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Street Release Date: 03/04/2003

The Daredevil soundtrack provided a nice boost for this previously unknown quartet from Little Rock, Arkansas. Evanescence's songs "My Immortal" and the imposing "Bring Me to Life" are clear standouts in the film, mainly because they work so well with the dramatic, eerie undertones of the storyline. They reappear here on the band's debut, alongside a selection of similarly brooding tracks that evoke pensive artists like Tori Amos and the Cranberries. Vocalist Amy Lee has the kind of voice that can cause weeks of insomnia, but on songs like "Tourniquet" and "Haunted" she belies the music's sinister mood with evenhanded spirituality, thoughtfully letting some light shine through the tempest. --Aidin Vaziri

Customer Reviews:

  • evanescence
    This CD is great! The lead singer/song writer, Amy Lee is very talented! The unique blend of strings combined with an edgy rock sound is a fantastic fusion. A good investment for anyone who loves rock....more info
    The first time I heard an Evanescence song was in Mexico about four years ago. I was watching Daredevil and the songs Bring me to Life and My Immortal were on it. I could tell that they were by the same person, so I got on the internet and looked up the band. Thus started my Evanescence addiction. I bought Fallen and it was firmly settled. EVANESCENCE IS AWESOME!!! 110% recommended!!!!...more info
  • Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A band that is DIFFERENT from all the extremely over played pop/goth/hint of rock that is the music world
    Man........... I HATE that stuff........ well, my ears were shriveling up from the lesser sounds called 'music' so i got this and decided to have a listen.
    When i heard it, i did not turn off my CD player until the music was over.
    This really is a valuable possesion, with Amy lee's one-of-a-kind vocals combined with buzzing guitars, solid bass, bashing drums, and beautiful piano. It is truly a 5-Star recording. KEY TRACKS:
    BRING ME TO LIFE (overplayed on the radio but good)
    and, well, mostly everything!
    the statement i'm trying to make is........ this is a great album and WE NEED GOOD MUSIC LIKE THIS ON THE MAINSTREAM, NOT THE GARBAGE THAT THIS INDUSTRY IS FULL WITH!
    REPORT CARD: A+...more info
  • Poignantly Beautiful
    I first heard this on Yahoo's internet radio Launchcast. The sound of this group is so original and brilliant, that I couldn't get enough of it. The songs really resonated with my soul and moved me. You can actually understand the lyrics, which is rare these days. The harmony between Amy Lee and her background accompanist was passionate beyond words. One of the best cds that I have ever purchased....more info
  • Not a rock fan but........
    I must say the lead sing is very talented. The songs Call me when your sober and My Immortal were my favorite. I judged her by her looks (kinda gothic). But I'll give her props her songs will touch you....more info
  • Did they raise the bar too high?
    This really is an exceptional CD. In my opinion "Fallen" is a must own. Unfortunately, I think they raised the bar so high that it will be impossible for them to ever reestablish the magic to create another CD of this caliber. The membership realignment certainly didn't help the cause for the second CD. ...more info
  • Ugh
    I liked this album when I was 12 and didn't really have much exposure to... well, good music. Roughly four years later, I tried to listen to this album again and wondered when it began to sound like the same song on repeat. I come to the conclusion that the only people who can truly appreciate this album are those who are intensely satisfied with their complacency in accepting the over-produced nu-metal ~innovations~ that popular culture throws at them. Anyone with good taste doesn't have to think, or listen, much to realize just how genuinely sub par this album and band are. And if you admit to liking this album, at least don't call it metal (gothic or otherwise) because it's not. It's pop. If you want to hear gothic metal, try Nightwish, for starters.

    You can argue that this post has, thus far, been more of a criticism of Fallen's audience rather than it's content. I guess it has. But there's really not much to say about the songs; seriously, imagine the same song on repeat, except for the two awful piano ballads which are essentially the same song. The hollow, everyday "oh-I'm-so-sad-and-I-want-to-die-but-I'm-just-writing-this-garbage-as-a-lame-grab-for-attention" and "YOU-HURT-ME-SO-I'M-GOING-TO-SING-A-LOUD-GAWTH-CHICKRAWK-SONG-ABOUT-HOW-MUCH-U-SUCK" lyrics can't save the completely uninteresting, cookie-cutter riffs. I don't feel connected with the band at all; the focus here is most definitely on Amy Lee, who really isn't even likeable, and whose voice isn't even that great--sorry kids, but being able to sing loudly doesn't mean you are talented (if you disagree, I dare you to listen to Lee singing live). Also, Evanescence seems to aim for a certain degree of political correctness; their intention was to widen their audience to teenagers of holy rollers who are intimidated by Evanescence's DANGEROUS GAWTH TOPIC image, I guess.

    Yes, they're popular. But consider this: Galileo was once put in jail when he proposed that the earth revolved around the sun (heliocentrism), when 'popular' belief was that the sun revolved around the earth. If both Galileo and the masses who criticized him were alive now, I wonder who would be laughing. ...more info
  • Wow
    I am both hooked and adicted to their amazing sound. They have a powerful driving beat and Amy Lee to me has the best female rock voice of our generation and look forward to more albums in the future....more info
  • Fallen by Evanescence
    This is my favorite Evanescence CD. Awesome!!! I love Amy Lee's voice too....more info
  • Amy Lee and her band rock.
    One of the best talents I have ever seen or heard. I can't get enough....more info
  • Once is enough.
    Fallen by Evanescence is a pop/rock album gone wrong. Amy Lee's vocals are good but then after you hear the songs again, her voice gets annoying and over-done, it is all too much to take in. My Immortal, Going Under, and Bring Me To Life just fade with time, I never want to hear those songs again. The only track with meaning is Everybody's Fool. Evanesence is one band I wish would go away!...more info
  • The Voice
    The voice, the face, and the talent. The most powerful album released in years. Should have a warning label on it to not listen to while driving. Amy has the gothic roots and the best voice to come along ever. Why waste time reading this and buy this cd!...more info
  • All you narrow minded classic rockers, SHUT UP!!
    Dont be fooled by the title. I like classic/hair metal as much as the next guy. I am open minded about all kinds of rock music (except emo), but I am getting sick and tired of all you metal snobs bashing this band! So what they imitate other bands in repeats the same lyrics over and over gain? Name me one band that doesnt. Yes the do imitate every other post grunge groups but at least they are good at doing what they do. Who are you to say that nu metal is dead!? Well I dont reckon Hair Metal stayed around for very long now did it? Now dont get me wrong I like classic rock as much as the next guy. I am just open minded like that. I mean come on! The 80's and the 90's are over. What do you expect?

    Amy Lee has a beautiful voice. You cant deny that. As long as she is better than Britney Spears who the hell cares? So what she is "posing as dark but really she is not" or whatever you are complaining about? She may not sound as dark or as gloomy as Nightwish, but who cares. Its just a mainstream twist on gothic/ambient metal which is a very underated genre. Nothing wrong with that. Just get used to it! I aways hear you metal snobs saying "OMGZ!!DIS BAND AR POSUR! I WONT 2 KIL MISELF WEN I HEER IT!". If you are going to kill yourself over nothing but music you must be completely retarded.

    About the band. Amy Lee has a beautiful voice. She may not be as dark or as gloomy as Nightwish or what have ya but compare her to Britney Spears and you will see my point. And how dare you say they are talentless? Seriously, what is the determining factor these days as to whether or not a band has talent. Like I said, in my book as long as they are better than any teen pop or emo band they are fine by me. I know the style of this band is nothing new and has been done to death, but at least they are good at doing what they do....more info
  • Evanescence Rocks
    I'm an Evanescence fan. This album was recorded while Ben Moody was still a member of the band and he keeps most of the songs moving. Amy's voice is unbelievable. This album will become a classic. I don't think that the band will ever equal it (without Ben). ...more info
  • Hello and Good Enough are their best songs ever.
    1. Going Under - The intro to the CD. It's a lot harder than a lot of pop-rock I tend to hear these days and that's good. The opening riff is extremely uncomplicated yet it does it's job quite well. This was their 2nd single. According to Wikipedia this song is about the emotional and physical abuse Lee dealt with in a previous relationship. Much sadder now that I know what the lyrics are totally based on. Must've broken her in two...

    Also fun to sing and actually dance in the shower to. >_> 5.5/5

    2. Bring Me To Life - first single, doesn't bring much new to the table but it's truth is what held ground. relate-able lyrics about being half yourself without a love. a true love. same riffs you've come to expect thus far, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. you can hate me for doing so, but i love this song. still. it came out April 22nd, 2003 and even on February 22nd, 2008, it stands as strong as ever. stronger even! 5/5

    3. Everybody's Fool - I love the message in this song. I knew it had some reference to pop stars by watching the awesome video which gave us insight in 2003/2004. But looking at Wiki, I see that it's a bit deeper; Amy saw her sister glamorizing pop stars such as Christina Aguilera and was pissed. She wrote this song in retaliation for her disgust for what she's now become. Sure, her music may be harder, but a pop star, she is.

    Now that I've said that, it's contradicting, but humans on a whole are contradicting so it takes nothing away from the song. In fact, she may not have hate for Christina or Britney directly, but that lifestyle; the way they WANT you portrayed when you come out is probably fuming to her. 5.5/5

    4. My Immortal - Their most famous ballad, hands down, MTV-wise and probably otherwise. To me, it's for very good reason: it's soft, as portrayed through the video and the album version but the only (big) difference is the ending; on the main album version, it stays soft, but in the video and on track 12 here, right before the end, the softness breaks, and the bass guitar is once again brought out. It was the perfect time to do so, and sends you skyrocketing emotionally. A bittersweet tale.

    I *LOVE* the end of the video when she holds her head between folded arms, like a child, as if all is doomed because of a love gone wrong. Their best video still. Single 4 (from this album) and Single 2 from the sophomore effort are close. 5.25/5 (6/5 for the video, not included on this disc)

    5. Haunted - A song that starts off with a brief, lite and lovely hip-hop beat. It gets harder though, featuring bass guitar done by Francesco DiCosmo too, who's done all the guitar work thus far, and the brief solo run, mid-song, he does is catchy.

    The lyrics don't go anywhere new really, until Amy pleads, "raping me." and you're like What?! Yes, she really says that! The beginning is my favorite part. 4.5/5.

    6. Tourniquet - A tale of suicide believe it or not. You must look some of these things up to actually "get" it. I thought this was just about a lost soul (human), praying to be redeemed, and bettered.

    That turns out half-true, and the rest is that the person HAS committed suicide, asking, as they lay dying "Am I too be saved? Am...I...too...lost?" finally, meeting with death...

    Didn't like it the first time I heard it in '04 after Christmas (bought it for my buddy Ebony who LOVED it, and was only disappointed that the band version of My Immortal (track 12) was missing on the original) because I was so not into any thought, religious then. I was just sick of it and this song reminded me of that.

    But now I see that it's deeper than I thought. And for that it gets props. 4.5/5

    7. Imaginary - "In my field of paper flowers, ... "I lie in myself for hours", etc, etc. A relate-able mid-tempo. If you're numb and can barely feel anymore, then this song is for you. Repetitive riffs, but what's important is that it's relate-able. 4/5

    8. Taking Over Me - Not too bad at all. It doesn't step out of the predictable zone, but I do like the lyrics, "Who can decide what they dream? And dream I do." Not much more to say. It's got the pretty vocal, it's got the bass guitar but not much new is here. 3.5/5

    9. Hello - This was the first song that I heard mentioned on a review or two about their second album, that I had not known at all. Everyone was praising it saying that Amy was unable to channel anything as good as this heartbreaking ballad after the debut. So I checked it out Summer '07.

    I wasn't let down one bit. In fact, I was all the more enchanted. This song has no metal fabrications whatsoever. It just is. It's real and raw. Very heart-wrenching. I'll just say it's about her now dead-for-years sister and the reality that she's left behind; next to nothing for Amy to see or hold onto but pain, loneliness and true, she reminisces and reveals what she's felt since her absence, but on The Open Door ('06), a track Like You which is similar in vein, spouts how Amy wants to be just like her little sister; DEAD.

    The ending to Hello is truly mesmerizing; the way she holds the note, then goes lower and lower in key is UN-forgettable and won't let go. BEST track by them I've ever heard between both albums, and popular for very good reason. 6/5

    10. My Last Breath - This song could have been gold. The been-there-done-that sound of the bass really, really sounds good here. No complaints in that regard. But the arrangement doesn't totally do it for me. But after the bridge, the bass kicks back into the chorus and I love it. 4/5

    11. Whisper - Not bad vocal-wise till her voice goes up and then up at the end, a few times then it's a bit iffy. Not off-key but almost like it wants to. But the problem here is the lyrics. She's pretty much said this all in another song. And the chants in the background towards the end are kinda cool yet kinda weird. Not scary, just kinda weird. (: 4.25

    12. My Immortal (Band Version/Video Version) - Just Like the first describes it, it's like the first but gets hard at the end, stirring emotions. A touching, slow ballad. 5.5/5

    Cover Art: B+ -- Very pretty in a pale kinda way.
    Inside Art: B -- Not much to work with but the little symbols on page 1 and two, and at the end are cool. The one page where the band is is awesome too. Amy just lies there, waiting...
    Songwriting: C -- Can become repetitive and tiresome, but it's usually relate-able to the down-and-trotted.
    Vocals: C++ Soaring at best, enchanting when she's restraining.
    Vocal Emotion: C++ -- Better than the vocals I suppose. Could be wrong.
    Production: B- -- Predictable metal-ish riffs with the power of the bass guitar are only so varied (meh) yet the occasional hip-hop pop feel comes through your speaker also (good). The calm ballads (Track 4, 9 and 12) are the only ones that have minimal to no noisy production and I prefer those overall.
    Length: B- (Wish it were at least 13 tracks...)


    4.66 stars.

    Overall: A

    In the end I must say that Amy has talent; her songwriting, though limited to 2-3 subjects is not too bad and the arrangements for some of these tunes are enchanting.

    HOWEVER, if you know the real back story to some of these songs, it's Moody who should get most of the praise. Sure, Amy brings it to life but without Moody, this album would never be! My Immortal is about his grandfather that passed, and not about just any relationship. The song takes different shape once you know that! However, we all know songs are something different to us all so, meh. :P

    Leave comments as you feel. This is all my opinion....more info
  • I am not a fan
    I am not a fan of evanescense. I never knew who they were until I saw a video. This is the only song that I have heard from them " My Immortal". This song is great. My friends were looking at me asking me what the heck I was listening to. I rate her (them) a 5 because of that great song. I would not buy the CD because she (they) look demonic(evil). ...more info
  • I'm Going Under...
    This album had my attention from "Going Under" to "My Immortal {Rock Version}" (If you have the bonus song.) Anyways, I love this album so much, and after buying it...I'm still listening to it. Amy's voice is so haunted and just plain beautiful!!!...more info
  • ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!! - From a Christian reviewer
    The first song by Evanescence that I ever heard was My Immortal, and by the end of that song, I was in love with this band. They had come up with such a unique, beautiful, and haunting sound that I had never had the pleasure of hearing before, and I still have yet to find a band that can even come close to matching what Evanescence has brought into this world.

    Now four years ago, when I first became a fan of Evanescence, I was not at all into the whole goth scene because it really creeped me out. However, you definitely don't have to be a goth to appreciate this music. Everybody needs a little bit of darker-sounding music to listen to once in a while. So since that fateful day back in 2004, Evanescence has become my very favorite band, and I have been obtaining whatever music of theirs I can, including The Open Door, Origin, the EPs, and just about every other demo they ever recorded. But out of everything Evanescence has released, Fallen is still my favorite album. Don't get me wrong, I highly recommend The Open Door as well, because the music from it is WONDERFUL, but it just doesn't seem to have that same special element that Fallen has. It's almost as if there's some highly addictive chemical in this CD, where you can listen to it a hundred times in a week and still be left craving more of that same...stuff. I don't know how else to explain it, but I'm sure that anyone else who has heard this album will agree with me.

    Okay, this has already been long, but I wanted to let whoever cares know that I am a Christian, and I feel that I should give my fellow Christians a heads-up on what to expect from this album as far as lyrics. Well, here goes:

    Going Under- This song is just about how Lee wants to get out of a presumably abusive relationship with another person, and she won't let this person drag her under anymore.
    "...So go on and scream, scream at me/I'm so far away/I won't be broken again/I've got to breathe/I can't keep going under..."

    Bring Me to Life- Lee has said that she wrote this song about a long-time friend, but it could be interpreted as a plea to God as well, with lines like these:
    "...My spirit sleeping somewhere cold/Until you find it there and lead it back home...Call my name and save me from the dark...Bring me to life..."

    Everybody's Fool- This song criticizes celebreties who lie and allow people to idolize them, and she knows that they are fakes pretending to be perfect.
    "...Oh, how we love you/No flaws when you're pretending...Without the mask/Where will you hide?/Can't find yourself/Lost in your lie..."

    My Immortal- This is about a friend who has died but still lingers in Lee's mind.
    "...I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone/But though you're still with me/I've been alone all along..."

    Haunted- A cautionary word to parents, if you are thinking about getting this CD for your younger kids (12 and under), just know that this song does have content you may not want them listening to just yet. This song is about a girl who is held captive by someone she can't see, but he is always tormenting her. He is the only one she knows and loves because he is what keeps her alive, but at the same time she hates him for keeping her where she is.
    "...Watching me, wanting me/I can feel you pull me down/Saving me, raping me...I won't let you pull me down..."

    Tourniquet- This is another song you should take some caution with if you're thinking about letting your younger kids listen to this, as the message is that the singer is spiritually lost and confused and wants to die.
    "...Am I too lost to be saved?...My God, my tourniquet/Return to me salvation...I want to die!!!..."

    Imaginary- This is just about Lee's imaginary world she wants to go to when the real world is too much for her to handle, but she can't seem to get there.
    "...Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming/Cannot cease for the fear of silent nights/Oh, how I long for the deep sleep dreaming/The goddess of imaginary light..."

    Taking Over Me- This song is about obsession. Like Bring Me to Life, it could be interpreted as a prayer to God.
    "...I believe in you/I'll give up everything just to find you/I have to be with you/To live, to breathe/You're taking over me..."

    Hello- This song is about Amy's younger sister, who died when she was just three and Amy was six.
    "...Has no one told you she's not breathing?/Hello/I'm your mind, giving you someone to talk to/Hello..."

    My Last Breath- Lee says that she was inspired to write this song after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. It tells of a person who is dying and it is through the dying person's perspective.
    "...All I wanted to say was I love you and I'm not afraid...I know you hear me/I can taste it in your tears...Calling me, calling me as you fade to black..."

    Whisper- Now this song sounds very spiritual, but the lyrics are kind of creepy for younger listeners. It seems to have a similar message to Tourniquet.
    "...Catch me as I fall/Say you're here and it's all over now...Don't turn away (Don't give in to the pain)/Don't try to hide (Though they're screaming your name)/Don't close your eyes (God knows what lies behind them)/Don't turn out the lights (Never sleep, never die)...I'm frightened by what I see...Fallen angels at my feet...Death before my eyes, lying next to me I fear..."

    So, there you have it, those are all my opinions on this item in a nutshell. I hope this was helpful!...more info
  • I really enjoy listening to it
    To tell you the truth, I didn't really like a few songs on Fallen. "Everybody's Fool," "Taking Over Me," and "My Last Breath" didn't work for me, but the rest of the songs did. "Going Under" caught my attention when I popped the CD into my boombox the first time. I don't think I can ever describe you how hauntingly beautiful it is. "Bring Me to Life" deserved to be a hit single: hard rock and heavenly vocals are easily a good combination. The piano version of "My Immortal" is featured here; prefer the full band version, though, but it's still likable. "Haunted," "Tourniquet," "Imaginary," and "Hello" are some of the more satisfying songs that really pleases both ears. I'm not a big fan of Evanescence, but I do enjoy listening to this album occasionally. ...more info
  • Excellent Music, Excellent Vocals!
    My 11 yr old daughter loves this so much! She plays it or the other one every single day! My husband and I love it too, so it is not a problem!!!...more info
  • Amy's Haunting Voice
    Amy Lee has one of the most haunting and mesmerizing voices I've heard. She has an amazing range. She could sing any type of music beautifully. This CD is one of my favorites....great lyrics, too!...more info
  • Great CD
    I'm generally not a fan of the slower singing style, but she really sounds great, and the songs grow on you the more you listen to it. This is one of those albums you can stick in the player, and just let it go....more info
  • great album
    This was a great album from them, amy can sing wonderfull this CD was great....more info
  • Obsession with Death
    One reviewer said that Evanescence seems to have an obsession with death. I think if I had grown up in Arkansas, I'd probably want to die too....more info
  • gift
    This was a great gift and it arrived so quickly after ordering it and in good condition....more info
  • I Love Amy Lee's Voice!!!
    I bought this CD a few weeks ago, and I really like it! For starters, I love Amy Lee's singing voice! It's beautiful, awesome, sexy, and scary all together! My favorite songs so far are Going Under, and Bring Me To Life! I highly recommend FALLEN!!!...more info
  • Fallen, an Emotional Roller Coaster
    ... but an awesome ride!!

    Surely you have this one already. If not, stop what ever you're doing right now and buy it. You have been missing a true treat and that must be rectified NOW! Order "Fallen" right now!

    Why you ask. I know you've heard "My Immortal," "Bring Me to Life," and "Everybody's Fool" on the radio. Those are but samples of, what in my opinion is, an offering that has no weak track on it - every song will be a favorite. There has not been a voice in Rock like Amy Lee's in quite some time - absolutely angelic!!

    "Bring Me to Life" won the Grammy for best Hard Rock song, and Evanescence won the 2004 Grammy for Best New Artists based on the performances on this disc - both well deserved. As I said, order it now!

    Dino Smith
    Chattanooga, TN
    ...more info