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The Sims Superstar Expansion Pack
List Price: $9.99

Our Price: $6.69

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Product Description

In The Sims: Superstar, you'll get a chance to break into show business with your Sim -- see if you can make them the next big thing in Hollywood! There's even a new clothing type, high fashion -- make sure you're dressed for success! Requires full version of The Sims

  • Develop the required skills for all-new entertainment career tracks - try your luck in the worlds of film, music, and fashion
  • Meet all the somebodies and nobodies and network with the right people, to be seen and get ahead
  • Build up your fame rating -- get in the public eye and stay there, or else your star will wane
  • Jump on stage and sing karaoke to start building your local fame
  • Once you start to make it, treat yourself with the perks of celebrity life -- swimming pools, massive living rooms satellite dishes that provide all-new TV channels and more

Customer Reviews:

    You need to try this game, it's awesome! Its probably the best one out of all of them. I'm not playing, it's true! If your thinking on which expansion pack you want to get, it's this one or unleashed both of them are great! I play them all the time.If you don't believe just ask around, they'll tell you the same thing. WELL JUST A HELPFUL HINT, HOPE IT HELPS....more info
  • Eryn's review
    I do not own Sims Superstar, but I have played it at my babysitter's house and it was so much fun!I am going to get it soon.I am excited to play on my own!Thank you for letting me wright this review. ...more info
  • I do not get this
    It doesn't work on windows 98 and that is a huge problem because all the other ones are installed on that. For short the game crashed om me. Oh well I guess makin' magic should help with that....more info
  • Once a Sims fan, always a Sims fan
    I had taken my time in getting The Sims Superstar Expansion Pack simply because with The Sims Makin' Magic Expansion Pack I was being kept busy in my Sims' world. As time went on I became more and more curious what Superstar held for me and I broke down and just had to have it. I can't resist not having every expansion pack the Sims series hold (heaven forbid when Spore is released, I won't know what to do!) I couldn't have been happier with my purchase, in fact I purchased a used copy from here on Amazon and got a *great* deal. I immediately made my way to Studio Town and got to work climbing the social ladder there.

    Now, Superstar is much different than the other expansion packs, you have to earn stars - and the more you do in Studio town and the more famous friends you have, the more stars you earn. The more stars, the more you can do. It's not just sitting around a trailer (though if you want to you can!) eating bon bons. What tickled me about this was the makers of Superstar actually placed real celebrities into the game - Christina Aguilara, Marilyn Monroe - there's also someone that looks like a bald Woody Harleson, but I can't figure out why he's standing in the middle of the road as if he's a valet. Overall I've been having a blast with it. I'm upset I skipped over Superstar originally because I'm having so much fun with it now. If you still have your original Sims series and are missing Superstar (you haven't gotten to Sims 2 yet like me - lack of funds) definately grab Superstar. I had a blast making commercials, singing jingles, making songs, print ads, and having a role in a soap opera! If nothing else, get some fancy clothes and walk the catwalk!...more info
  • Super Game
    The Sims Superstar is the greatest sims game of all time.My best sim (Melina)has risen to the top and has heaps of money and friends from becoming an amazing celebrity.With all the objects you can get she has the best house i've ever created. ...more info
  • Not a fan of "The Superstar"
    When I first purchased this, I played it for hours. My opinion, this is my least favorite expansion pack.

    The objects are excellent! I think one of the reasons to purchase this pack is for the great objects. The new location offers poster and clothing shops, spas, movie sets, music studios..etc. The celebrity Sims are all right, as well (athough I disagree with some of the celebs Maxis has chosen to 'sim'"). What's funny is if your Sim earns a few star points, you get an "obsessed fan" who follows you everywhere.

    So what are the bad things about this game? Well, it just gets pretty repetitive. Earning star points at first can be easy if you are close to maxing out your abilities, like charisma..etc. When you finally reach stardom (but not super stardom), making music videos and walking down the runway can be quite annoying. you don't really know what the directors want. you can be fully refreshed and you have maxed out your skills, but it gets annoying when they disagree with what you're doing....more info

  • SuperStar- not that hard!
    I was very suprised to find that many reviewers were saying how hard it is to gain one star, and to make famous friends. Just make sure your sim is all greened up when they head to stuido town, and since the first few levels don't require skill, it should be easy! As for getting famous friends, find a sim who has a lower or about the same star level as you. Talk to them, compliment them, whatever, just get a few social points. Then head home and invite them downtown! We all know it doesn't take much to make friends there. In no time you'll have famous friends and some star levels. Once you get to the more advance photo shoot, and from that point, don't make the same mistake I did at first. They'll give you 3 ways to do the shoot (or song, or soap opera, whatever). Randomely pick one way, and choose it three times (you dont have to find the sequence the three go in like I thought). The director will either have you in a thought bubble or you in a thought bubble with an X through your sim. Use these indicators to switch what you need to. You get three tries, so it isn't too bad. Just make sure in between visits to studio town you work on charisma and creativity. Use a piano for creativity because they'll gain fun at the same time. Overall, this is more challenging then the previous expansions (and makin magic) but if you work at it, it's quite fun!
    p.s. if your sim is good friends with a celeb, go into the celeb trailer, and invite that person in, and see what happens ;)!...more info
  • The next chapter
    I really enjoy the new town and the shopping areas of this game. There are a ton of new characters to interact with. Upside... you can make some mad cash breaking into the music or acting biz. Downside... better not have a family cause you'll never spend time with them in the game, and you have to donate a lot of free time sucking up to people. Overall, it's a great expansion....more info
  • Great addition
    One of the better expansion packs for sure. Must buy for Sims players....more info
  • fun, fun, fun!
    I just started playing the sims again, and it is really fun. I like going to the studio town and performing, but it is really hard to make good friends, in a matter of time (at studio town). Your comfort bar, energy bar, etc. are constanly decreasing, and sometimes your sims are not even in the mood to perform, which wastes your trip. Plus, there are many things going on at once, which may freeze up your screen, so save from time to time! But, overall, this game is fun, I like it much better than the The Sims for PS2....more info
    The Sims is a great game. It is SO addicting! Everyone should own this game! The best thing to do is make you and your dream house-then make your family and your family's dream house! One of the great things about this game is that you can become famous! So everyone who wants to become famous or likes computer games should buy this game. THIS GAME IS THE BEST IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • COOL
    This game is a great sequel. It's really fun to become famous and have people adore you. Especially if in life you aren't famous. I also have a good time making my own actresses and actors and making them fanous. It's really fun. i made Alexis Bledel. But I called her Kimberly Alexis and last name as Bledel. Kimberly Alexis sounds really pretty to me. Anyway I reccomend this game. It's a great sequel and the hair choices are much better....more info
  • help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can someone please tell me how your agents now when you do karoke so you can get star power. pleae someone tell me when they write their review....more info
  • Very Dissapointed ..
    Okay now I play the sims for hours at a time because im addicted to all of the games, and I own all of them. But I am very dissapointed in this game because even though the new Items are really cool, and I like the new location... Its just not that fun! Its almost impossible to get famous or even to get one star, and its truly impossible to make friends with anyone remotely famous. This game was a huge let down for me and all my friends who play. I can tell you though if your looking to play the sims then your best bet is to buy all the other great ones like Hot Date or the best one Makin Magic. Definately do NOT buy this game!...more info
  • The Tripleeagle rating
    When I first found The Sims, it was in my dad's office.
    I looked at it. I was amazed: it was the present I was dreaming of for years and years and now I had it in my hands. It was mine, all mine!!! I didn't ask him for it but he just bought it like that. But did I tell you that it was only the Sims original (because you need the Sims original, Deluxe, Double Deluxe or Sims 2 to make an expansion pack work.
    So I became a BIG fan of Sims and my first expansion pack that I had for my birthday was The Sims Superstar Expansion Pack
    by Electronic Arts.

    But I remind you to visit and for a nice relaxed day!!!...more info

  • superstar review
    the sims superstar was a great game it was really fun and all the new objects like oxygen bar and a flying machine plus you can hire a masseuse and more theres upto 150 new items and with the new settin of the neigborhoods and all the new houses it a great game...more info
  • Addicting..... Until later
    This game is fun, but it sort of gets annoying when your sims won't do things or get depressed. And it's hard and takes long hours to get your sim to even get to a "stepping stone". You have to work really hard at creativity and carisma to get 1 full star. And i don't even know what happens after that because i can't get to it! I mean, you work on creativity and carisma, then go to studio town, get half a star point for singing, and by then, it's midnight, your sim is hungry, depressed and needs to go to the bathroom really bad. And worst of all, it messes up their stupid sleeping pattern when they get back to their house because their house doesn't change at all! If you know someone who owns this game, borrow it, no use wasting your money!...more info