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Sony TCM-200DV Cassette Recorder with Dual Power Source
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Product Description

Sony TCM-200DV Standard Cassette Voice Recorder - Jotting down your thoughts during the day is both time consuming, and annoying, when done with a conventional pen & pad. This voice recorder from Sony makes life easy by letting you record hours of notes in your own voice! And by accepting standard cassette tapes, replacements are inexpensive & easy to come by in various locales. Built-in Microphone LED Battery Level Indicator Clear Voice Recording System Large Playback Speaker Automatic Shut-Off at the end of the tape One Touch Record From Playback Sony-Matic Automatic Recording Level Control L/R Monaural Headphone Jack Cue & Review Pause Stop/Pause Release Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) Includes - hand strap

Sony's TCM-200DV cassette recorder offers a multitude of features which make it an excellent choice for a cassette voice recorder. The two channel, one track recorder promises accurate recording. For recording ease, Sony has installed double recording time and voice operated recording. The double recording time gives you the option of recording at a standard speed, or at half the standard speed, essentially giving you double the recording space. With voice operated record, you no longer have to worry about constantly shutting off and switching on the record button; with the first hint of sound, the TCM-200DV will begin recording. Sony's Sony-Matic automatic recording level control will keep your recordings at one constant level. Play-back editing or transcribing becomes more useful with this feature. If the internal microphone doesn't support your recording needs, simply plug in an external mic into the mic jack.

An essential playback feature is the playback speed control. With this adjustment, you can adjust the speed between thirty percent of normal and negative fifteen percent of normal. This is a great tool for those transferring interviews or lectures. If you find yourself fighting to hear the cassette player via the built-in speaker, plug earphones into the recorder and your troubles will be lessened. In fact, Sony has installed a L/R monaural earphone jack for clear and unobstructed hearing.

There are two options in powering this recorder. The first is an optional AC adaptor. If batteries are more useful, use the required two AA batteries; these batteries will run for up to twenty-five hours. With the LED battery level indicator you can be watchful of remaining battery time. With automatic shut-off, you can be assured that you will not be wasting batteries needlessly.

Other features include: clear voice recording system, cue and review, pause switch, stop/pause release function. The recorder's color is silver.

What's in the Box
Sony TCM-200DV cassette recorder and user's manual.

  • Double Recording Time - normal or half-normal speed
  • Voice Operated Recording
  • Playback Speed Control - +30% or -15%
  • External Microphone Jack
  • Up to 25 Hours of Battery Life

Customer Reviews:

  • Had this for a year in terrible conditions...
    I've used this recorder for nearly a year now, and I love it. It is sensitive enough to record voices at 50 yards away. And, it is still clear and crisp enough at close ranges.

    It'll hold up in the toughest conditions and strains. For some of my recordings, I've had to be out in the woods or open fields during freezing weather or burning heat. The tapes always come out clear, clean, and enjoyable. (Nature recordings, outdoor events, races, etc.)

    As a reporter, I used it for interviews. As a student, I used it for lectures, discussions, and notes. The 2X recording time is worth the price alone. Not only that, but if you have to listen to the full three hours that is possible on tape, but you don't want to drain the battery, there's a 3V adapter plugin at the bottom.

    The tape deck has remained secure despite some drops. The deck heads are still smooth, and the gears haven't started squeaking, which is something that other recorders have done in the past.

    Overall, if you need a tough, durable cassette recorder, this is the one to buy. I wouldn't buy any other now that I have this one. Sure, you get longer recording times with MP3 and MD recorders, but this is a bargain for what it is.

    Oh, and it's great for paranormal investigations... but, that's at your own discretion. ...more info
  • When old technology is better than new
    In some cases old technology is actually better than new.

    I have been using a DVR in language study; I would record my friend speaking basic sentences in Japanese and then listen to them over and over to help with my pronunciation.

    But there are a few problems with a DVR. First of all, there are only three playback speeds; normal, slow, and fast. This cassette recorder allows you to vary the speed- I believe that the specs in the description are wrong, it seems as though you can speed up or slow down up to 100% of the original recording.

    Also, using a DVR cueing in reverse and forward is not possible. You can rewind and fast forward, but you cannot hear anything when doing so.

    Finally, when you are interrupted during a recording, or stop the recording prematurely, a DVR is cumbersome when trying to go back and add or record over previously recorded material. This is very simple using the cassette recorder.

    Obviously a DVR also has many advatages over a cassette recorder, but for my purposes the old is better than the new....more info
  • Good Tape Recorder
    This tape recorder works very well. It picks up multiple people in the room and will play back clearly. I had used another brand of tape recorder that stopped working after two uses. This one is much better. If you can't go digital, this is the tape recorder to buy.

    The downside is that it does not come with a cord to plug it into the wall. ...more info
  • Not great
    I bought this cassette player because I heard it was good for recording music rehearsal (I'm an opera singer) and my old cassette player (panasonic) broke after 10 years. This Sony had a constant buzzing and static sound in the background and thus it was useless for hearing anything beyond a basic sound. Might be okay for a lecture but I found the static very distracting and a hindrance to good sound quality of any kind. I sent it back immediately. Thanks for the refund. And yes, my old cassette player (now off market) was fantastic with a high grade sound quality. ...more info
  • Good For Class & Mtg Lectures
    I use this for class to record lectures. I sit in the front and I pick up adequate amplification. However, if someone in the 4th through 6th row asks a question, it is a difficult to hear. During playback, I have to turn up the volume on those sections.

    A few things I wish I had were
    * a LED light signalling that I was recording. I have accidently forgotten to press the record button and just hit play. So, I have dead air.
    *Auto shutoff when I am recording and get to the end of the tape. It doesn't shut off and it makes this screeching (but not too loud) noise when it hits the end of the tape. Which is kind of embarrasing. i have to pay attention to where the tape is at, which you can see through the window.
    * It doesn't have a counter on it, so if I am taking notes, I can't write down the position I am at during the note taking.

    Yet, for the price, I got what I paid for. It is a decent recorder. I have no complaints, only suggestions I want to get when I upgrade to another recorder....more info

  • A Quality Produce
    I perfer tape recording over modern CD or mp3 technology for my lecture work. Where I stop on the tape is a mechanical process. I can remove tape and transfer it somewhere else, and I can continue right where I left off on a different machine. This is not possible with the new technology. Besides, the large stores like Best Buy, no longer carry tape cassette equipment, and smile at me when I ask for it. Circuit City still carry a limited amount.
    The Sony TCM-200DV is a hand held machine. It is low priced (below $40 through stores like Amazon,) and still available. The 200 does not have a counter, but I've learned to live without it for the money. Production has been discontinued so get one now....more info
  • Be careful!
    The Sony TCM-200DV was advertised with a "Dual Power Source" No only did t arrive w/o a battery but the AC power source was not in the packaging. It was depicted in the manual. Though the item was listed as eligible for free shipping, I paid for shipping. This is not like the Amazon I have dealt with before. ...more info
  • Nice Tape Recorder
    My kids were thrilled with this, just like I was when I was their age with my first tape recorder. This one has a great feature to slow down or speed up the playback which has been lots of fun for my kids. Just wish it had a counter to keep track of where you are on the tape. I'm glad I bought a small portable microphone to go with it which makes it easier for one person to operate while recording themselves....more info
  • Average for its price
    Remember how technology has changed, that is, every recorder is different...

    This recorder has a white magnet erase head. (That technical aspect a long, personal story through experience.) It hardly erases over metal bias but mostly erases over high bias. Some high bias tapes record nearly as well as normal bias, but metal bias has very low sound level and quite distorted. (Read my review on the Sony TCM-929, what a difference!) Overall, a nice unit for the price, but you are fine without the adapter. It made the sound quality abysmal, and even on a GE recorder of this size sounded much worse running on household current. Batteries, you can't go wrong. Rechargeable NiMH batteries last as long as alkaline (Duracell or Energizer) do in my experience, but maybe an hour or two less recording time after much use.


    - Very sensitive internal microphone, DC bias effect not bad in recordings
    - Records quite well on normal and high bias (best if no previous recording)
    - Sound quality is cleaner with an external microphone (a PC mike will work)
    - Very good sound through the internal speaker
    - Very good with headphones - left/right heard (as if it were stereo)
    - Very good battery life (alkaline or NiMH, have not tried lithium)
    - Durable, hinged battery door


    - Erases and records poorly on metal bias (very hard-to-find these days anyway)
    - No tape counter
    - Somewhat low auto record level, moderate noise (low s/n ratio) on even a good tape
    - Use masking tape to cover tabs - metal detection lever can puncture cellophane tape

    I would recommend this product in general, but could have better sound even for a recorder in its price range....more info
  • Noisy
    Using the built in microphone picks up the noise of the motor as the tape winds. Unsatisfactory unless you use an external mic....more info
  • average
    i'm a 17 year old filipino student writer/filmmaker and when an idea pop into my mind, im always armed with a pen and paper to write my ideas and to review it later. there were also times when pen and paper are not appropriate, while in the bath, while sitting at the toilet, while walking, etc. so I decided to buy a voice recorder to record my ideas everywhere and anytime. I'm considering a digital voice recorder but it is out of my budget. microcassettes however are good and small in size but it cant be played in ordinary cassette players. i originally bought a cheap 375 pesos or about $6 Platinum cassette recorder but the microphone is so bad so i needed a replacement. im considering an aiwa model with Voice activated recording, 2x recording time and a tape counter for about 34 dollars but because of sony's clear voice recording, i got this tcm-200dv tape recorder for 36 dollars. i really love the cool features such as 2x recording time, speed control VOR or Voice activated Recording, Clear Voice system which filters sound to make it more audible and its design. the microphone in the aiwa model is positioned in the hood of the recorder which is very bad because you cant direct the microphone to the sound source you want; sony however, positioned it excellently in the body facing up so you can direct it easily to the sound source. the VOR also is nice but it needs a litte practice to use and is so sensitive. the only thing lacking in this product is a tape counter. the recording is excellent and you can use it on meetings and during class because the mic is sensitive enough to "hear" sounds from a distance. overall, i recommend this product for students and professionals. you will really deserve what you pay for....more info
  • sony cassette recorder
    This is a great recorder, I highly recommend this to anyone who does day-to-day recordings. The playback is exceptional with the ability to monitor the speed level of the sound. ...more info
  • Everything my nephew was looking for.
    This was a gift for my nephew.He wanted a small cassette recorder to tape music off of websites of radio stations not in our area.He said the quality is great.You can slow down the music or make it faster according to how you want to listen to it.It was a good deal for the money.Highly recommend!...more info
  • Great Portable Voice Recorder With Low Distortion
    This Sony product is excellent and far better than the digital recorders I have tried. It has an automatic record level which works great for recodring classroom lessons. Audio tape does not easily distort on loud sounds vs digital units I have tried which have high distortion. Background noise level is high (as auto record feature increases gain at low levels) so best to keep this 10 feet or less from source. Also be sure to use fresh batteries: change these after every two or three tapes. A really good product for portable recording. ...more info
  • Great Buy--Very Good Performance
    I was looking for a cassette recorder to help in the preparation of the written minutes of a condo board meeting. There were 9 people seated around a horseshoe table in a large room. The recorder picked up all the voices and the sound and clarity were very good. I did also purchase the Electret Condenser Microphone that works with this recorder which I feel really enhanced the job it did. I found it very easy to use....more info
  • Sony Cassette Recorder explored
    We were able to take this recorder on our vacation and use it in a church service where we recorded some music and a message. We were about four rows back and still got a very clear recording (of course not a professional grade) that we could use to learn the song and review the message. We have not used all the features, but what we have used have performed above our expectations and we look forward to continue to use it with confidence....more info
  • Missing Part
    The cassette recorder works perfectly on batteries. However, when the cassette arrived, its plastic packaging had already been opened and the 12-volt converter was missing....more info
  • Sony TCM-200DV Cassette Recorder with Dual Power Source
    Generally a very good product. Sound quality could use marginal improvement (would rate it at an 8 on a scale of 10). The speed control feature is very handy. While the item description states cassette recorder with dual power source - it does not come with the plug in power source (that would have made it a very strong candidate for five stars). Very good value for the money. ...more info
  • Good for voice
    I got this recorder to tape rehearsals with my band. Unfortunately, it's not well suited to that purpose--both settings on the microphone are too sensitive to record such loud sounds as drums and amplified guitar. For lecture recording and other similar purposes, though, it seems like this would work really well. It's a good recorder, just not what I was looking for....more info
  • Sony is Baloney
    It quit working after just two weeks. I'm in the process of sending it back....more info
  • Presumed Sony quality, harder to find features
    So far I have no reason to think this is not the high Sony quality we are used to. And the price was very reasonable.

    The 15/16ths IPS speed has gotten hard to find; Radio Shack no longer stocks them, so the quick local in-person pickup of a recorder that does half speed is gone; on-line seems to be the way to go. This recorder has it. When my clients sent me half-speed tapes and my old recorder that had this capability failed, I had to hustle to find this one.

    The machine's failure to have a head-adjustment hole in the case is one shortcoming, hence my four rather than five rating. Many other makes and models do have this; others I have to modify with a small saw to give me this adjustment ability, which can make a large difference in playback quality (typically when the machine a tape was recorded on is slightly differently aligned than the playback machine).

    The "dual power source" capability being highlighted I find "curious," because it seems to me that DC (battery) or AC (AC-to-DC adapter) capability is a standard feature. It may be becoming less standard than we have gotten used to, though, particularly in the very small digital recorders, which are the wave of the future (and present), which I assume is why Radio Shack's (as a "for instance") line of cassette recorders is dwindling, as their line of digital recorders grows.

    So, on-line shopping and buying is the way to go. And maybe buy an extra item or two to put "into inventory" for when the machine you're using fails and you don't want a one or two-day delay in your work schedule while you wait for the UPS or FedEx truck to arrive....more info
  • Second try
    I previously ordered a less expensive version of this Sony tape recorder. It only lasted six months before it completely died. But, cassette tape recorders are hard to find, so I bought another, slightly upgraded Sony. So far, it works well and I like it....more info
  • digimaster
    Very good recorder; simple to operate,works well,sound good.
    All this & very reasonable cost....more info
  • Double the price and you still get more than your monies worth
    This recorder for the price paid is a real GIFT. Compact, excellent sound quality with a mic that goes well beyond expectations. Small enough to carry in your inside coat pocket. If you have the dlightest need, buy one!Sony TCM-200DV Cassette Recorder with Dual Power Source...more info
  • Great cassette recorder but missing a couple of necessary features
    This little recorder offers what I need-microphone jack and double speed. This allows you to get twice the recording time on a casette. The slow speed has reduced sound quality, but it's plenty good for voice, AM radio and shortwave broadcasts. The mic jack allows me to record from my AM/FM shortwave radio. Just plug into the mic jack and the headphone jack on the radio. However, the level is too high to record this way and it will distort. I use a headphone volume control that has a jack on one end, plug on the other, and volume control inline. Set the volume almost all the way down and the recording will sound great. The level does not have to be perfect-the recorder has auto level control. Keep in mind that plugging the cord into the headphone jack will turn off the radio's built in speaker. You can plug in headphones or an external speaker to the recorder to monitor. There's no way to adjust volume while recording, so you may want to use another headphone volume control. The Sony has good audio quality. There's also a pitch control to make fine adjustments to the playback speed. Oddly the pitch control also affects ff and rewind speed. To get the fastest rewind possible, turn it up to max. I give it 4 stars because there's no tape counter. It's frustrating to get to a certain point on the tape. And where in the world is the auto stop??? I've never seen a cassette recorder without it. not good for unattended recordings. ...more info
  • Works great for a little while.
    I used this product for about a year before it started giving me problems. To be honest I used the cassette recorder a LOT, sometimes 8-10 hours a day. So it breaking down in a year probably meant I had over 2000 hours of use on it. After that point though the cassettes stick and don't playback the recordings anymore. I think it's time for me to upgrade to a digital recorder so I can upload my recordings onto my computer....more info
  • Sony TCM-200DV cassette recorder
    The product arrived in a timely manner. We are completely satisfied with the quality and performance. It is as advertised....more info