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Disney has always done right by the classic "boy and his dog" adventure, and Big Red, adapted from the popular novel by Jim Kjelgarrd, is no exception. Wealthy sportsman Walter Pidgeon buys a beautiful Irish setter to turn into a champion show dog and hires spunky young Gilles Payant, a French-speaking country boy teaching himself English, to care for the dog. But boys will be boys and as Gilles and the setter run through forests, chasing critters and rolling down hills, Red loses all interest in show business discipline as he bonds with the kid. Pidgeon makes a gentle and understanding paternal father figure who grows to love the uneducated but hard-working lad, who grows from impulsive adolescent to courageous young man, but apart from a shattering accident that leaves Red near death, there's little real excitement to the lolling tale. Disney house director Norman Tokar proves more adept in filming the stately wilderness landscape than developing the dramatic possibilities of the script, but there's a charm to the innocent scenes of the boy and his dog at play in the great outdoors. It's a nostalgic world of blue skies, green meadows, rushing rivers of blue and white water, and mountain peaks shooting into the sky. What more could a boy and his dog ask for? --Sean Axmaker

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  • Great service and product quality for Big Red order
    This company had the best price and a quality as promised product in my order of Big Red. The delivery time was excellent. I would recommend them to any buyer as outstanding....more info
  • You can get this movie without paying outrageous prices!!
    Yes, that's right!! You can get Big Red, the original Disney classic on DVD, widescreen, region 1, brand new, for under $20.00!! It is now on sale through the Disney Movie Club. It is EXCLUSIVE to the club, and you don't need to tape it from TV, wade through lots of commercials or deal with the problems of converting it from a PAL format to one that will work in the United States!! Joining the Disney Movie Club is free, and they have lots of titles to choose from. This is a wonderful classic movie about a boy and his dog - don't miss out!!...more info
  • Region 2 DVD
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    Get a copy of DVD shrink, selection region free and copy it. Technically that may violate copy write laws, but its against the law TO ROB CUSTOMERS with a format you cannot play !...more info
  • Good Movie/Wrong Storyline/Wake up People!
    Does anyone know why the screenplay was not adapted from the original Big Red by Jim Kjelgaard? I think it stinks. I can't believe I am the only person who has ever read the Jim Kjelgaard books! Nobdy else seems to care or relate. I used to like the Disney movies when I was growing up. I am glad my parents made us read books as opposed to watching television. I guess nobody reads anymore or I would have had lots of concurring opinions. Everyones is content to sit in front of a TV, movie or computer screen gaping in dumbfounded amazement at all the rippoff garbage Disney is churning out. The real Big Red story is an American Classic not Swiss or Canadian! Maybe this is why Jim Kjelgaard allegedly committed suicide. This might be considered good movie to a lot of people but to anyone who has ever cherised the books by Jim Kjeelgard it amounts to an insult! Who cares what region it is encoded in! It's a rip-off of the Kjelgaard book. It doesn't even come close. Read people! Don't be a bunch of Disney Dopes! Take your children to the library - throw the Little Mermaid, Lion King and the Shrek garbage in the nearest dumpster before your children end up brain-dead zombies pan-handling at freeway on-ramps because they spent their entire childhood playing video games and watching really lame Disney movies. ...more info
  • no CC, huh?
    I had ordered it through marketplace twice and had to send them back for refund a couple of times because of incorrect format and no closed captioning. It took me a long time to look around and waiting. Finally, Hallmark Channel was showing it this morning with CC and I recorded it on tape. I will dub it to DVD-R while cutting out the commericals later. Saves me money to buy an expensive hard to find DVD. Thanks Hallmark!...more info
    BIG RED is a film your family should enjoy viewing together. The dogs are beautiful and "act" quite well; Gilles Payant, in spite of the hard to decipher French accent, brings an innocent joy and commitment to his role; Janette Bertrand as Theresa, the housekeeper, is fitfully feisty and endearing; and Walter Pidgeon is good in his transformation from heartless showman to caring father figure. Unfortunately, the characterizations are merely anecdotes to the lush scenery and shenanigans of boy and dog, and result in a tedious, sometimes dull narrative. However, it's heartwarming and enjoyable. Certainly not one of Disney's best but a refreshing tale in this day of special effects and low moral films....more info
  • Puzzling performances
    I'm a huge fan of the live action Disney movies from the 1950's and 60's, and surprisingly just saw this film for the first time. Sorry to be contrary to the other reviews, but I found this film tedious and boring.

    Don't get me wrong, the scenery was spectacular, the cinematography and action sequences excellent. But the wooden performances of Walker Pigeon and the Boy, coupled with dialogue that goes nowhere were big liabilities. The train/moose sequence was the only spot that made the film fun. Try Greyfriars Bobby instead......more info
  • big red
    This is a must see for anyone who loves animals. I first seen this movie in 1962 and it is still my number one favorite....more info
  • Big Red
    Wow! what a lovely family film about a beautiful Irish Red Setter and a boy who cares for him. It is based on the characters in the James Kjelgaard books but is NOT a film of the book "Big Red". But do not let that put you off! The scenery is breathtaking, the storyline is great family and dog lover fare and the acting beautiful and innocent

    I have been searching for this film for 5 years and the wait was well worth it. This is one for the dog lovers and famalies with young children who love dogs....more info

  • Indescribable Beauty
    I must have watched this picture a million times, and still never get tired of it. It has the same affect on me today and my child. The scenery is breathtaking, as is the music and acting. Anyone who owns,or has ever owned an Irish Setter, understands what this movie means to them. It really catches your heart and trully shows what love there can be between a boy and his dog.I own the VHS as well as the DVD which is fantastic. Should anyone know of the whereabouts of the boy who played Rene (Gilles Payant),please email me at Thank you...more info