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Guardian - Weekly Edition
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Product Description

The Guardian Weekly gives you a comprehensive round-up of news, features and analysis from four of the world's best newspapers - the Guardian, the Observer, Le monde and The Washingon Post. An unrivalled digest of weekly news and comment.

Customer Reviews:

  • Guardian Weekly
    A wonderful opening to the world beyond the U.S. A different analysis and perspective....more info
  • Good to understand the world, if you can stand their bias
    The Guardian is one of the best newspapers in the world. Beautifully designed, great pictures and amazing content. It is one of the most internationally-thought newspapers around, and it gives you a different perspective, other than The New York Times' or the Washington Post's. But, and this is a big BUT, you have to understand that everything is being written with a bias towards the left. I've come to understood that when they started to show their love for Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez. Anyway, it is an important read for understanding world affairs....more info
  • Disappointing
    I was expecting hard news, but I got sports, opinion, and celebrity stories. Also, four-letter words that are more acceptable to the British than Americans. Definitely not worth the price....more info
  • Used to be a high quality paper with high standards
    Having read the Guardian and the Guardian Weekly for decades, I finally decided a few years ago that enough was enough. The Guardian has long had a reputation for journalistic excellence and liberal politics. But I no longer feel I can trust it on either count.

    One topic important to the Guardian that I know something about is the Arab-Israeli conflict. Here, the Guardian's politics have been very far from liberal, as it has supported some of the most reactionary opponents of human rights in the area. To me, that signifies that I can't trust it as a liberal publication on anything. Far worse, perhaps in its desire for sensationalism, its news reporting on this topic has been atrocious, and it has abandoned any semblence of journalistic standards. That means I can't trust it as a news source on any other topics either.

    I think the Guardian realizes that some folks may have noticed all this, as it got Daphna Baram to write a book about the Guardian's "disenchantment" with Israel. According to her, the problem is with Israel, not with the Guardian. Actually, the problem is with both Baram and the Guardian. In any case, I've had enough. I no longer recommend this weekly....more info
  • The Champion of The Left
    For anyone who is insecure, right-wing, and only concerned with themselves and the tiny neighbourhoods that surround them, you will have a hard time swallowing the social responisibility, international justice, and political awareness that The Guardian promotes with every issue. Elaborate exposes of human rights atrocities decorate the paper weekly, while profound journalists such as Julian Borger, Gary Younge, and Madeleine Bunting bombard the reader with intricate accounts and opinions on current world affairs. One of the most beautiful aspects of the Guardian Weekly is that it condenses only the most important information on urgent issues into articles, editorials, letters, and reports that allow for a variety of views while omitting unecessary details. The Guardian is ideal for students in search of a credible international news source and provides the American (Washington Post), French (Le Monde), and British (Observer, Guardian) point of view on most issues. While I disagree with the paper's blatantly pro-Palestinian stance, there is such an abundance of information and enlightening articles in every issue that this minor flaw becomes irrelevant. Simply put, only peer-reviewed journals and the French investigative magazine "Le Monde diplomatique" come CLOSE to the depth of The Guardian Weekly, and it truly is one of the best newspapers in the world. Subscribe immediately. ...more info
  • World's Greatest Newspaper
    I've subscribe to the Guardian Weekly for about a year now. It's an amazing piece of work: balanced, yet editorially opinionated; serious at times, yet very funny. The Guardian - and its accompanying Guardian Weekly published for its international readers - is the best thing written in the English language. As far as newspapers are concerned, the Guardian is in a league by itself. Those of us from the States have access to some high quality papers such as the NYT, WP, and WSJ. The Guardian, however, exceeds all these three in terms of range of coverage and quality of writing.

    Since the daily Guardian is printed in the UK, I don't have easy access to it. Therefore, I read some Guardian articles online. To really get a feel for the paper, international readers can subscribe to the Guardian Weekly. The publishers compile numerous articles from the week and print them in the Weekly. Printed in Britain, Canada, and Australia, the tabloid-sized paper arrives quickly and freshly relevant. Its relevance is bolstered by the fact that so many of the issues and angles covered in the articles aren't often found in the domestic media. US news and international affairs are covered very well.

    I learn more about my own country from the Guardian Weekly than I do from CNN, USA Today, and Fox News combined. You'll be glad that you subscribed....more info

  • A Wonderful News Resource
    The London Guardian Weekly is fabulous. It tells you things that you may not find in the American media. I find the price for the weekly steep but well worth it....more info