WordPerfect Office 11 [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

The suite responds to your needs, extends beyond your desktop, and integrates with the tools and technologies you use every day. Whether you're creating, reusing, sharing or publishing documents, WordPerfect Office 11 helps you work smarter and more efficiently. Includes Word Perfect, Quattro Pro and Presentations.

WordPerfect Office 11 combines the best assets of previous versions with new features to improve the workflow efficiencies of users. Building on its reputation for value, ease-of-use, and flexible licensing options, WordPerfect Office 11 enhances the way users create, exchange, and interact with content, providing intelligent methods of collaborating with clients and colleagues.

New Document Map and Collaborative Review functions enhance workflow efficiency while Reveal Codes and RealTime Preview ensure complete formatting control. A customizable and intuitive interface can be adapted to meet your needs and a new Classic Mode features the WordPerfect 5.1 user environment, complete with a blue screen interface and WordPerfect 5.1 keystrokes.

Improved XML integration, built on five years of XML experience, gives you the ability to publish slide shows, spreadsheets, and WordPerfect files to XML, enhancing file sharing options and supporting the deployment of content to multiple devices. Other file sharing capabilities include Publish to PDF features in WordPerfect and Presentations, suite-wide Publish to HTML capabilities, support for ODMA (Open Document Management API), and a new conversion utility to batch convert files from formats including Microsoft Word, RTF, and more.

  • WordPerfect Office features WordPerfect 11, Quattro Pro 11, and Presentation 11

Customer Reviews:

  • WP office 11 Mixed Value
    I purchased WP Office 11 to upgrade my Corel WP 6.0. Quattro Pro worked for one week and then I started receiving a runtime error opening program. Corel's technical support was not helpful - really none. I can use WP with good results but not Quattro Pro. The good news was that the costs was only $19.95. If one is running Vista best not to purchase....more info
  • software
    I bought it to open some quattro pro files I had sent to me and it worked perfectly...more info
  • Go to corel.com and get a free trial of the latest version for 30 days!
    You can try before you buy at Corel.com. The latest version is easier to use and better. The version from stayathomedad's we know games would not install on my computer. I guess that's what you get for only paying $20 for the program. On top of that I agree with a fellow reviewer, I believe it has been pirated. ...more info
  • Verification
    Corel WordPerfect Office 12 Standard [OLD VERSION]It is very old, and unable to verify using Serial # printed on insert. It's fine to just use for fun, but I am disappointed, as it is not user friendly....more info
  • Software purchase
    The product arrived very quickly, was packaged nicely and in great shape. It was different than I expected, as it was not the original version of the Wordperfect software that I expected. However, it did include many other pieces of software that I did not expect (an added bonus). The first computer installation went fine, no problems, however the second installation on Vista was unsuccessful. I am not sure if this was the software or not. I have mixed feelings about the product, but I paid very little for the software, so I do feel that I got my money's worth. ...more info
  • Word Perfect
    This is a great word processing program. Quite easy to work with and much simpler than Microsoft Word in my opinion. I have worked with Word Perfect programs for over 20 years and although they are somewhat different, they are easily learned and incorporated into the program you have been using....more info
  • Item never received.
    I never received the product. They claim it was shipped and delivered. If it was, it was not to this office. Actually, no stars could rate a product I never received. I most likely will never order again from this site.

    Sandra zendell...more info
  • Needed for school
    Took online classes, and teacher did not have Microsoft Office.

    Like Microsoft better, but this was not a waste of money at all. It also can convert files it creates into Microsoft readable files and has many features not available in Microsoft.

    Bought it because I had to, but glad that I have a lot more flexibility with it!...more info
  • Worth the price for the publish to PDF function.
    I have always loved WordPerfect (most attorneys do!), but got fed up with Microsoft Windows' viruses and security breaches. Hence, I made the switch to a Mac and, as a result, can no longer use WordPerfect as my primary word processing program.

    However, I did purchase Virtual PC (disabling the Internet connection for this program) so that I could access archived WordPerfect documents and saved emails in Outlook Express. The publish to PDF function in WordPerfect 11 allows me to convert these documents to PDF and drag them back to the Mac side for review if needed. Additionally, "ABC Amber Outlook Express Converter" will convert Outlook Express emails to PDF. It can be downloaded online to a Mac, then dragged to Virtual PC, and costs less than $20.

    As for other reviews lamenting the demise of WordPerfect for Linux and Mac, please be advised that Microsoft purchased a large portion of Corel (WordPerfect) several years ago. It should not surprise anyone that WordPerfect is now only compatible with Microsoft Windows. Perhaps the best solution is to use open source software such as Open Office since, at least with the Mac version of Microsoft's Office, many of the templates which come with its Windows' version, i.e., legal templates, are not included even though the cost for each platform version is the same....more info
  • Very Good, let's hope it gets better
    I've been using WordPerfect for several years now, and I am very happy with WPO11, Professional Edition. Anyone looking for a reasonably-priced office suite could do no better than WPO11, for now. That said, there are some problems, that I hope version 12 or later will address, especially the Publish to PDF feature.

    Feature for feature, WPO leaves M$ Office for dead, at a fraction of the cost. It has some problems, but is a MUCH better option than the market leader. Go for it!...more info

  • Printer Problems
    I own both Wordperfect 9 and 11 and find that 9 is superior. Apparently in Wordperfect 11, Corel revamped the way the software interfaces with printers so all of the features of my printer (a new model Hewlet Packard Laserjet) do not work without going through several steps in the page setup. Further, Wordperfect 11 freezes up if one uses the latest printer drivers and only works with older versions of drivers. Plus, I bought the product with the understanding that it automatically converts batches of old wordperfect files. I have many documents in wordperfect 4.2 and 5.1. However, Wordperfect 11 does not convert batches of old files in 4.2 and 5.1. Other than above, the software is fine but you may as well stick to version 9 which is fabulous....more info
  • nice
    i am one of 3 people left that uses corel over the M$ suite.
    much better product. it is ashame the masses don't know this....more info
  • Most stable release in years
    I've been using WordPerfect since the early Windows versions and this is the most stable release I've ever seen. They may not have added a long list of new features, but they tightened up and perfected the features that were already there. I don't need a lot of new features--I just want the features to work and I want the software to be stable.

    Not to say that there aren't significant new features. The Document Map feature alone is worth the upgrade. Not to mention the integration with MS Outlook (document tracking, address book) and improved XML capabilities. There is a new conversion utility that allows you to batch convert your files and don't forget that WP has the most comprehensive list of conversion filters on the market.

    They added the legal tools that were available in the Legal edition of WP8 - thank you Corel! And if you haven't used RealTime Preview, you haven't seen the coolest feature in the program. They expanded it in WP11 so it works in more places than ever. Take my word for it, once you've used it, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

    WP is the most cost-effective, easy-to-use, customizable word processor there is. Always was, always will be....more info

  • They Ran Out of Ideas!
    Well, what can I say, a new version that's all? WordPerfect the word processor has been a respected program for many years, but some of the features it presently supports are just ridiculous and absurd. WordPerfect 5.1 emulation mode is not very amusing, its not nostalgic either, just a plain waste of money. If you are someone who is yearning to use that mode of WordPerfect, get WordPerfect 5.1, don't waste your money to get limited, useless features that no one is using or getting any advantages from. The legal documents are always excellent for producing, documents that pertain that area. Quattro Pros features are still simple and no different from prior versions, the only feature that's enticing is the charts, and that's all for Quattro Folks. Presentations I always say is the killer app in the suite, the presentations are inviting, and sound effects are more catchy and powerful than PowerPoint, but not in the animation department. Corel Central features the same Outlook Express interface that is just not catchy and not worth switching to. Paradox is not easy and as integrated with other Database programmes such as Access. But Office 11 does feature satisfactory file compatibility with Microsoft Office and other Office suites such as Star Office and Open Office. For people who do not require much from their productivity applications WordPerfect Office is an excellent easy choice at an average price. For businesses who demand the most from their applications for connecting people, places, ideas and information, Microsoft Office 2003 seems more valuable and more flexible and more feature rich for the Enterprise because of all the tightly integrated applications that Microsoft Office 2003 compromises of. For small businesses WordPerfect Office only offers a portion of the incremental features users need. Microsoft Office 2003 on the other hand delivers with Outlook 2003 with such features as Business Contact Manager, which allows business to control their customer information more smoothly. A more easy to use interface that's more productive with the reading pane....more info