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D-Link DP-300U 10/100TX 1-USB Port 2-Parallel Port Print Server
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Product Description

Designed for small offices or home environments, the D-Link DP-300U permits the addition of a printer to serve an ethernet network system. DP-300U is equipped with two IEEE1284 parallel ports and one USB (version 1.1) port for seamless connection to most printers available on the market today. DP-300U also supports all major network Operating Systems and protocols. 1-Year Limited Warranty from D-Link

  • Share multiple printers in your network
  • Extremely easy to configure
  • Equipped with 2 parallel ports and 1 USB port

Customer Reviews:

  • Was a 4star, now a 2star.... go with a Linksys PS instead!
    Unlike some other reviewers, I was able to install the print server in a snap, simply following the directions provided in the manual. However, it's possible that my setup was simpler than others' because my network was already setup in the manner that the manual assumes.

    A quick suggestion before blindly following the directions in the manual:

    1. before doing anything, select start menu->run and enter "cmd" (no quotes). That will bring up a command window

    2. At the prompt, type "ipconfig" (no quotes). That will give you information on network IP configuration of your computers various network connections (ethernet, wireless, whathaveyou). If the field IP address returns 192.168.0. you are in business. simply following directions in the manual should be a snap. If not, I'm afraid that I don't know enough to help you... ;)

    Addendum: I was never able to get the USB connection on this print server to work, so I've since upgraded to a Linksys print server with wireless and multi-function support. I must say that the installation process for the Linksys device was much easier than for this device. My recommedation is to shell out the extra few $$ for a newer PS with better functionality and ease of use....more info
  • only initial problem in setup was my firewall
    I had read alot of reviews on various websites and found that I was fairly well armed in terms of troubleshooting, but had no real problems in connecting to the web interface (just change the ip of one of your pc's to match the default ip of the unit-like the directions say) and when I changed the ip setting on the unit to "assign automatically" to match my network config, it was a little challenging to log back into the interface (after changing my pc's setting back to assign ip automatically) cuz I had to start at the first ip in our router's range and keep entering each next ip until I got to the one that had been assigned to the unit by my router but luckily it was the third ip i tried. after that it was pretty easy to config the unit and install the printer on my xp, but for my 2000 I had to add the ip of the unit to my trusted zone on my firewall before it would work. If I had any tips for anyone, I would say to open the pdf manual for the unit and keep it alongside the quickstart directions as it has more helpful detail. Just finished installing it and haven't put much traffic through it yet, but so far so good.
    Several months later and it still works great, we've had zero problems. only thing is that the USB, LPT1 and LPT2 lights don't work on ours....more info
  • Works fine once you reconfigure your network
    As you read this review, take into consideration that I have only had this a couple of days. I had initial difficulty adding this device to the home network, which uses a NetGear router/wireless access point. Both the NetGear, and the LinkSys i had before, start assigning IP addresses at the 192.168.1.* range. However, the DP-300U has a preconfigured IP address of The manual recommends connecting by assigning one of your computers an IP in the same range, which takes it offline. I determined that the best way to connect was to leave the DP-300U's IP address where it was and reconfigure the network. I could not change the NetGear's range until i changed the NetGear's own IP address to Then I reserved the DP-300U's address in the NetGear's admin panel, and i was able to connect. I did all of this while waiting on the phone for D-Link's support. Print jobs are served from anywhere in the house now.

    You do need to follow the manual when it comes to adding the printer to the computers in the network. It is actually added, not as a network printer, but as a local printer that you configure as a Standard TCP/IP Port....more info
  • Great Wireless Router for Home or Office
    This router has great wireless performance and range. I live in a 5000 sq. ft. home and the router is in the basement, yet I get excellent signal quality throughout the house.

    It is also easy to setup while having every conceivable option for configuring the security and accessibility of the LAN....more info
  • Make sure of compatibility
    Before you buy this, go to D-Link's website and ensure compatibility. If it isn't there, you're buying a dog. This might be a very good print server, but didn't make my Lexmark printer budge.

    Customer support takes a long time also....more info
  • check this link out first before buying the dp-300u ...
    check this link out first before buying the dp-300u:

    I finally got this dp-300u server set up correctly with my HP DeskJet 882c. Before I got it working, though, it would print gibberish and create totally non-readable documents regardless of what I printed (I got it to sort of print basic text docs but it still spit out garbage with it).

    my hp882c is an older printer and is not on D-Links above-referenced "supported" list.

    as d-link mentions, this does not necessarily mean that a non-dlink officially supported printer will not work.

    so my printer finally works but here is what I had to do to get it to work:

    (1) I swapped my HP 882c's default USB cable with an LPT cable (ieee 1284).

    (2) I made the printer default preference to always print in black and white. Parenthetically, you do this once you install the printer and go into printer properties -> general tab -> printing preferences (windows 2k, xp).

    (3) Make sure to turn on LPR Byte counting when you add the port name. I also enabled the SNMP option but do not know if that had much effect.

    So I cannot currently print in color but the b/w works just fine. I think D-link makes good products and overall I was impressed that I could get to their tech support as quickly as I did. They were very polite and mostly helpful; they issued me a trouble ticket so I could skip the first level in the future if I couldn't get it working. I recommend they have people check out using the parallel printer cable if people are having similar problems as I did....more info
  • Solid Performer
    The documentation is a little sparse and the connections are not quite intuitive. The strange names given to the printer ports didn't help during setup either. But once it is setup, it is a solid performer. Now I don't need to leave a computer turned on to act as a printer server....more info
  • Great Print Server - Need more Instructions
    I thought I would give my two cents about this print server. I am using a canon S750 and an Epson Stylus C64 and both work great with the print server. The only problem I had was getting both printers to work. I could get one printer to work following there directions, but could not find directions on how to setup two of them. I was on hold with tech support forever, but never got through to anyone (it was the day after christmas so cannot blame them for being busy) Well as I was waiting I started to play around with it. I finally figured out how to get it to work basically using the same instructions they said, but more in depth. So I am going to write here what I did to help out anyone else who is having problems. This way works for Windows XP

    Click on start - settings - printer and faxes.

    Click on add new printer

    Select local printer - uncheck automatically detect printer

    click create new port - choose standard tcp/ip port

    Hit next a few times until you get to a screen that asks for printer port name or address. in the top box type in the IP address ( Then click on the second box and right after the ip put in your port name that you want to use. For example mine was PS-B419A6-U3 So the second box should look like then click next and then you can go back and follow the instructions about clicking on custom and then changing it to a lpr and putting in the port name in the queue and so forth and it should then work. So I hope I could help some of you out.

    Other then the install being a pain the unit works great and I have plans to use the second parallel port on it for a cd printer just need to get a cable.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Print Server, Need to understand networking
    This print server works great. I had a little bit of a hard time setting it up since I am new to networking. Once I got it set up correctly, have had no failures connecting to it and printing through a Linksys network switch or through a wireless access point connected through the network switch. It has been a great solution rather than buying two printers for my two computers....more info
  • Piece of cake ! Win XP and Mac OS10 clients
    Install was a breeze, just follow the instructions in the booklet step by step. I set the IP address of the server to a value outside of my wirless router's DHCP range. Win XP client up and running in about 5 minutes. MacBook Pro OS10 was even easier - I said "Add Printer" it said "Which one ?" .... showed me all 3 ports on the server without even telling it on which IP address to look. Problem solved couldn't be happier....more info
  • It Works!!
    I have this print server hooked up to my wireless router. I can print from 1 Windows Vista Laptop and 2 Windows XP Laptops. Setup was a little confusing, but I followed the directions and had it all up and running in about an hour. I no longer have to keep restarting my old Windows 98 computer that was only being used as a print server, so I am very happy. We have been up and running for over a week now with absolutely no problems....more info
  • Quick Start Manual Wrong
    Warning! The printed Quick Start brochure that comes with this unit has a major error--the actual parallel port locations are reversed from those shown in the brochure. LPT 1 is shown as next to the power port. Actually LPT 1 is in the center next to the USB port. The manual on the disk is correct. Being well experienced in print server setups it took me a couple of hours of higher tech configuration testing before I found this inexcusable error by DLink. Configuration otherwise would have been a breeze. The unit works fine as a parallel port server-USB was not used. This low rating is to draw attention to this problem and is not a comment on the product which is fine. ...more info
  • Great print server
    Had tried other print servers, but this one works. I have a HP laserJet 4050, HP 3650 and a HP photosmart 7760 hooked to it and all perform great. The only reason not a 5 is that it is not a simple plug and play. Instructions are need some knowledge of ports and IP settings. In the end it works great....more info
  • No problems what-so-ever
    Print server was cheap and it lets you setup multiple printers. ** NOTE: If you have a All-In-One printer that includes a scanner, this unit is not capable of sending data back from the printer to the computer. Installation was easy once I read and followed the instructions. My HP LaserJet 1100 works perfectly with this server. All my computers are able to print directly to the printer now (XP, Win2K, WinME). I've been using it a year without a single problem. In fact, I'm buying another one of these to give to my dad as a Christmas present!!...more info
  • Senior Service Center Escondido's Computer Lab
    This server works as advertised. The last-page pausing is only on one PC & seems to be that PC's problem, not the server's. I strongly recommend this as a good value server....more info
  • Very good product
    Not quite as easy to setup as the box would imply, but a good product....more info
    There are two major problems with this print server. The first is that you HAVE to check to see if your printer is on the VERY SHORT DLink compatibility list. If yours isn't there, then you're out of luck. The second problem is that the device comes with a fixed IP address, which means you lose access to your router unless it happens to be on the exact same IP address.

    In my case, I finally got the device to print, but I lost my Internet connection. I could restore my internet connection but then I would lose access to the printer. I read that there is a work around for this, but I've never had to spend so much time setting up a device....more info