24 was back with one good story line and a bunch of really silly ones. How many stupid decisions can Kim (his daughter) make in one 24 hour period? Come on - escaping from the police, only to be caught in a trap and hunted by a mountain lion?! It was amazing just to see what she was going to do next. Watch it for the humor, but if this is your intro to 24, please know what every other season kicks this one's butt!...more info
  • Thrives On The Intensity Of Jack Bauer
    Usually, I judge the success of any televised drama by its ability to reinvent itself from season to season. Too much of the same will lead to stagnation, while too much change will actually alienate loyal viewers. 24, however, is a completely new breed of show and thus does not adhere to the typical critiques of TV drama.

    Essentially, the second season of 24 follows the same parameters as the first. Over the course of a single day, CTU (Counter-Terrorism Unit) agent Jack Bauer must get himself (and the nation) out of a crisis...this time when a nuclear bomb is set to detonate in Los Angeles and could prompt World War 3 if the plot succeeds. Of course, besides Bauer, a host of other characters (Kim Bauer, Tony Almeida, George Mason, etc.) round out the cast. The twists and turns are just as mind-blowing as the first go-round, yet it never seems to get old due to the great acting and straight-forward plot devices (every episode ends with a new huge twist).

    The biggest reason the Season Two succeeds, though, is that much more time is devoted to the character of Jack Bauer, who really is the fulcrum of the show. The episodes in which the raging, frenetic Jack takes center stage will have you on the edge of your seat and literally cheering out loud! Whereas in the first half of the first season Bauer was little more than a concerned parent, this entire season sees him wriggling his way out of tight spot after tight spot...MacGyver has nothing on Jack Bauer. I never thought I would find an actor who brings more intensity to his role than Matthew Fox gives to Jack Shepard on LOST, but Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer eclipses him.

    So, if you were intrigued (or completely thrilled!) by the first season of 24, this second season will not let you down. Between the plot twists, the intensity of Bauer, and the surprising return or demise of a few old "friends", this season again will have you watching episode after episode deep into the night....more info
  • Best Show on Television
    24 never ceases to delight. It's the best show on television. You may think you have it figured out, but you don't. It always surprises and leaves you wanting to see more, which is perfect for this set of disks, becuase you can watch them at your pace and have mini-marathons, and you will want to do that. Acting, writing, directing are all excellent. No one is safe. Well worth watching....more info
  • Excellent Season
    I loved this season,every season of 24 gets better and better. you'll be addicted to it from the first episode. buy it or rent it!.....more info
  • Awesome!!!

    Well if I'm reviewing this item I have to say that I absolutely LOVE all the 24 seasons. I understand that some of the events are a little out there but its there to entertain us and it does that very well. You can't find another television show on now (maybe Lost) that keeps the public completely on the edge of their seat time after time and upset when the hour is up till the following week.

    If you never had the pleasure of watching "24" do yourself a favor and get the seasons one and two to start off. You can get any season and fall right in but having a perceptive of the history helps a bit. In short this is a great buy.

    ...more info
  • Could not stop watching
    Great Season. Could not stop watching.

    Watched the last 16 hours in two sittings. Friday and then Saturday evenings...more info
  • Action packed, filled with twists and turns
    Jack Bauer is still recovering from losing his wife, and his daughter isn't speaking to him as she is also still trying to recover. The last thing Jack wants to do is go back to work, but there is a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles and one of the men who knows something about it is someone Jack dealt with when he was working undercover. Reluctantly, Jack is pulled back into his old life and spends the next 24 hours desperately searching for the bomb and the people behind it while trying to get his daughter out of LA in case the bomb does go off.

    Season 2 of 24 crackles from the very beginning and has some great twists. The action never lets up for long and many times you wonder what Jack will do next as everything seems to go wrong. Kiefer Sutherland gives a great performance and the screen is more alive when he's on it. Dennis Haysbert is commanding and authoritative as President Palmer while he tries to figure out who he can trust as members of his own staff work against him. Nina Meyers makes a surprise return. The interplay between her and Jack works on many levels. Overall one of 24's best seasons....more info
  • 24 is Smokin Hot!!
    I finally got a chance to start watching this series and have viewed season 1 - 6 in the last 45 days. Talk about addicting. It is suspenseful and exciting. Looking forward to season seven....more info
  • better
    if you thought season one was good then get the popcorn out for this is even better than better....more info
  • Top Class Tv
    I received this as a birthday present and have just finished the whole series. What you need to know is that this maintains the high standards set by series one and is superb entertainment.

    The only downside is the running subplot involving Kim Bauer, which is more than a little far-fetched. However even this is great entertainment, if completely unbelieveable. Virtually all the characters from series one are back in the show, so the President, his wife, Nina, Mason, Tony and Michelle are all involved. Its very cleverly written with multiple over-lapping stories that will keep you guessing all the time. There is political intrigue, family drama, terrorism and enough tension to last you a year let alone 24 hours.

    Not having seen series 3 yet I have no idea whether the end of series 2 is relevent or not, but it certainly took me by surprise. At times I just wanted to watch episode after episode after episode but unfortunately the neccessity of work prevented me from doing so.

    This is a magnificent series, and the only problem I have with it is that there aren't enough hours in the day to watch it! ...more info
  • Not as good as the first one
    Season 2 is good, but not like season 1. There were plenty of suprises and twists. For a counter terrorism unit the LA office in this show continues to be compromised, I would think they would be smarter.

    Speaking of smart, Kim Bauer's character is not. I think they killed the wrong character in the end of season one. I really don't know why they wrote her in this season. Her storyline has nothing to do with the main plot, and all her problems stem from her stupidity.

    The acting here is a little weaker. Bower is in a plane wreck where a big wooden branch is shoved in his leg, tortured until he dies, revived, and has effects that only last for that episode. It is if the writers figured that the viewers would forget the past injuries after waiting a week or two between episodes.

    Like I said, this is good, but not like the first one....more info
  • The Clock Is Ticking..Again
    Taking place 6 months after season 1, Jack returns to do what he does best. this time around the threat is bigger...a nuclear bomb in L.A. is set to detonate at the end of the day. who is responsible?,will they find the bomb in time?...these are some of the questions that not only the characters ask, but that you will aswell.

    After watching Season 1 I didnt think this season would beat the first in anyway..boy was I wrong..evrything is 20 times better and more intense. the twist and turns are more elaborate and unpredictable..and the ending..you havent seen anything yet until you see Season 2.

    MY RATING: 5 OUT OF 5...more info
  • 24
    The DVD arrived earlier than anticipated and was in good shape (like new).
    The have enjoyed watching this....more info
  • I wish I'd bought the box set
    I didn't watch any of the 24's on t.v., so it was all a surprise. Like season one, season two was captivating and complex. I really enjoy the program, how unpredictable it is, how glued I can become to it. It was well worth the money spent....more info
    It's been rightly said of 24 that it's "not good, but never boring". I think that's true of the first 2 seasons, but by the 4th it had actually become good, and still never boring. I was surprised that season 2 is as "not good" as it is.

    Could it be any more contrived? Take for example the way the hero's daughter, Kim, manages to find her way into a different dangerous situation in just about every hour of this long day. The father of the child she is nannying happens to be a psychotic killer; She's in a city that's about to get nuked; she gets falsely accused of kidnapping and murder and is arrested; she gets in a car wreck; She gets caught in a bear trap; She is threatened by a cougar while alone in the woods; She's taken prisoner by a love struck hermit/survivalist; While hitch-hiking she has to pull a gun to stop an attacker; She's taken hostage in a liquor store; and then just when you think she's finally safe, she has to kill or be killed in the final episode. And these random threats are mostly unrelated to each other and totally unrelated to the main action of the series. The only thing that connects her to the story at all is that she just happens to be Jack Bauer's daughter, and all the while he's mostly unaware of any of her crises. This is all FILLER. Not just not good, but boring.

    Most of the suspense this season is caused by the unimaginable incompetence and poor judgment of people in the highest positions of the US government. Most of the urgency in the second half of the season is due to their ridiculous insistence that the US must retaliate NOW, by the end of the day, because to wait even another few hours would show weakness and lose the element of surprise. Come on. How long did it take the US to go to war in Afghanistan after 9/11? Months. Did that show weakness? Did it matter? Then why are we supposed to believe it would matter so much to so many otherwise intelligent people in this series?

    Here's the screenwriter's recipe for this series. Always put prisoners and codefendants in the same cell (a practice that's strictly forbidden in the real world) so they can plot and plan and create drama. When Jack tortures someone, let him do it in full view or at least in ear shot of someone not accustomed to Jack's ways so they can lose faith in Jack or at least object. Have CTU employees bring their relatives right into the office to create drama. Have rational characters become suddenly irrational; once the damage is done, they can become rational again. Have bickering CTU employees risk world destruction just to spite each other. This is really not good.
    ...more info
  • 24 is more
    I am so glad that I bought this set of discs. 24 is a roller coaster to watch and Kiefer is perfect as Jack Bauer. There twists and turns that I never saw coming. 24 fans will be very happy with this seasons episodes. New characters to love and hate with some familiar ones from season 1, too....more info
  • Cougar?
    Yeah, I was a huge fan of the first season. I picked this up hoping for more of the same. I have to say, I was very disappointed until I stopped taking it seriously. The down sides of the season include ridiculous plot twists, and insane events that regularly occur. What saves the season would be the characters and the very attractive women they have cast....more info
  • I have become addicted to the show 24
    This show is much better when you can watch the 24 episodes in a row-took me about 10 days....more info
  • Another Great Season
    Fabulous season. While the character Jack Bauer is always amazing, other supporting characters also make this show outstanding. Classic hero characters are cornerstone characters Tony and Michelle. George Mason, Karen Warner and Lynn Kresgee are also heroic as excellent supporting characters to the story.

    I thought what epitomized the show was at the conclusion of episode 13. They show on the multi-screen one of the characters; Michelle Dessler. You see a complete picture of her. As the screen moves slowly from left to right, you slowly see less of Michelle, then see Cassie Turner looking (spying) directly upon Michelle. At that point Cassie then looks upwards toward the director Tony who wanted Cassie to "spy" on Michelle. It is just symbolic in that in this show there is an attempt to "take down" (not kill) Michelle. Later there is an attempt to "take down" Tony. There is an attempt to "take down" Kim Bauer. There is an attempt again to "take down" David Palmer. There is always an attempt to "take down" Jake Bauer and America. All the "take down" attempts are absolute fun as the season unfolds. Each subplot is exciting fun. Excellent show. I highly recommend. ...more info