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The Original California Mini Duster
List Price: $14.99

Our Price: $8.48

You Save: $6.51 (43%)


Product Description

The amazing Original California Dash Duster has specially wax-treated cotton strands that literally lift dust off. Specially designed for vehicle interiors, this unique compact, wedge-shaped duster easily accesses hard-to-reach area

  • Dusts surfaces quickly and effectively
  • Use on mini blinds, shutters, appliances and more
  • Wax-treated fibers easily collect dust but won't scratch
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Useful for both home and auto

Customer Reviews:

  • Good
    Nice small duster. You can still wipe down a small car pretty quick with it....more info
  • Mini is an understatement...
    When they say mini they mean mini me!! The photos of this product are little deceiving I thought would have been a little bigger/longer but that should detract from how effect this product works. This product may streak the first couple of uses so I wouldn't recommend running it across plastic or glass at first. FYI The duster I purchased shed like crazy when I first used it. Overall I am satisfied with the purchased and you will be too!...more info
  • Great!
    Works great! Use it around the house, on computer monitors, TVs, your car's dash, etc. ...more info
  • Gets the dust off your dashboard
    The dash of my black car is anthracite gray, and it shows dust easily. The California duster is created for either exteriors or interiors of cars and is impregnated with paraffin wax. This picks up the dust and the soft fibers float over the uneven surfaces of the car interior, picking it all up in one swipe.

    I keep this in the car and once a week I swipe down the interior all over to keep the car sparkling clean. It's small enough to keep handy under the seat.

    This makes a really nice gift for someone to congratulate them on their new car, or for someone who likes doing their own detailing....more info
  • my new best friend.
    i love this thing. i use it in my car, on my computer keyboard, lamps, just about everything. it's a dust magnet. i surely would recommend....more info
  • i couldn't believe it
    even if i could have only used this once, for the 8 or so dollars it cost, it would be worth it for how quickly and easily i was able to rid my apartment of dust. sort of like a cheesy carnival game, except i ended up with a dust free home. just shake it off and it looks a tad grey from remaining dust, but continues to pick it up amazingly well. i bow before it's greatness, and just hope it lasts, although if i need to buy a new one in a few months i'll do it in an instant....more info
  • Good Duster For The House
    I use this duster in the house on my furniture, TVs, whatever needs dusting. It works as well as the Swiffer dusters but you don't have to keep buying replacements, which is better for both the environment and the wallet. It's size is probably comparable to a Swiffer duster, and it comes with a storage bag to help keep it clean....more info