X2 Wolverine's Revenge
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In the late 1960s, Wolverine was surgically implanted with the adamantium skeleton that would make him one of the world's most famous X-Men. More than thirty years later, he's discovered that he was also implanted with something else: a viral bomb that counter his accelerated healing powers. Now active, the virus will render Wolverine lifeless in 48 hours. The clock is ticking. The location of the cure is unknown. And only you can find it.

  • Superhuman Mutant Powers - Unsheathe Wolverine's trademark claws to shred your enemies. Withstand counterattacks using your unbreakable adamantium-bonded skeleton and accelerated healing ability.
  • High-Adrenaline Action and Stealth Gameplay - Employ advanced stealth techniques to infiltrate high-security locations. If confronted, perform spectacular Wolverine combat moves in epic superhero battles. But beware - almost everything around you is combustible, destructible or capable of being thrown at you.
  • Dependable Allies and Malicious Foes - Good friends Beast and Colossus join the fight as you take on archenemies Sabretooth, Wedigo, Juggernaut, Omega Red and Magneto. Professor Charles Xavier provides hints and clues through a telepathic link.
  • Captivating Storyline - A completely original, tension-inducing storyline developed by comics legend Larry Hama featuring the voices of Mark Hamill andPatrick Stewart.

Customer Reviews:

  • Wolverine's Revenge Rocks
    Wolverine's Revenge is a very cool game. Sure it's pretty challenging, but I like a challenge. The gameplay is excellent. It is very complex and I think that is what makes this game so fun and exciting. Also there is a lot of interesting bonus material. You can watch blooper tapes, and learn about all the different characters. You can even change Wolverine's costume. I really like that this game makes you do most things in a stealthy way. This makes it a lot more interesting. I give Wolverine's Revenge 2 thumbs up....more info
  • Avg. game but cool at times
    The Game is about wolverine and his virus. He try's to locate the 2 samples of the Anti-virus type A and B to save his hide. He goes through the game finding them whistle fighting very plain enimes, also fighting bosses such as magneto juggernaut and of course sabertooth. this game can some times make you think Ex: stealth and when to use it and moderitly easy puzzles. The graphics were OK. This game probly would not get a 5/5 due to clunky controls and the lock on mode (verry buggy) and hugging the walls(also buggy a couple of times I hugged a invisable wall) also hard to get off the walls when enimes saw me and started to attack. but there is alot of good things to like the stealth ability and stealth kills not much like wolverine but helps balincing a hack and slash. I also like that there is a unique way to kill every boss not just pound at them. The game is a bit repetitive sneak kill, sneak kill, hack and slash, hack and slash can get boring at times no reaply value (in my sense those are not "good Buys") if they had more time i'm sure it would have been a great game but it just barely made the mark meaning preatty avarage game. Recomended for die hard wolverine fans it just wasn't my cup of tea. ...more info
  • X2: Wolverine's Revenge doesn't deliver the goods, bub
    So first off, I'm a huge Wolverine fan, I even have a web site dedicated to him, so you can imagine my excitement over this game. I have to admit, when I first played it I enjoyed it. The reason being is because I thought the strike moves were pretty cool and there was a pretty interesting story. However, after about an hour of playing this game, it became very repetive and frustrating. First of all, there are glitches. I got stuck in walls, stuck inside of a ladder, and more. The stike moves becamse boring and tiresome. Also, there isn't much strategy to this game, just a lot of button mashing. The graphics really aren't that bad, but they aren't great either, they are medicore. Also, the enemy A.I. is pretty stupid. They aren't very smart and that doesn't make the game challenging in the respect. However, in some levels it's too challenging to the point to where I was about to break my controller. My advice to consumers is to rent this game before you even consider buying it. I unfortanetly bought this game in hopes it would be an awesome Wolverine game, unfortunately, X2: Wolverine's Revenge is a sorry excuse for a video game....more info
  • X2: Wolverine's Revenge,
    This game is pretty hard & challanging. it took me almost an hour just to defeat Sabertooth. It is a fun game and it does get frustrating at times. There is this one level in act two where you can't get noticed or the game will be over, and that level is pretty hard. But i have enjoyed it so far. And i'm a big X-Men fan. So if you like the X-Men this will be a game that you'll like. And this game dosen't go buy the movie at all. Well if you rent it enjoy...more info
  • cool game
    i really think this game is decent considering that it is a product of a blockbuster movie, which in the past haven't lived up to their movie success. anyhow this game is nice, i do think this game is hard, i suggest that you rent it if you don't have alot of patience for games. i am content with the game because i loved the movie, so therefore i purchased it. if you are unsure RENT IT!

    peace...more info

  • A Good Game - But Hard
    O.K. let's get started. Last week I rented X2 Wolverines Revenge for the PS2.I had saved up my allowance to buy any PS2 game I wanted. I wasn't too crazy about X-Men and Wolverine, but because it was a new game, I decided to check it out. well, at the end of the week my perpective changed about Wolverine and the X-Men. So, that weekend I went to buy the game. Well, when I was renting it, i thought "Yeah, the gameplay is good, challenging, Graphics are O.K." Those were the good things. The bad things were that IT IS HARD...So, I was forced to buy the strategy guide for it. Because of this, I have two points to make. One, is that Marvel should make games that are from 9 years old to- to-to 20 years old (at the most...So, now one week has passed, and I am on Act 3 (Part 3) Part1 (Level 1), including with the strategy guide. Overall, this game is great, but if you plan to beat it, get the strategy guide for it......more info
  • Excellent
    I am a big fan of X-men, and especially Wolverine. I saw this game at the movie rental store. I played it for hours. The story line is great. The fighting sequences were awesome. There are a wide variety of attacks that you can execute on your enemies. You can punch, kick, slide tackle, low kick, and of course slice em' up with your adamantium coated claws. You can use your heightened senses to track enemies. When Wolverine retracts his claws, his automatic healing factor kicks in. It takes quite a while to completely heal. There are also health pick ups through out the game. The Boss levels are really challenging. This is definetly one of my favorite games for the Playstation 2. I hope this review is helpful....more info
  • Closely follows the comic book stories.
    This was an interesting video game. I am so used to playing sports games and GTA that I have forgotten how cool it is to be a superhero once in a while like Wolverine. The game is enjoyable all the way through. You are Wolverine, you have the claws, the healing factor and the awesome martial arts moves, not to mention great combo moves and sneak attack moves. As Wolverine you can also change the costume you wear as you go along the levels and pick up comic book icons. You battle Wendigo, Magneto, Sabertooth(twice), Lady Deathstrike, and Juggernat.
    Now that I told you how great the game is, let me tell you why I gave it 4 stars and not 5. The movement of Wolverine when he is sneaking up on an opponent is so two-dimensional, he can only move so much, especially when he's against the wall, you can hardly move him at all! Also when hes fighting and the clock is running down and you need to move fast, he doesn't just turn and run, he backs up slowly as hes being attacked and when he gets a good distance away he begins to run. I would recommend renting this game just to kill time over a week because it doesn't take long to finish. You also have to check out Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse discussing future plans for Wolverine at the end of the game, and Wolverine trying to remember a name of one the mutants who escaped a prison designed for dangerous mutants such as Magneto, Juggernaut, and the one Wolverine remembers is- yipes Omega Red. Oh, and to the people who make video games-Juggernaut is not a mutant, he shoudn't be at a prison for them....more info
  • one of the worst I've played
    this game looks and feels like a PS1 game. Wolverine kind of glides around like his is skating, not very realistic. It's a button masher like the hulk....more info
  • cool game
    i really think this game is decent considering that it is a product of a blockbuster movie, which in the past haven't lived up to their movie success. anyhow this game is nice, i do think this game is hard, i suggest that you rent it if you don't have alot of patience for games. i am content with the game because i loved the movie, so therefore i purchased it. if you are unsure RENT IT!

    peace...more info

  • A Dissapointing Game
    I played this game, and soon I had concluded that this game was purely horrible. It seems like a game to look forward to when Spider-Man came out and it seemed fairly well. But Wolverine's Revenge is nothing like it, and is purely a dissapointing game. The gameplay is ok, but otherwise it seems like a really bad game. The graphics make the characters look horrible. Patrick Stewart is at least voicing Professer X's voice, which makes the sound pretty decent and the music is pretty good, but otherwise this game was one of the most dissapointing. The fighting isn't very good either, and the first boss battle against Sabretooth gets boring soon, because the battle is purely made out of jumping behind Sabretooth and grabbing him and throwing him into objects....more info
  • Just die hard Wolverine fans!
    The thing is, there are so many superhero games around that sometimes it's hard to choose the right game. For me this game was right enough, i like very much the character wolverine, and nothing can make you feel more like wolverine as this game, not even the so over rated and over priced marvel's ultimate alliance.

    In this game you can sheath and unsheath the adamantium claws anytime in the game, you can use your heightened senses to do almost anything (is like using the force but amazingly better), you can track enemies looking for their footprints or smelling them, and the most amazing thing is that you can surprise them and slash them with incredible finishing moves. Great graphics (looks like a tony hawk game), the sound (well that is how i thought wolverine would heard), the voice acting is superb, the game is very simple yet very complex and has enough to keep you busy.

    Why only 4 stars? well, i never wondered how hard was to be wolverine, well, i can tell you, it's hard, very hard indeed, but that is also good 'cause it gives you the feeling that you're a superhero but that you aren't inmortal, yes, you've the healing factor (amazingly orchestrated by the way) but mines, bullets and other deadly stuff are just that, deadly. I've read something in the other reviews that said that bosses were fun and easy, well, i can tell you that the first was quite hard and the second was frustrating (i won't tell you who it is without spoiling the game for you).

    I just loved this game when i have played it on the pc a long time ago and i was in love with it, i couldn't advance in it 'cause the game was choppy at that time but maybe that was because of my computer (you know all that stuff about the proper video card, the proper ram...) and from my experience with need for speed i knew that this one has to be better on the ps2, and it is a lot better 'cause it doesn't have all the glitches of the pc game.

    This is the game, i love this game, but i'm a wolverine die hard fan, i can tell you that hulk (any of the two) is a better game than this one and more elaborated, but being wolverine just like wolverine, well this game does it, you're logan, the wolverine, and you have with that all the stuff included, the superhero glorious moments and the suffering moments also. Just like that, it's a must have if you have at least one comic book of wolverine in your house or if you like the character. But one thing... the game is hard and sometime frustrating (4 stars for that on the fun)....more info
  • im a little dissappointed...but not too much
    well let me tell ya its great to be a mutant with claws and an exellerated healin factor and heightened senses but the people who made the game knew that it would be to easy to dispatch your enemies i mean a couple of punches with you claws bada bing good bye henchy so they made it hard.....very hard i mean dont get me wrong its sorta easy and fun...for a while but it kinda gets old and the graphics are a little bad,but if u even remotely like marvel comics,wolverine or the genre then you should buy now buy .ok let me brief you about the game you play as...wolverine DUH! you play you use a mixture of all your gifts to get the job done and it is fun to play i loved it after i got i got past it flaws or should i say claws? jk bbut realy youll love it bye,buy...more info
  • Slice!
    My favorite super hero is Wolverine and I really was looking forward to this game, it's Okay. The Fighting style is a bit boring and the only exiting moves are the finishing moves. After a fight it takes some time to heal depending on how much life that you lose: if it's mnimum, on average I'd say mabe about a few seconds, but if you're on the brink of death you'll have to wait a minute or two, or even five sometimes. THe bosses are fun and easy, but they start to get boring after a while. I would reeccomend this game for wolverine fans...more info