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A new technologically superior soviet nuclear sub (red october) is heading for the us coast under the command of capt. Marko ramius. The american government thinks ramius is going to attack a lone cia analyst has a different idea: he thinks ramius is planning to defect but he only has a few hours to prove it. Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 05/17/2005 Starring: Sean Connery Alec Baldwin Run time: 134 minutes Rating: Pg Director: John Mctiernan

Before Harrison Ford assumed the mantle of playing Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan hero in Patriot Games, Alec Baldwin took a swing at the character in this John McTiernan film and hit one to the fence. If less instantly sympathetic than Ford, Baldwin is in some respects more interesting and nuanced as Ryan, and drawing comparisons between both actors' performances can make for some interesting postmovie discussion. That aside, The Hunt for Red October stands alone as a uniquely exciting adventure with a fantastic costar: Sean Connery as a Russian nuclear submarine captain attempting to defect to the West on his ship. Ryan must figure out his true motives for approaching the U.S. McTiernan (Predator, Die Hard) made an exceptionally handsome movie here with action sequences that really do take one's breath away. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin
    The Hunt for Red October is a classic - Buy it! Great story and Super acting! That's all!!...more info
  • Great movie
    Surround sound is great.

    Have watched about 6 times on cable before I bought it.

    Twice since....more info
  • cold war fantasy
    Some punk junkie named Sick Boy in the the Danny Boyle cult classic TRAINSPOTTING espouses a "theory" of his in which he uses the career of Sean Connery to illustrate. Basically he believes that for everybody in life at one point you got it, then you don't. There's a period in your life, probably when you were younger, when you could have had *it* but then you loose *it* and are past your prime. Well, the other character listening to this was right to feel unimpressed by this cocky punk's disrespectful and plainly dumb understanding of human accomplishment. Sean Connery was the original and coolest James Bond but it was not all downhill from those glory days. Connery's performance THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER disproves Sick Boy's theory (along with a few others in his career btw). Alec Baldwin is also good, his take on CIA agent Jack Ryan much more compelling than Harrison Ford's or Ben Affleck's. Ford looks old. Affleck looks like Affleck. There are a few famous faces that grace the screen in this one: Darth Vader's voice, a Senator and 2008 presidential candidate. The ocean and ships sort of steal the show in these things though when you think about it. The ocean looks great on the silver screen, or your TV for that matter. The story is the fantastical stuff of nerdy military loving, rightwing Cold War warriors' sweaty dreams. I think Tom Clancy books are a dime a dozen but they got at least one decent escapist flick out of 'em. This is the most cinematic and well made Jack Ryan film.
    ...more info
  • Good overall on the edge of your seat video
    this movie is a great movie for those how like movie on millitary and sub's. this movie keeps u thinking all the way through it and wondering what will happen next.Sean Connery as always was a great actor in this film and so was Alec Baldwin. I would just sugest it to just about anyone and definetly military lovers. ...more info
  • Full of Entertainment and Suspense
    The Hunt for Red October is a thrilling adaptation of a novel to screen. Sean Connery performs masterfully as Russian commander Captain Marko Ramius defecting to the USA on one of Russia's newest, most modern and top secret nuclear submarine named Red October after the October Revolution. The Red October is "invisible" to sonor thanks to a state-of-the art propulsion system. This submarine is so valuable to the Russians that they eventually launch a mission to destroy the submarine and go as far as to tell the Americans that Ramius is a rogue in an attempt to elicit their help in sinking the ship. Scott Glenn holds his own as the Captain of the USS Dallas that intercepts the Red October and eventually assists Ramius in his defection. The movie is full of intrigue, twists and turns. The producer's of this movie took Tom Clancy's masterpiece and made one of the best military action movies ever without the overkill often used in similar films. ...more info
  • Always great
    This one's a keeper. I purchased it in Blu-ray after seeing it a dozen times in standard definition. Sean's second best movie next only to The Rock. Just the right mix of action and suspense....more info
  • Sean Connery and a Strong Cast Make this Film Work
    This is a highly entertaining film with an incredibly minimalist screenplay that succeeds beyond all expectations. This film's strengths are its characters and the actors that portray them. Sean Connery plays Captain Marko Ramius with great bravado and charisma relying greatly on his mesmerizing screen presence to maneuver the entire direction of this film. Tim Curry is amusing as the dutiful Dr. Petrov in a role well suited for him. The rest of the cast balances out the histrionics of Sean Connery and Tim Curry with realistic and convincing performances to bring authenticity and realism to the drama of this film. Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan, James Earl Jones as Admiral James Greer, Sam Neill as Captain Vasily Borodin, Scott Glenn as Commander Bart Mancuso, Richard Jordan as Dr. Jeffrey Pelt and an impressive Peter Firth as Political Officer Ivan Putin bring a needed sense of pragmatism to their collective roles to bolster the dramatics and emotion of the story. This was probably one of Alec Baldwin's best performances and he truly conducts himself in the manner that the character of Jack Ryan should have been portrayed. Baldwin perfectly conveyed the analytical mind that the character of Jack Ryan embodied. Sam Neill is also brilliant as the dedicated officer who also possesses a very human side that perhaps puts him in conflict with carrying out his duties to the full extent of his country's political dictates and ambitions. Sam Neill has a wonderful role in this regard and he plays it flawlessly. I liked Scott Glenn's character immensely as the US Commander who truly has to rely on his instincts and his logical interpretation of facts and events to face what is put before him. The list of performances goes on but the point is that portrayal of these characters and how they think and conduct themselves is at the heart of this film. Their efforts make this film a great political, action-adventure and emotional drama.
    ...more info
    Even though this movie has some "miles" on it...It never seems to be "dated"..the story is still full of suspense...and even though we have seen it several never grows old. We live in a small fifth wheel..fulltime and this is one of the movies we both voted to take with us for those rainy days! A "must-have" for anyone who loves movies!...more info
  • Movie: 4/5 Picture Quality: 3~4/5 Sound Quality: 3.75/5 Extras: 2/5
    Title: The Hunt for Red October
    Version: U.S.A / Region A, B, C
    Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
    MPEG-4 AVC BD-50 / 1080p / High Profile 4.1
    Running time: 2:15:08
    Movie size: 42,126,778,368 bytes
    Disc size: 44,948,263,276 bytes
    Average video bit rate: 32.86 Mbps

    Dolby TrueHD Audio English 3486 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 24-bit / 3486kbps (AC3 Core: 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps)
    Dolby Digital Audio French 640 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio Spanish 640 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio English 192 kbps 2.0 / 48kHz / 192kbps

    Subtitles: English / English SDH / French / Portuguese / Spanish
    Number of chapters: 13

    #Director's Commentary
    #Beneath the Surface (SD, 28 minutes)
    #Theatrical Trailer (HD, 2 minutes)...more info
  • Visually Disappointing But Audibly Exciting on Blu ray
    In typical studio fashion, Paramount has transfered this exact same master that was temporarily released on HD DVD early this year which was a mixed bag and not what these films, the fans of the films, or high def owners deserve.

    I really enjoy the first 3 Jack Ryan films, the 4th not so much because of Ben Affleck and because it's just too out of sync with the previous trilogy. The first 3 are classic political thrillers that do a great job of bringing Tom Clancy's books to the big screen. His vision and Jack Ryan character are for the most part, executed very well on these films. Many have their preferences as the stronger and better of the bunch but I like Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger individually for their own qualities and suspenseful action.

    I've seen all of the Jack Ryan's on HD DVD, and sure enough, the Blu Ray's are exactly the same. Which is too bad because Paramount didn't do a very good job remastering them and they just don't look nearly as good as they should in hi def. I suspect that many Blu Ray owners will be pretty disappointed with the lack of visual pop that they're hoping for. Each of the Jack Ryan's looks better than the one before it which is typical as newer films upgrade easier to high def. And at least they all look better than their standard def counterparts. The problem is, is that most hi def owners have seen older films than these look better than these. Which brings us to wonder, what went wrong here? Granted, these films are a difficult upgrade as most of the scenes take place inside a submarine, house, office, or outside on overcast days, making it more difficult to provide that 3D pop we're looking for. But there are specks and dirt in the transfers and while I didn't find them in abundance or distracting, I do feel it's inexcusable at this point in the Hi Def's life cycle, especially for these movies. There's no reason for them not to be squeaky clean by now, even if they're going to look a little flat. But they are the best transfers available and the best we'll see until they provide us a proper remastering. But one is due.

    The audio, well this is finally where these discs pop. And I mean POP!!! We're given some truly thunderous transfers here in Dolby TrueHD. These films sounded good to begin with on standard dvd (especially October) but these new transfers are just incredible. They easily trounce the old ones. The scores, sound effects, gun shots and explosions are absolutely thrilling. This is all moot if you don't have a proper surround system to decode and dish out the TrueHD tracks though. If thats the case, then you may want to consider keeping your standard discs if you have them because the audio is the clear selling point for the upgrade.

    Despite my dissatisfaction with the flimsy visual upgrades, I'm still satisfied with these discs. I'd recommend them for any Blu Ray (and home theater) owner looking for a worthy upgrade for their favorite Tom Clancy films. Again, I stress you'll be much more impressed by the HD audio here rather than the passable but not demo worthy HD video. I give this set a 4 out of five because even though difficult, I believe if they really wanted to, Paramount could've and should've given these films a better makeover than they got. The powerful audio will help ease the disappointment with the video. Overall, I still recommend them.
    ...more info
    Movie was released just as the Soviet Empire was disintegrating. It seems that Connery has served too long in the Russian Navy and has designs of defecting with crew and submarine to the USA. He's convinced that a new, soundless submarine will lead to yet another arms race, at minimum. The problem is that the entire Russian northern fleet is after him and the Americans aren't sure whether the Russians are using a ploy to attack USA interests. Enter Jack Ryan to correctly interpret Connery's every move in a typical underwater chess match. Only a loyal Russian saboteur causes havoc before he's overcome, thus adding weight to the drama. A good, not great movie with action, suspense and the aging Connery making for a good buy at a reasonable price, especially when boxed with other related specials....more info
  • The Hunt For The Red October
    One of my best actors and he does an excellent job in this movie. Again, I have the regular DVD but wanted to purchase the Blu-ray version....more info
  • Best of breed
    There have been a lot of good sub movies made over the years, including the great Run Silent Run Deep, The Enemy Below, Torpedo Alley, and Das Boot. But The Hunt for Red October might be the best of them all, because of the fascinating and detailed depiction of how nuclear submarines actually operate and what advanced submarine battle strategy in an age of electronic countermeasures is really like. The fun part of this movie is watching the two captains trying to outwit each other in a deadly game of hide and seek, and "torpedo chicken."

    Sean Connery is great in the lead role as the maverick Lithuanian captain, but Alex Baldwin, Scott Glen turn in fine performances too. When Connery decides to defect with the world's most advanced nuclear sub, a sub with magnetohydrodynamic propulsion, his top submarine student is sent to find him and sink his ship before it's too late. But Connery is too crafty even for his brilliant student, and when his student makes the desperate, fatal move of removing the proximity fuse from the torpedo, he seals his own fate. The special effects and the explosions are also spectacular. Perhaps the last of the great Cold War thriller movies, The Hunt for Red October is a realistic, intelligent, and dramatic movie about sophisticated submarine warfare and tactics in the nuclear age....more info
  • Outstanding Character Development
    I really liked the character development of the main players. I particularly liked the cerebral portrayal of Jack Ryan who is reticent to get physically involved in an operation much less have to carry a weapon. The 2 films that follow with this character portrayed by Harrison Ford morph him into a James Bond like character instead of Alec Baldwin's "Just an analyst" role. I also like where Ryan (Baldwin) imitates Admiral on the Enterprise (the wonderful speaking voice of Fred Dalton Thompson) and Capt Ramius (Connery). I don't know if it was Tom Clancy's idea to "Ramboize" Ryan for the later books/films, but in my opinion, it was a mistake. I was really impressed with Sam Neill's portrayal of Borydin. Talking with Connery about living in Montana, marrying a round American woman and also living in Arizona and having the need for 2 wives, only for that dream to be evaporated as he takes the shot instead of Connery....more info
  • Great movie
    Always a great movie. I bought this to replace a worn out VHS copy....more info
  • Very pleased!
    Got the DVD very fast. Haven't played it yet but I am very pleased with this transaction....more info
    ...more info
  • Blu-ray movie review
    Having already had Hunt for Red October on tape and DVD, it was totally necessary to get this Blu-Ray DVD!!! (Also have all of Clancy's books in hardcover, and would pay a King's Ransom for ALL of his movies to be FAITHFULLY made into block-buster movies and put onto Blu-Ray!) We loved the increased definition--but mostly the SOUND! So good was the sound, that we got a soundtrack CD--also from Amazon! This story follows Clancy's actual writing more closely than the other films based on his novels. (Particularly "bad" is the latest, Sum of all Fears! Absolutely PC-ized version of a story!) Very interesting, and a great film that the entire family can view, but, with three scenes of "dispatching a character via firearm," maybe the very youngest should be shielded from watching. Absolutely NO "gender interaction," so no explanation of "birds and bees" is necessary, and finally, ALL the roles are played by superb character actors. I prefer Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan (more age and "gravitas") but Baldwin does a credible job here. A movie for the entire family to delight and be thrilled with! And Blu-ray only makes it better, especially in surround sound!...more info
  • Great movie
    This is a very good Sean Connery movie. The story, cast, film-making are wonderful. The only little disapointment would be the image quality: not as good as I thought what it should be as a blu-ray version. However, it is still a very good movie that you cannot miss....more info
  • Great movie
    This is one of the movies that I already owned in DVD. When it became available in Blu-Ray, I bought it hoping that the superior capability of Blu-Ray would make the purchase worth it. Well, it was. The depth of color was much better, almost 3-D in some scenes. Well worth the purchase....more info
  • great transfer of older film
    a lot of blu-ray disc's i've gotten lately of older movies haven't quite been spectacular as far as master quality. However, this movie is crisp and clean looking. It doesn't say that it was remastered anywhere that I can find but it sure looks good though. Good buy....more info
  • The Hunt for Red October
    Great movie, Sean Connery played his role outstandingly. The Hunt for Red October (Special Collector's Edition)...more info
  • Top Notch
    One of my favorite submarine movies. Interesting plot, amazing casting, good acting, and three dimensional characters. Perfect for the whole family (no sex, and minimal violence) Well worth owning because you will want to watch it year after year. ...more info
  • The hunt for Red October
    Connery at his best. A fantastic film. Definitely an owner movie....more info
  • Excellent cast, gripping adventure
    I don't have a lot to add to what others have said. I loved this film, and I really enjoyed the "Beneath the Surface" featurette. Just an amazing cast, Sean Connery and Scott Glenn are perfect....more info
  • Hunt На Красный Октябрь
    The hunt for red october is a really great sub combat movie. Though filmed in the late 80's it's still just as good today as it was then. A Russian sub commander decided to steal a sub and defect to the US, though no one in the US thinks it's that simple. Great movie, lots of action, great actors....more info
  • The Cold War heats up
    "Central Intelligence Agency," Captain Bart Mancuso growls, descending a ladder in his sub, "Now there's a contradiction in terms."

    He is about to match wits with a wily Russian sub commander, played stoically and well by Sean Connery, who is trying to surrender his ship to the Americans, "a ship with only one purpose." The Red October is the pride of the Soviet fleet, its newest and biggest - and with the newest toy; a caterpillar drive, equipped to travel through the water nearly silently and almost impossible to detect. Connery's Captain Ramius - I was almost ready to believe that Lithuanians -Ramius is supposed to be Lithuanian - speak Russian with a Scots accent - has had enough Cold War in his life and wants to make sure he can level the playing field as he leaves, or die trying. Enter into the mix Jack Ryan, a young analyst for the CIA and a student of Russian sub commanders, Ramius in particular. I was always sorry Alec Baldwin did not reprise his role in the next Jack Ryan vehicle; I thought he brought a sense of urgency and brilliance to the role that Harrison Ford - don't get me wrong, I think he's good too - lacks- and I always thought Ford was too old for the part anyway. Baldwin had just the right touch, for the first movie. The camaraderie and mutual respect between his character and James Earl Jones' Admiral Greer is obvious; they know each other well, and trust each other's judgment.

    Recruited by Greer to convince a boardroom of military advisors on the sudden and mysterious naval activity in the North Sea, which is known to center around the new sub Red October,Ryan succeeds in selling the President's main advisor on what he thinks is going on - he's correctly surmised that Ramius wants to defect. Trusting that Ramius has already figured out the worst parts and has a plan worked out, the advisor Pelt delegates Ryan to go out and intercept the sub before the Russian fleet chasing him gets close enough to eliminate him.

    There are excellent supporting roles - Scott Glenn, as Capt. Mancuso, spent time aboard an actual working naval sub to get the authenticity of his part, and he is superb. Until I watched the extras on the DVD I was unaware that Larry Ferguson, who plays Chief Watson on Mancuso's sub, had a lot to do with writing the screenplay; I liked him before that, but knowing that added another dimension. It doesn't get any better than the aforementioned James Earl Jones; and also good, in smaller roles, are Courtney Vance, Sam Neill, and the lesser Russian officers that make up Ramius's elite cadre of expatriots.

    In contrast to what's been going on the last few years, the Cold War seems almost genteel in its menace. I could almost look back on it with nostalgia. Almost. This movie reminds us that things are never going to be easy or without cost, no matter what method of persuasion is employed. I cannot recommend this movie highly enough. I know parts of it by heart....more info
  • One of the best...
    Without a doubt one of the best submarine movies to have come along in recent years. I have yet to see any of the older submarine movies from the 50' and 60's but look forward to seeing those too (gotta love Netflix!). I am a huge fan of the genre itself and have watched this movie on VHS for years. Now that I've worn the tape too thin and have a home theatre system its time to put this one in the DVD player and listen to it in Dolby surround. Not a huge Alec Baldwin fan but he fared well in this film. Acting was terrific and the underwater cat and mouse games is a nail biter for sure. I dont know what it is about this genre of movies but its the whole ambience that sucks you in because of the dimly lit tight quarters and not knowing what dangers lurk several hundred feet down in the ocean. I look forward to more of them in the future. ...more info
  • Do NOT buy from this seller!
    I ordered a video tape from this seller about six weeks ago, and after about a month of waiting, I emailed the seller to inquire about my reply, and STILL no product. Save yourself the time and money and DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SELLER!!...more info
  • Captures the Soviet Cold-War Era Well
    One of the last great films of the Cold War era made around the time the Berlin Wall fell. The hunt for Red October is classic intrigue and tension of the USSR and USA over dominion of geopolitics. Sean Connery brings back the cool and intense demeanor that made him famous as the original James Bond....more info
  • Great movie and a nice job with the transfer
    This edition is a nice audio/video transfer of a great movie. And the extras are good(although not great). One of the best action movies of the last 15 years. ...more info
  • Hunt for Red October DVD
    Great price,fast Shipment, good communucation and the product arrived in good condition! What more could you want? Recommend this seller! Thanks!
    Kevin...more info
  • The Hunt for Red October
    The first and best of the Tom Clancy film adaptations, "Hunt" is an engrossing, intelligent doomsday thriller. With the peerless Connery joined by Alec Baldwin, Scott Glenn, James Earl Jones, and Sam Neill (particularly good here as Ramius's loyal second-in-command), this is high-testosterone adventure packed with stars we know and love. A strong selection for a "boys night in."...more info
  • Be prepared to update your firmware
    I'm beginning to be sorry that Blu-Ray won. My HD-DVDs consistently play, start up quickly without a bunch of crap at the beginning, and the user interface is rather nice (Toshiba A2). Compare with my Sony BDP-300 (comparable generation player): takes forever to load, often a bunch of unskippable crap, and even though I updated the firmware last December, when I got it, it won't play Hunt for Red October. I'm downloading the May/June update to see if that makes it work, but if I have to update firmware every time a new release comes out on Blu-Ray, I'm bailing on it....more info
  • decent but not great
    Not too much to say. I love the movie, but the video wasn't great, as there seems to be some amount of graininess in the dark areas of the picture. Still, in the brighter scenes, it's about what you want from HD. Of course, the HD really brings out the rear projection in the final scene....more info
  • Hunt for Red October
    Although it says that this blue ray is region free, it does not play at all on both my Sony Playstation-3 and my Sony Region 2 Blue Ray Player, Model #BDP-S1E....more info
  • Original version?
    Hey, does anyone know how I can get the original version of this movie? That starts out with a long view of the sub barracks, gives a glimpse of Baldwin meeting Connery at an embassy party in DC, builds up the radiation badge issue, and so on. I must have seen this movie before they trimmed it down for broad issue. "Directors cut" does not appear to have this. Any ideas?

    As we all know, it's a great movie no matter what edition we view....more info
  • Alec Baldwin Is Still the Best Jack Ryan
    This is my favorite movie still of all the Tom Clancey's novels that have made the big screen. And Alec Baldwin still is the best Jack Ryan of all the Tom Clancey movies....more info
  • After 18 years, my favorite movie on BD.
    The Hunt for Red October is my favorite movie of all time, bar none. It's the kind of movie you can watch over and over.. I've probably watched it a couple of dozen times over the years, first on VHS, then DVD, now on BD. Mind you, I'm not in the habit of re-purchasing titles, but in this case, I made an exception.

    The picture is the best I've seen for a film of this vintage. It's not up to the quality of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, but it is a film that's nearly 20 years old. All that said, there is a noticeable improvement over my copy on DVD.

    The audio was remastered in Dolby TrueHD 5.1, and is utterly stunning. Good thing my wife & kids are out of town tonight, because I'd be in trouble if they were here -- the sound's so good, I've got the shades drawn and the sound turned up, we're going movie-theater style here.

    Don't expect a gaggle of extras here, just expect a great copy of the film with fantastic audio....more info
  • Great movie, lousy Blu-Ray transfer
    This is a quick review of the Blu-Ray release of "The Hunt for Red October".

    The picture quality is lousy. It ranges from near-pristine to uber-grainy and changes with each camera angle making this version hard to watch.

    When a Hollywood studio invests in a Blu-Ray transfer of an older film, why can't they take the time to do it right? Grrrr...
    ...more info
  • Another Excellent Adventure by Tom Clancy
    One of my favorite movies. I have watched at least a dozen times. The best in the series....more info
  • great christmas present
    My husband and I got this for his dad as a christmas present. It's a great movie that has a plot intriguing enough to capture my father-in-law's attention (which is no small feat). It's wide-screen, though, which not everyone prefers. ...more info
  • The Hunt for submarine movies
    THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER is a good action thriller DVD. The story puts you in a brand new Soviet nuclear submarine on its first trial voyage loaded with unknown technology to the American navy under the command of Captain Ramius (Sean Connery). Ramius, with few loyal officers to him, have different plans.
    Is he planning to defect or to attack the US?
    Lots of suspense and questions to be solved in this 2 hours action movie.
    Great actors and acting; Good photography and quality DVD with DTS sound. Filmed in a real Nuclear submarine.
    Other good submarines movies and my personal opinion on how they rank:
    1. Das Boot
    2. U.571
    3. K.19
    4. Crimson tide
    5. The Hunt for red October
    6. The Enemy below
    7. Run silent, run deep
    8. Ice Station Zebra
    9. Moritori
    ...more info
  • a must see
    A good movie then and a good movie now. Great suspense and even though there have been other movies about submarines this one is refreshingly different....more info
  • Excellent Movie
    This movie is one of the best. Sean Connery gave an excellent performance. All of the other main actors also gave very good performances. This is a movie that, without a doubt, can be enjoyed over and over again for years to come. The fact that it is now available in HD Blu-Ray makes it more enjoyable to watch....more info
  • submarine war
    "The Hunt for Red October"

    Good enough. The imperialist capitalists won.
    I read this book in 1990. There is a new submarine developed by the Soviets. It is to be taken out on its maiden voyage. It is very quiet, so quiet that it is near impossible to detect with sonar. This makes it special to the United States Navy as well. The problem is that the Captain and other officers are tired of being under the oppression of the Soviets. With this sub they hope to make a good break for the United States.
    The Navy catches wind of this new sub and wants to find it. The Soviets have caught wind of the desire to defect by the officers, so they want to find it as well. Simple story, pretty well written....more info
  • The Hunt For Red October [Blu-ray]
    BLU-RAY BUYER BEWARE!! The studios are playing us for dupes. In wanting us to buy their movies AGAIN (VHS, LaserDisc, DVD, now Blu-ray), with the expansive information a blu-ray will hold, they are cheating us!! Case in point..THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER (and others). The previous DVD release contained BOTH a Dolby Digital AND the usually preferred DTS track. On the Blu-ray we only get the Dolby. Shame on them!!

    It amazes me. You would think they would load these releases with much, much more than the standard DVD release to help get people to switch over to Blu-ray but, for the most part, they're not. I guess they figure they have enough control over people to get away with it. Do they? YOU answer the question....more info
  • A CLASSIC of the Action and Cold War genre!
    "The Hunt for Red October" is not only a CLASSIC of the Action genre, but the Cold War film genre as well. I saw this movie THREE times in the theater and read the Tom Clancy novel too. It's such a GOOD and EXCITING movie it's ridiculous!

    The plot couldn't be any better. the idea of a Soviet nuclear submarine commander wanting to defect to the United States, how could you go wrong! Sean Connery gives his usual GREAT leading man performance (fresh off his Oscar win in 1988). Sam Neill is GREAT as well as Borodin, the second in command.

    Scott Glenn and Alec Baldwin are SUPERB as well. Some of us wonder what the Jack Ryan series would have been like had Baldwin not left the role. No disrespect meant toward Harrison Ford. If you want to see one of the CLASSICS of the Action and Cold War genre SEE THIS MOVIE!

    "Welcome to the new world"...more info
  • A tense thriller!
    The claustrophobic atmosphere gradually will intensify with major tension elements around a Russian nuclear submarine in the times of the Perestroika. A high Officer decides to defect to USA. The Soviet authorities go for them and at the same time, the North American Navy being ignored the real intentions undertakes a parallel hunt until a sharp and clever Officer seems to anticipate every move in this cat and mouse chase, that reminds us that forgotten gem picture of the middle Fifties: The Enemy bellow with Robert Mitchu and Curt Jurgens.

    A very exciting adventure with an unexpected final. Do not miss it.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Movie
    I can't stand Alec Baldwin, but he did well in his first major motion picture. Sean Connery was good as he always is. I liked everything about it. The music is good. The special effects don't match these days, but I can live with it. A very dramatic, well acted movie I think. ...more info
  • The Hunt is OVER ... for a great Submarine Thriller!
    I just finished watching the Hunt for Red October for the jilienth time... It had occurred to me that I never have written a review for this great movie here at I have reviewed the great WWII movie Das Boot, the hilarious Operation Petticoat, I have even put together two different lists about submarine books and submarine movies but incredibly I have not written a review about this great movie! I remember the first time I saw this movie when it came out in movie theaters and thinking, "Wow! How did Clancy know that, I thought that was classified?" I served on submarines in the `70s and considered myself very informed about submarines. This is a great Cold War yarn that will keep you on the edge of your seat - If you want to see a first rate submarine thriller then Hunt for Red October is a sure bet!...more info
  • Suspense from beginning to end!
    The viewer of this movie will be spellbound from the first scene to the last. Sean Connery excells in this tense thriller. A must see!...more info
  • Hunt for Red October
    The Blu ray disc didn't work. It won't play and I guess I should try to return it...more info
  • Excellent Action Adventure
    This is one of my all time favorites in the acton adventure category. It really is a must see about submarines. It is just really a stimulating movie. It is so much better than a bond movie and I love bond....more info
  • Great Movie...........
    One of my favorite movies, Sean Connery is excellent as the russian commander and Alec Baldwin does Jack Ryan better than Harrison Ford(Patriot Games). loads of stars in this flick, great story and all the action sequences are filmed to a tee. Highly Recommended for action movie enthuisiats.... ...more info
  • "Careful. Some things in here don't react well to bullets." "Yeah, like me."
    Ah a classic. Just one of those movies that will never ever go out of style. Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin make a perfect team in this well done adaptation of the novel. Expertly cast and with very good cinematic effects, its just an all around great movie....more info
  • One of the best cold war thrillers.
    What a superb cold-war action flick. It has an all-star cast, all male, and many who became stars later. Sean Connery is Captain Ramius of the new super sub "Red October". His stature is legendary among all Soviet submarine captains, but his is Lithuanian and his wife has died a year earlier while he was at sea. He has no children. The officer crew of the sub was hand picked by him and are almost all men who are personally loyal to him.

    Jack Ryan here is played by Alec Baldwin in one of his best roles. He is a brilliant CIA analyst rather than a field officer and knows submarines. Because of what develops, he is brought in by CIA Chief Admiral Greer (the immortal and national treasure James Earl Jones) to advise the National Security Advisor Pelt (the wonderful and too soon lost Richard Jordan). There is a great deal of confusion between what the Americans, the Soviets, and the various crews of various ships know. We, the audience, know the actual situation, but we are concerned about who will learn what before or after it is too late.

    What I like most about this movie is that while there are some heroics, they aren't the superman kind of stunts that show up in too many action flicks. People try to do what they have to do and it doesn't always work out without a cost or even all that well. In the end, well, you already know or should watch the movie to find out.

    I do want to single out the terrific Courtney Vance as the sonar genius Jones, Scott Glenn as Commander Mancuso of the US sub Dallas and Sam Neill as the Soviet Captain Borodin - 2nd to Ramius. Fine performances from each. Even though the ships are big, shooting a movie in such confined quarters risks tedium and claustrophobia (which can work for a film if handled well). This film focuses in on faces and shows us people talking in small groups so we can see the emotion on their faces as they struggle to understand what is going on and what should happen next.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • Sub-title Screw-up on Blu-ray version
    First I bought the initial DVD in non-anamorphic widescreen -- then the anamorphic widescreen version with stinko video and audio quality. And now the Blu-ray -- with incorrectly programed subtitles. To wit: After you press "play" and nothing else, the movie begins with Russian characters speaking in Russian and English subtitles appear -- fine! Soon after, characters begin conversing in English and the subtitles stay on and remain on for the remainder of the film. If you want to shut them off you have to press the subtitle button five times, as there are four other languages on this disc. Of course in two later places in the film, the characters speak Russian again and you won't get the subtitles unless you turn them back on again. What a drag! Thanks a lot, Paramount!

    The original DVD and VHS issues were correctly programed in this regard. The person who programed the Blu-ray version apparently had no knowledge of this film. To make sure my player was not at fault, I check it out on another Sony BDP-350 and got the same result.

    If Paramount ever decides to re-issue this movie with the subtitles corrected, I hope they'll send me a copy. After what I've spent, I think I'm entitled to one. Picture and sound are fine and I would have given it four stars if it weren't for this bit of idiocy....more info
  • DVD movie.
    The DVD is a great movie. It was packed good and got to me
    in a short time....more info
  • Horrible Picture Quality
    The Hunt for Red October (Special Collector's Edition)

    Paramount should be ashamed of themselves. The picture quality is atrocious. DO NOT BUY THIS MOVIE IN DVD FORMAT! Hopefully they haven't screwed up the Blue Ray edition.
    Unfortunately, I gave my old Laser disk player and movies away months ago. I have been replacing my favorites with DVDs and Red October was my latest purchase. I will probably throw it in the trash.
    I am, Peter Harrison..... A disgruntled customer and pissed at Paramount for allowing this to happen. ...more info
  • Good Suspense Holds The Viewer
    A good, deep cast and good suspense kept me and, I assume, most viewers, guessing until the end in this tale of a Russian captain taking a submarine and defecting - or is he? - to the United States. That's the question they stretch out in this 2 hour-plus film: where does this captain stand?

    Overall, it's a good 135 minutes of Cold War adventure in that it entertains. There is a cat-and-mouse game in here with five good actors involved: Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, Scott Glenn, James Earl Jones and Sam Neill.

    The DVD transfer was disappointing. It was way too grainy. You would expect something better from Paramount Pictures. My hopes were renewed when this came out in high-definition Blu-Ray, but the reviewers here say the print is lousy, and I believe them.

    ...more info
  • Has Aged Very Well
    There are a lot of movies that I loved in the 90s that I watch now and cringe, but a few of them actually seem to be even better now. The Hunt for Red October is one of them. It is a great Cold War movie, exciting, very well acted and is paced just right. Yes, some of accents are not quite right, but so what? Most movies you have to suspend disbelief and this one is no exception. Connery is the perfect choice is Ramius and Baldwin is just as good.
    The Special Edition extras are very good, not great, but good. I would ve loved to have seen an indepth documentary on the making of the film. Still, the commentary by the great directory John McTiernan is very interesting, too.
    Well worth the money I spent on it (Ok I got it for $5 in a Walmart bin of DVDs) and one of my favorite films. ...more info
  • Hunt for Red October
    This is one of the classic movies in my opinion. The star cast and superior story line (real or not?? hum!) makes this a must have movie for your blue ray lineup...more info
  • A superb movie to watch over and over again
    There are a handful of movies I can watch over and over again. This is one of them. If you don't own it you really really should. Can't tell you enough about the action and acting - it is that good....more info
  • Clancy simplified
    I watched this movie after reading the book, which was probably a mistake in that it set my expectations fairly high. Too high. The film deviates drastically from its source, and while that isn't by definition a bad thing, the changes and omissions didn't really help the film adaptation so much as make it seem overly simple. Gone is the deliberate planning by the various characters from the book, replaced by spontaneous and at times painful realization, usually spoken aloud in soliloquy. The cast goes a long way to rescue the material, though they can't pull the boat alone, so to speak. Connery and Neill do admirable jobs as Soviet sub officers, but I question casting Baldwin in the role of Jack Ryan. A good modern military film as those go, but doesn't live up to its source....more info
  • great show great price
    We love this movie. Amazon had a great price for it. I bought it online and it got here so fast my husband was totally surprised when he got home from work and found the box outside. The movie itself arrived in excellent condition and works perfectly....more info
  • Great movie!
    Excellent movie. I was ecstatic to see that this movie was released to Blu-ray. I can clearly see that they simply didn't simply upscale a standard definition master, but that the film was rescanned and that special features have been added!

    My only gripe would be: I would like to see this film get treated like the classic it is. It would be nice to see it get run through a dust buster, or color stabilizer. I don't have a problem with seeing grain, as that in itself has a flawed beauty to it, and does add to the aesthetics of the film.

    Overall, it's great! Get it! Now!...more info
  • Worst HD transfer I've seen so far!
    Of course its a classic film. Worst transfer to a "high-definition" format that I've seen so far. Just by the DVD, you won't miss the extra static contained in the higher definition version here....more info
  • Cold war movie
    This is a great movie about the cold war with excellent casting and directing. I had read the book so when I first saw the movie I was a bit dissapointed from the fact that some of the important factors were underplayed in the movie. However this movie really grew on me and it is really entertaining. ...more info
  • A classic cold war film!
    The Hunt For Red October is an excellent cold war film supported with great acting by Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin! This film was an excellent adaptation of the Tom Clancy novel about a group of Russian officers trying to defect to the United States in the newest Soviet Submarine. This is not the standard Bond film and should not be expected as one. It is a little more realistic spy film that you could believe actually happened. Both Sean and Alec put in excellent performances as the defecting Russian captain and the CIA analyst who is the only one who believes the Russian's intentions are non-hostile. This is an excellent movie of the games submarines play of cat and mouse. ...more info
  • The hunt is over; this is what you're looking for...
    This type of espionage thriller hardly ever satisfies and or interests me much. I think that's why I feel compelled to campaign this film; because it did just that. Not only was `The Hunt for Red October' interesting but it managed to make me rethink the entire genre. The acting was spot on, the direction was sharp and effective, the scripting was precise and engrossing and the overall presentation was exactly what was needed to help create a satisfying and utterly impressive cinematic experience.

    The film follows Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst who is trying desperately to prevent the government from acting rashly when Soviet Captain Marko Ramias starts showing up near the U.S. coast. Is Ramias planning to attack, or is he simply trying to defect? Ryan is convinced that Ramias wants to defect, but can the government afford to take that chance? When the government hears that the Russian's are trying to find the `Red October' (the submarine under Ramius's command) themselves they begin to panic, for it seems that no one truly knows what Ramius's intentions truly are. The Russian's have their own accusations, but Jack Ryan is insistent that they try and contact Ramius civilly.

    The only other film that I have seen that is reminiscent of this film is `U-571' and admittedly, it was not one I was thrilled about. I need to revisit it now that my interest in the genre has been restored, but I just remember being initially bored with the film. That is not so with `The Hunt for Red October'. Despite it's running time and relative stagnancy (the film is slow moving yet incredibly dramatic in its structure) I was never bored and always highly intrigued.

    The acting works wonders to keep our interest. The two leads are phenomenal. Alec Baldwin has never been one of my favorite actors, but his dynamic portrayal of Jack Ryan is flawless and entertaining. The real star here though is Sean Connery, an actor who never fails to intrigue me. He delivers a convincing and powerful performance as Marko Ramius, his strength and also his weakness is brought to the fore with each passing frame. He magnificently creates a very subtle yet effective portrayal of a man who is trying desperately to attain a happiness he has lost. The supporting cast is also wonderful, everyone from Scott Glenn to James Earl Jones to the flawless Sam Neill aiding the film in its delivery.

    If you are a fan of the genre then no doubt you have seen and adored this film. If you are not a fan and have stayed clear for fear you may be bored senseless I urge you to reconsider. `The Hunt for Red October' is a marvelous film that will surely please any lover of film, no matter what your thoughts are on the genre in question. The final frames of this film are so engrossing one cannot tear his/her gaze from the screen, and those feelings of investment are not limited to the finale. No, `The Hunt for Red October' in its entirety is a gem of a film that will not soon be forgotten....more info
  • Still a fantastic movie
    Thought is was nice in DVD, but then decided to take a chance on Bluray.
    What a difference. Not in the habit of upgrading a DVD, but now that I've seen and heard the difference that BD makes, I'll be replacing several of my old DVD versions. Just a classic that belongs in anyone's inventory....more info
  • The Hunt for Red October
    I really like this movie so much because it so cool in charactor and show to us that what kind of real man he is....more info
  • The Best Version, Hands Down!
    I loved this movie when it came out on VHS then purchased the DVD. Now comes Blu-ray. The audio experience alone was well worth the cost of upgrading. The sound of the USN Dallas as it passes by your screen is now one of my demo experiences for people. ...more info
  • Hunt for Red October, Outstanding
    This copy replaces a destroyed VHS copy. Giant of a movie. Watched it many times, but when played it is always the first time. A good nail biter....more info