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Radio Flyer Little Red Scooter
List Price: $54.99

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Product Description

For your young scooter enthusiast, there's the Little Red Scooter from Radio Flyer. This sturdy and sporty ride-on is sized just right for young riders and has added features that ensure safe and fun riding. The extra-wide wooden deck is covered with strips of grip tape to help children keep their footing. The scooter's solid, thick rubber wheels provide excellent balance and make for a smooth ride, and its grooved handle grips are easy for little hands to grasp. Plus, the handlebars are decked-out with sporty tassels that blow in the breeze as your child flies by. Also features a bell mounted to the handlebar and a Radio Flyer plate on the front. Measures approximately 24" x 9" x 27".

  • Sturdy steel construction can stand up to even the roughest riders
  • Wooden platform has no-slip grip tread
  • Adjustable handlebar allows this scooter to grow with your child
  • Handlebar tassels and working bell are cool and exciting
  • This product is made by Radio Flyer, innovating play and creating memories since 1917

Customer Reviews:

  • Radio flyer scooter
    The Radio Flyer Little Red Scooter is a great 3-wheeler for learners;however, the age 3-7 years is not appropriate. My grandson is an average height 4-year-old, but the scooter is too short for him. This is more for 2-3 years old size. The base is a little short, and the handlebars do not raise high enough for a child over 36" tall....more info
  • little red scooter ... exactly
    This was a gift for our five year old son who has some gross motor delays (as part of his autism package), and it was perfect. His younger brother, almost three, who does not have motor delays (but is a bit clumsy) took to it right away, too.

    Because of its classically attractive design, it looks more "grown-up" which, in my son's eyes, is a bonus. The scooter is also sturdy and stable and, so far, has proven durable. I've even briefly tried it with all of my 190 lbs (far exceeding its stated maximum).

    It picks up just enough speed, not too much, before having to kick-off again so it's a great first scooter. Even so, other five year olds with the skills to balance, kick off, steer, stop and ding the bell also had fun on this scooter at my son's fifth birthday party. However, if your kid can handle a bit more speed (and you can handle the danger element), you may want to choose another scooter.

    So far, it has seen use mostly indoors. In the summer, when the ground dries out, I think it'll ride over packed dirt trails and non-irrigated lawns well enough. But, again, there are probably other scooters that are truly meant to do the off-road thing.

    The abosolute best part about the scooter is that my boy loves it. He has had it for over a month and still scoots with a smile almost daily. He has even been known to take it to bed with him (which is strange ... but cute nonetheless).
    ...more info
  • SO glad I bought my 4 year old this scooter!
    My little one wanted a scooter so I shopped around and saw that many of the ones around are kind of flimsy.
    I saw this one and have bought Radio Flyer's products in the past, so I thought I'd try it. It also got very good reviews here and on ToysRUs.

    It is excellent. There is some assembly required, nothing major, but it is a sturdy, safe, fantastic scooter. The wheels move beautifully, but not as fast as a Razor.

    She loves it and plays with it every single day since she got it....more info
  • Cute Little Scooter
    Overall this should prove to hold up really well. It arrived with some cosmetic damages (noticeable chunk of wood missing on the edge of the foot board and some of the non-skid decal was also missing). I was surprised to see something like that make it through the inspectors. However, we figure that it will get more than enough scrapes during use. It was easy to assemble and the wheels are a nice quality. The finishing is not the highest quality and I was disapointed to see that the bell doesn't really "ring", it's just a piece of plastic that you pull back and release to hit the metal dome....more info
  • Not too sturdy, but newphew loved it!
    This was a gift for my nephew for Christmas, he loved it! I think it could have been a bit more sturdy, however for the price, I got what I paid for. ...more info
  • Radio Flyer Little Red Scooter is GREAT!
    Santa brought this to my 4 year old daughter. It is great! She rides it all over the downstairs of our house, because it's winter here. She quickly understood how to ride it. It is very adorable, durable and very well made. The details (bell, strings from handlebars, sandpaper like foot area) are an added extra. The design is also great. I also like the height adjustment feature. For someone (me) that is very difficult to satisfy and always finding the negative or flaws, or how something could of been better, this is something I'm more than satisfied with....more info
  • Great for kids developing gross motor skills
    What I like most about this toy is that it is sturdy and stable. The three wheel design allows for greater balance and control. I bought this for my 5 year old who has some motor challenges and she loves it. The simple color scheme is great because it helps her feel mature (as opposed to similar scooters with preschool cartoon character). She has difficulty riding a bike but likes to play outdoors. This scooter has helped boost her confidence while building her strength and coordination. She enjoys it alot. My 4 year old niece (without motor difficulties) also liked playing with it. Great toy for the price....more info
  • Fun, but one bad part
    I bought this scooter for my 3 year old daughter for her birthday, after reading many reviews on this one and others. This Radio Flyer seemed to be the best. When she first got it,it was great and she loved it. Her brother, 4 years old, loved it too (many fights:). However, a month later, they don't ride it as much, or very little. The red cap that covers a screw on the rear wheel is in the way, or sticks out too far and they hit it with their ankle when they push off (both sides are the same). So bad, that they both had a bruise on their ankle. I have been trying to figure out how I can either change their style of riding or get rid of one of the red caps. Haven't figured out what to do yet. I think it is very well made and sturdy. Steering and turning is easy. Good exercise! We did have it in the house when she first got it. They love the little bell and streamers. Except for the caps, I have been happy with this purchase. ...more info
  • Jackson Loves His Radio Flyer Scooter
    I was a little leery at first to buy this because I have a 4 year old but I have been more than please with this product. I thought at first it may be a little too baby for him but it's not. He can use this for a few more years and then pass it on to my daughter.

    The three wheels make it steady for slightly clumsy children. It comes with a bell and the handle can move up and down as they grow. It is very durable with the wooden foot rest. I would highly recommend this product to any parent. It even fits in our car with no hassle. I have room to pack our suitcases and beach equipment around it.

    Great buy!
    ...more info
  • You can always bank on Radio Flyer
    This is a great little toy. Very easy to use, durable, and super cute. The mechanism to change the handlebar height is a little cumbersome, but how often are you going to do that? I love that the bolts on the wheels have caps on them. Some of the scooters we looked at were ankle-destroyers. ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    Our three-year-old granddaughter loves this scooter. It is so much better quality than most of the lightweight scooters and was very easy to put together. The wheels move freely and she can really get going fast on it. The foot board is thicker and wider than most others which makes it easier for a toddler to stay on it. And the board has rough "gripping" strips on the foot board so a child doesn't slip off easily.

    This is a superior product....more info
  • Reviews were so helpful
    I purchased this scooter for my 3 year old nephew but it was "from Santa".
    I purchased it based on the customer reviews and because I liked it. I was especially delighted with the packing since it came in a big sack tied with a green ribbon, definitely from Santa. It was a big success the bell was the cherry on top. Thank you!...more info
  • radio flyer scooter
    This was purchased as a gift for a 5-year old, which could be a little late depending on the experience level of the child. The scooter is sturdy and provides good balance for a child who doesn't ride a two-wheeler yet. The scooter is on the small side. ...more info
  • Back wheels leave huge bruises
    My three year old loves scooters and is getting pretty good at riding one. The only problems with this scooter, which is well made and durable, are that it's too short for kids over 3 years (deck length, not height), and the back wheel configuration means that if they go outside and try to ride more than just around the living room, they will get a huge egg on their ankle from pushing the scooter then trying to bring their foot onto the deck.

    Other reviews mention the scooter being too short, but I thought they meant height, and since my child is smaller than average, I thought it wouldn't be a problem. What the reviewers have correctly identified is a deck that is way too short for children over 3.

    In addition to not having enough room on the board part of the scooter, my child keeps knocking his foot and ankle into the widely placed back wheels. He has average motor skills, but we have to get him a new scooter, after just one month, because he's black and blue from bashing into the back wheels on rides around the neighborhood. he doesn't have this problem in the house, because he doesn't get enough successive strides to get going in a rhythm inside. Based on trials with other kids' scooters at the playground, we're going to get a Kick rather than a Razor or another Radio Flyer.

    The price is right on this scooter, if you can deal with the tears and the huge purple ankle welts in the bathtub......more info
  • radio flyer scooter
    I thought this scooter would be ideal for my five year old granddaughter but unfortunately she has hit her ankle on the rear wheel bolt several times which makes her reluctant to use it. Maybe the designers could look at recessing the bolt so that this does not happen. Otherwise, it is well built but this is a major issue....more info
  • very nice scooter
    this is great for a young child. my two yr. old learned on it and loves it. rides it in our basement and outside. It has plenty of room for feet.
    Perfect gift ...more info
  • A great low-tech toy.
    The scooter came partially assembled, which was great, and the handlebar height adjustment was simple to do. For a three year old, the wide stable platform was perfect. We've bought other Radio Flyer items, and have always been pleased by the quality and longevity....more info