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Bowling For Columbine
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Barberland is a rich and humorous portrayal of a community phenomenon that is quickly fading into our vanishing Americana. Through quirky tales told by the barbers who were there, we are taken back to a time when a good shave and haircut made all the difference in your day, and people meant more than money. From shaving mishaps to Playboy Magazine, a trip through Barberland is a journey to be experienced before it's gone.

Michael Moore's superb documentary (following in the footsteps of Roger & Me and The Big One) tackles a meaty subject: gun control. Moore skillfully lays out arguments surrounding the issue and short-circuits them all, leaving one impossible question: why do Americans kill each other more often than people in any other democratic nation? Moore focuses his quest around the shootings at Columbine High School and the shooting of one 6-year-old by another near his own hometown of Flint, Michigan. By approaching the headquarters of K-Mart (where the Columbine shooters bought their ammo) and going to Charlton Heston's own home, Moore demands accountability from the forces that support unrestricted gun sales in the U.S. His arguments are conducted with the humor and empathy that have made Moore more than just a gadfly; he's become a genuine voice of reason in a world driven by fear and greed. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • An Argument FOR Gun Control Finally!
    Michael Moore has convienced alot of people with this movie that guns should be kept off the street and out of Walmart or any other store for that matter. I could not agree more that America, sadly, has a much more violent culture. I could not belive his trip to Canada! If your antigun control then watch this movie with you'r friendly neighborhood NRA crazy person....more info
  • Excellent piece of work
    Finaly something what portraits the reality of american life. Something different from the everyday Hollywood junk. I am very thankful that Michael Moore has the guts to do this kind of work: swimming against the tide of money and power.
    ...more info
  • Total misrepresentation of facts
    Moore spends much of this film misrepresenting 'facts'. He takes things out of context and splices much of this film together to make it appear that people are saying things they didnt say.

    What appalls me the most is the way he ambushes Charleton Heston with things that arent true. Heston is obviously not at his best and in the early stages of Alzheimers. His lack of recall is show as a way to depict him and all 2nd ammendment supporters as uncaring and callous. It would have been much fairer to everyone if he had been able to give that same interview 5 or 10 years earlier. Taking advantage of old people is just sad and I find Moore to be a sad individual indeed.

    Dont waste your money, you wont be getting any facts from this. Just a bunch of spliced together propoganda....more info
  • The Hollywood Propaganda Machine In Full Motion
    I can't see how the anti-gun movement is anything less than yet another radical feminist assault on the alpha male. I mean, let's face it, women don't own guns, don't use guns, don't want to have anything to do with guns. This comes in sharp contrast to the relationship men have with guns where firearms are seen as items of recreation, tools of security, a safety insurance for them and their loved ones. This sense of safety, security, and perhaps even empowerment amongst men is something the feminist movement absolutely WILL NOT tolerate. Every man must be emasculated because if a feminist were being robbed in her home or on the street and a man (say perhaps a boyfriend, husband, or father) came up and blew the robber away this feminist would have a hard time justifying her crackpot ideology. And of course the magnum opus of the Flower Power generation was that ideas never need to be justified so long as we feel "sincerely" about them. This has very little to do with guns and everything to do with feminist attempts to correct male behavior. They'd want to take swords and sheilds away if we had them.

    Not suprisingly the already passified and waif Michael Moore had no qualms about reflecting these views in his film which is quite suprising given that Moore himself grew up in Kent, Michigan, a town where street gangs and other scum keep the citizenry in a constant state of fear. This is hardly anything new for urban America where women can't walk down the street at night, where adults can't even correct wild teenagers in public for fear of being pistol whipped.

    Of course Moore presents no solutions to these problems but the idea that the police, given enough time and money, would be able to get things under control is always assumed. And that's exactly what this boils down to: Moore's and the anti-gun movement's inability to come to terms with the fact that any normal kind of police presence isn't going to be able to control crimes against civilians.

    There are restrictions on state power and naturally criminals use that to their advantage. This is because we live in a free society, well, at least we used to. People don't want to see a team of cops on every corner, in every building, in every subway car because realistically that is what it would take to get crime under control. That's what it took in New York but what about the other hundreds of cities that don't have a hundred billion dollar budget and who have citizens that don't want to live in a police state? Well...

    They could look to the Second Amendment but of course Moore has his own twist on that idea, ridiculously trying to cast the Right to Bear Arms as a "right to overthrow tyranny." The thing Moore fails to realize was that the Bill of Rights was written before the French Revolution and before Marxism; back when the idea that a few farmers could topple a central government would've been seen by anyone, especially the elites, as utterly preposterous. More than likely I would think that the Second Amendment was written with folks on the frontier in mind where having a tomahawk sunk into your skull was far from an uncommon event. Also this was written at a time when a great deal of the police work (keeping in mind that most folks did not live in cities) and keeping a state of order was done by regular folks. Defending yourself and your household would have, in most cases, been an entirely personal endeavor.

    It's not so much repulsive as it is bizarre watching Michael Moore go to work on these little projects of his. I mean, in a documentary that is supposed to be about gun control he spends about a half hour on the Oklahoma City Bombing. What an attack that was carried out with a truck bomb has to do with guns or gun control I'll never know. Instead it's just a pathetically calculated excuse for Moore to mention that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols happened to be gun owners. Look, these terrible people owned guns so if you own one you'll be terrible just like them! Even Hitler had a gun! You don't want to be Hitler do you? Endlessly amateurish. Infinitely infantile.

    It's really weird the way Moore is seen by so many millions as the lovable champion of the people. Sort of like a pretentious and much fatter version of John Candy. The truth is Michael Moore cares about the average person's problems but only in the same way that every one else in Hollywood cares about the average person which is not so much caring about them as it is wanting to make them "better." Typical Marxist hatred of the Middle Class. There's no place for this garbage in Middle or Working Class America.

    Wouldn't it be better living in a world where instead of finding helpless victims criminals found themselves getting pumped full of lead? I'll give it 2 stars because it was at least watchable....more info
  • Never Saw This, Never Will, Would Like You To Know Why
    This guy, this fat four-eyed trouble-maker with a big fat filthy fat person mouth should have one of his own movie cameras stuffed in his crusty fat nose. This idiot is a testimate to the kind of overly-free speech that we have to live with today. In other countries you're murdered for renouncing your allegiance to your country's leader, this fat piece of garbage just had to wait 30 or 40 years after Vietnam until he could open his mouth like this and not be put to shame for it. This movie, ok in case you're reading this to see if you SHOULD see it for you have'nt seen it yet, is the first of what hopefully will be a short-lived generation of 'reality' movies. Like nearly all, its' politically charged. Violence in high-schools is a horrible reality, I won't give you my view on it but its' a sad thing to live with. The tragedy at Columbine High School obviously came to pass with guns and bombs and what not, however the fat ugly moron that directed this movie wants to point his big fat finger at AMERICAN BIG BUISNESS AND CORPORATIONS FOR FUELING GUN VIOLENCE. What KIND of a retarded loser reaches the age of (well this guy probably walks around with an IPOD and believes hes' 24) whatever age he is and still hangs onto the kind of ideologies and beliefs that you'll hear coming from a roomfull of drunk post-highschool teenagers. Why not say that there were people walking around Moscow in the 80s' with briefcases that could blow up North America if the right orders were given...Michael Moore is a stupid idiot, his allegations and theories in this garbage movie are groundless and ridiculous. This movie is an insult to every parent that lost a kid in that shooting. Thats all I have to say about this one I'll review this fat butthead's other movie soon I have'nt seen that one either by the way....more info
  • DVD
  • Preaches to the Choir

    I don't know how this movie won an award for "Best Documentary". It must have been either because few other documentaries were made that year or the academy must be made up of persons who are primarily anti-gun.

    This video is okay, but it is not likely to change anyone's mind concerning gun control. Most of it is uninspired and two-dimensional. The goal appears to make gun owners out to be violent and dangerous, yet too stupid to know it. Similar videos could be made by anyone, against anyone, on almost any topic desired. It is not difficult ostracize an enemy. Unfortunately it is not hard to find people who will pat you on the back for doing so. Such action creates pack mentality and relieves us of the burden of having to think for ourselves.

    There are, however, some exceptional moments in this film. I do not like films that stereotype and berate others, but the humor leveled at gun owners works. It is funny, even if in poor taste. It reminds me of Jeff Foxworthy's "red-neck" comedy. The difference is that Jeff Foxworthy identifies with red-necks in humorous way. This film comes across as a more enlightened person, who has risen beyond his roots, poking fun at those who are still "hicks".

    This film does have one truly inspiring moment. It is during the last few moments of the film. After declaring America's moral uprightness, the film juxtaposes the Columbine shooting against America's long list of questionable foreign policy actions. This segment drops all humor and allows facts and pictures to speak for themselves. This comes with touching theme music. Had the majority of the film been left on the director's cutting room floor and this one segment kept as a music video it would have been one of the most powerful segments created. It is possible that this segment alone accounts for the academy award.

    ...more info
  • "Is the US a violent nation?" and "Who are the Americans afraid of?"
    RATING: 3.25 stars

    For me, watching this movie I felt that it was pretty Entertaining but Confusing.

    I had seen this movie when it came out, in San Louis Obispo, by accident. I thought I'd revisit it and review this movie, that many of my European friends make references too. I recall vaguely how moved I was when I first viewed it myself in 2002

    Okay, while watching this movie, I kept asking myself - What is this movie about? Columbine high school massacre, American imperialism, gun control, American history, 9/11, Y2K, fear and mass media, Africanised bees, racism, LA riots of 93, life in Canada, low income jobs, The movie's show of sarcasm can be quite entertaining and can drive the points home very fast, but there is no one unifying theme.

    Michael Moor, the director, tends to either make people love him or hate him and his works. I think it is important not to make the logical fallacy mistake and do a character assassination just because we disagree with one's work or art. While I appreciate the director's skill at splicing and mixing, I felt that what he offered the viewer was his own prejudices, biases, and counter-propaganda. As a scientist, I could easily debunk the presentation of # of crimes statistic for various western countries (the presentation did no mention anything about %age or how it relates to total population). Also the history lesson, was riddled with subjective terse summaries, and selective evidence. Michael Moore comes across as a liberal, but a caring one, caring for the wellbeing of disadvantaged, disenfranchised, marginalized, poor people of the USA.

    While the director does a good job at putting together a collage of thought provoking and entertaining shots, he also presents in a very sly way a contrast, and even hypocritical view that the US society views crimes, and weapons. At times the movie feels like a propaganda machine. The director is showing and editing only the clips he wants the viewer to see. I had a hard time coming up with a theme for the whole movie. There are quite a lot of themes. Maybe the one that stood out the most, are the questions -
    "Is the US a violent nation?" and
    "Who are the Americans afraid of?"...more info
  • ambush interviews by Michael Moore
    Film maker Michael Moore is unapologetic about his extremely liberal politics. So what? The question is not whether he is liberal but whether his documentaries and ambush interviews about important social questions--corporate greed in Roger and Me, and truth telling in government in Fahrenheit 911--are true....more info
  • Gotta Love Mike's Films....
    Show this movie to everyone you know... Michale Moore uses his no holds barred approach to shed light on a serious problem in the USA - violence. He uses an in your face attitude with lots of humor to soften the blow. Pay attention to the issues he presents and hopefully the understanding will bring about change. It's brilliant and definitely a MUST SEE. This guy makes great films and writes fabulous books. Love him or hate him, he gets the job done. ...more info
  • Bowling for Columbine
    I prefer this Micheal Moore movie to most of his others. I agree with his point that fear is perhaps the one characteristic that separates Americans from other western cultures. Each year we are bombarded with images and video that is intended to promote fear in our lives. Election campaigns teach us to fear one side or the other ratherthan advocating what good a candidate will do.

    Once fear is in place groups like the National Rifle Association can inform us how we need all sorts of conceal and carry laws because if we don't carry a weapon, sooner or later we will be attacked. Solve a gun problem with more guns. It sounds like trying to solve the credit crisis with more credit. The NRA will say that because we don't know if a person has a gun, we will be less likely to become violent. Yet 11,000+ people are killed with guns each year. Only a handful of situations occur where someone with a gun can prenvent a crime. The NRA also has the audacity to say that more guns in schools will prevent shootings similar to Columbine or Virginia Tech.

    Micheal Moore tries to flush out myths people tend to blame for shootings. Violent video games, rock music, even the availability of guns. Most other countries have all of these, yet they do not have 11,000+ gun-related killings annually. Again, he may have something with his fear theory. Like Moore, I too am a member of the NRA and proud of it. Our constitution gives us the right to own guns and no government can take that right away. I just wish we wouldn't be so darn afraid of everything....more info
  • Must-see Documentary
    Leave it to Michael Moore to take a tragedy like Columbine and use it for a documental that's informative, provocative, illuminating and, surprisingly, funny. Moore, an NRA member, doesn't offer easy answers, but asks hard questions and that alone makes Bowling for Columbine a very good film.

    I always assumed that the big difference between the US and other countries --where furious kids and disgruntled employees don't go on killing rampages--is gun control, but Moore shows that Canada also has a huge amount of guns and people there simply don't go crazy and start shooting one another. I wish he'd delved deeper into this matter (Are the Canadian arms mainly hunting rifles? Is there a difference in the kind of weapons that explain this difference in the amounts of murders?) and into his own NRA membership, but these small flaws aside, I highly recommend seeing Bowling for Columbine....more info
  • He says what everyone is afraid to say...
    And it scares the hell out of a lot of people and the Republicans hate him for exposing them for who they are. Also see "One Nation Under Siege"...more info
  • bowling for columbine
    the dvd came in great time and was in excellent condition. thanks....more info
  • Biased and dissapointing
    I would say before I got involved in firearms, that I really didn't have much of an opinion on gun ownership. I figured what people did was their own business and that it didn't affect me.

    As I started reading more into Columbine, I saw Michael Moores documentary called "Bowling For Columbine" and I had remembered seeing his film on Flint, Michigan when I was in highschool. I figured the documentary was going to be about Columbine, not about gun culture. Either way, the documentary started off pretty good and I couldn't really tell the direction it was headed. The direction of the film sounded like it was criticizing American culture rather than guns until the film compared us to Canada and the rest of the world how "similar" we were. The problem is, Moore makes the assertion that somehow Canada and the rest of the world are safehaven utopias where you can reside with your doors unlocked with a low number of murder statistics. What he fails to mention is the size of our country and many of the issues that are a result of it.

    Take in account Canada, a population of 32,984,700 in 2007. The US has a population of 302,213,000. Population wise, we are going to have more homocides. What Moore failed to state was that Canada while they may have gun registration is that before it was ever implented into Canada, the murder rates have been unchanged for the most part and crime has actually increased. Does this signify that guns were never the problem in Canada to begin with? The same applys for the United Kingdom, before handguns were outlawed, the murder rate and gun crime was actually lower than it is now. While the European nations may have supposed "low" murder rates, gun ownership rates really have nothing to do with it but rather what fuels violence.

    In the US for example, much of our crime is black on black crime, gang warfare, the drug trade, and illegal aliens coming into this country. Actually 20 percent of our prison population are illegal aliens. The folks killing each other are not law abiding gun owners.

    Moore also fails to mention how some of the most violent nations are those that actually have some of the most strict gun control laws in effect. Mexico, South Africa, India, Russia all have much higher murder rates than our country yet they have very strict laws pertaining to who can actually have a gun legally.

    Overall the movie was nothing more than propaganda meant to look like a sceptical view of gun ownership. I was rather dissapointed with the film. I've watched it 3 different times to try and get an understanding from Michaels point of view but I think that the Bowling For Columbine dvd I purchased on ebay will make better use for skeet shooting. ...more info
  • Too liberal!
    I'm a lib too but I draw the line when Mike marches into the K-Mart headquarters with the paralized victims of the shooting in tow and demands an explanation as to why they sold the bullets.
    Michael, K-Mart is not to blame. Anyone could have sold those. You're acting like a trial attorney. Get it together and quit trying to blame those not responsible and for your own personal gain. ...more info
  • You can't trust an idiot like Moore if his movies are given free airtime in Islamic Iran
    Michael Moore movies are useless and full of lies. No doubt about it. However, what makes me give this moron a zero star rating is that his movies are all shown for free on Iranian regime run TV channels many times a year. Gee, you wonder why anti-American regime of Iran loves Michael Moore so much. His movies are truly worthless and based on lies he fabricates out of his hatred for the country which has given him the freedom to do so. Zero Star!...more info