Star Trek Deep Space Nine - The Complete Third Season
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 01/24/2006 Rating: Nr

Deep Space Nine's third season begins eventfully, with Sisko promoted to Captain and being given a prototype warship equipped with a cloaking device, while Odo learns where he came from. In the two-part opening tale, this clever gambit is played to hook viewers into the idea of DS9 becoming an ongoing mystery/conflict show. Why the sudden intense change in format? Mostly it was to ensure the show continued to thrive, when a rather greedy production hierarchy fast-tracked Voyager onto the air mid-season (cue unnecessary crossover episode with Tuvok). Of greater concern was ratings thief Babylon 5, which played its counter-Trek cards at precisely the right time. Fortunately the result (initially at least) was a genuine boost for DS9.

Cast members seemed to have hit their stride and played off one another more assuredly than before. For example, Odo's character took several additional interesting twists, especially in his relationship with Kira. Rene Auberjonois had a very good year, directing two episodes to boot. Avery Brooks had begun this trend with the previous year's penultimate show. The real surprise was seeing Jonathan Frakes's name working behind the camera on three occasions, because he also appeared on screen in his alternate rogue Riker role, when Thomas dramatically steals the Defiant. Other welcome cameos that aided the feeling of casual camaraderie included the return of Lwaxana Troi, as well as first appearances by Quark's mother, the spooky Founder Leader, the lovely Leeta, and the sneaky Eddington. Clint Howard--a cult Trek figure--was briefly welcomed back, and with the many faces of Jeffrey Combs another was born. Stories advanced the complicated Bajoran/Cardassian healing process, while simultaneously brewing potential conflicts far worse than the behind-the-scenes ratings war. --Paul Tonks

Customer Reviews:

  • Good subject awful DVD
    I loved Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. So it comes as a doubly rude shock to see the abyssmal picture quality of the DVD's. Where do I start? There is the creepy effect at times of faces moving inside the makeup. There are some places where some objects seem to jitter about on the screen while everything else is fine. The overall picture is hazy and the colors strange. ...more info
  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season-3 on DVD
    Dear Amazon Customers,
    One of the most exciting series of Star Trek returns for it's third season. That series being Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Now in its third season, the show begins to take on a sense of maturity and adventure not before attempted in previous Star Trek universe programs. It is at this time that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine defines itself as a different type of show from predecessor Star Trek programs.

    In the third season, we see Benjamin Sisko played by "Avery Brooks" take on more of the role as the father to Jake Sisko played by "Cirroc Lofton". The bonding of these two characters adds a level of domestic humanity to a character typically positioned in previous Star Trek programs as strong, overbearing and in command of matters. Even though Commander Sisko has a duty to Starfleet, he recognizes his duty as a father to his son.

    Another aspect not seen in previous Star Trek programs is the introduction of a dominant antagonist force. In this case, the group that calls themselves the Dominion is introduced to the series. For the first time, the Federation faces an adversary that is just as determine to gain power through universal conquest instead of through peaceful negotiations. It is this theme that is the center point for rest of the entire Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series.

    In the third season, the audience is treated to a full interaction of all the characters. We see Quark played by "Armin Shimerman" not only take on the rest of the cast of characters in a fierce stance to show Ferengi ingenuity and free enterprise but also takes on the Ferengi commerce structure and it's leaders in order to maintain his way of life.

    We get to see Jadzia Dax played by "Terry Farrell" challenge her own society and herself with concept of Trill cohabitation with the symbiont life forms they carry inside of their bodies. Jadzia wanting to live her own life is tormented by the past lives of her previous symbiont's Trill host. This aspect of these multiple lives of the character Jadzia Dax becomes one of the most challenging story developments of the series.

    Along with all of the character elements being developed in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, we see the reappearance of the warlike race known as the Klingons. In the third season, the Klingon society is challenged by the concept that their system may not as equitable to all of those who show strength. We see that even other alien races can teach the proud Klingons something about their society and themselves as well.

    One of the most challenging aspects of to the Star Trek universe was made in the third season with the introduction of the armored and warlike starship vessel called the "Defiant". In all previous and future Star Trek universe programs, the Federation has insisted that they were a peaceful organization. With the introduction of a true war vessel, this notion was forever shattered. This single aspect alone pushed the writers of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine into areas of themes and plots never before explored in the Star Trek universe.

    The bringing together of all these elements lead to a masterful piece of SCI-FI entertainment that is viewable over and over again. The only way you will know for yourself is by purchasing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 3 on DVD. Watching the culmination of the previous seasons plots come together in the third season makes season 3 on DVD well worth watching. You will surely enjoy viewing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 3 on DVD....more info

  • A Federation Ship with a Cloaking Device?
    I've been buying the DS9 DVD seasons in reverse order because I remembered the later ones being better; however, after watching the third season again I've began to question that decision. The third season is when the Defiant allows the show to be more dynamic allowing the crew to travel through the gamma quadrant and not remain on the station. There are a lot of series changing episodes and episodes plant seeds that prop up later in the series. There are also a lot of exciting two-parters in this season, and the extra features on the last disc are excellent. This is one of the best seasons IMHO; my only regret is not buying it sooner....more info
  • The Dominion rears its ugly head
    This season saw fewer episodes that were complete wastes of time and more that were connected with important plot points vital to the show's main story. Major side characters die (or seem to die), the Romulans come for an unexpected twist of menace in the Visionary and the excellent two parter which begins with Improbable Cause and ended with the shocking The Die is Cast. We learn just how smart the Dominion is and a possible future in the misleading The Search. Normally I would call episodes like Fascination a waste of time but something about Avery Brooks' fine direction made it enjoyable. It could be called the DS9 Christmas Special with unlikely romances coming right and left. We learn more about Dax through Equilibrium and Facets and the hilarious episode Prophet Motive where Quark meets the Prophets. It is sort of a parody of the encounter that Sisko had in "Emissary." If the season had any weak points, it would of have to have been Meridian, Explorers and to some extent, Family Business. I enjoyed all the subtle looks into Ferengi culture such as having to pay for everything: coming in one's house, using the elevator, sitting down, standing. Nog also makes his intentions to join Starfleet known. It is altogether a satisfying season...more info
  • Bones' Review of DS9 Season Three
    I'm still in the midst of watching Season 3 of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and I'm ENJOYING it as much as the first time these episodes were broadcast! My boyfriend, who had never seen the broadcasts, is a new convert to the series. Neither of us can wait to get home and watch!

    ...more info
  • The calm before the storm
    Well, maybe not calm, as there are several exciting episodes in this third season set of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". But we're still at the point where things have yet to really jump into fourth gear. That happens in season 4, where "Star Trek: The Next Generation" fan favorite Worf joins the DS9 cast, and the Dominion fully emerges as this series' main deadly adversary. But make no mistake, season 3 offers some great stories that deliver many wonderful character moments and lots of excitement and danger for our intrepid heroes. Oh, and Sisko looks good in the new beard. As usual, there are generous, well organized extras on the final disc of this set....more info
  • Uneven, Brilliant Show
    My episode reviews:
    +: Distracts from the Dominion War Story.
    ++: Takes place in the context of the Dominion War Story.
    +++: Provides some significant or referenced event for the Dominion War Story.
    ++++: The Dominion War Story
    *: Really Bad
    **: Pretty Bad
    ***: Pretty Good
    ****: Really Good

    The Search, Part I ****,++++
    Sisko and crew search the Gamma Quadrant to find the leaders of the Dominion. Intro Eddington.
    The Search, Part II ****,++++
    While Odo struggles with the ways of his people, Sisko's superiors seek peace with the Dominion.
    The House of Quark *,+++
    Quark marries a Klingon.
    Equilibrium *,+
    A Trill secret could kill Dax.
    Second Skin **,++
    Kira as Cardassian.
    The Abandoned **,+++
    A young Jem'Hadar is found.
    (intro ketrecel white)
    Civil Defense ***,++
    A Cardassian security program takes control of DS9.
    Meridian *,+
    Dax falls for a man who will soon disappear.
    Defiant ****,+++
    Wil Riker's duplicate steals the Defiant.
    (Good space battle)
    Fascination *,+
    Spontaneous romantic obsessions plague DS9.
    Past Tense, Part I **,+
    Sisko, Bashir and Dax are trapped three centuries back in Earth's history.
    Past Tense, Part II **,+
    Sisko assumes the role of an historic figure to restore the future.
    Life Support *,+++
    Winn sacrifices Bareil for a peace treaty with Cardassia.
    Heart of Stone *,+++
    Odo shares his feelings to Kira. Nog decides to join Starfleet.
    Destiny **,+
    Sisko, despite an ancient Bajoran prophecy, works with Cardassians.
    Prophet Motive *,+
    Ferengi leader decides to abolish his race's greedy ways.
    Visionary **,+++
    O'Brian jumps into the future.
    Distant Voices *,+
    Comatose, Bashir accesses different parts of his
    Through the Looking Glass **,++
    Sisko assumes the role of his mirror universe counterpart.
    (Sequel to Crossover)
    Improbable Cause (Part I) **,++++
    Odo must learn who is
    trying to kill Garak.
    The Die Is Cast (Part II) ****,++++
    Romulans and Cardassians attack the Dominion.
    (Great space battle)
    Explorers **,++
    Ben Sisko and Jake build a replica of an ancient Bajoran space vessel.
    Family Business *,+++
    Quark's mother breaks Ferengi law. Intro Kasidy.
    Shakaar *,+++
    Kira joins a fugitive. Winn vies for more political power in Bajor.
    Facets ***,++
    Jadzia Dax meets her past
    The Adversary ***,+++
    Odo's people push Sisko and the crew towards a war.
    ...more info
  • DS9 is the Trek of the future!
    Awesome quality albeit at 4x3 aspect.
    If youve not watched DS9 since it aired, youre in for a treat! The plotline was at least a decade before its time!!!!...more info
  • Flimsy packaging for a great show
    Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to Star Trek. I, personally, prefer TNG and believe Picard could kick Kirk's bottom all over the NCC-1701 *and* the NCC-1701-D. So, while I prefer TNG, I do enjoy DS9, and this is a well done season with some great development and good stories, but what is with the casing? It has to be the cheapest multi-disk DVD case I have ever seen. The tri-fold design lost two flaps after being opened and closed less then five times (that means the case will fall apart when you're about halfway through the season).
    So, ***** for the show, and * for the case. Enjoy and good luck!...more info
  • A brilliant continuation of the Star Trek series...
    Nominated for 28 Emmys, including several for Outstanding Visual Effects, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine continues the rich tradition of the original 1960s Star Trek franchise. Created by former L.A. police officer Gene Roddenberry, the Star Trek TV series morphed into a franchise famous for the unprecedented fanatical devotion of its audience. Lasting only three seasons during its original network run, Star Trek struck gold with its syndicated reruns, launching a number of motion pictures featuring the original cast as well as novels, comic books, collectibles, and reams of Star Trek-related memorabilia. Following on the heels of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), the first Star Trek series spin-off of the original, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine foreshadowed additional spin-offs - Star Trek: Voyager (1995), and Star Trek: Enterprise (2001). Sporting an entirely new cast and crew from its two predecessors, the show focuses on a particular system administered by the Federation instead of the usual Star Trek mission of "exploring strange new worlds"...

    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine follows the exploits of the Starfleet crew aboard an abandoned and gutted Cardassian space station orbiting the planet of Bajor. In the aftermath of Cardassian occupation, the Bajorian government invited the Starfleet to oversee the reconstruction of the space station. Deep Space Nine quickly transformed into a teeming city of commerce and a hub for travel (similar to Babylon 5) thanks to the discovery of an unknown wormhole nearby. But the wormhole leads to the Gamma Quadrant, realm of the feared Dominion alliance, which views the wormhole travelers as a threat to its totalitarian grip on power. As such, the Dominion launches an attack against the Federation and its Klingon allies. The subsequent and ongoing war is the basis for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine...

    Capt. Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks) is credited with discovering the wormhole, and he oversees the crew of Deep Space Nine as they wage battle to preserve the Federation. Ironically, his colleague, Constable Odo (Rene Auberjonois), is a Changeling - an alien race of "shapeshifters" who lead the Dominion's united front. Together with the rest of the crew aboard Deep Space Nine, they struggle with internal and external conflicts that threaten to destroy their very way of life...

    The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Season 3) DVD features a number of exciting episodes including the season premiere "The Search" in which Sisko makes an effort to strike a peace accord with the Dominion. But the peace deal fails when the Defiant is attacked by the Jem'Hadar and the ship is left immobilized. Meanwhile, Kira and Odo are stranded in their spaceship... Other notable episodes from Season 3 include "The Abandoned" in which Odo tries to raise and modify the behavior of an orphaned Jem'Hadar child, and "Visionary" in which exposure to radiation enables O'Brien to travel forward into the future where he envisions a dire future for Deep Space Nine...

    Below is a list of episodes included on the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Season 3) DVD:

    Episode 47 (The Search: Part 1)
    Episode 48 (The Search: Part 2)
    Episode 49 (The House of Quark)
    Episode 50 (Equilibrium)
    Episode 51 (Second Skin)
    Episode 52 (The Abandoned)
    Episode 53 (Civil Defense)
    Episode 54 (Meridian)
    Episode 55 (Defiant)
    Episode 56 (Fascination)
    Episode 57 (Past Tense: Part 1)
    Episode 58 (Past Tense: Part 2)
    Episode 59 (Life Support)
    Episode 60 (Heart of Stone)
    Episode 61 (Destiny)
    Episode 62 (Prophet Motive)
    Episode 63 (Visionary)
    Episode 64 (Distant Voices)
    Episode 65 (Through the Looking Glass)
    Episode 66 (Improbable Cause)
    Episode 67 (The Die is Cast)
    Episode 68 (Explorers)
    Episode 69 (Family Business)
    Episode 70 (Shakaar)
    Episode 71 (Facets)
    Episode 72 (The Adversary)

    The DVD Report...more info
  • DS9 - Season 3
    A number of things happen in the 3rd season, Sisko is promoted to captain; Will Riker's makes an appearance, the Defiant is introduced, and we learn a little more about the Gamma Quadrant.

    The Search (Part 1 & 2) - Sisko is promoted to captain and brings to Deep Space Nine the USS Defiant. Captain Sisko and his crew head into the Gamma Quadrant look for the founders of the Dominion.

    The House of Quark - Quark accidentally kills a Klingon in his bar but claims he fought the Klingon in a fight and won. The Klingon's family shows up, kidnaps him and makes him marry the Klingon's widow.

    Equilibrium - After Dax starts hallucinations and keeps blacking out, Sisko and Dr. Bashir take her to the Trill where they find out a secret is being hid.

    Second Skin - Kira discovers that she may have been a POW on Bajor during Cardassian occupation.

    The Abandoned - Odo tries to convince a Jem'Hadar that there is more to life that fighting and killing.

    Civil Defense - The crew of Deep Space Nine fight to save the station from self-destruction.

    Meridian - Dax falls for someone that will shortly move into another dimension.

    Defiant - Riker's duplicate steals the Defiant and attacks the Cardassians.

    Fascination - Romantic attractions breaks out between the crew during a Bajor celebration.

    Past Tense (Part 1 & 2) - The officers brief Starfleet on the situation in the Gamma Quadrant. As the teams start to beam down, the situation gets worse, there is transporter problem, time travel is involved and then things get worse.

    Life Support - Bashir has to Vedek Bareil alive long enough to help bring about a peace treaty between Bajor and the Cardassians.

    Heart of Stone - Odo faces the feelings he has for Kira.

    Destiny - Sisko joins the Cardassians for a scientific venture even though there is a Bajor prophecy of doom.

    Prophet Motive - Quark want to find out while the Ferengi leader wants to abandon their greedy ways.

    Visionary - O'Brien leaps into the future where he witnesses his own death.

    Distance Voices - Dr. Bashir finds himself trapped in a dream world. He must find the answer before he dies of old age.

    Through the Looking Glass - Sisko assumes the role of his dead counterpart in order to save his late wife.

    Improbable Cause - When Garak's shop explodes, Odo investigate who is trying to kill him.

    The Die is Cast - Garak is faced with proving his loyalty to his old mentor by killing Odo

    Explorers - Sisko sets out to build an ancient Bajoran spaceship.

    Family Business - The Ferengi business leader claims Quark's bar because his mother is earning profit.

    Shakaar - Kira winds up joining her former leader and becoming a fugitive.

    Facets - A Trill refuses to give up the body of one of the Deep Space Nine crewmembers.

    The Adversary - A member of Odo's race has control of the Defiant and is determine to start a war....more info

  • Things start to heat up!
    This is the turning point of the show. The slow seasons preceeding this are over with the season opener. "The Search" takes us father into the Gamma quadrant than ever and introduces a really cool starship "The Defiant". Not as recognizable as its sister ships, it makes all others seem wimpy. This is a Federation warship designed to combat the Borg.

    The characters are totally fleshed out to make them seem like old friends. Aliens abound and are developed further. Gul Dukat is a likeable villain, Garek is focused upon in this season making him my favorite character, the entire Cardassian plot line becomes more intricate and complex. There is even some Romulans thrown in for fun! The Founders finally reveal themselves and I personally feel they are more dangerous than the Borg! This presents some of the most clever writing and takes the Star Trek universe to a place it has never been- into War! ...more info
  • This show is really getting amazing (4 1/2 stars)
    I tried this show on a whim, and have become truly impressed. This season really started to show some payoff. The begining of the season, with both odo's origins, and the rest, was easily a great start. The show progressed better and better. I enjoy watching the characters become dimensional, and unique, straying from the early dimensional versions. I must say, I truly regret not getting into this show when it was on. Give it a try....more info
  • DS9
  • The best season
    The Search, part one- 6/10?
    The Search, part two- 6/10?
    The House of Quark- 8/10
    Equilibrum- 6/10?

    Second Skin- 9/10
    The Abandoned- 6/10
    Civil Defense- 9/10
    Meridian- 5/10

    Defiant- 6/10
    Fascination- 10/10
    Past Tense, part one- 10/10
    Past Tense, part two- 10/10

    Life Support- 1/10
    Heart of Stone- 9/10
    Destiny- 5/10
    Prophet Motive- 9/10

    Visionary- 10/10
    Distant Voices- 9/10
    Through the Looking Glass- 6/10
    Improbable Cause- 8/10

    The Die is Cast- 6/10
    Explorers- 8/10
    Family Business- 7/10
    Shakaar- 4/10?

    Facets- 7/10
    The Adversary- 9/10

    ...more info
  • A unique blend.
    What's not to like? From the days of its infancy, the Star Trek franchise has managed to maintain a unique blend of highly imaginative adventure, the hallmark element of the genre, and also a general sense of optimism about the future of the human race, a feature that is somewhat rarer among "competitors." The skilled combining of fun and effects and the periodic insertion of political/social commentary in disguise make Star Trek Deep Space Nine just as enjoyable as its sibling series....more info
    I love this series XD season 3 is where it started getting good too... all my favorite episodes XD...more info
  • Gathering Steam
    Season three, while it doesn't have as many excellent episodes as some of the others, has some of the best. "Explorers" and "Improbable Cause/Die is Cast" are good examples. Primarily, we see the Dominion War arc and some character arcs that would dominate the later series begin to gather steam. ...more info
  • Deep Trek - The Dominion and the Defiant.
    The Star Trek Collection is a worthy hobby and certainly the largest of the television series DVD Collections (The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise). At around 880 minutes, it is 4 episodes (1 Disc) less than TNG, and at least 2 Discs less than TOS. However in total, for the definitive, Star Trek collection, we are still looking at approx 30 boxes with 700 hours of viewing. That is 1 month of non-stop Star Trek. No DVD series comes remotely close to that. Get going collecting right now and build up on each succession over the years. By the end you will have a very serious anthology that defines the word awe. This is the kind of item that requires 1 hour a day of your time for the next few years. It is a cherished memory that served your fathers and will serve your children also. Our very planet, Earth, has advanced because of Gene Roddenberry's admirable concept. Roddenberry nailed the premise of the series when he said that he wanted to create a show with characters that we could look up too. `The Bridge' members are like our family. Watch what they do. Then go and spend your life striving for the same on Earth. What engineer, medic, scientist, teacher, worker can not say that Star Trek has not influenced them? The show is this significant in the development of our species. Parents respect and quote its authority and it is not hard to see why. The DVD case may be the best of the lot. The shadowy design is foreboding of a darker trek inside. The case opens to reveal the 6 discs and a collectors' DVD-ROM of a section of a model graphic of DS9 (collect all complete the computer model). The discs are held in an open (no cardboard covering) plastic flip holder like in the TOS seasons. However these collectors' boxes are being replaced by the new slim line boxes that are cheaper. These are simply a cardboard holder with four to five slim DVD case holders with 1 to 2 discs in each holder (The slim line boxes do not contain the special collectors' DVD-ROM). There are 4 episodes per disc. However the last disc, disc 6 is devoted to Star Trek interviews and trailers with the usual expected extras...and then some more. Often the bonus disc may contain the last episode or two of the season, so watch out for those. Sometimes the episodes are ordered not in the sequence they where filmed, but in the sequence that they aired, however each episode has been numbered according to the order they where filmed in. This means on one disc you have shows 4, 2, 12 and 1, in that order. The sound has also been remastered to 5:1 Dolby Digital! Since the show was shot in full frame, these dimensions are retained.

    Star Trek, Deep Space Nine (DS9), Season three is mostly about the new war looming on the other side of the wormhole by the Dominion.

    The same crew is back. DS9 is commanded by Benjamin Sisko. Jake Sisko is his son. The mysterious Odo, learning more about his species in this season, is the station's metamorphosing police constable and a Bajoran operative. Doctor Bashir is the Starfleet doctor and Chief O'Brien is chief engineer. Quark is a Ferengi host who owns a casino and bar. Major Kira is Sisko's first in command, and a Bajoran. Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax is a Trill woman (and a long term friend of Sisko) assigned by Starfleet as technical advisor. Gul Dukat is a leading Cardassian. The mysterious Cardassian Garak reveals more about who he truly is.

    Season Three of DS9 is mostly about the Dominion, Klingon marriage, Trills, memory implants, Jem'Hadar, auto destruct, dimension shifting, Will Riker, Bajoran celebrations, time travel, life support, love, joint science projects, rules of acquisition, psyche, parallel universes, war, ships, Ferengi laws, resistance and shape shifters.

    Best episodes are Improbable Cause, The Die is Cast, The Abandoned, Civil Defence, Destiny and The Adversary. DS9 Season three has lots about the new threat of the Dominion and many of the stories are very interesting. One of the new directions this season goes in is with the Defiant ship which allows the crew of the DS9 to leave the space station and travel more into deep space. This means DS9 looses some it's `hotel in space' criticisms and does more trekking. The end of season three sets the stage for a revelation about what the Dominion have been up to all along. Season four looks like it may be a paranoid year for Starfleet....more info
  • DS9 Comes Into Its Own
    The third season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was a pivotal one in the series. The groundwork for the series was finally laid, and the show finally moved from a TNG-picaresque storytelling style to a true story arc, when we finally get the first taste of the storytelling that would make Deep Space Nine a truly great show.

    The season begins with The Search, which formally introduces the Dominion, a powerful empire led by 'changelings' with anymosity for the 'solids'. The episode also features the Starship Defiant being introduced to the station, thus altering the dynamic of the series drastically, and some reticent fans who didn't like the idea of a show about a space station finally jumped on board. There are exciting action episodes, such as Defiant and Civil Defense, a time travel adventure in Past Tense with gentle social commentary, and an astonishingly good Garak two-parter (Improbable Cause, The Die is Cast). Life Support features the departure of Kira's love interest with dignity and honor, and Explorers is the kind of warm character-based story that the show could never make enough of. Also highlights include a trip back Through the Looking Glass and the genuinely suspenseful The Adversary, which has Sisko promoted to Captain, continues the storyline of shapeshifters infiltrating Alpha Quadrant civilizations, and the drama of Odo killing one of his own.

    Once again, the acting and character development are exemplary. Sisko becomes interested in Bajoran history, which indicates a possible growing comfort with his unwanted role as the planet's spiritual leader. Jeffery Combs is indespensable as both the antipathetic Brunt and the ingratiating, pleasant Weyoun, the Dominion's mouthpiece. Odo goes through the most turmoil in this season, learning of and turning his back on his people, being constantly frustrated on his affections for Major Kira, and finally killing another shapeshifter. All of this angst is pulled of admirably by Rene Auberjonois. Garak finally gets a storyline revolving around him, and it turns out to be the best two-parter that DS9 ever produced. All of this sets the scene for the rest of the series....more info

  • Many great episodes, but falls short of perfection
    This is the season where we truly begin to see the show that Deep Space Nine would become. There are many memorable moments in this third season, as well as intense character development across the board. Many storylines introduced in season 2 would finally spawn fantastic episodes in season 3, and the show really began to take on a unique feel as compared to any previous Trek show.

    The season opens with the two-parter "The Search" which was the perfect opener to a rousing season. The arrival of the Starship Defiant at Deep Space Nine signaled a radical change in the show's dynamic, as now the crew could venture out into space. Many fans reluctant to try the show earlier were converted by this development. Also, the structure of the Dominion is revealed, and the 'Odo angst' begins. Other noteworthy adventures include "Defiant," which features the return of Tom Riker as a Maquis terrorist who hijacks the Defiant; "Civil Defense," a seemingly metaphoric episode that is suspenseful and has what in my opinion is the most humorous diatribe trading between Dukat and Garak; the "Past Tense" two-parter, which is a good time-traveling episode with gentle social commentary, a continuation of the mirror universe storyline in "Through the Looking Glass. "Explorers" is a warm, character-driven episode that the show could not make enough of, and "The Adversary" is a great conclusion to the season, with Sisko finally being promoted to captain, a suspenseful cat-and-mouse chase with a changeling onboard the Defiant, Odo killing one of his own kind (accentuating the Odo angst) and the implication that changelings have already infiltrated the highest echelon of Starfleet Command, a plotline which would become the basis of an excellent two-part episode in season 4.

    The two standout episodes of the season, however, are "Improbable Cause" and "The Die is Cast." Improbable cause has Odo investigating the (apparent) attempted murder of Garak, where nothing is as it seems. The Die is Cast deals with a combined Romulan and Cardassian fleet taking the fight to the Dominion and being utterly destroyed, due to changeling infiltrators. There is much great drama in this episode: the relationship between Garak and Tain, the Eddington/Sisko conflict, and the interesting fact that these two private men have their actions guided by the same dream: to return home. Astounding stuff.

    Why only 4 stars? I can't reconcile giving 5 stars to a seasons with arguably the two worst episodes ever produced in the show. "Meridian" is the worst love story I have ever seen produced in any medium, and just like season 4's "Rejoined", Dax allows herself to be led astray by hormones, in spite of all her wisdom, importance on passing on the symbiont, etc. etc. I'm glad the producers finally realized that nobody was buying it. The other bad episode also dealt with love. "Fascination" is one of those "fun" episodes that just never worked out. Although the plot device to spontaneously attract people is logical (I guess), the pairing is odd, to say the least (Jake and Kira? Quark and Keiko? I think not). And, furthermore, the comic aspect of the episode just never materialized. It felt labored and just painful all around.

    Deep Space Nine's Third Season began to show the show's potential. There are plenty of great episodes here, and this is the show's true beginning, as we see a more bold structure pervade the show. A worthy buy....more info

  • Best vender ever
    I have ordered from many Amazon venders. but this guy is the best. He explained what the product was. Agreed to ship the DVD set faster mail with not extra cost to me. And you guys in the military no what it is like to wait months for a order that was shipped by SAM. This VENDER ships fast and you be watching your movies in no time. Give this guy a try.
    Only reason i gave him a 4 star is because the DVDs skip in a few places, but i know this is not the venders fault....more info
  • BAD News For DS9 Fans!
    The bad news is that after the shows third season ended I got the impression that series writer Ira Steven Behr had started to loose it.On this season Deep Space Nine dealt in it's
    own genuine way with the issues of homelessness in 'Past Tence" the Sisko father/son relationship in "Explorers" the the loss of a loved one in "Life Support" all without being syrupy-the whole point of the show in the first place.This could also be described as the Jadzia Dax season since she had two major episode story lines.Because of her complex,tom boyish ways she was my favorite DS9 character and in "Equilibrium" and "Facets" we get to delve into the many,many,MANY aspects of her psyce and the Trill culture from whitch she came in general.What went wrong after this?Well well into season four (starting with the
    Paradise Lost episode" DS9 just got too edgy and dark-it became negative for negative's sake and gradually evolved into basically a old fashioned World War II serial later on,culminating in the death of Jadzia Dax at the end of the sixth
    season.It went quickly downhill from their so if anyone out here
    wants to know what the Deep Space Nine hubbubb was all about,the
    first three seasons are the only ones you'll really need....more info
  • Great product
    I purchased Deep Space Nine season 3 as a Christmas gift for a friend. The product was in good condition and was sent out in a timely manner. The only issue was the cover was damaged in shipping but the disk themselves were fine. I would recommend using this seller. ...more info