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Cheers - The Complete First Season
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The complete first season of the tv series cheers. Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 04/10/2007 Starring: Ted Danson John Ratzenberger Run time: 539 minutes Rating: Nr Director: Glen Charles

The definition of comfort television is this: You want to go where everybody knows your name. And you're always glad you came. Long one of DVD's most wanted, Cheers is at last open for business in this four-disc set that contains all 22 episodes of the first, and best, season of one of the defining series of the 1980s. Cheers inherited the mantle from Taxi as television's best ensemble-driven workplace comedy. It can be instructive to return to a long-running series' more humble beginnings. While Cheers got drunk on farce in its later seasons, it began life as a much more grounded human comedy. In these inaugural episodes, the action does not stray from the Boston bar owned by Sam Malone, a washed-up baseball player three years sober. The straws that stir the drink are the lineup of MVPs: Nick Colasanto as addled Coach; Rhea Perlman, the Thelma Ritter of her generation, as surly and fertile waitress Carla; George Wendt as quintessential barfly Norm; and John Ratzenberger as Cliff, the bar know-it-all ready with "little-known facts" (and blessedly far from the pathetic blowhard his character would evolve into).

Spiking this concoction is the palpable chemistry between Ted Danson's Sam and Shelley Long's Diane Chambers, fledgling waitress and self-described "student of life." The battle lines are drawn in the episode "Sam's Women": He's the "dim ex-baseball player" and she, "the post graduate." But, as Carla so indelicately puts it, they can't "put their glands on hold." In the first blush of lust, they were primetime's most potent mismatched couple until Moonlighting's David and Maddie bantered entendres. Here are little remembered facts: Sam was initially "an astute judge of human character." Guest stars Fred Dryer ("Sam at Eleven") and Julia Duffy ("Any Friend of Diane's") were among those considered for the roles of Sam and Diane. A pre-"Night Court" Harry Anderson stole his scenes in his recurring role as flim-flam man Harry ("Pick a Con...Any Con"). The lack of a commentary track is a disappointment, as are the extras that wouldn't fill a shot glass. Still, Cheers patrons can expect plenty of happy hours with this set. --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • Everyboby Know's Their Names
    Before Woody, Rebecca, or even Frasier joined the gang, there was just Sam, Diane, Carla, Cliff, Coach, and of course NORM! Or as Diane would say Norman. Cheers is one of my faovrite shows ever, and with good cause. Although the show really starts to bloom in the second season, the first is still worth getting. The show starts off with a 35 year old ex baseball player for the boston Red Sox, sam, running a bar, along with his ex-baseball coach, and his bossy, always pregant waitress Carla. After only a few moments we met, inspiring writer/poet, bride-to-be Diane Chambers. When her boyfriend leaves her, she takes a job at Sam's bar, called Cheers. Norm is the same as he is in every season, a beer drinking, in-and-out-of-work, costumer. And hears a little known fact (Cheers fans should recognize those words), Cliff's character is only a supporting character, and has less scenes, than in any other scenes.

    Although the 3rd season and up are really my favorites, the first season offers us some of the smartest comedy writting ever. At only 37 dollars, and the free shipping option, if you order from amazon, this is a must have.

    Here are some things for Cheers fans to watch for.

    1. Coach - this character was replaced by Woody after the actor, Nicholas Colasanto died. Although I love Woody, and think the Coach and Woody are very similar. There is a certain charm found in Coach, that makes him a truely memorable character.

    2. Is that Paul? - For fans of the later seasons of Cheers, you may remember a character named Paul. He was never a main character, but he was a often returning character. Although Paul is not in these episodes, the actor, plays random characters throughout the seasons, including this one. So for those who remember him, he is in at least one episode of this season.

    3. He loves her, he loves her not - Sam and Diane's story line is done perfectly. Although they don't get together until the end of this season, their comments, and arguments about each other, are not to be missed.

    Order this dvd set today, and when it comes out, sit down and revisit a place where everybody know's your name....more info

  • Bashful's DVD Summary #041

    1) You get to relive classic moments from this very memorable comedy with favorite characters Sam, Diane, Carla, Coach, Cliff and NORM!
    2) When others shows make you think too much or fail to make you laugh, this series is simply comfortable to slip into anytime.
    3) The subtle jokes are the best. Watch (or listen) for them while the main actions are going on.


    1) Aside form an interesting Ted Danson interview, the special features are limited to scene montages of stuff you've already seen.


    You can't help but find this series endearing, if not outright hilarious, but you might be disappointed with the lack of good special features.Regardless, it's a must-have for any serious comedy collection....more info

  • The greatest show ever!!!
    Classic show. I love Cheers, and the first season is among its best. Cheers is a national treasure. Sammy and Cliffie are my two favorite characters, and Coach is also great....more info
  • Finally!!!!!!
    I have been waiting 10 years for this to come out and now it will be on DVD. I am hoping that all 11 seasons can be cranked out in the next two years or so. The best sitcome of all time. Period....more info
    The series pilot is a dead giveaway that the creators knew they had a hit on their hands - a lot of times you'll see a small difference in quality between a pilot episode and the rest of the series, but in this case the first episode is, quality wise, at the same level as the other 21 episodes.

    You can tell how long a show was on the air by the fuss they make when it eventually ends. And when Cheers ended, after 11 years, the fuss was huge.

    The premise was fairly simple and pretty novel - take one bar in Boston, now, add some regulars, including Sam (lady's man and owner of the bar), Coach (the dim, but lovable barkeep), Carla (the one barmaid, who is equal parts feisty and fertile), Norm (Norm!) and Cliff (Mr. Zip's answer man). Gently add one dumped and down-on-her-luck brainiac (Diane) and stir. The result is a sitcom where the next story is whomever walks through the bar doors next. Brilliant!

    While I love the humor and have come to appreciate the continuing saga of the bar regulars I like the style of Cheers the most. The majority of sitcoms involve some variation on the two-story, one family, suburban home, but Cheers took place in a bar. And that's it. Designed like a large stage play, the action never leaves the bar - people come and go, homes are mentioned, but RARILY does the camera leave the bar.

    The four disc set comes with a nice helping of extras, but not a lot. The best is probably "Setting the Bay: A Conversation with Ted Danson", a four minute short wherein Ted Danson briefly goes over his role on Cheers and his thoughts about its charms, but honestly it was pretty short (8 minutes, most of which is clips from the show). In addition there are the following four clip collections;

    "Love at First Sight: Opposites Distract"
    "Coach Ernie Pantusso's Rules of the Game"
    "I'll Drink to That: Stormin' Normisms"
    "It's A Little Known Fact..."

    Each features the best of the bits for each of the main characters, with the exception of Carla. The best would have to be the collection of Normisms - Norm's various responses to various greetings is a show standard and always good for a laugh, so compiling them all in one place is good for a hoot.

    And finally, a Cheers trivia game, which tests to see if you've been paying close attention !

    Now, if only I can get that theme out of my head......more info
  • Here comes the 3rd season
    According to, the 3rd season of "CHEERS", is going to be released in May. They also have the box set art, and it is much improved over last seaons cover. I absolutely can't wait!!!!!!!!...more info
  • One of America's All-Time best Sitcoms
    Cheers very first season premiered on primetime U.S T.V in 1982. Little did people know that this series set in Boston's most famous bar would become such a phenomenon that would last for 11 years and stretch to an impressive 270 episode run. Cheers was deservedly showered with many awards and was still on top when the show sadly ended in 1993 (with the final episode bringing in record viewing figures for the series).

    I was merely 2 years old when Cheers first swung into action. Of todays new generation of U.S sitcoms, Will And Grace (1999 -) and Friends (1994 - 2004) rank as my all-time favourites. Cheers is still near at the top of my list as the show is like fine wine - has gotten better with age! Obviously the clothes and hairstyles instantly date the series but overlooking that obvious fact Cheers still plays extremely well.

    At long, long last (and way overdue) fans of this classic landmark series in American television history can enjoy the series once again with the first season being released in an attractive four DVD box set containing all 22 episodes that were filmed between 1982-83 (as well as boasting a host of interesting special features including an interview with Ted Danson and a fun trivia game that tests fans knowledge of the series).

    The premiere episode of Cheers sees snotty academic Diane Chambers arrive at the infamous bar with her equally pompous partner only to be jilted before they were about to set off on a romantic vacation. In a twist, Diane is soon hired by Sam as a waitress and slowly succumbs to Sams somewhat brash charm. And that was how this fantastic series began.....

    What makes Cheers such a knockout classic was the wonderful contrast of characters. Former pro baseball player Sam "Mayday" Malone is a slightly cocky but very likeable character with an eye for the ladies. Diane Chambers sweet but rather niaeve way of thinking becomes a foil for sharp witted and very boisterous Carla. Complimenting these three key characters are Coach, the hilariously eccentric and dim-witted but sweet and good-hearted barman, the notorious Norm who is renowned for his permanent seating spot at the corner of the bar and Cliff who fast becomes Norms sparring drinking partner.

    Ted Danson as Sam Malone is at the central gravity of the show, running the aptly named Cheers bar with a cool efficency. Danson plays the down-to-earth, womanising character to great effect, bringing in a lot of the laughs where as Shelley Long as Diane Chambers (who becomes much more likeable and down to earth after the opening episode) is just utterly adorable. Ted Danson and Shelley Long both sparked off one another displaying naturalistic affection for one another and enjoying an electric on-screen chemistry. Sam and Diane soon became one of T.V's most popular (mismatched) couples. The fact that the two characters had both come from completely different walks of life added to the magic and chemistry of their complex on-screen partnership.

    Rhea Perlman is universally excellent as tough-talking, no-nonsense Carla. Her fiery spirit and witty put downs became another essential ingredient to the show and Carla's on-screen feud with Diane was always hilarious. Perlman's impeccable timing was always, to say the least, hilarious.

    The sweetness of Nicholas Colasanto's approach to his screwball character, Coach, is played with conviction and was like a breath of fresh air in the series whilst those two sparring drinking buddies played by George Wendt (Norm) and John Ratzenberger (Cliff) complimented the diverse blend of characters.

    Cheers first season was a knockout and a thriving start to the shows history. Every episode was fabulous with superb comic playing from all the cast involved. Most of the amusing situations that alternated between different characters in the show were all (mostly) set in the Cheers bar. The titles of the season one episodes are as follows:

    Ep 1: Give Me A Ring Sometime
    Ep 2: Coach's Daughter
    Ep 3: Sam's Women
    Ep 4: The Tortelli Tort
    Ep 5: Sam At Eleven
    Ep 6: Any Friend Of Diane's
    Ep 7: Friends, Romans And Accountants
    Ep 8: Truce Or Consequences
    Ep 9: Coach Returns To Action
    Ep 10: Endless Slumper
    Ep 11: One For The Book
    Ep 12: The Spy Who Came In For A Cold One
    Ep 13: Now Pitching, Sam Malone
    Ep 14: Let Me Count The Ways
    Ep 15: Father Knows Last
    Ep 16: The Boys In The Bar
    Ep 17: Diane's Perfect Date
    Ep 18: No Contest
    Ep 19: Pick A Con...Any Con
    Ep 20: Someone Single, Someone Blue
    Ep 21: Show Down (Part 1)
    Ep 22: Show Down (Part 2)

    The first season ends on the cracking episode where Sam and Diane finally get together after months of a tense, sexually-charged build up. The whole ethos of this first series was built on a will-they?, won't-they? premise. When the two did finally get it on, many viwers cheered to see these two loveable characters, that were so incompatable, finally consummate their relationship (off-screen of course).

    Cheers (1982-93) remains a milestone in American sitcom history and has enjoyed success across the world including Britain where the show became a primetime favourite on the network television station, Channel 4. Lovers of American comedy will be enthralled!

    Ian Phillips
    ...more info
  • Hometown Bar
    It too me awhile to become a Cheers Fan, but once I did I was hooked. I do not recall watching it often during the first couple of seasons, probably just caught it now and again, but by the time it finally signed off I was a big fan.

    During the time I caught many re-runs and decided to get the entire first season to be able to watch it from start to finish and it was very worthwhile to be able to do so to see the show from the beginning.

    A great ensemble cast and sharp writing made it a darling of critics despite the less than steller ratings and foruntately the show continued on so there were many more wonderful years of Sam, Cliff, Norm and Carla, plus some others that were not around for the full show but were very special in their own right,

    If you liked the show at all, or have caught the first season in parts, it is really worthwhile to get this set and enjoy the beginnings of the bar where everyone knew your name....more info
  • Laughed And Learned.
    Growing up in the 1980's this was that show that made you laugh and cheered you up all at once. For me the Sam vs. Diane seasons may have been the funniest years of any sitcom. The characters and writing were diverse enough to keep the viewers watching. What other hit show was ever centered around a bar? Have'nt most of us known a know it all like Cliff, or a potted plant like Norm? Ep-7 "Coaches Daughter was the most realistic and touching of this inaugural season." You rarely see a father-daughter relationship on TV. that is so true. In "He Loves Her, He Loves Her Not?" We see how Sam and Diane are on the long road to mutual torture. Was there ever a more mismatched couple? Polar opposites to be sure, but there was a distinct chemistry between Sam and Diane. Far more so than Ross and Rachel. In "Truth Or Consequences," Carla toys with Dianes naive nature with hilarious results. These two episodes may offer a lesson? In the short term polar opposites may attract? But, in the long term without some commonality any relationship is doomed. ...more info
  • Ensemble Comedy At Its Finest!
    This is the finest first season of ANY sitcom. I would strongly disagree with the customers who think that the show hit its stride in the second season. "Cheers" hit its stride when Diane said "You gather my inference" to an obnoxious customer in episode 3. It flew into the stratosphere in the two-part finale which featured some of the sharpest acting and writing in film or tv. Don't let those reviewers fool you. "Cheers" was in full bloom from nearly the very beginning.I am excited about the DVD release. Now how about "The Duck Factory" with Jim Carrey....more info
    Let me just say that IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! If shows like Buffy and Dawson's Creek can get released on DVD, then Cheers should have been released a loooooong time ago!! I can only hope that all 12 seasons of America's finest comedy get released in the next 2 years because I know that I'll plow through Season One the day I get it.

    Long live Sammy, Norm, Cliff, Carla, Woody, Frasier, Lillith, Rebecca, the Coach, and yes, even Diane!!!...more info

  • The pick of the Litter!
    As always the 1st season is usally the best and the rule applys here with a vengence. So if you want to walk down memory lane and have a couple of good belly laughs then think about getting this DVD....more info
  • Excellent
    Cheers is my husbands all time favorite sitcom. We have 2 small girls and they both love watching the show as well. Yelling "Norm" is their favorite part. The season has many shows that we couldn't believe were in the first season of Cheers. Anyone that likes the show will love Season 1. ...more info
  • Best show ever
    Cheers is by far the best show ever. The writing is brlliant, and the characters are amazing. I've waited forever for this, and I am extremely excited! There has never been a show better than Cheers, it set the standard for all sitcoms that followed it. It is a piece of American History. Buy it, buy it, buy it!...more info
  • The first season of Cheers is a classic.
    Cheers is one of the best written series of all time. The first season is great. My wife and I loved every episode....more info
  • This is the greatest show, period
    The television show 'Cheers' meant so much to so many people. For me, I could relate to many characters. I went through my "Diane' and my 'Rebecca'. The appeal of this show was not just the comedy, but the writing. Cheers was a soap opera disguised as a SitCom. We cared about the people on the show. I still remember when Coach died. I thought it was the end of the show. Thankfully that wasn't the case. He was replaced, but never forgotten (Geronimo). We all cared about Sam and Diane, we wanted them to be happy. In the end though, the very last episode, I still don't know if they were or not.

    But you can see the crazy, first season that made it all happen. Possibly the most touching episode is 'Coach's Daughter'. She finally understands what his idea of beauty is. That was great acting, and great writing. It doesn't get better than Cheers....more info

  • Best comedy writing on TV
    I have always felt that the Cheers writers during the first few seasons put together the funniest and most poignant sit-coms I have ever seen on TV. The first season showed consistently high quality in the writing. From the opening episode when Diane first comes into Cheers and winds up with a job, to the final episodes when Sam finally deals with his life-long jealousy of his brother, the timing is consistently excellent and the cast shows a real chemistry. The episode involving Sam's lucky bottlecap and how he licked his drinking problem will bring tears to your eyes. The episode in which Sam hires a murderer to date Diane is also here and funny as ever. These DVDs present the complete episodes, not the truncated versions now seen in syndication, so you will see footage, especially before the opening credits, that has not been seen on TV since the originals were presented. The secondary characters, especially Norm and Coach, flesh out the depth of the Cheers experience, and present priceless opportunities for hilarious one-liners. For Cheers fans, this is the real thing....more info
  • The set we all have been waiting for
    I have been waiting for this series to hit DVD since TV shows to disc have become all the rage.Finally we are getting one of the greatest sitcoms ever complete and in order.While i feel the show didn't hit it's stride till the second season this set will still be something to cherish forever.I can not wait till Paramount releases all of the episiodes.Definately a treasure.Now if we can just get Night Court on DVD....more info
  • Finally
    Finally. I've been waiting quite a while for this one. I'm still excited! Now if we could just get Seinfeld on DVD we'd be set....more info
  • Cheer for Cheers!
    What can I say--the entire first season of Cheers, starting from the pilot episode. All the original players. In a day of reality tv garbage and shock-type tv, it's so refreshing to have these old shows to watch--just good writing, good acting, and pure laughs....more info
  • Real Good One!!!
    I was a big fan of "Becker" series of Ted Danson and decided to just check out how good his previous series was. I bought the first season of "Cheers" and have enjoyed watching it. Will purchase the all other seasons too..............more info
  • Terriffic!!!!!
    Great show. Brilliant cast, and the greatest show of all time as far as I'm concerned. I got this season the day it came out, and I plan on getting the second season the day it comes out, which is January 6. I can't wait!!...more info
  • Just wanted to say...
    That the 2nd(second) season is coming out on January 6th, 2003, or so this website says. Search for Cheers and you will see the info for the 2nd season. January 6th is my Birthday too! Sweet....more info
  • classic
    this is a classic i had to buy stleast the first season so if it ever went off the air id have a copy..great comedy...more info
  • Finally!
    I can't believe it has taken this long to get this wonderul series onto DVD but I am so glad that it finally made it! I can't wait to own the ENTIRE series! THANK YOU Paramount!...more info
  • One of the greatest sitcoms in television history!
    One of the greatest television comedies in history, Cheers is an absolute "must see" for anyone who's ever had a regular hangout "where everybody knows your name". The shows centers itself around the friendly neighborhood Boston bar named Cheers. The bar is owned by former Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Sam Malone (Ted Danson). Sam has two employees - bartender Ernie "Coach" Pantusso and waitress Carla Tortelli. Things are great for Sam until he hires a jilted graduate student named Diane Chambers (Shelley Long) to waitress in the bar. Regular barflies Norm Peterson and Cliff Clavin round out a strong supporting cast.

    The first season DVD offers patrons their first glimpse of the most famous bar in America. The character's identities are slowly unveiled as fans watch Sam in full "babe hound" mode, Carla in her usual pregnant state, Coach in his usual state of confusion, Norm in his usual drinking spot, Cliff spouting his usual arcane trivia, and Diane is her usual mode of telling everyone about everything.

    Below is a list of the episodes included on the Cheers (Season 1) DVD:

    Episode 1 (Give Me A Ring Sometime)
    Episode 2 (Sam's Women)
    Episode 3 (The Tortelli Tort)
    Episode 4 (Sam At Eleven)
    Episode 5 (Coach's Daughter)
    Episode 6 (Any Friend Of Diane's)
    Episode 7 (Friends, Romans, Accountants)
    Episode 8 (Truce Or Consequences)
    Episode 9 (Coach Returns To Action)
    Episode 10 (Endless Slumper)
    Episode 11 (One For The Book)
    Episode 12 (The Spy Who Came In For A Cold One)
    Episode 13 (Now Pitching, Sam Malone)
    Episode 14 (Let Me Count The Ways)
    Episode 15 (Father Knows Last)
    Episode 16 (The Boys In The Bar)
    Episode 17 (Diane's Perfect Date)
    Episode 18 (No Contest)
    Episode 19 (Pick A Con... Any Con)
    Episode 20 (Someone Single, Someone Blue)
    Episode 21 (Showdown 1)
    Episode 22 (Showdown 2)

    The DVD Report...more info