Baby Neptune
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This soothing classical music experience for babies features Handel's \""Water Music,\"" Strauss's \""Blue Danube,\"" Debussy's \""La Mer,\"" and other captivating compositions by Mozart, Telemann, and Beethoven.
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Media Type: CD
Artist: DISNEY
Street Release Date: 03/04/2003

Customer Reviews:

  • Wouldn't Recommend
    This CD isn't the greatest. The songs are not played by an orchestra but only by a few instruments that make up a kind of 'tangy' sound. Don't exactly know how to explain it but I wouldn't recommend it. Traditional Mozart, Beethoven, etc. is better....more info
  • LOVE this Cd
    Great music and soothing sounds for any babies and even older children. Our children really enjoy them in the car....more info
  • Great Product!
    My daughter loves the baby neptune DVD so we got her this CD and she loves it just as much, perfect for the car it calms her right down. ...more info
  • Delightful but not perfect
    FYI: most of the "Night Suite" songs are also included on Baby Einstein's Lullaby Classics CD. Yet, this CD is as delightful as all the others. I don't mind the synthesizer, which critics often complain about. I've played both the real symphonic versions and Baby Einstein, and both my daughter and I agree that the real recordings are sometimes a little overwhelming in the home (although I still think truly exhilerating in concert.) Also, the Baby Einstein company brags that their short clips of great songs are more condusive to the short attention span of babies, I think that statement is superficially true. I won't go into all the scientific musical mumbo-jumbo but will say that I think this thinking tears down the very essence and formula of classical music that has made it popular therapy for developing minds. ...more info
  • Excellent CD!!!
    Relaxing!!! I love this CD and would highly recommend it to other mothers. My three month old loves to listen to it before he goes to sleep and during feedings....more info
  • Excellent for babies and family
    This CD is mandatory in the car and it relax everybody. It has classic music but without many sudden ups and downs. I would like to buy the whole collection next time....more info
  • Good for the car
    Nice, baby-friendly arrangement of classical music pieces. Heavy on the flutes; half the CD is the same composer. Not quite as good as Baby Galileo, which was more varied in both instrumentation and composers....more info
  • A great CD for the car
    We were given one from these series of CDs for babies and our daughter loves it, so we bought this one. It is a really nice collection of soft music and we usually play it in the car. A great addition to your baby's music collection....more info
  • A must buy
    Our 2 month old LOVES (I can't stress that enough) all of his baby einstein cds. I recommend buying all of them as they really do cater to different moods....more info
  • Baby Neptune Review
    Our daughter loves the Baby Neptune CD. It makes for a relaxing musical interlude for long car trips....more info
  • Baby Neptune
    I love all of the Baby Einstein DVD's, so the music CD has been just as good as the DVD's. I play it all the time when my son is in the car and it seems to calm him and keep his attention. I even listen to it in the car when my son is not with me. It is relaxing and soothing.
    ...more info