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The Paper Chase
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Media Type: DVD
Street Release Date: 09/05/2006
Genre: DRAMA

Customer Reviews:

  • The Paper Chase
    A classic film that was good to share with my 14 year-old son. Fast delviery - good price....more info
  • Paper Chase
    The Paper Chase is truly an outstanding movie. Much of the greatness of this movie is the performance of John Housemann as the great Professor Charles Kingsfield. Professor Kingsfield comes alive. It is difficult to think of Professor Kingsfield as a fictional figure as a result of Housemann's portrayal. The acting and writing are all quite good. It is a movie I would recommend to everyone.

    Roger B Baskin...more info

  • A battle for the soul
    I am an older student who just finished my first year of law school. The film is right on when it depicts the battle for your soul--will you be master of your fate and choose to do the work, or will you be driven by fear and insecurity and be enslaved to it? I experienced a little of both, and I do not want to spoil the film by revealing more to any who are trying to decide whether to buy or rent it. I heartily recommend it to anyone struggling with a self-imposed challenge.

    I would have wished that the film show more of the process of learning to "think like a lawyer" and what that actually means - turning the facts of the case over and over, looking for points to the advantage of either side, and weighing the relative strength of those arguments. However, I do commend the film for showing a little bit of the feeling I quite unexpectedly experienced of being part of a line going back to the Magna Carta, examining the value of a human being and her freedom and the needs of society and searching for the ever-evolving meaning of justice.

    As for the relationship between Kingsfield and Hart--my main professor was nothing like Kingsfield, but I did experience something eerily similar, right down to the last scene.

    One last aside-A previous reviewer noted the absence of the Carbolic Smoke Ball case from his edition of West--it is certainly in mine and is a very important case with regard to defining the law of a public offer.

    ...more info
  • The Paper Chase!! a classic film
    Hello everyone!! I chose to rate this film cause at the young age of 33 I have decided to try Law School. The film, while dated in the 70s, provides an excellent cast and a totally deserving Oscar winning performance by Houseman. When I show my friends the video, I alway tell them that Kingsfield is the "Hannibal Lecter" of any past, current, or future law school students! By the way, does anyone know if the TV series adaption is on VHS? Please email me if you have this knowledge!!...more info
  • The Paper Chase!! a classic film
    Hello everyone!! I chose to rate this film cause at the young age of 33 I have decided to try Law School. The film, while dated in the 70s, provides an excellent cast and a totally deserving Oscar winning performance by Houseman. When I show my friends the video, I alway tell them that Kingsfield is the "Hannibal Lecter" of any past, current, or future law school students! By the way, does anyone know if the TV series adaption is on VHS? Please email me if you have this knowledge!!...more info
  • The Paper Chase
    Great insight to the world of law students and college students in general.
    I recommend to those who are interested in pursuing entrance into the Ivy League colleges as this is focused at Harvard which is close to where I live.
    It would be neat to see a sequel to this movie as at the end there are several conclusions for the audience.
    Overall...good before to school movie...more info
  • An Enlightling Movie
    I concur with the AFI. One of the 100 most inspiring movies of all times (specially if you are a lawyer or a law student)....more info
  • The film with the reluctant star
    This is one of my favorite movies and showcases a fabulous performance by John Houseman, who was asked at the last minute to act the part. Other stars,including James Mason, John Gielgud, and Edward G. Robinson had been asked to take the lead but refused, so finally director James Bridges asked his mentor Houseman to take the role. And Houseman won an Oscar for it as Best Supporting Actor! He fills the role with dignity and intellect and thoroughly intimidates Timothy Bottoms starring as an eager law student from Minnesota. The film is also the debut of Lindsay Wagner, see mostly doing mattress commercials these days, but she really is a good actress. The film is set at Harvard Law School but since the school hated the publicity from "Love Story", also set on the famous Cambridge campus, most of "Paper Chase" was filmed in Toronto. The movie has many touching and amusing moments and carries you along briskly to the end where the filmmakers finally hit a false note. I understand what the characters were doing but it struck me as out of character and I never found the ending very satisfying. That said, the film still has so much to offer including a fun score by John Williams from early in his brilliant career. The supporting cast is uniformly fine and this is a movie I enjoying watching again and again....more info
  • The Paper Chase
    1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die: 5th Anniversary EditionClassic coming of age movie - realistic portrayal of students' first year at Harvard Law School. The late John Houseman gives Oscar winning portrayal of the imperious brilliant Professor Kingsfield - revered and feared professor of first year Contract Law. Winning supporting performances from Timothy Bottoms, Edward Hermann, and James Staughton. Actually, all the performances are terrific....more info
  • Paper Chase
    So I got this movie because my law school professor swore by it and went on and on and on and on and on about how ALL of the law students when he was a law student were forced to watch this movie the night before law school started to scare the living daylights out of them. Eh. Not so much.

    The movie does have good qualities about it by showing you how a law school environment works and the kind of stress that a beginning law school student is going to be under...but, the movie is just boring. Blehhhhhhhhh....I couldn't wait until it finally reached it's climax and conclusion.

    I'm sure that at the time that the movie came out it was all the rage.

    It's worth checking out if you're going to be going to go to law school. I saw it AFTER my first I guess the movie didn't have as great an impact on me as it would have had if I would have watched it BEFORE starting law school. ...more info
  • Everyone can relate...
    No matter where you went to law school, you will find someone in this movie to relate to, and will probably know someone that fits each of the characters on screen. There's the gunner, the snob, the can't-hang, the hard-ass prof., etc. I watched this movie every semester before finals, just to get in the zone. If you haven't been to law school but are thinking about it, and even if you don't go to Harvard, this movie gives you a good glimpse of the types of experiences and people you will likely run into....more info
  • An Intelligent Family Film
    A great film - superlative acting - wonderful sory line also powerful message on formal education and it's rewards --- Any member of the family age notwithstanding can enjoy this film ... hm dodd...more info
  • Amusing, All-Encompassing, and Rewarding
    When you first enter law school, you hear the inside jokes surrounding this movie. Your friends joke about how your Contracts professor (or any professor) is imitating Kingsfield. You wonder why anyone would be so asinine to hide a book in a law library. You scoff and worry about the advice not to date anyone in your section, your law school, or your immediate vicinity period. If anyone told me that this movie would answer some of those questions and worries so poignantly, and do it in a way that would prove entertaining -- even to those wise/foolish enough to avoid pursuing a J.D. -- I would not have believed it. This movie has everything and then some for a curious 1L or for anyone wanting a more sobering film about law school that's not Legally Blonde I/II. Watching The Paper Chase is a rite of passage for any J.D. candidate in the United States....more info
  • Pre-Paper Mill
    Not having attended an Eastern preppie school, this film resonates long after seeing the movie. It represents the ideal college experience, before racial quotas and forced equality spread mediocrity to academia. Tim Bottoms plays the Horatio Alger figure, rising on his own efforts. John Houseman, depicts the hard-nosed Establishment professor to perfection. The lovely, appealing Lindsey Wagner as Prof. Kingsfield's daughter, plays a sort of siren of a girlfriend, always beckoning Bottoms closer to self-destruction or freedom.The study group was comprised of various grades of intelligence and cunning with a common goal, with edges of "Animal House" lurking. This adaption of John Jay Osborn's novel will stand for that period when achievement was earned according to one's merit or effort, not artificial, arbitrary quotas. Sure, it's a bygone, innocent time, but no one leaves this film without a few lessons about education and learning....more info
  • Paper Chase for training tutors
    This is a fabulous movie that not only depicts excellent teaching techniques but is a prime example of the Socratic Method. We have a no-pen policy in our tutoring program; that is, the tutors do not do any writing. Rather, the student is to do the work and problem-solve while the tutor facilitates the process. I teach the tutors at my University to use the Socratic Method of tutoring; asking reflecting questions so that the student can teach themselves how to work the problems.

    I highly recommend this movie as a teaching tool and as an example of andragogical approach to learning. ...more info
  • Excellent Purchase
    A "pimp" of a purchase for those who have ever heard of the movie & those who love great movies should take advantage of the lowest price out here....more info
  • Thank you, Mr. Kingsfield - Yessir, Mr. Kane
    I only write to add my unreserved support to the comments of those who have already insightfully covered this movie for Amazon.

    Let me not waste any words. John Houseman, an exceptionally talented founding member of Orson Welles' troupe, and respected director/actor since that era, is both delightful and outstanding as the humorless, unbending, venerable and universally familiar Harvard Law icon, Professor Kingsfield. The movie is a professional job and has other aspects to recommend it, but Houseman and his character as written in a clearly insightful script, is the perennial draw to this tribute to positive, life-altering student/teacher tension.

    The rest of the story reflects the American college-centered moral popularism of the late 1960s -- but is still relevant, as it is pitted against the really much more weighty and unshakable philosophy enshrined in the principles and the person of Professor Kingsfield.

    This is worth seeing. ...more info