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Motorola Surfboard SB5100 Cable Modem
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Product Description

Motorola SURFboard SB5100 cable modem is among the first to earn the Microsoft Designed for Windows logo for Windows Windows 2000, Windows Me, and Windows XP operating systems. New Unique Vertical Design --slim design saves desk space Standby switch provides enhanced security against unauthorized access to your PC Front panel LEDs make troubleshooting easy Specially designed architecture allows for future upgrades DOCSIS 1.1 and 2.0 CableLabs Certified Includes USB and Ethernet Cables, AC adapter, Quick Start Guide, CD-ROM with USB drivers and User Manual 2-Year Limited Warranty

  • DOCSIS 1.1 and 2.0 Certified
  • Integrated A-TDMA and S-CDMA technology--capable of providing up to 30 Mbps upstream data rate
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • Front panel status LEDs and built-in HTML-based diagnostics for quick and easy troubleshooting
  • Compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, NT, XP, Mac OS, Linux, and UNIX

Customer Reviews:

  • Works
    What else can I say, I replaced a dead Toshiba with this modem and it worked fine out of the box. Probably took longer to go through the ISPs swap procedure than to install this device. So fra, so good....more info
  • Motorola's name is put high with the SB5100 cable modem.
    I recently bought the Motorola sb5100 and it has been flawless (except for when my ISP went offline). Installation took only about 5 minutes, the network connection was done automatically.
    The speed also improved very much. I downloaded a 175 MB file in 19 seconds!!!!! No kidding, whereas with my old RCA modem (rental) it would've taken at least 5 or 10 minutes. Anyway, I think Motorola put it's 50 or so years of electronic-communication experience on this baby and voila! the best Cable Modem was born. Congratulations to Motorola....more info
  • Awesome!! One of the best available.
    I found the modem to be one of the best. I have had no problems with it. I did not even need the instructions to set it up and get it running. Not much else to say--I would recommend it....more info
  • Very Reliable
    Apart problem from my own ISP, this product never failed me. I bought it more than 2 years ago and it is still working perfectly. I never had to call customer support for that. From time to time it goes down due service outage from the ISP. This product is far better than the RCA brand which is a real junk. I leased the RCA cable modem before from my ISP for over a year I had to return it because you have to reboot it at least twice a day before you go online. That problem pushed me to buy this Surfboard SB5100 Cable Modem. For more than 2 years now I am satisfied with the product. I would recommend it....more info
  • Excellent product
    I got my first Surfboard from Comcast as a replacement to the previous one they gave me. So far it's been very reliable and without bad wiring like their first one. I like it so much a bought one to use in a different part of the house....more info
  • Works great
    I bought mine two months ago. I use it with comcast and so far it's been great. The standby button is a very useful feature. Get it....more info
  • Short life-span
    I've had this modem for about 2 years, and it worked fine until about a month ago. Now, at random times, it loses it's connection to the internet and must be rebooted to get it working again. This happens at least once a day. I had a Motorola modem previously, and it also died after a couple of years. Perhaps my expectations are unrealistic, but I expect more than 2 years service from a modem. I'm replacing it with a Linksys CM100....more info
  • Great Modem
    I was disappointed when I first connected the modem and had problems getting online. Contacted Comcast by e-mail got their response but didn't have any luck. I decided to call Comcast and was up and running in less than five minutes. Just goes to show you how a phone call can do wonders. Anyway I'm up and running and have had no problems as of yet. I can recommend this product to everyone. And I save $3 bucks a month on my cable bill....more info
  • Blazing speed
    I was tired of renting.I researched the rest and tried the best . GO Motorla. They are the Sony of things that are built to last and promise what they say....more info
  • Awesome Modem!
    This modem works with software packages that usually hang a regular modem or modems provided by your ISP. Very reliable connection no down times or need to power-cycle as with other modems. Reccommended buy!...more info
  • Unsure
    Item I purchased is defective. I am in the process of returning it. RMA seems very easy though.Given this, I have nothing to add right now....more info
  • Reliable!

    This cable modem has been very reliable for me. Absolutely no issues. I use Comcast- and even run a small linux server (provides email and web serving for a few relatives.)...more info
  • Wipeout
    1st one i recieved didn't work. At least amazon took it back, so this should really be a review of the return process, which was stunningly prompt (i had the replacement unit within 24 hours). If you're in a hurry to get back online, my suggestion - given the number of first time failures listed - would be, seriously, order two, return one....more info
    This is a wonderful cable modem. I bought it recently based on what I read in reviews and the fact that it carries the Motorola name. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. It was easy to set up, is fast, lightweight, and offers a standby option. This modem will not disappoint!...more info
  • Lookin' good!
    I bought this cable modem so I could save on the rental fees from Cox (San Diego). I was renting an older Toshiba model that I had no complaints with. When I connected my new Motorola this morning (after contacting Cox with the Mac Address and serial # of the new modem), I tested out the bandwidth. Wow, I got a download at a faster speed than I have ever seen with the Toshiba modem. It looks like this modem is going to work out great for me. The reason I decided on this model instead of a newer Toshiba model was the price. This modem was cheaper. It looks like I made the right decision....more info
  • As Advertised
    The SB5100 advertised simple set-up, ease of operation, and reliability. Motorola has hit a home run. I am not a technically oriented individual, but right out of the box, set-up was simple, and surfing was re-activated in less than 10 minutes. A simple phone call to my Cable provider, coax install, network CatV cable install, and power on. VOILA!! Highly Recommended....more info
  • Quick and easy
    Ordered the Moto to replace my 3 year old Toshiba that I bought from Cox (my cable provider). All I had to do was call Cox, give them the serial and MAC numbers they need, disconnect the Toshiba and connect the Motorola. I was in business in 5 minutes, tops. I am defintely NOT a computer guru, but it was as easy as a cheerleader at the drive-in. As I use a wireless gateway, and not a USB connection, I didn't even need to look at the enclosed CD. The only way it could have been easier would be if Motorola came and hooked it up themselves. Thumbs up!...more info
  • Great modem
    I bought this modem to replace a Motorola 4200 rental from Comcast. Once Comcast registered the modem it connected instantly. Not one problem with ths modem yet. This standby button is a nice feature....more info
  • Good product, a tad quirky, but that might not be its fault
    I like the modem, but have it set up with a wireless router and PC card. Seems like every time I get online I have to power the entire system down and reboot. It's irritating, but I don't know that it has anything to do with the modem. Far as I can tell, the modem is great....more info
  • Workhorse lasted for 6 years
    I bought this modem 6 years ago when I had problems with the Comcast rental unit - and their rental price. It has worked solidly and reliably for 5.75 of those 6 years and I am now replacing it with the 5101. It seems the power supply in the 5100 is failing as it needs pretty constant reboots now, but it was a great modem and I'm happy to stick with Surfboard for my next one....more info
  • Great Modem.Great Price. Would Highly Recommend
    I got this modem after being feed up with paying modem rental fees and boy am I glad I did! It is a solid performer and looks much better then my rental modem.

    Setup was very easy and I had no problems. Took just a few minutes to get setup after providing the cable company with the MAC address and customer serial number of the modem. It has been on for 4 months now and the connection has never dropped. The standby feature is a nice extra if you will be away from your pc and want to protect it from the internet "nastiness".
    The overall footprint of this modem is very small. I also love that it comes with a regular 2-prong plug and not a "Wall-Wart" block transformer plug (although it does have a transformer block in the middle of the cord.)

    I also love that you can view the internal page diagnostics, which is helpful for troubleshooting. I have been able to use the internal diagnostics while going through a Netgear FR314, Linksys BEFSR41, and Cisco PIX 501 firewall (I could not do this on my previous modems.)

    I have also noticed a slight speed increase with this modem over my previous Ericsson PipeRider and Motorola 4200 modems. The best part is that this modem's speed is much more consistent than the other two modems. I never worry if I will have great speed and reliability with this modem.
    Overall, I'm very satisfied with this modem because it works great, looks great, and a small footprint. It is well worth the money....more info

  • Set up easily.
    It was so easy to call my cable provider with the modem info, then when they changed their info, to just switch this with the old (previously free) modem I started being charged [monthly for].

    No problems at all!...more info

  • Motorola Cable Modem
    This cable modem is a Work Horse, I've had it for sometime now and never a problem with it. It may be an older model but It is still Kickig out the Jams! Great product!...more info
  • Speed, Baby Speed.
    First Impression
    by w0kie, May 17 '05

    What a difference a day makes, twenty four little hours. Actually what a difference the Motorola SURFBoard SB5100 makes. Two to four little minutes to install and surf.

    Here's the deal. My very old original rental modem RCA DCD105, then later purchased for a couple of hundred dollars has lately been having big time trouble staying on-line with Cox. My setup is my RCA cable modem feeds Internet to a linky which in turn feeds Internet to a couple of home PCs. Cox said their were no outages each time the RCA DCD105 lost it. I quickly did some research at and found that the Motorola SURFboard is a very popular cable modem. Then I researched the usual Internet sites for SB5100 reviews. Nearly all SB5100 reviews were good. Fortunately for me the SB5100 is on the Cox acceptable list. A big box store nearby had them in stock with a $20 mail-in-rebate. Don't you hate those mail in rebates. Oh well, they are better than no rebate or waiting for some time for the UPS truck to arrive.

    Installation went like this. First I ran some speed tests with my old modem at The 50 K tests with the RCA ran 1.0, 1.1 and 1.1. The 100K tests with the RCA ran 1.4, 2.3 and 2.6. The 500K tests with the RCA ran 2.3, 2.7, 2.3. I then got Cox on the line and gave them the new customer S/N and HFC MAC ID. The Cox rep. told me that she would wait while I hooked up the SB5100. No problemo. I just hooked the new Motorola power cord with the inline brick. moved the linky CAT5 cable from the old modem to the new modem and finally hooked up the Cox cable coax. It took about 1 minute for the SB5100 to link up with headquarters. The Cox rep. thought I would have to reboot my computer but that wasn't necessary because the linky recognized the SB5100 immediately.

    Now for the big first impression test. Back to - Hold on to your hats boys and girls. My 50K tests: 3.2, 3.3 and 3.2. My 100K tests: 3.9, 3.9 and 3.9. My 500K tests: 4.0, 4.0 and 3.7. This is on a standard plain vanilla cable modem subscription. During the call to Cox I did beg for some free speed but the rep. said she could lose her job if she gave that away. Well I'll never know if the rep. gave me more speed or the rep. didn't but I do know for a fact that I'm really happy with this speedy little black SB5100. If this baby will stay on line solidly for the next few days I'll be satisfied that it won't be necessary to call for service with the potential risk of a very big COX service call bill.

    The orange Motorola cable box has the motto of "Always On, Always Connected." Well I'll soon find out if this is true. ...more info
  • Won't stay connected for very long!
    When I received this modem, the box said "Always On, Always Connected." Unfortunately, this hasn't been my experience with this product. I've had to reset this thing at least twice a day for a week now (sometimes more). When it's on the performance is great, but eventually it will just stop responding and I have to reset it....more info
  • Rock-solid connection
    I recently purchased the Motorola Surfboard 5100 to replace my RCA DCM226. The problem with the RCA was that it constantly disconnected me, and it had slow downloads and uploads. Plus the reboots took forever. I finally got fed up, and purchased the motorola 5100. I've had it for a couple months now, and so far I have had a flawless, fast connection. I even like the styling of the modem. It fits in well in almost any work enviroment. The installation was as simple as it could be. To switch the modems, you simpily plug the new one in, install the software, and call your cable company (5 minute phone call) and your online in less than 20 minutes!! Final review - this is a GREAT modem at a great price. If your looking for a fast, solid, reliable connection the motorola 5100 is the way to go....more info
  • Modem review
    Excellent sale and item ! Arrived on time and was in perfect condition...
    Will buy from this company again...
    thanks ! ...more info
  • Ultra Fast Modem!
    This modem is at a good price from I currently use this modem with my Optimum Online connection and I love this modem. This modem is very easy to use. Just plug a ethernet/usb cable into your computer and your ready to go!...more info
  • Motorola did it again
    I'm a comcast user and I've been using motorola for the past 4 and a half years now. Before Motorola, Comcast gave me 3 different RCA modems within a period of 2 weeks (all would reboot by themselves at least 3 or 4 times a day). After telling them to take their p.o.s. modem back, I purchased a SurfBoard 4100. It ran without a hitch for 3 years straight, before the internal power supply failed (opening up the box and connecting my own power supply in it's place proved so.) However, being in the school that believes when one part fails everything else is bound to fail, I decided to replace it with another modem. Motorola had just released the 5100, so being that I had great luck with the prior 4100, I bought it. It's been a year and a half now, and the modem is still running beautifully. Comcast just recently bumped up their speed to 4 mbps down and 384 kbps up, but I opted for the 6 mbps down and 768 kbps up package. On my iMac G5, I average 5.9 down and 740 up with Firefox and Mac OS X 10.3.7. When doing the same test on my hybrid Win2k/Linux box, it received 4.8 down and 720 up in Windows and 5.8 down and 730 up in Linux (AMD Athlon64 3700+). While older computers may not reflect the performace that these recent machines have, the connectivity is what really shines with Motorola. With an exception of signal interference and an outage during the system upgrade, it stays connected no matter what. I added packet8 phone service recently, and it's just perfect. This modem is one of my favorites (the other two being the Arris Touchstone series and the Toshiba 2600), and is the best value on the market today....more info
  • Worked the first try...
    Pulled it out of the box, plugged it all in, from there my computer just had to setup my account at my ISP and I was rolling. Its fast enough to keep up with my bandwidth and so far I have had no problems with it....more info
  • Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem
    I wish the installation material had said to install the modem first and then call the cable provider. My ISP said to install it and then call back. I was delayed about 15 minutes because of that.

    The biggest problem I had was with my ISP. It took them a hour to get me online without my router. When I put my router in more configuration problems.

    It now works!...more info

  • Excellent value!
    Simply put this is the best value for the money (especially if you are paying the cable company $$$ a month). The modem does a great job of maintaining it's connection to the cable company's servers and works extremely well with my Linksys router. Over the past 4 months I have never had to reset the modem or my router to regain a connection to the network (something my RCA modem was horrible about). The connection speed appears to be as consistent as the modem provided by the cable company (RCA).

    Overall, great value, no complaints!...more info