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Microsoft Visual C# .NET Standard 2003
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Product Description

Visual C# .NET Standard 2003 unleashes the full power of Visual C# .NET, the tool for application development in the new .NET format!

Visual C# .NET 2003 is a modern, innovative programming language and tool for building .NET-connected software for Microsoft Windows, the Web, and a wide range of devices. With familiar C++-like syntax, a flexible integrated development environment (IDE), and the capability to build solutions across a variety of platforms and devices, Visual C# .NET 2003 significantly eases the development of .NET-connected software.

Visual C# .NET provides users with a superior developer environment, bringing together the development community and valuable online resources. The Start Page offers developers a one-click portal to updates, preferences, information on recently used projects, and the MSDN Online community. Improved IntelliSense, the Toolbox, and the Task List provide significant productivity enhancements, while AutoHide windows and multiple-monitor support help programmers maximize screen real estate and customize their development environment.

With Visual C# .NET 2003, developers can take advantage of Microsoft .NET and incorporate next-generation technology for resource management, unified types, and remoting. With Microsoft .NET, developers gain superior memory management technology for seamless garbage collection and reduced program complexity. Developers can use the Microsoft .NET Framework Common Type System to leverage code written in any of more than 20 languages that support .NET, while making efficient remote procedure calls.

  • Build .NET-connected software for Windows, the Web, and a wide range of devices
  • Build a variety of applications, from device solutions to datacenter servers. Use code obfuscation technology to protect your intellectual property
  • Reuse code from within any programming language that supports .NET
  • Packed with enhancements and new features
  • Immediately familiar to C++ and Java developers

Customer Reviews:

  • Gets the job done!
    Microsoft Visual C# privides the ability to create applications, and web solutions - in short, it gets the job done....more info
  • The Best Language Ever
    Tis is the most powerful and Dynamic tool for programmers even JAVA or other platforms, Is so easy the OOP process and Web Services XML Creation...more info
  • Great for everyday Windows programming
    We use this suite to build front-end Windows applications for exotic equity pricing models and we bought it because 1) we didn't need all the fancy, advanced libraries the more expensive packages include and 2) this is cheap. The package is easy to install and the environment easy to navigate. We are very happy with it and will buy the upgraded version to keep up with the latest .NET feature....more info
  • careful
    There is a typo in the feature list on this page...

    It mentions that this product supports development of Compact.NET applications for mobile phones and pocketpc's however this is incorrect. The standard edition does not support pocketpc development, only the professional edition that comes in visual studio supports it. I bought the product partially because i thought i could make programs for my ppc. :/ Other than lack of PPC support in this standard edition, visual C# standard seems like a decent program for web development or quickly making windows apps....more info

  • Great Windows programming tool, possibly the best
    For an amateur programmer like myself, C# provides an easy-to-use fun way to write professional-looking Windows applications with very little overhead. If you know Java and had played with Visual C++, C# will come naturally to you. It is completely object-oriented, there are no pointers (even though you may use them if you really need to), a very easy-to-understand object model, a powerful forms editor, and a sophisticated debugger. C++-like templates allow you to design and write any type of programs without worrying too much about necessary components. An extensive class library provides tools for anything you may think of. MSDN library included in the package provides great real-time help with a number of examples. Overall, C# is easier than Java, as powerful as C++, and is accessible to people who are not professional programmers. Great product!...more info