Cables To Go - 29550 - 2-Port UXGA Video Splitter Extender
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Product Description

Break the limits of SVGA with a Port Authority2 VSE from Cables To Go. Simultaneously distribute any video signal to up to 8 different video outputs, while maintaining vivid picture quality. The VSE is powerful, yet easy to use. Connect the cables, and you're ready to go! There is no software or complicated interface cards to install. The VSE not only distributes, but also boosts your high-resolution video signal up to 210 feet. Available with two, four and eight ports, the VSE is perfect for classrooms, exhibits, trade shows, monitor testing, demonstrations and multi-media presentations. The VSE is also ideal for broadcasting video information such as news headlines, stock prices, airline flights and train schedules.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Works like a champ
    I need to pipe my desktop PC RGB signal to a 37" LCD monitor located 25 feet from the computer in the next room. I found this unit on Amazon and looks like it will do the job. It did without a hitch. The unit has a metal enclosure and the construction is solid....more info
  • Excellent
    This thing is fantastic. I now have excellent video quality on my desktop PC screen as well as on my 42" TV. Very simple to use...I can't think of a single way to improve it, so I give it 5 stars....more info
  • Excellent device
    I bought this product to use with the Cables To Go - 43098 - 25ft HD15 M/M UXGA Monitor Cable with 3.5mm Audio (Black) and Cables To Go - 43096 - 10ft HD15 M/M UXGA Monitor Cable with 3.5mm Audio (Black) with my Late 2008 model Macbook Pro. Mainly because the each cable alone was unable to carry the VGA signal from the MBP to my Samsung LN46A750 46-Inch 1080p DLNA LCD HDTV with RED Touch of Color

    Now with the two cables and this extender, I can use my HDTV as a second monitor....more info
  • Works Good... VGA Splitter/Amp
    Works as advertised. We have a whole bunch at our school, and we leave them turned On and forget about them. Haven't had one fail in the last three-plus years. Again as stated in an earlier review - the Input connection is a Male VGA, so use a VGA cable that has Male and Female connectors (like an "extension" cable). Or get a Female/Female gender-changer adapter (like a B000BSLSJI)....more info
  • Works great, needs VGA gender changer
    Works great, with nice, clear video. We used this for a work session where we had several people needing to see what's happening on one PC, and it went very smoothly. Only complaint is that the input port didn't take a male-male VGA cable like what people usually have lying around spare; you need a VGA extender cable with male on one side and female on the other (or a gender changer/adapter, under $10 from Amazon or a good local PC shop). In any case, this is a rock solid unit with good performance.
    ...more info
  • Works Great
    This unit does its job wonderfully. I use this unit in conjunction with a VGA to S video converter to use my TV as an additional monitor (mostly for watching video), as using the converter by itself doesn't allow for my monitors native resolution.

    One thing to look out for, THIS UNIT DOES NOT USE A STANDARD VGA MALE TO MALE CABLE FOR INPUT. Instead one must buy a VGA monitor Extension Cable.

    It is also a very sturdy unit.
    ...more info
  • Works well, but doesn't come with a male-to-fem VGA adapter..
    After I received the product, I learned that it requires a male-to-female VGA adapter or cable, which doesn't come with it. ...more info
  • Excellent 2 Port VGA Splitter
    I needed to split the output of one computer so I could feed a monitor and a projector. The projector has a run of 25 feet so just splitting the cable with a Y splitter wouldn't work. It would degrade the signal too much.

    This powered splitter works great. It's a very solid little unit and very nicely built. The image on the monitor and the projector look great. I highly recommend this for driving two displays from one VGA card.

    Note: This is the 2 port splitter. The 4 port one is shown in the picture....more info
  • Works well
    Item Worked as Advertised - very well in fact. Seems well made. NOT A DEGRADING COMMENT - JUST AN FYI: Note to future purchasers - no video cable comes with unit...more info
  • Best Ever
    The video splitter has worked flawlessly. In addition to the great video feed quality, the unit has a decent weight to it to keep it on your desk, table, etc. More than satisfied. ...more info
  • works very well
    I split the signal between my computer and the TV. Easy to do. Works great....more info
  • Excellent product
    I bought this splitter for our church. We have two monitors mounted on the ceilings with a cable running over 150 feet long. Plugged box in and it worked as expected. ...more info
  • JUST WHAT I NEEDED: a-plus!
    In rappa cappas, this is EXACTLY what I needed and could not find at compusa nor at best buy or circuit city. I was prepared to pay more if I had to as my pc is a slimline and I could not do the video card upgrade as others suggested. I am BLOWN AWAY at the fact as well, that I ordered it sunday night and it arrived, using regular postage (comlimentary amazon), today, tuesday afternoon, somehow less than 48 hours later? Unfreakinbelievable! Amazon has got to have a hidden bunker under my shed out back. lol! I needed to take our pc and be able on the fly to put it up on a new-to-us akai 42" flat panel lcd screen... I did need to use high density vga cables from it to the monitor, and the resolution was GREAT! I see no difference in quality at all from running it straight from the port on the pc... truly a GREAT first experience with amazon, and it was cheaper than the manufacturer's own site. I will DEFINATELY be back. Thanks amazon and cables to go for solving my problem, with fantastic results. I love amazon....more info
  • Excellent price, easy use
    We purchased this splitter/extender to go with a classroom projector configuration. The teacher does not need to do anything on his computer to use the projector, and the signal is sharp and clear. Although the extender feature is probably not necessary for the distance we were looking at (35') for vga signals, the price and ease of being able to share a single video signal to two devices (projector and monitor) was perfect for our needs. We used two Wallplate VGA Female Rapidrun for Type A and 35FT Uxga Cable Runner Rapidrun CL2 Type A to connect to an Epson PowerLite 77c 2200 Lumen Multimedia Projector....more info
  • One of the better units out there
    We needed to split a trainer's display between a monitor and a projector, which would need a long run to reach the unit, and upon reading other reviews, comments, and specs, I decided upon this unit. It arrived, solid and stout, and it has worked beautifully. The unit has a heft to it, which helps keep it in place despite the heavy cables that attach to it, and the signal looks beautiful. Be sure to order the right cables....more info