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Two Weeks Notice (Widescreen Edition)
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Opposites don't just attract - they hilariously banter fuss feud and collide when SANDRA BULLOCK plays an activist lawyer and HUGH GRANT is the eccentric tycoon who hires her in this romantic-comedy romp from the writer of Miss CongenialityRunning Time: 102 min.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: COMEDY UPC: 085392341825 Manufacturer No: 23418

You'd expect a cavalcade of cuteness from any pairing of Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, but Two Weeks Notice admirably avoids the obvious. You get plenty of Bullock's pratfalls and feisty sex appeal, and Grant's snappy comebacks are never in short supply, but first-time writer-director Marc Lawrence (who wrote Bullock's previous hit, Miss Congeniality) adds just enough antagonism to keep this romantic comedy from being a completely foregone conclusion. Neurotic lawyer, environmentalist, and landmark-preservation activist Lucy Kelson (Bullock) is determined to thwart the efforts of billionaire developer and jet-setting playboy George Wade (Grant); of course, fate brings them together and then rips them apart, just as they're beginning to feel the panicky pangs of love. A replacement attorney (Alicia Witt) defies formula by being genuinely sweet, and Lawrence steers clear of the most familiar clich¨¦s. It's formulaic anyway, but in Two Weeks Notice it's a comforting formula, delivered by stars who thrive within their limitations. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

    Fans of Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant are probably more enamored of this movie than I am, but if you like lightweight comedies and romantic conflicts, then TWO WEEKS NOTICE isn't all that bad. Reminiscent of the Doris Day/Rock Hudson comedies of the sixties, this movie brings us Bullock as a legal aid lawyer who has been raised to stand up for causes she believes in, even if it means getting arrested in doing so. Her latest foe is a corporation run by none other than Mr. Grant, who plans on tearing down the beloved community center on Coney Island. Grant strikes up a deal that he'll spare the building if she comes to work for him. Despite the protests of her parents, including Robert Klein as her feisty dad, she accepts and finds herself helping Grant pick out his clothes, ties, colognes and other personal duties. After a while, she decides to give her two weeks notice and trains her replacement, a wispy young redhead named June Carver (Alicia Witt), who makes a play for the handsome womanizer. From there, it's just a matter of time till the ill-matched pair realize they'e in love and one can certainly guess where the movie ends up.
    Bullock and Grant are in good form, with Grant getting all the good lines, and the film uses contemporary pop songs effectively, letting the music mirror the particular scene. If you like this kind of lightweight comedy, you'll probably like TWO WEEKS NOTICE....more info
  • Boring&I couldn't wait until it was over
    Grant&Bullock are two of the Most Run of Mill Actors&Actress's in the Business going around&this Film was like a low-Budget "When Harry Met Sally"Clone without any luster what so ever.this Film was just kind of there.I was Bored Beyond belief....more info
  • When the right one is right there but you are too smart to know it
    Ever get the feeling that love is right there and near by and yet you can't see it... this is a romantic comedy about two people who are perfect for one another but can't see it until it may be too late....more info
  • Very funny and very sweet
    I'm a big fan of romantic comedies and this is one of my favorite. I received this movie as a graduation gift and I really like it. Hugh Grants George character was such a pain in the butt to Sandra Bullock's Lucy character but he grew on her.

    Lucy was always an overachieving, take charge, and want to make a difference person while George was guy who never really needed to work hard just represent his company. ...more info
  • Craving Chinese food now...
    I think this is a decent romantic comedy with a definite save the planet mentality. You're not bombarded by the romantic part, so can enjoy the witty jokes and actors with good comedic timing. Hugh Grant does a surprisingly good job at being yet another reluctant grown-up who falls in love just as reluctantly. I recommend this movie for chick-flick night every time. ...more info
  • Not really much to like about this one...2 WEAKS no-dice!
    I suppose I expected too much after just watching Miss Congeniality. This movie was slow and too political. It constantly insults conservatism but gives no grounds for doing so. As liberalism often does. Now, I could insult Democrats all day, but I'd do it with facts and give reasons for doing so. And don't get me wrong, Republicrats aren't much better than Demopublicans...however, conservatism is a lifestyle and for some reason it's the only lifestyle Hollywood, liberals and just humans in general have full rights to degrade and insult(by the way, conservatives are not ALL red-necks). That just seems very HYPOCRITICAL to me.
    NONE of that changes my original point...this movie is hardly funny(if at all), not all that interesting and not at all entertaining. The mushy ending felt forced, in felt so forced, I wanted to smack the both of them and serve them their future divorce papers right there!
    I'm only glad my friend let me borrow his copy...poor guy, he's the one that bought it. SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR SOMETHING REALLY FUNNY!...more info
  • Very good romantic comedy
    Well, Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant are two of my favorites. So putting them together was a great idea for me. I haven't seen many of Sandra Bullock's movies. Actually, the only 2 films I really liked her in were The Net, and Practical Magic, the latter just fair. But I thought this film was perfect for both of them. The music in the background was pretty good too. I do hope they make more films together, and Bullock stops making those beauty contest films. They're terrible. ...more info
  • Feel-Good Picker-Upper
    Not sure why everybody is yawning over this one. I bought it sight unseen because I like both of the stars. I was not disappointed, and have watched it three times already.

    There is strong chemistry between these two, reminiscent of Day/Hudson and Roberts/Gere. Yes, the storyline is far-fetched, but if I wanted to be smacked with reality, I'd have bought a documentary.

    There are a lot of laughs in this film, and a fairy-tale ending. Things I remember most: Mom's body language around Grant; the RV scene; the Milk-Dud shrew; "What baby?"; the waterfront party; "Don't be silly. Have you MET everybody on earth?", and on and on.

    Loads of bonus material, too, including two deleted scenes and a bloopers version of the movie (great fun).

    I also have Miss Congeniality; frankly, I like this one better....more info

  • Grant, Bullock Disappoint
    I have come to expect a lot more from both of these fine comedic talents!
    The plotline was way too formulaic and, Duh! everyone knows the two will eventually wind up together.
    Bad fluff by 2 great actors - let's hope there is better from them to come!...more info
  • Great funny not too heavy romantic comedy
    I first watched this movie at a friend's house 4 years ago and I have to say I really enjoyed it! It is a funny romantic comedy that delves into the developing chemistry between two people (Sandra Bullock as Lucy and Hugh Grant's character as George Wade).

    The story is basically about Lucy who goes to work for George Wade's multimillion company as an assistant in exchange for Wade's help to keep a local Community Center standing and not have it torn down to build a new shopping development. Later as she goes on working for him she gets fed up about the lack of attention and respect that she receives so she gives him her 2 weeks Notice. What happens after that is a budding romance between Bullock's and Grant's character that leads to pleasant and surprising twists and turns. At one point in the movie when Lucy gets frustrated she calls Wade "the most selfish man on the planet"! I don't want to ruin the movie for people who didn't watch it by saying if the Community Center remains open, but either way it is a laugh out loud romantic comedy the whole family will enjoy.

    If you haven't seen this movie already you are missing out! Many Blockbuster Videos have older movies for rental for only $1.99, or you can rent it via Netflix. I highly recommend this movie. Goo see it!...more info
  • Sparklers, not fireworks
    Sandra Bullock plays the modern day hippie-lawyer-do-gooder who ends up working for the styrafoam plate loving corporate kabillionaire, hugh Grant, in hopes of making a difference. When time goes by and Bullock realizes she has become Grant's personal wardrobe cooridinator and has not done very much good for the world at all, she gives in her two weeks notice, which causes both to realize how much they really do care about each other.
    This isn't one of Sandra Bullock's worst attempts *Cough* Murder by Numbers, speed 2, Two if by Sea.... But it certainley isn't the best - Ms. Congeniality, Practical Magic.... The chemistry between her & Hugh Grant is really all that makes the movie watcjable. The writing is on the dull side and the plot is rather predictable. But, Sandra Bullock still remains the queen of cuteness. Worth watching once - who knows, you might actually want to watch it again....more info
  • A Great Movie
    Nobody these days make good movies anymore. But this movie is awesome. I like Hugh Grant even though sometimes I can not understand what he is saying. But I always love Sandra Bullock. Because she keeps it real. This is a great movie to add to either your VHS or you DVD....more info
  • LOVE HUGH & SANDRA! Cute flick!
    Cute flick. Funny moments in it, Love Hugh and Sandra Bullock as always is great. Not a classic, but cute overall. The DVD commentary with Hugh & Sandra made me laugh more than the movie. Great chemistry!!!...more info
  • Yawn...
    There's nothing really special about this's such a cliche story and just feels tired and boring. Believe me, I usually love any-and-all chick flicks, but this one just doesn't appeal to me. Pick something else instead....more info
  • Formulaic, but still a cute rental
    Writer/Director Marc Lawrence and star/producer Sandra Bullock scored a direct hit with their surprisingly good "Miss Congeniality." So, in "Two Weeks Notice" they get the band back together. This time, insert Hugh Grant for Ben Bratt, and change the Bullock ugly duckling-to-swan transformation storyline to start with hippie, crunchy granola lawyer instead of athletic, disheveled undercover cop.

    In other words, all quite formulaic. And it would all be worth dismissing outright were it not for the charm and verve of the two stars. Bullock is the best physical comedienne working in film today. Check out her tipsy boat scene in which she declares herself a "twisty, bobcat pretzel." It's a classic.

    And Grant is back to his classic stuttering, fluttering persona, to good effect. What can only be called his 'Hugh Grant-like' reaction to Bullock in 'twisty, bobcat pretzel' mode is also great fun. [This*is* acting though. He needs to get credit for that. See 'About a Boy' to see what Grant is capable of when he's asked to dig deeper for a character.]

    All in all, 'Two Weeks Notice' is worth a rental (or a purchase at the right price)....more info

  • Cute and funny...
    Basically a solid popcorn movie but highly enjoyable. Funny and witty together, Sandy and Hugh have great chemistry. In the realm of cotton candy-lite romantic comedies, this is right up there. ...more info

    The cast and director did their jobs and made an otherwise average story into a very enjoyable and humorous movie. If you like this one, you should also try the movies (DVD) "Love Actually" and "Miss Congeniality." HAPPY VIEWING. ...more info
  • Excellent movie at a great price
    I got exactly what I paid for. The movie worked perfectly. Great chick flick....more info
  • Two Weeks of Pure Fun and Wacky Sweetness
    I bought this movie for my mom who love's the scene when Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant are in the helicopter. This movie is sweet, funny, and cunningly tackles a few political/social issues as well. Enjoy it for what it is..the title says it all. ...more info
  • Disappointment!!
    Sandra Bullock tries the old, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" routine for this movie. This movie was not funny at all. Even with comedian, Robert Klein in a supporting role, it doesn't take off. Hugh Grant is wasted in his role. Overall, this is a dud....more info
  • product review
    cute though predictable romantic comedy.
    (the plastic pieces that hold the disc in place were broken)...more info
  • Two Weeks Notice
    Just saw it on TV & love it & so I bought it & plan on watching it several times. I like Sandra Bullock & Hugh Grant....more info
  • good chemestry
    at first i thought hugh grant, sandra bullock...what are they thinking? But, once I watched the film I realized what a perfect match they are! This movie is cute, funny, and fast moving. I truly enjoyed it and reccomend it to any one who is looking for a quite, cozy night at home with some soft humor and romantic love....more info
  • A well -acted movie with a terrible script.
    Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant were great in this movie taking every oppurtunity to make it funny. However, the script was pretty bad. I think there could of been some more humor in it around the middle to keep everyones attention. It got a bit boring and then picked up. This really deserved a 3.5

    Overall: Give it a chance and give it a watch....more info

  • Save your money!
    The story was awful. Don't spend your money on this one. Borrow it from the library....more info
  • Letdown in downtown
    This seems like a dream match-up. As likeable and engaging as these two stars are, this film suffers from a weak script and direction. It never reaches cruising speed, but just plods along. There is unfunny scene after scene, many with clumsy resolution, the actors just standing there looking uneasy. What should have been a bunch of perfectly written and executed small character roles were mismanaged and presented, none truly having any bearing on the story. This is not an awful film, it can be enjoyed, but sadly it didn't reach it's full potential. ...more info
  • "Too Boring" Notice
    I am a fan of Hugh Grant especially for the comedy movies Nine Months, Notting Hill and 3 Weddings and 1 Funeral. I also liked Sandra Bullock in movies like The Net, While you were sleeping for her excellent performances. So, with great expectations I wanted to see this so called comedy but it was a total disappointment. The movie was so boring that I could not even finish it. The actors look ordinary, the story looks ordinary and so the treatment. A total waste. The stardom is wasted and so is our time too.

    Was the movie taken it two weeks?...more info

  • Competent comedy
    "Two Weeks Notice" is a romantic comedy about Lucy, an idealistic and gutsy Harvard law school graduate (played by Sandra Bullock), who is hired into a prestigious law firm by the firm's jet-setting partner, George (portrayed by Hugh Grant). George's brother owns the firm.

    George enjoys considerable wealth and perks afforded by his position. He is handsome and rather charming, and he is divorced after philandering. Lucy and George are direct opposites. Lucy is from a working, middle class family. Her mother is a law professor and her father is an attorney with a social conscience. George seems to have inherited his privileged lot in life.

    Like her father, Lucy is compassionate towards the underdog. Her latest crusade is an attempt to save a community center located in an aging building. George's brother wants to demolish this building and replace it with a profitable high-rise. He expects George to close the deal on this project even though George is conflicted because of his increasing respect and admiration for Lucy.

    When Lucy leaves the law firm in favor of pro bono work, her replacement is a pretty, ambitious, and calculating young Harvard graduate who immediately sets her sights on George. Complications arise because Lucy has feelings for George and vice versa.

    "Two Weeks Notice" is a competent comedy. However, to thoroughly appreciate its story, one has to be sympathetic to the lead characters. Lucy is a person of integrity and conviction. George only begins to develop these qualities because of his association with Lucy. For most of the movie, George is a shallow, materialistic womanizer. It is doubtful that these two would actually end up together.

    Still "Two Weeks Notice" is a fairly pleasant diversion especially if you are fans of Bullock or Grant. These two talented actors give the movie more appeal than perhaps it deserves.

    ...more info
  • Chick Flick But Still Great
    Hugh Grants quick wit makes this movie. It is very predictable in the end, but what romance movie isn't. Hugh Grant brings his British Humor over to our home of New York City. In this movie he portrays a womanizer (not so far from the truth) but eventually falls for the unexpected. Sandra Bullock shows once again why she is prefect for these movies. She has definitely graduated from the times of Speed and has chosen a great role. Classic lines are present in the film, which will have you recalling them laughing hours after the film is over. Great date movie. ...more info
  • Review for Two Weeks Notice
    Lucy Kelson is a smart and funny attorney whose sole purpose in life from childhood was to fight for the last shreds of justice in the concrete jungle that is New York City. When she hears that Wade Corporation is planning to knock down her beloved Coney Island community center, she spares no time in stopping its CEO George Wade (played by Hugh Grant) in the street en rooute to his limo to convince him otherwise. Coincidentally, George has recently been berated by his older brother Howard (the real boss of the company) about his choice of chief counsel and their actual abilities. After quizzing her on her education and resume, George was impressed by her quick wit and perserverance, George hires Lucy on the spot and there begins a torturous yet blossoming relationship. Named after the customary two weeks notice that employees give employers before resigning from their jobs, this movie is superbly funny not only because of the jokes but because of the ingenious acting of Bullock and Grant. They convey wonderfully the light-hearted atmosphere of their relationship, and are versatile enough to switch from being quirkily humorous to sweetly romantic. The antics are never-ending, and added with Grant's bumbling British accent, makes this movie a gem of a romantic comedy....more info
  • This movie is an excellent movie
    This is a great movie with Hugh Grant and Sandra bullock. Sandra Bullock roll in this movie is yet another great roll. Her acting skills are superb as is Hugh Grant. In this movie I found the lead comedy roll was played by hugh Grant more so than Bullock.
    Many have written poor reviews about this movie but I say watch it and then write your review.
    Anyone who watches this movie will find the both Grant and Bullock plays a great roll in this simple story...more info
  • predictable but, enjoyable
    I wasn't expecting much so I really enjoyed this movie. I like both Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant plus I saw it on cable so I didn't go the the theather to see it but all in all it's a good film....more info