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Streamlight 85001 Scorpion 2-Lithium Xenon Flashlight, Black
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Product Description

Flashlights - Flashlight Products Type: Tactical Light Power Source: Disposable Battery Battery Type: 3V Lithium Number of Batteries: 2 Color: Black Length: 4-9/10 Material: Rubber Armored Sleeve over Aluminum Trade Name: Scorpion?

  • 6,500 candlepower flashlight; runs up to 1 hour with 2 3-volt lithium batteries
  • Xenon bi-pin bulb for optimal reliability; adjustable spot-to-flood focus
  • Machined aluminum housing with rubber armored sleeve
  • Includes flashlight, 2 bulbs, 2 batteries
  • 4.9 inches long; 4.4 ounces; lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice
    I work Security at night and have used many flashlights...This is like a spot light and lite whight....more info
  • Super Bright, Reliable and Compact
    I have evaluated lots of different flashlights including Maglite, Surefire, LEDs, etc. Flashlight technology has advanced from bright Krypton bulbs to brighter Halogen bulbs to super bright Xenon bulbs. The LEDs (light emitting diodes) are energy saving but produce a bluish white cast rather than an incandescent white. The Scorpion flashlight is the best buy among the bunch. It is reasonably priced. The replacement Xenon bulb is not expensive whereas the Surefire replacement bulb is an expensive entire reflector unit. The Scorpion comes with a spare Xenon bulb located underneath its reflector head. These tactical flashights use two 3 volt Lithium batteries. The batteries (type 123) are somewhat costly and last only about an hour continuously on. The good thing about Lithium batteries is that they have a long shelf life. The old Maglites were large and heavy enough to bludgeon an assailant with. The newer tactical flashlights such as the Scorpions are small, lightweight, dependable, super bright and pocket size.

    Shop around for the best price. It can be purchased for as low as about $30 Streamlight Scorpion 2-Lithium Xenon Flashlight, Black #85001

    For those of you who need spare bulbs: Streamlight Scorpion Bulb 1Pk - Flashlights and Batteries - Mfr#85914

    Or a convenient Scorpion flashlight belt holster : Nylon Belt Holster, Scorpion, Strion...more info
  • Very good general purpose flashlight
    Streamlight Scorpion is a very good general purpose flashlight, as the light is bright, and quite even when the beam is set tigth. The light is easy to operate with tailcap end click-on switch, but there is no separate momentary switch. You can depress the click-on switch halfway down to get the same effect, but that is not as good a solution as a separate momentary switch would have been.

    The light is brigth with fresh batteries, but the light dims quite fast as the batteries are used. The light bulb heats up with constant use, and that can melt a hole into the plastic lens. That has happened twice to me, as the light has been clicked on accidentally without me noticing that. The light beam is adjustable, but when adjusted wide, there are some serious dark rings on the beam. The body of the flashlight is covered with rubber sleeve. I like the feel of that, although it is possible that the flashlight can stick to clothing when removed from pocket, but I haven't any problems like that.

    This flashlight is a very good choice for general purpose flashlight, and the price is reasonable. It is not suitable for a tactical light (for law enforcement, for example), mainly because it has no momentary switch....more info

  • Great value for a superb flashlight
    The Streamlight Scorpion is a very well made and excellent flashlight of professional calibre. It's head and tails above any other product in its price range and should last for many years. The light output is fantastic!...more info
  • good for limited use
    Pros: The Scorpion's small compact size and light weight construction make this a good high powered light. The rubber grip is a plus when operating in wet conditions.

    Cons: Although the batteries have a reported 5 year shelf life they only last for 1 hour of continued use and the batteries are very expensive for there use.

    I recommend this light for in your car or anywhere there is limited use and you have a need for it to sit for long periods between uses.
    ...more info
  • what a piece of junk!!!!
    I had my Scorpian 85001 for about 10 days before it stopped working... good batteries, good bulb, bad switch, tring to repair it and the bulb then fell into the front compartment behind the lenz?... good luck tring to get it out of there?... all and all a very disappointing situation, I need and use a reliable flashlite every working day, so I guess I'll go back to my old reliable mini mag. $[...] bucks down the toilet......more info
  • Very bright workhorse
    My orginal Scorion still works after 8 years of daily use. Most of the rubber coating has worn off, but this fabulous little light still works like a charm. Other than replacing a few bulbs, it hasn't required any maintenance. This little workhorse has even withstood numerous trips through the washing machine! The bulb and head assembly diffuse the beam nicely, giving you a bright, wide beam. I highly recommend....more info
  • Bright Light in a Small Package
    The Streamlight Scorpion is a small light that puts out a lot of brightness for its size.

    Powered by 2, 3-volt lithium batteries this flashlight is pretty small (both in diameter and length). You'll be amazed how such a small flashlight can light up a room or an object at night.

    The pushbutton switch is on the bottom of the light, so that might take getting used to. It's a three function switch (on/off/momentary on). The body of the flashlight is coated with rubber, so it's easy to grip if your hands are wet. However, this makes it difficult to bring out if you keep it in your pants pocket or a holster.

    The beam quality is nice: no "holes" or "rings" in the spotlight.

    Pluses: small size, bright light, manufacturer with good reputation for quality, lithium batteries have 10 year shelf life.

    Minues: Takes 3-Volt lithium batteries (can be expensive), flashlight is fairly expensive.

    This is a good light to keep in the car glove compartment for emergencies because it's small and the lithium batteries will keep for a long time.

    Would I buy this again? Yes, but because of the cost I would make sure that I don't lose it....more info

  • Make sure you've considered the Strion, too.
    The light works wonderfully. It's deceptively bright for its size, and it's terribly durable. All around, it's the quality and performance I've come to expect from Streamlight's products (which is second to none). I'm fully satisfied.

    The only word of "caution" I can offer is to make sure that you've thought seriously about the Strion flashlight, too.

    Think about how much the light will actually be on. Think about how long it'll be dormant. Do some homework on the maintanence of a Ni-Cad battery, and consider the Strion, too. I went with this light, knowing that when I use it, it'll mostly be on for very short times, and that there might be periods of a month or two where I didn't use it at all. All that down time could kill a ni-cad battery (I let that happen with my Stinger), and I would rather replace the lithiums a couple times a year, than the Ni-Cads even just once a year (cost and convenience).

    If I was going to be using the light every day, and/or have it on for good chunks of time when I was using it, I would have bought the Strion, instead....more info
  • Baghdad and back
    I bought this light cause of its size and brightness, great for checking your vehicle for car bombs (which was done on a daily basis) it is extremely bright, compact, and vertually indestructible., the only drawback is it uses expensive and hard to find batteries, so you must pack alot or ship them in from the states. much better than the widely used maglight, which just doesnt have enough light ...more info
    I had this flashlight for about 5 years and recently had it at my mother's house. She's 83 with macular degeneration. She could actually see little things she'd dropped on the floor with this flashlight. She loved it so much by the end of my visit that I had to give it to her. So this is my second and I'm loving it!...more info
  • Scorpion 2
    I purchased three lights to replace a couple of scorpions that has had their share of use. It's an excellent value and product...more info