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Rival 38501-W Round 5-Quart Smart-Pot Crock-Pot, White
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Product Description

The 5-quart round Crock-Pot is large enough to cook four to six chicken breasts with vegetables or enough chili or soup for four to five people. The easy-to-use programmable timer turns on and off with the push of a button and lets you choose among time settings of 4 6 8 and 10 hours. When cooking time is complete the Crock-Pot automatically shifts into warming mode which keeps food at the right eating temperature but doesn t overcook it. The exterior of this Crock-Pot is white plastic that wipes down easily and matches the d cor of most kitchens. Plastic handles provide a secure and comfortable grip for transporting the cooker. The Crock-Pot s internal liner is made of durable stoneware that is attractive enough to go from cooker to tabletop to serve your meal. The liner also has a stick-resistant coating and is dishwasher-safe to make clean-up easy. The glass lid lets you peek at your food while it cooks and is also dishwasher safe.

The original slow cooker, the Crock-Pot was first introduced by Rival in the 1970s and has proved to be much more than a fad. This convenient appliance helps you prepare delicious family-style meals while you¡¯re working, running errands, hiking, or just relaxing around the house.

The 5-quart, round Crock-Pot is large enough to cook four to six chicken breasts with vegetables or enough chili or soup for four to five people. The easy-to-use programmable timer turns on and off with the push of a button and lets you choose among time settings of 4, 6, 8, and 10 hours. When cooking time is complete, the Crock-Pot automatically shifts into warming mode, which keeps food at the right eating temperature but doesn¡¯t overcook it.

The exterior of this Crock-Pot is white plastic that wipes down easily and matches the d¨¦cor of most kitchens. Plastic handles provide a secure and comfortable grip for transporting the cooker. The Crock-Pot¡¯s internal liner is made of durable stoneware that is attractive enough to go from cooker to tabletop to serve your meal. The liner also has a stick-resistant coating and is dishwasher-safe to make clean-up easy. The glass lid lets you peek at your food while it cooks and is also dishwasher safe. Rival offers a limited 1-year warranty on this stoneware slow cooker. --Cristina Vaamonde

  • 5-quart slow cooker makes family-style meals for 4 to 5 people
  • Programmable temperature control; auto-shift to warm setting when cooking is complete
  • Dishwasher-safe stoneware crock with stick-resistant coating
  • SUREGRIP side handles for improved grip and comfort
  • Dishwasher-safe glass lid; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Cooks too HOT on low settings
    I've owned mine for nearly two years. The low settings cook as if on HIGH and everything burns/dries up
    quickly. I should have returned it, but I kept trying different settings. It is defective and Rival won't take it back now. They should recall this one too. I cannot start in the morning and go to work. A roast will be well done after only 2 -3 hours on the lowest setting. The WARM setting works tho - won't cook anything, but keeps it warm....more info
  • Burns food, practically a fire hazard.
    I have had the same problem with this crockpot as everyone else. When I initially bought it, I thought that perhaps I was just a rotten cook when it came to slow cooking, but after using this pot for a while it seems that it's temperature control is just badly designed. I put a bunch of water in it and let it heat up on the LOW setting for a few hours, and when I measured it with a thermometer the temperature was way over 180 degrees! It also cooks very unevenly, burning quickest on the right side of the pot.

    My roasts in this pot always came out dry and tasteless after only six hours on low in this crock pot, and soups would happily bubble into mush on the same setting. The last straw was when I tried to make a slowcooker oatmeal recipe in it that was supposed to take eight hours, and woke up only five hours later to find that the oatmeal was burnt to the point of charring, and a small amount of smoke came out of the pot when I lifted the lid. I'm very glad that I was home and not at work so my house didn't burn down.

    I would never recommend another Rival Crock-pot after owning this one, unfortunately....more info
    OK, so I thought I was crazy, not being able to make a decent meal with my crockpot. People were making fun of me, "HOW CAN YOU BURN ANYTHING IN A CROCKPOT"??
    Now, I look at the reviews on this thing and see that I AM NOT ALONE.
    I always wondered why people liked food out of a crockpot! Now I know that they are not SUPPOSED TO be like this!!!
    On the 10 hour setting it starts boiling within only a few hours!!!!

    I am trashing mine today!!!...more info
  • Overcooked Stew
    I bought this item from Walmart. I normally investigate my products before I buy, but I bought it on impluse. This crockpot burns. Do not buy this one. Look as the other reviews. Yes it looks nice and sturdy, but looks can be deceiving! I bought a great Russell & Hobbs one which works just fine. ...more info
  • Messy!
    I was very disappointed in this new crock-pot after having an old Rival crock-pot for 25 years. This new one would only cook about one hour and then the lid would start rattling and leaking liquid down the sides of the pot. The white pot was permanently stained red from tomato sauce, plus it made a big mess in my kitchen. The pot was unable to keep the liquid inside to cook properly. I returned the pot after just two uses....more info
  • Disappointed - Rival QC needs to fix this
    I bought this to replace my old Rival Smartpot which had cracked after several years of great service. I was so disappointed with this new one, my food now come out all dry and burnt unless I can be at home and monitor the moisture level in the pot. At first I thought the problem was the lid, which is thinner than my old one and allows more moisture to escape. But having read these other reviews it seems that there is a quality control issue at Rival and some pots just get too hot.

    I'm here on amazon shopping for a different brand, I will probably either buy the KitchenAid programmable one (twice as expensive but has a nice auto feature that cooks high for two hours then low) or the corningware one....more info
  • Works alright for me!
    This crock-pot works pretty well for me...
    It's easy to clean and I haven't noticed that the high/low setting are the same temp, but it hasn't burnt my food. The unit does get very hot on the outside, so keep it out of the reach of children. The lid sometimes puffs up and down from the steam...but I don't know if that matters or not. I haven't had any major problems with it yet, but if I would have read the reviews before purchasing I probably would have went with a more expensive crock-pot. ...more info
  • Bad Bad Bad!!!!
    I used by Grandmother's old crock-pot throughout my college and graduate school years. I never had a problem and I had a number of recipes I loved to make.

    When I got married two years ago, I got this crock-pot as wedding gift. I am annoyed by the comments from people who have said those who had food dry out and burn did not know how to use a crock-pot. That is false. I never had a problem until I used this crock-pot. I have tried numerous times to make my favorite dishes (dishes I could make in my Grandmother's crock-pot). Every time it has come out too dry to even attempt to eat. The sauces also burned. It makes it really fun to clean! My suggestion, go to a garage sale and find an old crock-pot. It will be better than this one.
    ...more info
  • Crock Pots
    The Rival 5 quart Crock Pot is a great pot for chili, soups and stews. Fast easy to use with smart cooking technology. Turn it on in the morning when you leave for work and voila! supper's ready when you get home.
    ...more info
  • Good idea poor implementation
    When I first saw this, I thought what a good idea to be able to set the cooking time and have it automatically turn to keep warm when time's up.
    The theory is good but ..... Rival really needs to go back to the drawing board. I've burned everything that I've tried in this slow cooker. Out to the trash it goes and I'll get out my 25 year slow cooker and use it. At least dinner will be waiting for me when I get home and not a charred mess. Don't waste your money - ...more info
  • poor product
    I bought two cookers, one for each of my grown daughters, both Cookers burn the food each time they were used. Don't waist your money on this product....more info
  • Crock Pot Critter
    The item is all that you advertised it was. Being a widower, I spent a lot of time in local eating establishments. Since I received this pot I have gone wild. I use it constantly and experiment with all kinds of goodies. All my friends, who once thought I would burn my apartment down when I got near a stove, all call me, "The Crock Pot Critter." My crock and I have become constant companions and I enjoy using it tremendously.
    Thank you for your follow up.
    Sincerely, Sherwin Baril...more info
  • Rival Smart Pot
    There are three great things about this particular slow cooker: it's size - it's great for 2-4 people; the removable stoneware liner makes easy cleaning; but the best feature is that it is programmable. No more burned, overcooked meals. It automatically goes to the "warm" setting after it has finished cooking.
    ...more info
  • I enjoy using this crock-pot
    The pot is very easy to use and food cooks perfect....more info
  • Never ever buy!
    It's absolutely awful! It burns everything you put in it. The lid doesn't come close to sealing, and it rattles and allows steam to escape, resulting in sauces drying out instead of "juicing up" as they should. I literally had chicken turn to charcoal when I left it on for 5 hours on low. I would not give this product a zero. I would not want this thing even for free! Don't buy! You will be disappointed!...more info
  • burns on low
    just like all the other reviews, it burns even on low. I previously had another Rival that did not have the warm feature, and it too burned everything on low, so I bought the accessory that allows you to have a warm setting, and it did not work either; everything still burned. ...more info
    I have owned 2 in the last five years and both overcook everything. I cooked a roast on low and it was overcooked in 3 hours! My beef stew was done in 5 not 12....more info
  • hate this thing
    I have two of these after hearing that they were so great from someone on television.

    They overcook everything. The old fashion crock pot I have that doesn't have the warm cycle never did that.

    It looks real pretty and heavy duty, but that is where the beauty ends. Don't buy it!...more info
  • Smartpot my BUTT!!! -- Dumbpot Burns/Overcooks EVERYTHING
    Why isn't there a choice for ZERO (0) stars???? 1 STAR IS WAY TOO GENEROUS FOR THIS PRODUCT - NOT EXAGERTING!
    Did any of these people who wrote their 5 star reviews even FINISH cooking before reviewing? I read one persons review who gave it 5 stars who still had their roast in while they were reviewing it!! Also this same person said, -----"to the people who said it's HOT .... well duhhh... no kidding! (ever hear of potholders?) Second to the ones who have returned it for not having a medium setting... well, warm is medium and YES you can override the low/high settings if you just read your instruction manual!"----- I gotta tell you I have the manual in front of me & there is NO WAY to "override the low/high settings! 4/6 hours is HIGH & 8/10 hours claims LOW. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to cook on LOW for only 4 hours.

    Read the one person who reviewed it & measured the crockpot using both a thermometer & a Kill-A-Watt. Don't know what a "Kill-A-Watt" is? Here:

    The above link is for a review of the device the guy used to measure the amount of power the crockpot draws from the outlet. Plain & simple - if the crockpot really is on LOW when you choose 8/10 Hours LOW setting, then it will draw less power over more time - as the guy who tested it with the Kill-A-Watt discovered, it draws the SAME AMOUNT of power on both LOW AND HIGH settings! How stupid!

    We bought this crockpot @ Costco. It was only $40 or $50. Nice looking. Took it home & made a stew with the recipe FROM THE INSTRUCTION book included - IT COMPLETELY OVER COOKED! Everything came out mush. How much more telling is that?

    Decided to try one more meal. Used a different recipe from the American Test Kitchen's cookbook. Same results. Completely dried our chicken out & burned the rice badly around the edges where the food touched the pot. We stopped the crockpot with 2 hours & 20 minutes left to go on the recipe! Also stopped it over 2 hours early on the stew recipe from the included manual. Stopped it 2 hours early & everything was STILL over cooked.

    I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER RIVAL - and thank god for Costco's 100% satisfaction return policy! Best thing is when I return this, it goes directly back to the manufacturer via Costco & they eat the cost of the used item! Stickin' it to the man! YEAH!

    ...more info
  • Cooks too high
    Even on low this crock cooked everything too fast. And after having it for 7 months it burned itself out. I was very disappointed since I liked the size and shape. I will never buy another crock with smartpot since I bought another rival and it's been fine without the smartpot feature. I am not sure if that's what it was or not but I am not taking any chances!...more info
  • Awful
    I agree with the majority of these reviews. I previously owned a 4.5 Q oval Rival that I loved and used for years until I dropped and broke the insert. I got this to replace that one and am so disappointed. It ruined 5 meals before I took it back. All the food was dried-out and burnt way before it was even supposed to be done cooking. The lid rattled all day, letting out moisture and annoying me in the process. I had to "even exchange" it because I didn't have all the packaging and stuff. I was hoping I had gotten a lemon, but no, the replacement was the same way. This time they gave my money back. Of course I read these review too late... any suggestions for a crock-pot that works?...more info
  • Everything is done in 2 hours!
    No matter what setting you use, everything cooks in two hours. If it is in there longer than 2 hours, it burns. I won't even resell it - it would be a mean thing to do!...more info
  • How did I ever live without it before?
    I love this product. I really do. I never thought I'd ever say that about an appliance.

    I enjoy cooking but work hard all week. By the time Thursday rolls around, the last thing I want to do is cook. Hence my family was ordering takeout every week on Thursday nights. This is money, calories, salt, fat and cholesterol. Not a good situation at all.

    Enter the crock pot. Instead of ordering in on Thursday nights, I use the crock, mainly to make beans and rice but sometimes to make chicken (I'm still working on perfecting my method for making chicken in it, but the beans are fabulous). The result is a healthy low-salt, low-cholesterol meal that's very high in fiber. The cost of the ingredients is perhaps $5 - $10 -- a welcome contrast to the $60/week that was flying out the door for the food that we used to order in.

    The only downsides are (1) I wish it had come with a meat rack (I had to order it separately, but they're cheap, less than $20 including shipping. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't seem to sell them and you need to order it directly from Rival) and
    (2) I wish it had more adjustable options. While the simplicity is welcome (so many consumer electronics are anything but simple), I would like to be able to, say, cook on low for 4 hours or on high for 8, neither of which can be done with this product (you can, though, cook on high for 4 hours or on low for 8, among other options).

    But these are fairly small quibbles. To me, the crock pot represents more healthful eating, about $50 after taxes extra in my pocket every week, and, well, freedom. You can't say that about a toaster....more info
  • A 'must-have' for today's families...
    My Rival Crockpot is a few years old, but the same Smart Pot Round White that they specify. This is my second Rival crockpot in 28 years of marriage. the other one did not now belongs to my married daughter. I don't have many things that I got when I first got married that still work (including on me!), but Rival does a good job on these appliances. As a mother and a grandmother who often needs to cook ahead of time, due to me working as a teacher or while we are at church, I cannot imagine not having one of these. Also, right now, it costs way too much to use my gas oven, so I am using my crock pot more and more.

    With all the new packaging by Betty Crocker and others of Crock Pot dinners, it is very easy to cook a decent stew (albeit too salty), and then add a salad and rolls for a family dinner. There is way to much going out to fast food joints, and not only is this bad for diets, but its bad for family togetherness.

    As long as Rivals do this well, I will continue getting them. I am looking at the gravy boat which I think is a great idea long in coming. These things are very hot, but then we adults are supposed to know better than to put them where children or pets can reach them!!!

    Karen Sadler...more info
  • horrible product
    Used this item 3 times. I wanted to give it an adequate test run. It boils everything even on low setting. It gets so hot that I would never consider leaving the house with it on. The lid does not fit so all the moisture escapes. The meat did not turn out to bad, but I really had to keep an eye on the food. Defeats the purpose of fix it and forget it cooking. I absolutely do not recommend buying this crock pot. ...more info
    I own this Crock Pot. It boils everything to a crisp in one hour. Rival could have made this better if it actually put a control that really reduces the heat on the low setting. Unfortunately the low setting is the same as high. So, do not buy this product. I have had many issues with everything Rival makes that I own. So, I switched brands and have had no issues with the other brands. Is this company making this stuff in China or something. It isn't the cheapest at all! Rival won't respond to any complaints. They are probably the next big company to go out of business. In this economy, you better treat your customers better! ...more info
  • Cooks right for me.
    Just made a pot roast that took 8 hours on low. Came out tender and none of the vegetables burned. In fact, there was more juice than when I started so there was no evaporation. Yes it may cook hot, but it cooks right if you follow the rules....more info