Belkin F5D52314 4-Port Cable/DSL Router
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Product Description

BELKIN F5D5231-4 -- The Belkin 4-Port Cable / DSL Gateway Router makes it easy to share your cable or DSL modem's connection to the Internet with up to 4 connected computers. Along with the convenience of networking, you'll avoid the expense of multiple service connections and extra modems. Uses built-in switch to share files and peripherals Configures easily via your web browser, or Easy Install Wizard Works with computers running Mac OS, Windows, Linux or Unix Package includes power supply, 2-user manual, quick installation guide, RJ-45 networking cable, software on CD Lifetime warranty with free 24 hour tech support

Compatible with both Macintosh and PC computers, (and computers using Linux or Unix OS) this Belkin router lets you share your cable or DSL connection with up to four computers via a wired connection. It also provides top-level security and an NAT firewall, so you can restrict access to any or all of the computers on the network by others and/or configure its VPN (Virtual Private Networking) to allow remote access to the network by authorized users.

The router includes an "Easy Install Wizard" so getting your other computers online is easy, and it uses its built-in switch to share files and peripherals and let you play accelerated multiplayer gaming. The router features a life time warranty and free 24 hour technical support.

  • LAN Ports - 4
  • WAN Ports - N/A
  • RS-232 Port - N/A
  • Firewall - NAT

Customer Reviews:

  • Bad Router - Worse Support
    - There is no option to change default administration port (80).
    - You can enable remote administration on port 80 and also configure a virtual web server to run on port 80.
    - Unchecking Virtual Server checkbox won't disable.
    - Password change doesn't take effect until you restore factory defaults and then set your password.
    - Gives "Invalid File Format" error when you upload firmware - even if you download it 100 times.

    Customer Support:
    - Called Customer Support few times - call was connected somewhere in India - they were having hard time trying to understand what is port 80
    - They asked me to change my web-server port because it cost them too much to make port changing configurable...more info

  • 5 minute setup, works great
    I bought a Netgear and spent 5+ very frustrating hours trying to get it to work, and then it worked poorly only some of the time. Belkin includes a cd which does it all in just a few minutes. ...more info
  • Easy setup!
    I had absolutely no problems what-so-ever setting up this router on my network. The step-by-step wizard guides you through each step of the way and it worked on the first try without any additional work! I highly recommend this router for any amatuer who may be interested in setting up a small network or for sharing your web connection with multiple computers....more info
  • Good router if you don't play online games
    Don't get this router if you plan to play online games like "World of Warcraft" for example. You'll get frequent disconnection for no reason. Otherwise, the router is great for anything else (downloading large files, browsing, checking e-mail, etc) other than gaming. Gamers, stay away from this router....more info
    Belkin has released software for all of their routers that not only redirects random HTTP traffic to advertisements of their choosing, but they also leave your router open to configuration from external web pages.

    You have been warned....more info

  • A fantastic router!
    From the get-go, this router has been a God-send . . . Installation was more than easy, and the performance this thing has is grrrrrrrrrrreat (( specially for the price ))!!! The reason for the 4 stars is that it has a few limited features . . . (( ie - lack of url blocking and not enough control over the 'nat' )) other than that . . . this router has worked wonderfully! Becareful though, and do read the manual if you have hangups . . . :)...more info
  • I love it!
    It was very easy for my son to hook up for me and has not given me any grief at all! ...more info
  • Belkin Router
    Very good service and received on time, no received really before I thought it would arrive great service I think....more info
  • Fast, Easy Setup
    This Belkin router was easy to install and setup. It only took 15 minutes from opening the box to have two computers networked and sharing the internet. The MAC address cloning feature came in extremely handy. No problems at all during setup. Excellent product for the price....more info
  • Belkin backs down, kills "spamming router" idea
    (This is from another web site and it updates the Belkin fiasco.)

    Belkin takes steps to eliminate a feature that would redirect users of their wireless routers to a Belkin advertisement every eight hours. Belkin took a lot of heat for including the "feature" in their products, then tried to explain the feature by claiming they were just looking for a way to make sign up for their subscription parental control service "very easy". Now, according to their website, the company will be releasing a firmware update that will eliminate the feature altogether.

    "In response to a recent Usenet group posting stating that Belkin spams its customers through its routers, Belkin Corporation apologizes for the concern this has caused and is taking action to address the issue. To allay customers' worries, Belkin will offer a firmware upgrade that will be available via download from its website ( on November 17, 2003. This upgrade will rid the redirect completely so that no additional browser windows will appear during the router's installation process. Questions can be directed to our dedicated networking customer support line at 877-736-5771 or e-mailed to"...more info

  • Excellent product!
    I was very satisfied with the quality and performance of the Belkin F5D5231-4 Router. It is the first router that I have owned.
    It comes with a "Quick Installation Guide" as well as a more thorough User Manual. I was careful to follow the installation instructions on the setup CD step by step and had no problems at all. The setup CD instructions are very straight forward and detailed. If someone has problems it is probably because they didn't follow the instructions.
    Before I installed the router I was receiving hundreds of ICMP pings every day (as indicated in the Event log of my McAfee Personal Firewall software). After installing the router and selecting the ICMP ping blocking feature there are no more pings.
    The router comes with a limited Lifetime Product Warranty. What more could you ask for?...more info
  • A $9.99 4 port-router what else you ask for?
    I spent $9.99 at MicroCenter in Chicago. Good product, great price and easy to install.
    I've checked the previous previews about this products and it seems like a lot people are not satisfied with it's functions. I just use it as a very basic router. No other fancy functions I need. Only turn on the web-base alternative to do some firewall settings. So far it works fine and it's a no-brainer installation process.
    For a $9.99 product, I highly recommend and give it 5 stars. Unless you want to more with it like those who left negative reviews, you probably have to have bigger wallet....more info
  • Great router for the price
    This is a good router for the price. I bought this to replace my old Linksys router which was no longer compatiable with my new DSL (neither Linksys or Bellsouth could figure out the problem). I hooked up the Belkin router and it works great. I have used Belkin in the past and as a PC consultant would recommend their products to my clients looking for less expensive equipment (especially with the recent $40 rebare on this one). The setup guide was also very basic which is great for beginners. I cannot comment on their tech support since I have not had a reason to call them :)...more info
  • Great Buy
    Its a great buy. To start with, I bought it for the price, cant beat that deal, but later I found out that its a great product too. I have it running, connected to two computers, one running Win2k and the other Redhat Linux. I did have trouble initially during installation, I called support and they had me running in less than 10 minutes. I used to have lot of people trying to hack into my computer, now i can relax, the firewall in it stops almost everything. Its cool, never had so much security in a long time. I am not saying its better than others, but i am totally satisfied with the product. Guys who are bitching about it, I would say, either don't know their stuff or haven't googled for help....more info
  • Works just fine so far...
    I just got the Belkin router installed and it's working fine so far. Tests with my work computer (a Wyse box running XP) accessing my desktop at the office via VPN were just fine. I was able to use my Mac iBook at the same time with no discernable speed decrease while using Remote Desktop of the Wyse.

    I only had one "problem" during setup. The first time the setup software running on the iBook tried to detect the Internet connection, it failed. I tried again, following troubleshooting, and it failed again. I then pulled out the power cable for the cable modem, waited 30 seconds (recommeded by Earthlink), and plugged it in again. I then re-did the Internet connection part and it worked just fine. So the problem seemed to be the MAC reset on the cable modem side.

    Now if it works past the warranty period, I'll be very pleased.

    I have now had the router working for about 8 months with little or no problems. Occasionally I have to reboot to fix a problem, but that's it....more info

  • Belkin F5D52314 4-Port Cable/DSL Router
    I have a MAC G4 running DHCP on Comcast.

    Plugged it in, and started using it. That is all. Works great. Couldn't be any simpler.

    Using my MAC with a Dell laptop running Windows XP that is also running DHCP....more info
  • Do not buy
    I received the router and tried to install it. I got up to the point where the router was to verify the connection and I lost my internet connection. I then found out that it deleted my IP address. Called Belkin tech support with a sad result. Bottom line is that I lost My IP address 3 times. Had to go to my server to restore it each time. Belkin tech support needs to be recycled. Talked to 12 repres. with no success. Will return this junk in a new box....more info
  • Wrong product description
    After 2 bad Linksys routers and many hours on the phone with their tech support and being told that I must have had 2 bad routers from the same batch, I bought the Belkin. I was able to connect to BellSouth in a matter of minutes and so is the 2nd desktop in my office. The 2nd computer is able to connect to my hard drive, but, I cannot connect to it. When I called Belkin, I was told this router is just to connect to the internet, not set up to share files and printers. The product description clearly states "share files and peripherals." ...more info
  • Belkin F5D5214 4-port cable/dsl Router
    The router work pretty good since I bought, it does for some reason disconnect from the internet(I have roadrunner) but fix's it self! And it works really good with my son's PSP(that is the reason why I bought it) all-in -all it is a good product....more info
  • Belkin Router

    I have owned this for quit awhile now and its still doing a great job. ...more info
  • DO NOT BUY!!!!! spamware!!!!!!
    This router will take a legitimate connection to a web site and turn it into an ad for belkin products! The older models don't but if you update the firmware (like maybe to close a security hole in the future, or for compatibility of a network game) you will start getting ads! There are a couple of articles that are at popular news organizations that confirm this. BOYCOTT, DO NOT UPGRADE THE FIRMWARE!...more info
  • Poor directions
    I had a very difficult time installing this router. The directions were simple, yet they resulted in an error in communicating with the router. All the troubleshooting section did was to go over the directions again, but with more pictures. Entirely useless. It wasn't until I tried it my own way (turn everything off, make the proper connections, turn everything on) that I was able to configure my windows machine to use the router. My next step was to configure my Macintosh tower. The directions were once again incomplete. There were only 2 pages devoted to MacOS X. Due to a leftover configuration from my original DSL installation procedure, I was unable to access the internet through the router. It took me hours of messing around to get it to work....more info
  • Belkin Cable/DSL Router saved the day with BellSouth DSL!
    I originally purchased a Linksys DSL/Cable router because of a clerk's recommendation. It never worked even after I took it back and got a replacement. I then purchased a Netgear ProSafe router which sort of worked with the BellSouth DSL modem but still had all sorts of packet losses. I went back to the store and purchased the Belkin Cable/DSL router and it worked flawlessly right out of the box! I ran the set-up cd-rom, attached the cables, and I was on-line in 3 minutes. I then hooked in my wife's computer and laptop and they too worked after booting. If you have BellSouth DSL or any other "finicky" ISP, this router is the one to get, it saved the day!!...more info
  • get a linksys!
    My Belkin wireless router has a poor signal. My neighbor has a linksys wireless router with a very strong signal. In fact, while sitting just about anywhere in my house, their signal is stronger than mine. Their signal is also MUCH more stable than mine. I lose my connection momentarily every couple of minutes. Sometimes the signal does not come back and I need to reset my router. My neighbors router has a rock solid signal, so I usually use their signal. Both routers cost the same. I should have bought the linksys....more info
  • Bad Router and Worse Customer support
    - There is no option to change default administration port (80).
    - You can enable remote administration on port 80 and also configure a virtual web server to run on port 80.
    - Unchecking Virtual Server checkbox won't disable.
    - Password change doesn't take effect until you restore factory defaults and then set your password.
    - Gives "Invalid File Format" error when you upload firmware - even if you download it 100 times.

    Customer Support:
    - Called Customer Support few times - call was connected somewhere in India - they were having hard time trying to understand what is port 80
    - They asked me to change my web-server port because it cost them too much to make port changing configurable...more info