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Product Description

This CD has beautiful, calming songs from around the world are perfect for bedtime, meditation, yoga and relaxation. Some of the songs included are A Lullabye, Arriba Del Cielo, and Cradle Spell of Dunvegan.

If these truly gorgeous lullabies and songs from all over the world don't soothe the savage beast within your child, nothing will. This hypnotic collection of soft and slow melodies--some ancient, some new--is perfect for lulling a child to sleep or for any evening when you want to escape into a warm bath with candles. Carlos Santana accompanies African singer Angelique Kidjo on the sweet opener, "Naima." Claudia Martinez sings "Arriba Del Cielo (Above the Sky)," a lilting traditional lullaby with roots in the Mexican state of Guerrero. The Letterstick Band, from the small An-Barra clan of Australian Aborigines, performs the moving "Yi-Rrana (Sunset)." One favorite is "L¨¢ Vai Algu¨¦m (There Goes Someone)," a hot-summer-night-sounding lullaby sung in velvety tones by Virginia Rosa. Another lovely addition is Kanji Yano of the Sanshin Caf¨¦ Orchestra playing a generations-old lullaby on a traditional stringed instrument from Okinawa called the sanshin. The liner notes, written in English, Spanish, French, and Dutch, provide kid-friendly facts about the countries of origin. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Putumayo Cross-Cultural Initiative, a non-profit organization that uses the power of world music and the arts to inspire children to connect with diverse cultures. Vive Dreamland! --Karin Snelson

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing CD - even for grown-ups
    I received this as a gift when my son was born. I ripped it to my iPod which I keep near my rocking chair. These songs have become my favorites, not just for rocking the baby but just to enjoy on my own. I will be buying this for friends when they have babies....more info
  • Not Just for Children
    I love this CD and have no children. The music on this CD is very soothing and wonderful to listen to, for anyone interested in listening to beautiful music. It's very nice to listen to in the car, and I didn't fall asleep! ...more info
  • Dreamland CD a big hit
    My 4 yr old falls asleep to the Dreamland CD every night. We love it. We have other Putumayo CDs and love them all. There isn't a song we just don't on the CD's. I highly recommend....more info
  • Wonderful music!
    We first learned of this CD by borrowing from the library and now we have bought it. The selection of music is beatiful, our daughter loves to listen to it at night before going to bed. Our favorite song is the one is Spanish from Mexico....more info
  • Honest eggageration
    I listen, buy and download music all the time....
    No word of a lie, this CD is HAUNTINGLY beautiful.
    The one specific song that kind of puts me, my husband and baby in almost like a trance like state is called "Cradle Spell of Dunvegan." Sung by Lynn Morrison. I believe it's #8 on the CD.
    Honestly, I thank God for finding this music....more info
  • Beautiful Music
    My girlfriend and I love this CD. Highly recommended. Every song has something to offer- soothing and enchanting and peaceful. Nice. Good for all ages! FYI- if you like this you would probably like Peter Kater/Carlos Nakai's "Honorable Sky". ...more info
  • Lullabeautiful
    This CD was a lovely gift, given to us by a friend of a friend, who had never met me or my beautiful daughter, yet had given us one of our most treasured "baby items" to date. Every song on the cd is soft and soothing. My husband and I love the multicultural aspect of the compilation and our two month old baby falls asleep within minutes of hearing notes from any of the songs. The songs are magical and so are their effects....more info
  • Dreamy, Soothing, Ethereal
    Talk about heaven. This record is absolutely gorgeous. With its typical quality and sensitivity to sound, Putumayo has compiled a stellar collection of "world lullabies and soothing sounds." Dreamland is perfect for relaxation, meditation, and, of course, drifting off to sleep to. Kids, teens, and adults alike will benefit from this truly heavenly compilation.

    Dreamland soars as it begins with "Na?ma," a beautiful West African lullaby written and sung by Ang¨¦lique Kidjo, whose voice is accompanied by the unique guitar talents of Santana. Although all these lullabies are amazing in their own ways, the others that stand out for me are "A Lullabye," a sweet Celtic traditional sung by Teresa Doyle and the Japanese instrumental "Cradle Song."

    The absolute zenith of perfection on this album, though, is "Cradle Spell of Dunvegan." Sung by Scottish Lynn Morrison, it tells the enchanting legend of "a child that was born to a human father and a fairy mother. The fairy mother was homesick for fairyland, and her husband sadly let her return. One night, the fairy mother heard her baby child crying and came down from fairyland to sing him to sleep." The vocals and instrumentals are so amazingly gorgeous and lush.

    Older listeners will be able to detect and appreciate the hint of the sensual and passionate in all of these songs. These songs all create soundscapes so beautiful and ethereal it stretches the imagination. Dreamland transports the listener to an entirely different world--the magical world where peace reigns and fairies roam. The world where mothers and fathers sing their children to sleep every night while the stars dance in the sky....more info
  • Beautiful, complex, soothing
    This is not your typical "baby music" CD, watered down melodies with sterilized syncopation and minimal instruments. These are luscious, rich, harmonic, melodic songs that my 16 month old twins have loved since they were born. Now, they wait for me to turn it on before naptime and start swaying to the music before it even starts. Mom and Dad never tire of listening to it - an important consideration as it will become a favorite in the nursery! The a capella voices are heavenly. There are male and female artists on the album, and the use of all kinds of interesting instruments from different cultures. We use it for daytime naps - I put the CD player on shuffle/repeat and get a couple of hours peace and quiet. Often I turn the nursery monitor up, just so I can hear the music myself. ...more info
  • very mellow
    we didn't love this album as much as latin playground and others. it is a lullaby cd, we know, but it was way too mellow for us. ...more info
  • Baby and Parents listen ALL the time
    My whole family loves this CD and the whole line of Dreamlands (Celtic Dreamland is another favorite). Calms baby almost everytime...and beautiful for parents to enjoy too. We now give them to friends as baby shower gifts, and one friend thanked us for the "auditory gold." Keep one at home in one in the car....more info
  • Fantastic... a must have for Mama, Papa, and Baby
    And you thought you were doomed to listen to those crummy fake vibraphone/music box sounds forever now that you are a parent? Thank you, Putumayo for not insulting our intelligence. These beautiful songs will provide your child with an enriching listening experience, and you will love them too. My favorite is the South African "Thula Mama" and I find myself singing it to my little one often....more info
  • Beautiful music
    I play this CD for my kids as they fall asleep every night. They love it and so do I. Beautiful music; each piece sounds unique but they all blend very well. The fact that most are not in English makes it even more restful...the lyrics are just another part of the music: abstract and beautiful.

    I'm about to buy a copy for a baby gift....more info
  • Love this CD
    We received this as a baby gift a year ago, and it is easily my favorite lullaby CD. Lovely selections from around the world. I'm not sure who finds it more soothing ... my baby or me! It is now one of my top picks when I purchase baby gifts for friends....more info
  • Nighttime favorite
    This is one of two lullaby CDs that our almost-3-year-old listens to at bedtime. We switch from one to the other now and then, just for variety. The music is lush and soothing, with beautiful songs in several languages. It helps my daughter get to sleep, but also the grown-ups can listen to it repeatedly without being driven crazy. Heck, if I were having trouble getting to sleep I might try this CD myself....more info
  • Not just for kids
    Of the eight or so lullaby albums I play during my daughter's bedtime, "Dreamland" is by far my favorite. The collection is a wonderful mix of lullabies from all over the world; I found myself looking forward to putting my daughter to bed just so I could listen to this CD. Eventually, I had to add it to my iPod for my own relaxation! The melodies are so beautiful and haunting, I find myself humming them unexpectedly. This is the must-have album for a lullaby collection, and the perfect gift for new parents....more info
  • Gorgeous
    Another gorgeous collection from Putumayo which has its intended effect on our 9 month-old whether in the car or at home, yet is wonderful listening for the parents. Each track is beautiful but standouts for me are the opener with Carlos Santana guesting and the haunting Teresa Doyle lullaby....more info