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Labtec VERSE 333 MON MOUNT MIC ( 980184-0403 )
List Price: $9.99

Our Price: $4.29

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Product Description

Labtec engineers designed the Verse-333 Monitor-Mounted microphone for audio input and Voice-Over-IP applications including Internet Voice Chat, Video Conferencing and Multi-player Internet Gaming. This is the best space saving solution.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Great quality for a great price.
    This microphone delivers a high quality that can range up to 5-10ft. Great microphone for its price value of 10-$15, a must have for anyone needing to record a clear and crisp conference, class lecture, or important meetings. The omni-directional of this microphone captures the sound in every direction, ensuring that no important messages is loss....more info
  • Awesome!
    I have never used a PC mic before, but this one set the bar high! I was sceptical because of the cost (it was super low) but i am glad that i tried it. I would recommend this one in particular to everyone i know! Thanks Amazon!

    Jai...more info
  • microphone
    It is tiny, which is good, much smaller than it looks in the photo. Shipped well, good price....more info
  • Excellent quality - and no battery required
    I've been using this mic for a couple of years to record round-table conferences, hearing room situations and phone depositions - sometimes from distances of 15-20 feet or more! The only wear and tear I've noticed is that the sticky underside of the mic, which helps keep it in place on a surface, has partly torn off. Not really a problem.
    The sound quality is equal to, if not better than, more expensive mics I have, some costing over $A200.
    The added bonus with the Labtec 333 is that no battery is required, which means: a) you don't have to remember to turn mic on or off; b) no fretting about replacing batteries or not being sure if they are running low; c) no unwanted feedback into some equipment, sometimes caused by powered mics.
    Pricewise, I personally don't think there's a better mic on the market.
    ...more info
  • Very clear mic, plug and use!
    I bought this mic after my webcam mic was giving off a lot of static. This is a huge improvement. Just plug the mic in and it works, no installation at all. Extremely clear with no distortion at all. I use it for Skype and it works great, everyone says my voice is much clearer now that I'm using this mic over the webcam mic. Cheap and perfect. What more can you ask for?...more info
  • Ok for quite room
    This thing picks up way to much background noise. Picked up the sounds from my PC fans. Get something more directional....more info
  • This is truly a piece of junk, can't image positive reviews being real.
    All of my reviews are based on my own experience and this is one of the biggest wastes of money I have had.

    It does NOT pick up multi voices.

    It does NOT sound good on the other end to the listener.

    Any positive reviews, are in my opinion, from the seller himself. This is just crap. First, it's about the size of a silver dollar or smaller. The sticky side on the back does not stick well at all. But if the thing WORKED...WHICH IT DOES NOT, I would be fine with that.

    I tried this with chat on Warcraft. I tried it with several settings and different users on the other end. No one could hear me, even when I spoke directly into it.

    No way this would be good for a group discussion, no way at all.

    I can't imagine who wrote positive reviews for this, maybe they get paid to do so or are the seller's alts, or something else, but this is junk....more info
  • headset free at last
    fine little mic for headset free skype sesssions etc. Note it's analog only - not usb, so noise quality will be dependent on whatever input circuitry you are plugging into...more info
  • works fine
    Given the price, it's hard to complain - it does the job you'd expect it to - nothing spectacular but...what were you expecting?...more info
  • Does not pick up sound with enough volume
    This microphone only works when it is held close to the sound source (i.e. mouth).
    I was disappointed that mounting on the PC screen was too far away to pick up voice volume....more info
  • Amazing!!!
    I was a bit skeptical when I came across this Mic, but for the price, I decided "Heck, why not?". I got it in the mail the other day, installed it (comes with a sticky adhesive back preinstalled, no holder or anything, but that's fine by me) and was immediately blown away and pleased with the quality and sensitivity of this Mic. I typically use my Mic for Ventrillo and Team Speak chats, as well as MSN and other various activities. Previously I was using a headset by Plantronics, but I was tired of having something on my head and dealing with the wires, etc. This sits stuck under my flat panel now (I sit about 2.0 feet from it), and I can speak in a natural volume and tone, and it picks everything up with perfect clarity, detail and volume. It picks up a little of my CPU fan, but it's not bad. For the money, this is a GREAT PERFORMER. This Mic performs closer to some in the $30-$50 range, believe it or not....more info
  • Doesn't come with software!!
    Have you ever bought something for your computer that DOESN'T COME WITH SOFTWARE?! What a freakin' rip off, I can't even use this thing properly or set it up properly, and the Labtec website doesn't even offer the software for download.. waste of time....more info