Spy Fox 3: Operation Ozone (Jewel Case)
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For Windows 98 & up

Customer Reviews:

  • Can't break the initial code to use this game
    To begin the game, there is a code that must be broken. There is no help system or hint to tell you what it could be. Perhaps you must know it from the movie? Neither I nor my son could break the code. Therefore, he could not play the game. Worthless....more info
  • Another Absolutely Wonderful Spy Fox Addition
    This game is AWESOME! I have owned this game for quite a while and I find myself still playing it over and over. This game can be difficult for younger children and they may ask for your help. This games graphics are very pleasing to the eye with many colors. The music is not annoying or aggravating in any way. I enjoy how there are many things that you can click on for something to make a sound or little thing like that. The story is very humorous and intresting. There are many references to James Bond in this game and I am a huge James Bond so I thought that this was very funny. This game allows the player to use their memory. For example, they need to remember key places and certain items that they encountered in the game in order to advance in the future. All in all, this game is fabulous! A must have for any child or even the adult. Very fun!...more info
  • excellent game!
    Played the game with my Kindergarten-aged daughter (we both had a lot of fun) and then my second grader played through the entire game with minimal amount of help but lots of laughter....more info
  • Great Game!!!
    I love this game my 7 year old son just beat this game and he is so happy! The puzzles are hard enough to make kids really think, but it isn't too complicated....more info
  • adventure
    Our daughter liked this one. It has the usual adventure-game activities, find this to find another thing to go accomplish the next step. It was definitely harder than the PJ Sam and Freddi Fish games she had played previously. Initially, at age 7, she had a hard time with it, later (when 8) it was fun....more info
  • My ideas as an average game player
    In this epic version of spy fox.A poodle trys to ruin the ozone with an orbiting arasole can. I think it is very fun- it has one objective you must retrieve alot of different items to make a pill to ruin poodles plan. It always changes . you must still get some things. I always enjoy it. I play it alot. I think anyone will play. You get so caught up in it you don't think about time. I have had it for years and never get tired of the fun. I recommend parents get involeved and play with the kids its a family affair. Everyone will enjoy it . This was my first spy fox and i find it efecient and easy to work. Please listen to my review. I hope you enjoy the game....more info
  • Another excellent episode
    My daughter and I have loved every Spy Fox game (in fact, every Humongous game), and this one is no exception. Now that it has dropped into the bargain bin price point, there is no reason not to buy it. James Bond-type jokes and spy action, with a completely kid-friendly feel. The box says ages 5 to 8, and that's right - a five-year-old might need you there beside them (which I promise you will enjoy), while a seven or eight-year-old can do it all themselves. They might need you to explain some of the jokes, though....more info