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Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live
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Studio: Uni Dist Corp (music) Release Date: 10/23/2003

Peter Gabriel's extraordinary mix of sound, visuals, and theatrics gets the widescreen digital treatment in this remixed and remastered edition of a 105-minute concert recorded in 1994 in Italy. But not without some controversy, it seems, as several viewers have protested that the new version contains some not-so-deft lip-syncing with poor visual quality. The complaints may be valid, but chances are most viewers won't notice; in any event, the performance by Gabriel and his international band (with violinist Shankar, drummer Manu Katche, and bassist Tony Levin, among others) is strong, featuring versions of well-known material like "Solsbury Hill," "Sledgehammer," "In Your Eyes," and the always-moving "Don't Give Up" (with then-backup singer Paula Cole capably handling the Kate Bush role). Bonus features include a delightful "time lapse" view of the concert setup and breakdown, a "making of" documentary, and a brief preview of Gabriel's 2002-03 "Growing Up" tour. --Sam Graham

Customer Reviews:

  • Peter Gabriel Secret World Tour
    As Archbishop Desmond Tutu explains " He has Ubuntu" a characteristic that embodies compassion ,generosity,sharing,... his music is extraordinary for me and continues to provide inspiration and heart and this DVD always dances with HOPE...more info
  • Best show ever
    You almost feel you-re there. Paula Cole is also great. 1994 show with updated sound. Great choice....more info
  • The Ultimate Peter Gabriel concert DVD
    What a package--great song selection, performances, and film production. I had it on VHS and finally obtained the DVD. I recall when this tour came through LA around 1995 or so and wished i could have seen it live. A great combination of theater and music. Tony Levin on bass and the gorgeous, sexy Paula Cole on vocals are more reasons to obtain this gem. I have this and Growing Up Live, and Secret world Live is superior....more info
  • Great DVD!!!!
    I do believe that this is one of the Best Live concerts I have ever had the pleasure to have seen. So much thought went into the production aspect of the beautiful music written by the great Peter Gabriel. I don't see how anyone could be let down by this wonderful show. ...more info
  • Just Great!!
    you know this concert was loaned to me by a friend after a shoulder surgery to watch while I recovered. I waited and waited to watch it. Well I just wasn't that excited about Peter Gabriel in concert. one night the wife and I finally popped it in the VCR and proceeded to wear out 5 VCR copies of this fabulous show! I waited for quite a few years to finally see it go to DVD While still recovering I got to see Paula cole in Concert here locally and it too was a good show. This is right up there with "Pulse" Not in light wattage but in showmanship!!! It is simply great!! I have bought more of Peter's Concerts since and like them all!!
    Our niece who was 7 at the time liked going to sleep every night to this concert the summer she stayed with us!!...more info
  • Discover the power of SIGHT and SOUND in a CLASSIC PERFORMANCE!
    I first purchased this concert on Laserdisc for my Pioneer Laser Disc player (kind of tells you how old I am) and I was blown away with the spectacle.

    Gabriel is more than a performer or musician, he is a concert artist! If you have never experienced the power of live music versus a recording studio performance, then this disc is a must.

    You can preview it on, simply type "Secret World Gabriel".

    My favorite performances are Come Talk To Me, Secret World, and In Your Eyes.

    Great concert, one that I really wish I could have paid money to attend.

    Highly recommended.

    ...more info
  • Excellent concert
    A friend of my husband's recommended this DVD, so I bought it for Christmas. What a wonderful choice! We thoroughly enjoyed it. Peter Gabriel puts on an outstanding show. I purchase the CD along with the DVD and have been listening to it over and over....more info
  • If you're a newbie, it'll be the best you've ever seen...
    Absolutely stunning concert performance here. I bought the VHS when it came out, and literally wore the tape out. Visually, the DVD *is* better - crisper, cleaner, just better. But the audio mix on the VHS tape is far superior to any of the DVD mixes. Tony Levin carries this band, and for some reason the mixes on the DVD do not reflect this fact. It is vaguely reminiscent of the Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" DVD, where the songs are great, the video editing well done, and the audio is just wrong. If you're a casual listener, you will never know, and you will think that it sounds great. The more you know about audio, the more you are disappointed by how good this thing could have been, and wasn't....more info
  • Nothing has ever topped this concert...
    Can't add a whole lot to what's already been
    said.. but Everytime I watch it, it is just like
    watching it again for the very First time. Very
    Powerful.. concert
    Best concert I've ever seen...highly recommend.....more info
  • "Secret World Live" DVD: Pleasing The Ear Less On The Eye
    When I first played "Secret World Live" DVD on my 1080i 46" HD set I thought my monitor was malfunctioning. Yes, the picture is that bad. Forget about progressive scanning coming to the rescue for it only appears to make things worse.

    Initially, I was going to return the DVD, that is until I really had a chance to listen to the concert itself. The audio track is thoughtfully mixed in 5.1 with creative sound artistry. In other words, stunning sound! The stage performance is quite good with great choreography and presence.

    Steam, not one of my personal favorites due to over play, has new life breathed into it with a brilliant arrangement and interlude that is truly hypnotic. You'll find many of the songs on this DVD are arrangements you wont experience on "Growing Up Live" DVD; a style and arrangement that is somewhat unique to the performance's period of time in Gabriel's live genres.

    True Gabriel fans would find this DVD a welcome addition to your collection.

    Realworld Productions has yet to explain as to the poor mastering of the video. My observations on poor video quality: master tape was produced under less than optimal circumstances, is of multiple generations in existence, perhaps stored incorrectly, a fit-to-screen process that may have had a 4:3 image pulled-in to fill 16:9 aspect ratio and not processed optimally for DVD.

    Gabriel is about 41 in "Secret World Live" DVD concert footage and in "Growing Up Live" DVD he was 53. It's interesting to contrast the two; makes you realize you're not getting any younger!


    By the way, visit - a very interesting site....more info
  • I wish I could have been there ...
    Turn the volume of the home theater system loud and kick back. Sometimes I catch myself smiling, sometimes tears almost come to my eyes, sometimes it gives me the shivers ... Wonderful performance....more info
  • Stunning Concert - Gabriel Transends
    Peter Gabriel takes you on a visual journey of discovery, one of the great luminaries of rock. Peter Gabriel and his international collection of great musicians are at the top of their abilities. Gabriel leads us through a mystical trek of spiritual beauty. Allow yourself to float along and you will not soon forget the experience.

    There are few DVDs that capture the feeling of actually being at a live rock concert, but that is exactly what director Francois Girard has achieved. I have seen Gabriel live quite a few times all the way back to his days with Genesis (saw "Lamb Lies Down" tour in '75). He will astound you and this is the best, most complete show, beginning to end, he ever did.

    ...more info
  • Very Dissappointed
    I probably would have bought this DVD even after reading the reviews, but I too thought that with all the differing opinions that it was a case of "operator error" and differing equipment. I was wrong.

    (Please note that this review is primarily about the VIDEO TRANSFER ONLY - I too have been waiting for a pristine DVD version of this concert after enjoying the VHS for so long. The magic of the performance almost draws your attention away from the horrid transfer, but if you are a video-phile, it will drive you up a wall! Maybe the best advice has already been given - look at it as a decent 5.1 DVD-audio disc and call it a wash!)

    I too work in the "video biz" (I'm an editor) and cannot believe how awful this transfer is. Yes, the concert was originally shot on film. I have no real explanation as to why the transfer is so bad. Perhaps it was not originally anamorphic? (What really bothers me is the label on the packaging promising a "16x9 remastered Anamorphic transfer." What a joke.) The "film grain" look is not the fault of the original material. It is simply a bad transfer/compression to the DVD format. When you watch any theatrical anamorphic movie you don't complain about "film grain" right? Apparently PG isn't quite as "technologically savvy" as we are all led to believe. Either that or he just has no control over this stuff.

    Either way, this DVD will dissappoint anyone who is enjoying the thrills of HDTV. As someone mentioned in one review, the Bruce Springsteen in NY is the video standard by which all DVD concerts must be compared. I understand that Bruce was shot in native High Def, but my copy of the '70s B-horror movie "Frogs" is a better film transfer than Secret World. For a filmed concert comparison, watch PG/SWL and then watch the Criterion DVD of Gimme Shelter. It was shot in the late '60s on film and the transfer is absolutely incredible! I had such high expectations while unwrapping this disc and the moment I hit the play button I knew that I had thrown away $16.99 and would seldom watch this disc again. Just too painful.

    Are we suppose to be waiting for the "special edition" of Secret World Live? Silly me, I thought this was IT!

    A very big dissappointment from a very great artist....more info

  • Great DVD
    Peter Gabriel has out done himself with this one. This is a must see DVD. Great concert.
    ...more info
  • The VHS was better
    I am a musician and my first choice in having any gig I wanted would be Peter Gabriel. I first bought the 2 CD set which I found astounding. Then, a couple of years later, I bought the VHS and was floored. I recently bought this DVD and was extremely disappointed. What I was hoping for was the exact same performance on DVD that was on my wornout VHS cassette. What I got was an approach of "more is always better". The DVD has been enhanced with guitar overdubs and remixing. The visual portion of the DVD isn't very good quality either. If I knew then what I know now, I would search for another copy of the VHS tape....more info
  • hmmm....
    Peter Gabrial: Vocals, piano, harmonica, tamborine and paddle Tony Levin: Bass, piano, tamborine and vocals David Rhodes: Guitar and vocals Shankar: Violin, tamborine and vocals Paula Cole: Vocals Levon Minassen: Doudouk Jean Claude Naimo: Synthesizers, piano, organ and vocals Manu Catche: Drums, tamborine and vocals
    Whilst I dont have the DVD I have the video which has a fine transfer and no dubbing so this review is based mainly on that. This is very good. The band play well and Peter shows his abilities as a dancer and actor (the visuals in themselves are amazing). Peters vocals are as strong as ever and the compositions (all as always written or cowritten by Gabriel are all great. Forget Phil Collins Live, for the ultimate live music expieriance watch a Peter Gabriel concert....more info
  • Fantastic concert DVD
    This has all the essential elements of a great concert DVD. Inspired music from musicians at the top of their game having fun on stage. Simple yet effective thematic props and visuals. An audience loving every minute of the show. Camera work focused on the performance and the performers with no backstage or offstage shots and just enough views of the audience to give a good feel of being there without being distracting. Peter Gabriel and his band put on a great show. Every member of the band is right in there. Paula Cole makes this show extra special. Her vocals are superb. She has a magnetic stage presence right from when she first appears on the excellent opening number Come Talk to Me. The picture and sound are very good and the specials are fine....more info
  • Houston, we have a problem...
    I own the VHS version of Secret World Live. I would like to get the DVD, but many of the reviews scare me. To name a few: poor video quality, lip synch, out of synch audio/video, no bass, bass dropping in and out, and poor remaster of both video/audio. I know some have suggested checking audio options. For example, use Dolby 2.0 if you only have a 2 channel audio system. On other settings, sending low frequencies to a subwoofer that does not exist will certainly diminish the bass quality.

    This begs the question: How much of the difficulties are operator-related? When this issue is brought up, people get defensive and start talking about the equipment they own. I don't care if you have a 50 inch plasmatic Sony Wega TV with an Onkyo THX Star Wars receiver. To me, more is not always better. Do you know how to use your equipment? (No sexual pun intended).

    Please somebody answer the question: Is the DVD version greatly inferior to the VHS? Are many of the difficulties experienced by others operator-related? For example, I found my bass went in and out Growing Up Live until I turned off my Auto Audio option. You know, that default feature that is supposed to keep commercials from blasting you out of your seat. Believe me, I do not want to be cheated out of Tony Levin's bass. If there is something definetly wrong with the DVD version, I want to know. Some things I can live with if they do not affect the overall enjoyment of the show such as: added vocals, grainier video quality, added video clips, etc. Will a PG fan who owned the VHS first, now owns DVD, and knows A/V equipment in/out please give his or her objective opinions?

    I gave 5 stars to the VHS version only. I need more info on the DVD before I purchase it....more info

  • Secret World Of Lip Synching
    I purchased this DVD in good faith; Peter Gabriel performing his excellent songs live. Imagine my surprise and disapointment when after 2 songs I became suspicious that Peter was lip synching the entire concert! After a few more songs I was convinced. I myself am a musician and have played in many bands over the years. I have also been to many concerts and I know what a live show sounds like. The musicians are playing their instruments but over many different sequenced tracks; keyboards, percussion etc. The female back-up singer is singing but poor old Peter is simply prancing around mouthing the whole thing. He manages to actually address the crowd on two occasions (I assume). The lip synching is particularly noticeable on the end of "Solisbury Hill" where, if you look closely, Peter forgets to even open his mouth as he dances around with the band. Now, whilst the stage show and theaterics are well done, I can't help but feeling ripped off when something is packaged as live but in fact is not. Some people may disagree but I felt compelled to write to warn people who were considering buying this DVD that they may not be getting what they think are buying......more info
  • Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live
    Everything was as promised. Delivery was on time and the item was in great condition....more info
  • Best Live Show Ever!
    Secret World is the Best Live Show I can imagine! The mix of excellent impassioned songs, great sound, great stage presence of all the band- they were all having fun! plus the cool stage presentation make this the best concert!!
    When we play this dvd we all end up "dancing in the aisles". The girl singer- Paula- mixes so well w/gabriel and has one of the best voices ever. I've been to a decent amount of shows and this has to be the best- from the living room. It goes so well with a cranking sound system and big screen!
    It's interesting because I had the secret world live cd for years and it was amongst my favorites. I was thrilled to discover the dvd and the couple of "dud" songs on the cd that I used to skip over have some pretty cool stage theatrics in the dvd that make them riveting....more info
  • Warning - This DVD has 2 problems.
    The left channel and the right channel. Perhaps on a 5.1 system everything is OK. But if you plan to play this on a two channel system, forget it. It appears that they simply just removed the other 3.1 channels from the 2.0 mix. The volume levels are all over the place, there is no way you can listen to this. It appears that every time the mix is panned to the rear channels, the front channels are lowered. Forget the supposed lip synching, you won't even get that far if you have ears. It is just terrible. And to prove I'm simply not a raving lunatic or a grumpy person. I bought Growing Up Live before this DVD and it is spectacular, the 2.0 mix is outstanding. The audio, again, in 2.0 on this DVD is horrendous, the volume never stays constant for more than 10 seconds at most. Buy Growing Up Live for yourself if your a Gabriel fan, it's incredible. BTW - my reference system is an NEC 20" ultra-fast LCD panel, JBL studio monitors backed by PSB subs and studio reference audio gear....more info
  • Superb, fake sound - great stage show
    This is my most-watched concert DVD - partly because it appeals to a wider range of visitors than most of my DVD's (Neil Young, Talking Heads, etc).

    Peter has his usual stunning array of musicians and singers on hand to help out. Paula Cole is a great addition as the female backup singer. The DTS soundtrack is superb, flawed only by the rather egregious overdubbing of Peter's vocals. Not that most people seem to notice....more info

  • Ignore the obvious, and have fun!
    If you are a "purist" who does not wish to listen to a concert DVD with any studio overdubbing, then you should not buy this. If you want to have a wonderful time watching an excellent "performance" (which I do almost once a week)then this is among the best concert DVD's you could buy. Yes, the vocals are overdubbed, and yes it certainly appears as if Tony Levin is playing a bass with frets, but sounds like most of the recording is done on a fretless. However, if you can "forgive" these anomalies you will experience an extraordinary concert DVD. The bass work of Levin is alone worth the price of admission, the drumming is excellent, and the energy is overwhelming. My girlfriend, my kids, her kids, are no particular fans of Gabriel but everyone likes this DVD. $15 couldn't be better spent....more info
  • Secret World Live: So So
    I like Peter Gabriel's voice and some of his songs, but I'd say that perhaps it's better to listen to his music than watching his DVD. Parts of it are too weird. I did not like the quality of the image either. The female singer is another minus. (He should take tips from Yanni and Phil Collins at the time of selecting his supporting singers)....more info
  • no words !
    I have the video tape of that concert. But, I couldn't listen stereo due to my player.. I decide to listen it stereo and I bought DVD of that concert. I've been still listening and watching it. Can you imagine?...more info
  • Fun Video
    This one dates back a few, but it showcases a really cool stage in the round and a concert experience different than most concerts out there. "In Your Eyes" is great and Paula Cole joins in on stage. Cool dancing, great sound. Fun to watch....more info
  • Awesome...
    This is really an awesome concert. I downloaded a couple of songs from the usenet.. and was truly taken by the show. So I decided to by the DVD... and to my surprise.. the DTS sound makes it SOOOOOO much better. I would definitely recommend it to all PG fans.. btw, I am not a big PG fan.. but still love this DVD... cause it's a great concert. ...more info
  • poor quality
    i was counting the days,waiting for this dvd to come and now that i have finally got it,i am very disappointed!i hate being negative like this but i really didnt like what i heard and saw.first of all the video/audio is out of synch.its not a big deal(someone would say)but the whole time i had the feeling im watching via satellite.but what really bothered me was the remix,and the fact that i did not hear many things i was expecting to hear. entire passages that are on the cd were missing(example:drum solos on "shaking the tree").and i really do not understand why this has been done.i have listened to the cd 1000 times,and i know every small detail.further more i consider it one of the most beautiful pieces of so called pop music recorded and i think things should have been left just the way they were.for me as a result of this remix some great pieces of music have been lost on the dvd.i was really disappointed to see all this damage done to such a masterpiece....more info
  • A great concert!!
    This is my first Peter Gabriel DVD, and I'm going to buy more because of it. Gabriel is a natural genius in his genre, and emotion exudes from his songs as they lull you effortlessly into them. The musicians who accompany him are top notch to put it mildly, and the female backup singer is fantastic (although I had to look past her combat boots she wore with a beautiful senuous black dress). Her vocals were excellent however. I didn't care too much about the choice of visuals Gabriel used during the concert, but that is not an important issue with me as it's the music that counts. In summary, the DVD is well worth the price....more info
  • The best concert DVD
    This is more than a concert; it is a show, a drama. The musicians fit perfectly for Gabriel's sound. Paula Cole adds so much with her voice to the feeling of the songs that I would say at times this is a concert of Gabriel/Cole. The song selection is excellent. The stage design which changes all the time according to the theme of the song is inspiring. Every action of the musicians adds so much to the concert. I write this much, and yet at this moment I am frustrated, cause I know, my words are not describing sufficiently how I am touched by this concert. I have Gabriel's last DVD as well, simply because I bought this one first. Had I bought the other one first, would I buy this one? Maybe not, and that would be a terrible mistake....more info
  • El Maestro Peter Gabriel
    Peter Gabriel es un maestro. Este concierto no solo muestra la calidad de musico que es, sino que tambien la innovacion en el aspecto visual del concierto. Efectos Visuales sincronizados con un grupo de m¨²sicos de primera. El DVD vale la pena, yo le dar¨ªa mas de 5 estrellas.
    Solsbury Hill, Steam, In your Eyes, Sledgehammer.... son las mejores. Buen¨ªsimo Concierto !!...more info
  • Excellent Sound in DTS
    This dvd has excellent sound quality. The video quality is a 3 star rating. I highly recommended this for your dvd concert collection just for the sound quaulity. Crank up first song "talk to me" and "don't give up" ...more info
  • Worst Concert DVD in my collection
    This DVD is an embarrassment to my growing collection. I struggled to sit and watch the full DVD, and put it back on the shelf. I cannot bring myself to watch it again. The entire concert is cheesey, and my expectation of an excellent performance by such a veteran performer was met with dissapointment. The sound quality is good, but that is about it. The only way I will ever use this DVD again would be with the picture off....more info
  • Kept me alive...survival
    This show still has an almost spiritual meaning/feeling for me. I'm not sure why. All I know is that it moves me. I too laugh, cry, smile and move.

    I forgot about it for a while and lost the tape. And now, as I get ready to order it from Amazon, I'm listening to "In Your Eyes," and I find my self moving and moved ... again.

    This combination of talent may just never be matched again.

    ....more info
  • No cigar
    Very late one night on a local cable TV station that plays intriguing and obscure art videos in an eclectic mix of classic early film, ballet, opera, or symphony performances, suddenly there was Peter Gabriel with about twenty singers, dancers, and musicians on a near dark stage singing "In Your Eyes," surrounded by wonderful Africans and World People, jumping and generating magical music. It must have lasted 20 minutes, certainly it lasted long enough to completely absorb all my energy and spirit as I found myself laughing, jumping, and transported into joyeousness. Then, as suddenenly as it had appeared, it disappeared into the next video vingnette. That was over a year ago and ever since I have hunted and hoped to find that video to have and hold onto it when my spirit next needed a boosting.

    Suffice it to say that nowhere on Amazon was it found, although the subject of this review seemed to offer hope. "In Your Eyes," is one of Gabriel's most important songs and it shows up in several different places among his recordings. All I can say is perhaps the video that I saw was unauthorized, donated from some private collection, perhaps even clandestinely recorded, considering the images were far from crisp. All I know is the video I bought is not the same. Yes, it has a diverse group of musicians, including a great female singing partner, but it's slick where the other was raw energy and staged where the other was unadorned, in all, it's a lesser attempt to recreate the performance I am seeking. As they say, close but no cigar.
    PS-If anyone can help me find the real thing, please give up the information, thanks!...more info
  • Best Concert Video Ever?
    I wasn't even a fan of PG's work before seeing this concert video. After seeing it, I think Gabriel is the finest artist still breathing and performing. The duet with Paula Cole on "Don't Give Up" is the most incredible, excellent live concert footage I've ever seen. "Solisbury Hill" is the most joyful 5 minutes ever captured by audio visual technology. The musicianship is exceptional. The sets and onstage performances transcendent. The audio recording quality is superb; way above average. In sum, a powerful, beautiful, work of art....more info