Adtran 1202217L2 TT3SU 300 Multiplexer
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Product Description

The ADTRAN T3SU 300 is a T3 DSU/CSU capable of providing users up to four DTE data ports. This multiport DSU/CSU provides access to non-channelized T3 services and allows users to share the cost of a T3 line between multiple applications. The new, affordable T3SU 300 is the first in a series of broadband access products from ADTRAN.The T3SU 300 offers complete configuration, diagnostic, and performance monitoring through a VT 100 terminal, SNMP, or Telnet. A series of front panel LEDs indicate the status of the network connection, along with the state of each of the four DTE ports. SNMP traps notify SNMP management platforms of alarm conditions. External alarm contacts provide connection to a visual or audible alarm. The T3SU 300 includes VT 100 terminal interfaces on both front and rear panels. Inband access to a remote unit across the T3 circuit can be performed manually by the user, or automatically by the host T3SU 300 unit. Time-of-day automatic reconfiguration allows customers to assign or reallocate bandwidth to applications based on the time of day, ensuring that the broadband circuit is always optimized.

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