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AC/DC's fourth album is the lull after the triumph of Let There Be Rock and before the mighty peaks of If You Want Blood You've Got It and Highway to Hell. Powerage contains all the familiar AC/DC trademarks: Bon Scott's rather less than Yeatsian lyrical vision ("Rock & Roll Damnation," "Up to My Neck in You"), Angus Young's brilliantly minimal guitar playing, a rhythm section as relentless and efficient as an infantry regiment, and the astute production of former Easybeats Harry Vanda and George Young; however, it lacks a truly transcendent moment, a "Whole Lotta Rosie" or a "T.N.T." Of course, even an average AC/DC album is an eloquent lesson in the fundamentals of rock & roll, and by that token Powerage still blows most opposition out of the water. Bon Scott's exultant declaration of working-class solidarity, "Riff Raff," is worth six Bon Jovi albums on its own. --Andrew Mueller

2003 remastered reissue of 1978 album packaged in a digipak with 16 page full color booklet containing all original album art, many unpublished photos, classic memorabilia, and liner notes. Epic.

Customer Reviews:

  • Power...Full!!!
    Before going any further, I must say for the record, that this is my favorite Bon Scott-era AC/DC album. And I'll tell you why right now: it was the first one I got, and therefore, it was my introduction to Bon. From that perspective, no other record could ever have that impact on me. See, I was born into the Brian Johnson-era AC/DC (being born in '78), and therefore, as far as I was concerned, Brian Johnson was THE voice of AC/DC. Hearing "You Shook Me All Night Long" on the radio is one of my earliest memories.

    For years, I didn't know that AC/DC had ever had ANOTHER singer, and for me it was difficult to imagine someone other than Brian fronting the band and singing those songs. That changed with the release of "Live" in '92, where I finally got my chance to hear some of the Bon-era songs. "Dirty Deeds..." soon became one of my favorites. And so my interest was peaked.

    It might seem odd, then, that I'd choose to start my exploring of that era with the one record that yields the least songs to the band's set list, seldom performed and rarely mentioned, even by devoted fans. But the truth is that it was pure luck: that was the only Bon-era CD that was available at the store that day (believe it or not, "Highway to Hell" wasn't there...Heretics!!!).

    So I picked it up, not knowing what to expect. What I got was a 40 minute roller coaster ride that changed my life...Really! Say what you will about the songs not being as strong as in other releases (more on that later...), the production, blah, blah, blah. But once Bon starts singing...boy, he could really make you feel those lyrics! I had never heard anyone sing with such conviction before in my life, and I never have since. "R n' R Damnation" opens the album in a slower pace than I'd have expected, but nevertheless, its rollicking groove really gets you going, I tell ya. "Down Payment Blues" is just pure genius: the lyrics are simply hilarious, and yet they pack a huge punch; it is one thing to write and sing about life on the streets and what not (any geezer with a lyric sheet in front of him can do it...), but it is a WHOLE `nother thing to sing convincingly about it, to make you feel that those lyrics come from somebody who's "been there". And just when you might start wondering why they called this a blues, comes the ending... it is an awesome track!

    Next is "Gimme a Bullet", which again, sounds so honest, so real, that it gives me goose bumps to this day! Listen to it, and then tell me if you can't relate...if you can't...oh well..."Riff Raff" is more the kind of song I was expecting: fast, furious, aggressive and downright nasty; "Sin City" is another one of those "truer than truth" tales from Bon, and you can really hear that he means every word that he sings...the track is powerful too from the musical point of view, with a sophisticated arrangement, different from the expected.

    Then comes the crown jewel of the album, the hidden treasure: "What's next to the Moon", a story about a relationship gone sour told the way that only Bon could; again, while profoundly sarcastic, the song really rings true `cause we've all been there. This is not only my favorite track of the album, but also one of my favorite AC/DC songs altogether, and I'd give anything in this world to hear it live someday, somehow.

    Many critics (including the one who reviewed this on All Music Guide) consider the last 3 tracks to be "filler". I beg to differ: are they as strong as the previous tracks? Maybe not, but that doesn't mean that they are "filler". Filler for me means songs that are not as good as they could be IN and BY themselves, not in comparison to other songs. That is why I don't think that the slower, groovy, change of pace of "Gone Shooting" falls in that category: I think that it is a great track that is exactly where it should be within the record, changing the pace after a succession of faster songs.

    "Up to my neck in you" picks up the pace again, and it has a simple, catchy melody that is a joy to sing along to; and last but certainly not least, closing "Kicked in the Teeth" is a blast, fast and pounding rocker to close the album with a high octane note, perfectly exploiting Bon's flair for story telling, and a little reminiscent of "Whole Lotta Rosie".

    All in all, this is an awesome record that follows the standard AC/DC formula (up to that point) of mostly great songs + a few lesser known tracks = Great Album. (By the way, my actual rating would be 4 ? stars, but since I can't put that...) Sure, it is not regarded in the same light as "Let There Be Rock", let alone "Highway to Hell", but I truly believe that "Powerage" is a hidden treasure for any and all rock fans wishing to enjoy good, rocking music. Of course, if you're an AC/DC diehard, you already know this, but if you're a newcomer, just let me finish by saying this much: this is the album that got me hooked on Bon Scott's era. Try it, you won't be disappointed.
    ...more info
  • And its a Rock N' Roll Damnation
    CRIMINALLY, underrated...I can't even explain, every song on here, is great, great performance from Bon as well, but he was always great, but this is one of his best, buy this album
    ...more info
  • Gonna win in Sin City
    AC/DC had one more stop before they exited for Highway to Hell. It was on "Powerage" that they continued spiralling upwards, tightening the twin guitar attack, picking up new bassist Cliff Williams and having Bon Scott perfect his infernal yalp. Once again, the songs were amped up sagas of bad love, wicked women and hard living, and this time the band dropped a pair of classics in "Sin City" and "Riff Raff."

    Had the band not come up with a masterpiece on the next try, "Powerage" might not be such an overlooked record in the AC/DC canon. "Rock and Roll Damnation" is as good a three chord concert blaster as the band's ever come up with, and "Down Payment Blues" is the kind of funny/scary only Bon Scott could deliver. ("Can't even feed my cat on Social Security" being my favorite.) When the album closes with the loud and angry "Kicked In The Teeth," you're once again shown that AC/DC were stampeding towards the top of the arena rock heap. "Powerage" is a really good album that arrived just before a great one, but it's still worth a spot in your collection....more info
  • Not as powerful as Let There Be Rock
    Here is the follow-up to Let There Be Rock. This album toned down the overdriven amps of it's predecessor, and that is not necessarily a good thing. A Somewhat boogie/blues album that just doesn't seem finished. George Young's production is not bad, however. Powerage just doesn't seem to have too much rage with exception of maybe Riff Raff. Not too many of the songs are that memorable. Sin City is a concert fave, as was Riff Raff, but everything else? Not imperative. The European LP contained Cold Hearted Man instead of the single Rock N Roll Damnation- about an even exchange, plus many of the cuts had different edits and mixes- worth finding if you are a completist....more info
  • STRONG!!
    Outside of Back in Black and the new Black Ice, this is as good as it gets if you are a AC/DC fan....more info
  • Powerage
    Not my favorite AC/DC album, but is worht a listen again and again and again.
    Must have in the AC/DC collection....more info
  • A great rock album, plain and simple
    Disclaimer/Qualifier: As far as AC/DC goes, i am firmly in the "Bon Scott" camp; Brian Johnson' voice may have been amazing on the first few albums he did with the band, but overall I prefer Bon's sound and lyrics. I also think that Angus and Malcolm came up with more consistently solid riffs back in the '70's.

    "Powerage" probably gets passed over by most CD-buyers, because it doesn't have a single song that gets radio play (such as "Dirty Deeds" or "T.N.T." or "Highway to Hell" or even "Whole Lotta Rosie"). But this is definitely one of my favorite AC/DC albums and the fact that "Powerage" doesn't have any familiar radio hits makes it in many ways a more exciting listen.

    What you get is a collection of great riffs that maintains intensity and interest almost from start to finish. "Rock and Roll Damnation" is very catchy, and unusual in that it has no guitar solo - proof that there was more to this band than just Angus' insanity! "Down Payment Blues" and "Gone Shootin'" showcase the band's slower, darker side, while "Riff Raff" takes its cue from Led Zeppelin's "Rock And Roll" - but this riff is way cooler than the Led Zep track.

    The most famous song off this album is probably "Sin City" and with good reason - it'll always be one of the great odes to Las Vegas (or any other gambling town), and it features an instantly catchy chord progression with a backbeat that calls to mind "Hell Ain't No Bad Place To Be."

    If not for the last two songs, which kind of tread water and bring the album to a lukewarm conclusion, this CD would rate five stars. As it is, I still recommend it to anyone who likes straight ahead rock music.

    The remaster does a wonderful job of restoring the power to these recordings; I bought the first issue of this CD back in the 90's and it just sucked - the sound was thin and poorly mixed. The new reissues are a million times better sounding....more info
  • One of AC/DC's finest.
    I got this CD at a used music store and it ROCKS! I cant believe someone would want to sell this CD. The opening song "Rock n Roll Damnation" is a great AC/DC song. "Down Payment Blues" is different compared to other AC/DC songs forming one of the most catchiest songs on the album...well its up there. "Gimme a Bullet" has just one word to describe it, AWESOME! "Riff Raff" just cant describe how great this song is. Sin City is the one song on this album still being played in AC/DC concerts. I wish they would "Rock n Roll Damnation" and "Riff Raff" though. The rest of the songs are great but im not going to review. If you want a good soild AC/DC album...This is it. If you dont have it...go buy it now! its only 10 bucks here and ive seen it for 9 bucks at [...]. so get it!...more info
  • AC/DC's greatest album
    The gazillion-seller "Back In Black" broke one of rock's greatest bands into the big time for good, but on sheer power and songwriting, nothing compares to "Powerage", the best album ever recorded by AC/DC.
    Unlike the other Bon Scott-era albums that followed the predictable goofy AC/DC mold (reminding us that rock n' roll was originally intended to be fun), some serious thought to hooks and a tad bit of experimenting with the tried and true formula went into "Powerage".
    The opener "Rock N' Roll Damnation" is a typical rocker that gets the album off to a good start, but as soon as "Down Payment Blues" begins, we see a sense of dynamics and a build-up to a furious climax that, prior to this song, was not a typical Young brothers element. Other cuts like "Gimme A Bullet" and "What's Next To The Moon" show off hooks that are more melody oriented than we're used to, but still have the vintage AC/DC power chording and tempo that keep them from being wimpy. The standout cut is "Riff Raff", a complicated lick and hook that is reminiscent of the heaviest Rick Derringer. Bon screams for all it's worth over titanic guitars at a breakneck pace. For those who are just now exploring earlier AC/DC work, it simply must be heard to be believed.
    "Sin City" offers a riff that is a sign of things to come, primarily "What Do You Do For Money Honey" and "Touch Too Much", and the closers, "Up To My Neck In You" and "Kicked In The Teeth" are in the "Whole Lotta Rosie" vein.
    What makes this band great is a tenacious clinging to a winning and consistent formula, and most important, obviously loving every minute of it. Poseurs will always burn out quickly, but those bands who truly believe in their music have the lasting power that enables them to reach across multiple generations, ala AC/DC, ZZTop, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, to name a few. "Powerage" is the premier Bon Scott-era album....more info
  • Meh
    Ever since this summer, i have been on a simple quest. A quest to buy all of the AC/DC cds. I don't have all of them, but of the ones I own, powerage is definately not the best. I'm not going to call it the worst, because AC/DC doesn't make bad music. I'm just gonna say that all of the AC/DC cds are better and much more fun to listen to. This cd has more a dark tone to it, which I thought was cool, but didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would because I like when bands try different stuff. Of the Bon Scott era of AC/DC I would recommend "Let There Be Rock" or "Highway to Hell" instead. This is not an AC/DC album you must have. Only if you're trying to get all of them as I am....more info
  • Distorted Guitars Played Through Marshall Amps (Yawn)
    This album typifies AC/DC loud signature thrashing guitars and blood curdling vocals by Bon Scott.One example of the banal lyrics to be found on this album is contained in the track "Down Payment Blues " which states "I got myself a Cadillac but I can't afford the gasoline!!!"One wonders if one would have to be a Rhodes Scholar who Majored in English to produce such lyrics. As Shakespeare might have siad "Heavily distorted guitars played through overdriven Marshall amplifiers doth not a good album make". I give this CD 5 stars because Bon consumed a shipload of Johnnie Walker Whiskey and various illicit drugs throughout his entire singing career and still managed to sound almost coherant in this recording....more info
  • Powerage
    No, Bon Jovie needs hundred of years, and milion of issues to even
    come close to something like AC/DC, if he even can make it, I mean
    to come close. It's true, even a average AC/DC is
    a eloquent lesson in fundamental rock'n roll and even if this isn't
    one of their gems, it still blows most opposition away whit great songs
    and Scott lyrics such as Riff Raff, Sin City, Rock'n roll damnation and
    suprises such as What is next to the moon,Gimme a bullet and Gone shoting.
    If you really want to be blown away, buy the live album If you want blood..
    but this is well worth to buy also. Buy it NOW!...more info
  • Bon Scott Powerage
    This is a classic rough, edgy, hard in your face Bon Scott and the boys hard at work with their down to earth in your face blues on the edge. It to me is their last album that was raw before they became more comercial with Highway to Hell, Back in black and For Those about to Rock. A must for anyone who appreciates the late great Bon Scott! My very first album ever bought and still one of my favorites. It is hard and heavy blues with a mean streak. You gotta have it! ...more info
  • Powerage is a fantastic record!
    This is pure AC/DC at their best. I know people who don't like AC/DC, but love this record. One of the best for sure. If your thinking of buying it, go for it. You'll love it. It's way better then the new one Black Ice. That one is horrible, but that's another story....more info
  • Classic AC/DC that rowks!
    Lots has been written about this album, and it's all true. This is 100% pure rock and roll, crunchy guitars, screamy lyrics and all. If you are looking for ballads or fill-heavy drumming, look elsewhere; this album is all about Angus. Some nice work by Bon Scott, too. If you were too young to have experienced this album firsthand (like me), one listen and you'll know what all the fuss was about....more info
    If you are a person looking for classic rock music. This is one of those albums to look for. It is not one of their big albums, it is often overlooked. But every song on this record is great. ROCK N ROLL DAMNATION is the title track and a great song to jam to. There is very excellent guitar solo on GONE SHOOTIN, and another great guitar solo is on RIFF RAFF. a great song to drive in your car and drive around in is GIMME A BULLET. I strongly recommend to buy this one. Even if you are not that big on AC/DC...more info
  • Not the most popular album, but best showing of talent and diversity!
    This album if you listen to every song has every type of music that ac/dc has ever played bluesy, hard, funny, fast, slow, simple, complicated, and just good old dirty rock. Probably Bon's best album lyrically! I love this album and listen to it more than any other ac/dc album! If you like all the differences earlier talked about this is a must, not just for an ac/dc fan but for all rock fans!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Not Just AC/DC's Best Album....
    Ah, how far to go here? Well, I'm older now, and I'm as 'zen' on this subject as any other. Sooo...

    Powerage is the best rock 'n roll of album of all time. Not the most important or most influential; not with the widest variety nor highest reach(although this IS AC/DC's widest & highest album); not the most seductive or inspiring; but the best.

    Sgt Pepper, Exile On Main Street, and Physical Grafitti are all timeless masterpieces too, but whatever Elvis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Little Richard & Jerry Lee Lewis were aiming at all those years ago, Powerage hit dead center.

    An amazingly raw, blistering sound, but at the same time incredibly tight grooves. Hard rock you can headbang AND dance to, indeed. Like someone once said, AC/DC does what no one else can do, better than anyone else.

    This was the first album w/Cliff Williams and he kicked the band up to a whole new level. Fantastic production by Vanda/Young, the last one they did before Mutt Lange took over. The remastering is indescribably brilliant, showcasing the equally brilliant interplay between Angus & Malcolm. The lead & rhythm guitars are distinct, loud, and powerful. No way you'd believe this album was released in 1978 if you didn't already know.

    And what rhythms and leads they are. Nine incredible riffs, instantly memorable. Easy to play(the riffs NOT the solos, of course), perhaps, but almost impossible to write. And the seven solos are among Angus' best, especially on Gone Shootin'. Fast solos, medium solos, slow solos, and on Damnation & Bullet no solo at all.

    There is simply not a wasted or extraneous second here. Yngwie, Satriani, Vai, and all the rest of the shredders never wrote anything close to Sin City or Riff Raff. This album is the one that clearly places Angus alongside Hendrix, Page, & Gibbons.

    Bon's best lyrics, devastating beats from Cliff & Phil. Highway To Hell's production sounds thin & poppy(despite the great songs), and Back In Black's writing seems somewhat uninspired and derivative in comparison. Imagine the best qualities of Overdose, Touch Too Much, and Shoot To Thrill wrapped together and you have Powerage.

    Back In Black has a great sound and all the legendary anthems, no question, but this is the real apex of the "cooler than a body on ice, hotter than the rolling dice, wilder than a drunken fight" ideal. And all topped off by Bon giving you a wink/nudge and offering you another beer after each track.

    I have friends that aren't into heavy music at all, but I always tell them that like Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue is to jazz, Powerage is the hard rock album for people that don't like hard rock.

    Buy this album and you WILL burn tonight....more info
  • Their most overlooked album
    I think even Malcolm Young said it, that this was their most forgotten album. It`s definately one of their best. It`s as good as Let there be Rock and sounds just like it. After the brilliant Let there be rock album you`d think that no way they could top that but they did with this album. Everything let there be rock has, this album has it too. A rare song appeared around this time too. A song called "Cold Hearted Man' which appeared briefly on the b-side of the single Rock`n`roll Damnation. It could have only been released in Australia too. This album should have been the album that broke AC/DC into the American charts like what highway to hell did a year after, but some stupid people at their American label, Atlantic, weren`t confident enough in the band, and even more laughable is that their American label didn`t like Bon`s vocals, they even wanted the band to get another singer way back in 1976. How wrong these American people from Atlantic were. Hopefully they got the sack after highway to hell went gold in the U.S in 1979. it just goes to show that the fans know more about music and what people like than some business people in suits and ties. Down Payment Blues is my favorite song on the album, it`s a great rockin` tune and not a very well known AC/DC song...more info
  • Dry martinis, shangri-la...
    Why doesn't this record get the respect it deserves??? No radio play, though it is much better than either 'High Voltage' or 'Dirty Deeds'. Some music guides call it a misstep...or a not ready for prime time record. 'Powerage' is easily one of the band's top five classics and maybe because it isn't as overexposed as the lps that preceeded or came after it is why I love it so much. I do agree that it does represent the end of an era, the last Australian reoorded album and until 1988's "Blow Up Your Video", the last produced by Harry Vanda and George Young. 'Powerage' was the record before Atlantic Records poured more money into the band and demanded a more commercial sound. While history may have proved the corporate bigwigs right, can 'Powerage rock as heavily and memorably as anything AC/DC has put out? Of course it can and the band is running on all cylinders here with new boy Cliff Williams on bass. Some of Bon's best lyrics show up in classics such as "Sin City", one of their alltime greatest and a tribute to Vegas. "Down Payment Blues" and "Rock and Roll Damnation" bemoan the rock n'roll lifestyle (got myself a cadillac, but I can't afford the's own whippin' boy"). "Up to My Neck in You", "Gone Shootin" and "Kicked in the Teeth" speak of self destructive relationships and dangerous women ('wishin' this neck wasn't mine...two faced woman with your two faced lies"). The brothers Young, who outdid themselves with 'Let There Be Rock', create another monster guitar sound and "Riff Raff" is devastation deluxe and as one magazine called it awhile back..."bonecrushing boogie", perfect! Why are people saying the second half is a letdown? "Neck" and "Teeth" close the record in thunderous fashion. New Wave and Punk were called innovative and significant by the mainstream press (hello Rolling Stone!) but AC/DC was already a tribute to the undying power of rock and near the peak of their powers during the Bon Scott all they needed was one iconic anthem/album to put them over the top......more info
  • AC/DC delivers an exhilarating jolt of music
    AC/DC is known for their simplistic music, but they really know how to rock and roll. on this release there are 3 standout tracks:
    1. Rock And Roll Damnation- which is on their live album "If You Want Blood, You Got It" as well
    2. Riff Raff-ditto
    3. Gone Shootin'-which is featured on the movie soundtrack for "Beavis and Butt-head Do America"
    the rest of this album is worth a listen too.
    Bon Scott R.I.P.
    ...more info
  • Powerage is a fantastic record!
    This is pure AC/DC at their best. I know people who don't like AC/DC, but love this record. One of the best for sure. If your thinking of buying it, go for it. You'll love it. It's way better then the new one Black Ice. That one is horrible, but that's another story....more info
  • THE BEST BON ALBUM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This album ROCKS!!!!From the opening notes of Rock'n'Roll Damnation to the final notes of Kicked in the Teeth,this album is the best.This is Acording to the Young brothers,there favorite album.Strange,though that it is so underrated.If you're looking for a hardcore AC/DC album THIS IS THE ONE!!!!! ...more info
  • classic early ac/dc
    this is a short review, its classic ac/dc with the original members. this is a good example of one of the greatest rock bands ever, i really like this cd. what a great rock album....more info
  • Excellent album with great new packaging
    All of these remastered reissues are GREAT! I walked into Best Buy and bought all at once (well, except for Let There Be Rock which I needed to special order) and that $70 happily flew out of my hands. The books that come with each CD are well worth the money themselves. Unlike some booklets like these, they aren't padded with "I love this band", "this album is great" and "this and every other song is amazing historic and will change your life."

    Some background about the album, the time period in the band's history, and other behind the scenes info make up most of it including information about the tours and other trivia. Good, meaty stuff.

    Powerage in particular is a delight. A far too often overlooked album that many don't even know exists is more consistent that some of of the more popular albums. It has a slightly different sound than the other albums - almost progressive! You won't find radio-friendly hits but this album pulls you in and never lets you go. ...more info
  • AC/DC Powerage
    Entertaining Hard Rock Album. Includes, Sin City, Gone Shootin', What's next to the Moon, and many more great Bon Scott Era Rock And Roll....more info
  • for real ac/dc fans only!
    this album came out in the 70's and i was young enough and fortunate enough to have seen these guys live in germany perform this great music. raw, powerful,able to withstand the time. if you like your metal hard, this is a must-have cd...more info
  • The Best
    I consider this album my favorite AC/DC album! I just gave this to my nephew for his birthday because he wanted to hear some different AC/DC....more info
    I've reviewed this album before, but I feel I did not do it enough justice. Everybody knows that all AC/DC albums rock the roof off, but one has to determine which are the BEST ones, if he really wants to blow up some heads, and this, my friends, is easily one of the best...
    This would be the last of the raw, rude AC/DC with Bon, before they went high class with producer Mutt Lange. Most people thought Lange did wonders for the band, but I always thought Bon sounded a helluvalot better without the polish...
    As underated as this album is, it seems that many agree that this is one of the bands best achievements. What I don't quite understand is why everyone automatically brings up how cool of a song SIN CITY is, right off the bat? It's the weakest song in the mix... ROCK AND ROLL DAMNATION, the opener is amazingly cool. You can tell that the band was trying to click a little with a radio sound on this tune, but its still straight up evil. "You say that you want respect? Honey for what?"
    From here we go into the somewhat lengthy, but never dull DOWN PAYMENT BLUES... many refer to this as a bluesy album in general, but I think that has mainly to do with this song, and the closer KICKED IN THE TEETH... if anything the band gets a little more sophisticated in their song writing abilities, making this album probably their most versatile.
    The next song GIMME A BULLET has a classic rock/top 40 radio sound, while RIFF RAFF is just some insane Angus/Malcom riffing. WHATS NEXT TO THE MOON, is one of my favorite songs of all time... starts out slow but builds and builds until you are pumping your fists in the air... the rest of the songs are great AC/DC too, I just don't want to make this review too long!
    Basically, this is an AC/DC album that requires repeated listens. It's not as trashy as some of the previous albums, but it is still rude, crude, Bon Scott at some of his creative best, and he just sounds so much more free-spirited without all the glitz that would be found on his next and final album Highway To Hell.
    This album goes un-noticed if you ain't as tight on AC/DC as I am, but if you like their brand of rock (if you don't WHATS WRONG WITH YOU, I outta bust your nog) you should know this is one of the top shelf classics.

    ...more info
  • Listen and learn...
    If you know AC/DC by only Black in Black,are you missing a lot my friend.Years ago,I was one who only though thought that. Slowly but surely,purchased High Voltage,Let There Be Rock,Highway To Hell,etc.. and of course this one,Powerage. One word to explain this...Masterpiece~!!!! With songs like, R N R Damnation,Down Payment Blues,Riff Raff,Sin City and What's Next To The Moon.It sucks you in and never spits you out..if you want great rock,buy this one now!!!! A solid 5 for Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
    This is an awesome album that features alot of awesome songs , their second best album with Bon Scott , a must have. Highly recommended....more info
  • Rock music lover, new to AC DC loves this album!!!
    I only hold back one star because I haven't heard many of their more popular releases. As a huge Zeppelin and Pink Floyd fan I find the songs on Powerage to be delightfully HARD!!! Where has AC/DC been all of my life??? THIS is why I listen to rock music, for drums, guitars and music that shakes me to the core! I have to disagree with some of the earlier posts and say that this is a great way to plunge into AC/DC! Granted, I am older and already love a large variety of rock music. The fact that these songs were all new and fresh to me was a plus. My personal favorites here are 'Gimme a Bullet' and 'Up to My Neck in You'....more info