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In Freelancer, you'll have to make way in the universe, through the aftermath of interplanetary war & colonization! Explore dozens of different star systems and uncover a hidden threat to the human race Exciting LAN play for up to 16 players

In the open-ended space action/adventure game Freelancer you play a ne'er-do-well with a lucky streak, one of two survivors of a space disaster. Penniless and shipless, you venture around a space dock until you find a ship and a job. You'll encounter a heady mix of canned missions that follow one main quest, and a million opportunities to make money or aggravate the various factions that co-exist in the universe. Like an online role-playing game, or Bethesda's Morrowind, you determine who your enemies are and who your friends are by your own actions, and, in another nod to role-playing, you can customize your ship with guns, rockets, and equipment just as you would customize a RPG character with swords, bows, and magic items. Best of all, you can play cooperatively with friends or fight it out with enemies online.

The backstory posits a future where various countries, divided by both nationality and, seemingly, race, have boarded massive colony ships and ventured into a wormhole that appeared within reach of our crude space technology. They found themselves in a galaxy far, far away and they got stuck there when the wormhole collapsed. They quickly colonized new home worlds and named everything with familiar locales that make navigation a breeze. In the American sectors you'll feel at home entering the New York system and landing at a spaceport called Manhattan, for example. While contrived, this device is used beautifully and it's far better than having to memorize a bunch of sci-fi names and remembering where they are, perfect for a massive universe such as this one.

Though Freelancer is set in space, it is technically not a space simulation. The game was designed to be accessible to casual gamers. For example, Freelancer makes you use the mouse for ship control. This is quite a shift for a game genre normally known to require joystick control. But even old-school Wing Commander or X-Wing fans may find that the sacrifice of verisimilitude is made up for with gains in agility. The mouse controls your guns, while you use the keyboard to maneuver around the rich universe that developer Digital Anvil has constructed. Much like a first-person shooter, you can dodge and weave while precisely blasting your enemies.

Despite the game's age, its graphics are spectacular, as is the sound and voice acting, and in that way, fighting and trading with friends or alone, Freelancer proves worth the wait. Just keep in mind that it is explicitly not a hardcore space simulation, and you'll have to leave your joystick on the shelf. --Andrew S. Bub


  • A deep and interesting universe
  • Game adjusts to your choices and affiliations
  • Innovative and addictive co-op multiplayer
  • It looks like a space sim but plays like a RPG
  • Joystick isn't even an option
  • It looks like a space sim but plays like a RPG
  • Open-Ended Universe - Play missions randomly or follow the storyline. The universe is open for exploration, and the game evolves based on the decisions you make. Demolish pirate bases or supply depots and watch the political fallout. Lane Hackers go after cargo vessels if you disable trade lanes. Support your local cop...or not. The choice is yours but the universe won't wait for you.
  • Dynamic Reputation - Your choice in missions, your successes, your failures...they all change your reputation constantly. Play as a Naval Officer and everyone associated with the Navy will treat you better. Become a pirate and hunt down cargo vessels and youll soon have friends in low places. The missions youre offered and the technology you have access to all depend on who you become.
  • Distinctive Styles of Play - Chase the almighty dollar, disrupt the corrupt government, enforce the law, chase human prey...every game is different. Want access to easy money? Become a Lane Hacker: take dowenemies blind. Politics and intrigue are everywhere in the universe. If you have what it takes to be a CEO here on Earth....
  • Intuitive Interface - Master the intricacies of space combat via mouse. Don't have a joystick? Hate all those buttons anyway? A mouse and a keyboard puts you in the game.

Customer Reviews:

  • A fun but easy to use Sci-Fi flight simulator/role playing game
    Freelancer is the game to have for those who have always been interested in playing a Sci-Fi game but have never been dedicated enough to master the often complicated flight controls and gameplay scenarios associated with some of the more complex Sci-Fi games out there. In singleplayer, you follow the story of an out-of-luck first time shipper that lost his cargo in a space station explosion. In multiplayer, you do whatever you want, starting from scratch, amassing your own fortune and going whervever you want. A good deal of the fun comes from simply exploring many of the beautifully designed systems and discovering remote bases and rare weapons and equipment. I highly recommend, although it there is no longer a supported matchmaking service for multiplayer. What that means is it's more difficult to find a multiplayer server (as you cannot through the game) and that its only good through other matchmaker services such as Gamespy. The single player is still fun, though it leaves you feeling alone after an action-packed ending....more info
  • A Good Game for the Price
    I wasn't to sure about this game when I first tried the demo version. Actually, I played all of about 5 minutes and said "not for me"!! Well, I heard some good things about it and decided to drop the bucks and give it a try. Definitely, glad I did. Most of the game info is noted in the other reviews so I won't bore you with that. One note, there is a story line you can follow or you can change it around some by deciding on who you want your character to be--the basic good guy or the villian type. The graphics are great--and I only have a PT 3 900 with a Nvidia G-force 3 game card. The universe is worth the buy. I'm not finished with the game yet, and I have flown through some spectacular space scenary. The missions get a little slow at times, if you keep the same type of ship--ie. fighter or cargo. However, I have found taking on the roll of pirate, and blasting away at certain cargo ships fun. I have chosen who I want to be friends with and who I want to tick off. The next time I play, I intend on changing roles again. Hope this is somewhat helpful. I say it's worth the dollars to buy the game....more info
  • Addicting and fun!
    I was a big fan of the Wing Commander games, and always wanted to see a Wing Commander style game that was open-ended. Well here it is, Freelancer is an addictive game full of hours upon hours of gameplay. I only have a few problems with the game (1) It's anoying that you can't play any jobs if the story mode is active unless you advance to the next level. (2) After you reach level 8 I beleave or 7, suddenly everyone want's to kill you and this can make the game very frustrating, if you just want to explore, because they always atack you when you're miles from a jump gate, and have no shields left. (3) Most of the ships only let you carry about 15 shield batterys at a time which last about a minute in an intence dog fight against 10 fighters and 2 battle ships! Other then that the game is great. I highly recomend it to any fan of the Wing Commander games, or anyone who enjoys open-ended games that give you almost total freedom to roam....more info
  • Good value for the price
    Ok, the price of this game has dropped ..., so on a whim, I went and bought it. It's no "Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic", but it's certainly a playable game (albeit a bit repetitive.)

    They try to make it open-ended which in theory sounds great, but in practice tends to make every mission seem like more of the same.

    The controls aren't the most intuitive, but it's playable even if you can't use a joystick. It may take you a mission or two to get used to it, but you eventually will.

    The plotline is decent, and overall I'd recommend this game, especially for the price.

    I would've liked to have had more variety in the missions, but the graphics are certainly top-notch and the game seems to be stable - unlike several other games I have bought recently.

    I don't think the commodity trading is implemented very well either. I would've preferred a lot more variation in price. For example, a better commodity trading model is the one used in Dope Wars, where you buy a commodity, and every time you go to a new place, the price changes by some random factor. Instead, in Freelancer, prices are at constant fixed value, and too many items that are for sale, are at their most expensive.

    It feels like a game where they had grand visions of what they wanted to do with it, but were forced to hurry and get it out the door. A little more polish (like having a little more personality to the factions or at least better variation in their conversation), and it could've been great. Instead, it's merely ok....more info

  • Gets boring quickly, not the next Elite or Privateer
    First of all, I am a hardcore Privateer fan. I've been playing space sims since I was ten years old, and I've played them all (my favorite is probably still Freespace 2). The hype surrounding Freelancer before it came out was unbelievable, and all of us space sim fanatics were counting down the days to the release of Freelancer for at least two years beforehand. When I finally got it and finished the campaign, I played for maybe three more days until I was bored out of my mind. Once the campaign is finished, there's nothing left to this game.

    I was looking forward to weeks of exploring, trading, policing, stealing, whatever struck my fancy. But once you complete the mission line and become a real freelancer, there's nothing to do. The so-called "random missions" are all the same: go here, kill ships, come back, lather, rinse, repeat. Even the venerable Privateer had missions like patrol multiple systems, or escort freighters, or special cargo runs for mega cash rewards. Freelancer has nothing of the sort, only "go kill this guy" missions. That's it.

    While all the planets and all the systems look different, every person inside said planets look the same. The game employs about 4 character models, differing only in clothes and hair. All the voices are the same, all the faces are the same. Not remotely convincing for a universe which supposedly houses hundreds of billions of people.

    A lot of people beef about the lack of joystick support. Let me say that I am a hardcore flightstick junkie, and I went into the game perparing to be disappointed, but I was surprised at how well the mouse system worked. If you're new to the genre, it's very easy to learn, and you can become a much better dogfighter using this method than if you were to try to use a joystick cold turkey.

    All in all the combat aspects of the game are revolutionary and cool, and the graphics aren't bad, but the rest of the game is a bit under par. If you're looking for the next Privateer or Elite, I would recommend X2: The Threat. This is not it. I know. I was disappointed too....more info

  • Very pleased...Freespace is back, and better.
    It has been years since I've found a computer game that hooked me. I'm a big sci-fi fan, but really hadn't found anything since the old Freespace games from years ago that interested me. Everything in the genre seemed to be marketed around television and movie themes like Star Wars or Star Trek, and though I enjoy those shows, I'm not a big fan of computer games that are built around those universes. I wanted a great stand-alone game.

    It was by chance that I found myself complaining to a friend once about my inability to find a cool new sci-fi game that he mentioned Freelancer. I was VERY pleased-- it has an interesting story, but so much more. Once you play through the story, you can keep going (unlike the old Freespace games, where it was basically "The End" after you finished the storyline).

    The addition of the freelance element is perfect. The game gives you free play time along the route of the embedded story, and sometimes it's even annoying when you level up and are pulled back into the story-- sometimes you'd prefer to keep roaming around freely. But the story is interesting, and once you finally finish playing it, you CAN keep freelancing, leveling up, and exploring a huge variety of star systems, cultures, etc. You can be a good guy, a bad guy, a smuggler, a merchant, an astroid miner, etc. There's just so much to do-- you can pick and outfit your ship, make or break alliances, and even play online. It's like a sci-fi epic combined with a RPG.

    I can only hope that enough people buy this game to merit a sequel or at least an expansion pack to add more systems for exploration. Please, take a break from the Star Wars universe and try something new! I'm buying another copy from Amazon today, just so my son can play on our other computer and meet me in outer-space where we can work together to smuggle alien artifacts from place to place to get rich.
    ...more info
  • Never Ending Game
    Once you finish the campain, this game lets you do just about any thing you want to. Graphics are unequalled and control is great and many weapon upgrading opertunities. Ship upgrading is limited... I wish there were more and larger ships to upgrade to....more info
  • Great add on mods available and multiplayer!
    Freelancer is a fantastic game which includes all aspects of space gaming. Fighting, trade, exploration, mining and politics. There are several add on modifications for this game available that can be downloaded for free and used with the help of Freelancer Mod Manager program which is also downloadable for free. There are several mods that allow open single player with different options so you don't have to follow the story line. Their are mods that also include new ships, new weapons and power ups as well as new systems and trade goods. The online Freelancer gaming community is fantastic and there are numerous FREE servers to play on with different custom mod versions of the game that add a lot to the variety and excitement of game play. I play on the Slammers server which currently runs the Discovery 4.81 mod in conjunction with the Nemesis Booster Pack. Most servers also run a forum site for their players. Check out the Slammers Discovery server for more Freelancer and game information!...more info
  • A timeless classic
    Freelancer was released in 2003, and even 6 years down the road, it still plays as though it was released, oh, about a year ago. The controls are intuitive; the storyline, although restricting, is at least interesting; and the graphics are really pretty decent. Soundtrack is appropriate for the game - and a lot of the music is really nice. The one major aspect of the game that really let me down is the terrible voice acting. A lot of the characters sound like their voice actor was taking depressants while they were recording the voice clips. Despite this drawback, the game still plays well.

    Not only was the original game solid, with many excellent gameplay premises, but Digital Anvil/Microsoft also encouraged the modding community, allowing the creation of many new things in the Freelancer universe - which, by the way, is enormous. I've been playing this game for quite a while, and I still haven't explored everything in the universe. There's a lot to see.

    The most noticeable lack these days is the nonexistent central server list for online play - Microsoft took that server offline a year or two ago. Direct IP play is still possible, though - and it's really fun. Playing with friends only adds to what is already a great game.

    Freelancer is one of the best games I've played, and I'd recommend it to anyone that enjoys either space sims (which it can be played as) or action RPGs (which is, I think, what it was intended to be). Definitely worth a look at....more info
  • Best Space Flight Sim of this Century (so far)
    Overall excellent 21st century hybrid of RPG/Wing Commander/Colony Wars/Privateer with minor drawbacks. The main plot line for the single player is great but the neccesary experience-gaining missions are very repetitive.
    ...more info
  • Freelancer
    This game does take alot of time when playing but if you like space and you like to buy your own spacecrafts then this is the game for you. I really liked this game, and the game came in real good condition. No scratches to be found. I rated this game 5 stars overall because I personaly love this game. But i rated fun level to be only 4 stars because it does take alot of time going from place to place and the planets have nowhere really to go to. Other then that the game is perfect....more info
  • Identity crisis
    Freelancer can't seem to figure out what kind of game it is.

    The marketing says it is a game directed by the way you play. In practice, it has a very linear plot that you are railroaded into following.

    If you want to play as a trader or miner, the marketing says it will support you. In practice, combat is thrust upon you so freqeuntly that you have little choice but to get a ship built for war.

    The marketing says it has role-playing elements. In reality, it is an action game with cut-scenes showing the plot.

    It is too simple to be a great space combat sim, but the combat is too hard for it to be an RPG. The choices are few and usually binary. I wanted Morrowind in space. I got frustration and disappointment....more info

  • Freelancer PC
    This game is awesome!! Beyond belief!! If you are looking for something that can keep you busy for a long time. This game is perfect! I can tell you that there are roughly 30 systems you travel through, inside one large galaxy. Now, to give you an idea how big the game is. It can take you about 10-15min to get from one extreme to the other. The Single player and Online multiplayer are seperate, so if you beat single player, decide to go online, well, you start over. i recommend starting in the server called "raw" I only play there. Anyways, this game is certainly worth the MONEY. so buy it now!!...more info
  • One of the best
    Ive had this game since it came out in 2003 and still play it on occasion.
    Its a game with lots of lasting appeal. Its pretty much an open game, you can go wherever you want and do what you want; youre not locked into taking one path. Easy interface/controls no flightstick required. Theres also tons of mods for this game available thats another plus....more info
    i dont think i have ever played such a game in my life! the only real thing i hate is no joystick compatibility (come on get with the 21st century) that and after a while the game starts to be seemingly IMPOSSIBLE i have had it for a long time and i still havn't beaten it but hey it's a good game you can trade commodities weaponry and occasionally ships. the graphics are pretty nice as well, all in all a great game.

    WARNING: not for the IMPATIENT...more info

  • The best space sim game available in the stores today.
    This game was halfway created by a small company that was forced to hand over the game to microsoft because of money issues. Microsoft quickly wrapped up what they had already made and started selling it.
    The game is beautiful. It has great gameplay. It has great story line. The graphics are amazing. At last you have tons of freedom. The only negative to this game is that microsoft wrapped it up as fast as they could. They did not finish the game so the ending of it is like zzaappp.. that was it? And then you are left on your own which does get boring.

    Now, the game is beautiful. Everything from the starting to almost the ending, is beautiful. The game play is very addicting. Simple instructions allow you to focus on the game play and not a strategy on how to get somewhere or how to get moving. The story line is very good. You start off as no body. You meet a LSF woman that hires you to do a job for her. Thats how the game starts. She gives you a cheap ship "on the house". You do mission for her and you get paid. Then on and on. Her missions are long and exciting missions that take you by the hand and lead you across amazingly made galaxies that include rocky nebula's, gassy nebula's, icy nebula's, radioactive nebula's, minefields, tons of planets, tons of space stations and so on. The best of all it has somewhat of a working economy. You can transport stuff between the stations and the planets to make money. You can go mining or kill pirates and so on. Once you kill other ships you get whatever weapons or anything else they have that was not destroyed during the battle. With plenty of 3rd party mods and available multiplayer, the limits of this game are endless.

    Like i said the only negative to this game comes in hand when microsoft took over the project. They wrapped up the game as fast as they could and threw it out in the stores. You do this mission, you do the next mission and then all the sudden you are at the ending of it leaving plenty of unexplored galaxies that unless you play multiplayer, you might never even find. Dont get me wrong, there is plenty of gameplay for your to enjoy.

    My favorite about this game is that there is NO MENU gameplay. In other words, you change your graphics, you change your sound settings, you change your keys and so forth but for anything for the game play, its all done during playing. If you want to change your ship. You have to fly out in space to some space station or a planet and buy the ship from there. Every station or planet offers different choices of ships that you can buy. To change your weapons, you have to destroy another ship or buy them from the space station or planet also and again every space station offers different weapons. To get and do missions you have to fly from location to location and again each space station has its own little missions besides the big story line. You have the freedom to fly anywhere you want, buy anything you want and destroy any one you want. Its up to you. You are playing the game, the game is not playing you.

    I have played X3, darkstar one, and any other space sim game i could get my hands on and freelancer is by far my top choice....more info
  • Very good
    For a hobby player like me it's a fantastic game, that keeps you hooked. A huge universe, fantastic story line, easy controls. Lots of fun. I just would like the story to go on since when you are through with it, it loses some of its fascination. Anyway, for non-hardcore gamers a definitive buy....more info
  • No joystick? You must be kidding...
    This game would have easily got a 5 star rating if it supported a joystick. Mouse-based flight sims are lame-o. Much disappointment... I don't recommend it....more info
  • Simply a great game
    There hasn't been a game of this much fun since Freespace 2. This is by far my second favorite video game of all time. The story gets annoying in the later missions, but the game really doesn't start until the single player campaign is over. The sheer size of the Freelancer universe is what makes the game interesting. The replay value is unequal, even compared with Privateer....more info
  • Freelancer
    Awesome game. Plenty of play time after the main plot is completed. Visit a ton of planets in many systems. Try trading with a freighter if you get bored with just shooting everyone in a starfighter. The cut scenes in the bars & other interactive places get boring, but just hit 'escape' to run through them. Again,.... great game & loads of fun for the money...more info