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Lords of the Realm 3
List Price: $19.99

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Product Description

Lords of the Realm III is a real-time strategy game that combines all elements of medieval European life into an in-depth strategy game. Your goal is no less complete conquest, using everything from castles to religion as a tool! Multiplayer gaming for 8 through a LAN or Internet connection

  • Strategy game of medieval conquest
  • Manage an empire in real-time
  • Three in-depth levels of play
  • Advanced 3-D engine renders impeccable battle scenes
  • for 1 to 8 players using LAN or Internet connection

Customer Reviews:

  • Please Read the Reviews
    OK!!! Here we go i loved lotr2 great game and like everyone else has stated, this is nothing like lotr2. This triology should never have existed. They should have stopped at 2. I really am not going to get into the game and its details very much because it has been talked about over and over again by others. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!! That is all i have to say. I paid $8 on amazon for this and I would have rather thrown that $8 in the fire....more info
  • Unfortunately not what I expected
    Of course being a LOTR II fan, I had high hopes for this game. After a few hours of play and being really bored, I thought to myself, "maybe I just don't know how to play this game yet." Don't bother reading the manual, it doesn't help at all, it just gives a real vague overview of the game.

    Now after reading other's reviews I know I wasn't alone in being rather unexcited about this game. I give it two stars because I like the battle scenes a lot more than in the first game. But that is it. It's true that the land management being gone makes this game a lot more boring. It just feels like the player places their vassals and occasionally fight some battles with armies moving slower than molasses and spends a lot of time just waiting. Don't bother with this one....more info

  • Save your money
    I received this game today and I have to say it is the biggest disapointment I've had in a game. For those of you that loved LOR2, don't buy this game. It sucks.

    The econmic engine is gone, the vasal system used take all the fun out of managing your econmy and food production. The game's only real function is waging war. After about 20 minutes of this it gets boring. Save your money and play LOR2, it was much better....more info

  • Lords of the Realm 3
    This is the biggest disappointment I have ever experienced in purchasing a computer game. The first Lords of the Realm game is perhaps my favorite for its time with the Lords of the Realm 2 game also a great favorite. From the moment you open the box you experience problems with running the game. The graphics are disturbingly poor to the point of distraction. The real problem, however, is the gameplay. After about five hours of intense effort at the first tutorial campaign level, I still could not make any sense of the game and what you were supposed to do. The real time aspect is totally inappropriate for a strategy game of this scope. The combat is buggy, poorly lighted, and very dated in appearance. This is a disaster and a terrible blow to the reputation of "Impressions" games. It might have been better to simply have not released the game and admit the entire "real time" approach for a game such as this was ill conceived. I can not believe they spent two years on this. I would have given this game less than a star if such a rating was available....more info
  • My Dust Collection
    Realm 3 is an average game at best. Although ther is more interactive options and a much better 3D engine to this game, I have apparently become bored with it quickly, after finishing the tutorial and beginning play, it is already sitting in it's jewel case collecting dust with the rest of my "average" games. I've found myself playing Realm 2 more than this game.

    The setup is there, and the competetive spirit is there, but there is little challenge except in combat. I prefer a game more based on Realm 2, where you have to battle not only human-to-human elements but elements more inclined with proper farming, mining, and such. The simplified task of assigning Nights or Peasants as one singular town gives no strategy outside the realm of battle. Strategy should be included in all aspects across the board, not just in combat.

    Something tells me with this mediocre follow-up, we won't be seeing Lords 4 anytime soon, if at all....more info
  • There is not much to say It's just too boring.
    There is not much to say It's just too boring.
    Lords 3 is a true disappointment. Unlike Lord II even Lord 1 was much more better than Lords 1...more info
  • So far so good
    Graphics are nice. No freezing or bugs as of yet. Running XP. I was bit aprehensive ordering on the 2nd day out but still giving it a fair shake. Love the formation troop control and individual battles. Strategic level really isn't that different from Lord's II. Still learning the subtleties of the game and will be going head to head with another buddy soon to test multiplayer. Heck ... its worth the $20 bucks to learn and play....more info
  • They gutted it. . . .
    As reflected in other reviews here, Sierra took out all the best parts of this series: managing the economy, delicate balancing of army, and even basic interaction with your cities. They took out the castle choices and the cool little videos. Even though the battle graphics were pretty basic in the prior games, it was unquestionably more engaging than the 3-D graphics but dull and incomprehensible battles in this game. In addition to the inability to control individual troops, I have had fighters attacking the air and other clipping issues.

    This game is simply not fun, and made me want to fire up Lords II to remember what this series used to be about.

    Get Stronghold or Lords II for a much better game....more info

  • I think this game is better than some opinions mentioned
    Hey, I love this game, multiplayer is cool...thats the best part of it and makes ya think when ya face real humans.

    The Vassel System brings depth to the game, but in away takes away slightly. But, cool thing is theres between 2,000-2,500 vassels in the game itself...with certain strenghts and weaknesses.

    The only negative is the interface...makes the game harder than it really is...its the stratigic interface thats hard, but once ya learn it your fine. So yes there is learning curves as well...

    Battle interface is great...huge improvement over lords 2...

    Sieges graphicly are good, but interface gets alittle clumsy there...when your men get in there castle gets kind of messy.

    All I can say is take the time to learn the game and you'll love it, at first glance you might not like it, but once you get to play more and more as well as with multiplayer you'll love the game....more info

  • This is just the demo right? Right?!
    It's a trick, get an axe! I just bought it. Save yourself the heart-ache. Sierra is obviously having some problems, and this is not pretty. Just say, "No." Don't make me say I told you so. Buy StarCraft by the same company. Buy Lords of the Realm I, II, or the Siege Pack. Try HomeWorld. They didn't finish this game and released it anyway. It is so bad, you'll just about cry. Hint: If it was 1987, I'd give it a 4. And, I'm not just writing for fans of first person shooters. Oh, those people will climb the walls. RTS people won't like this either....more info
  • what a waste
    Not only did I waste my $20.00 on this game but I wasted another $20.00 on the strategy guide. Keep your money and play the old Lords of the Realm games. I will have to think long and hard befor I buy another game by Sierra....more info
  • 20 bucks of junk...
    I had such high hopes for this title. The first two LOTR games were pure gaming goodness. The first warning sign was the drastic reduction of price from 49.99 to 19.99. Sierra gave up on this one and released a piece of junk and they know it.

    Almost all the fun aspects of the earlier games have been removed and you are left with a boring, somewhat buggy, cheap game that isnt worth playing. Shame on Sierra....more info

  • So close, yet So far...
    This game had so much promise, but they let took it completely to the other end of the spectrum, instead of the micromanaging wich could get time consuming on LOTR2. LOTR3 swings the other way so completely you cannot even decide what type of Army you want.

    Types of troops you raise are completely dependant on the lords you install in your land parcels. Not bad If I had an inexhaustible supply of each type to decide what I wanted. Nope, you have what the game gives you and thats it. Worse you couldn't micromanage things even if you wanted to. Then they fubared the combat, whatever you do don't attack a castle, the enemy's troops will hide out on the walkway behind the walls while your troops will mill around in the bottom of the courtyard getting shot full of arrows.

    If you like simplistic games this would be the one for you. The only effective gameplay decisions you will ever make are which lord do I install, where should my next army come from and who do I invade next?...more info
  • Rinse and repeat
    I was raised on the original Lords game, and played 2 a little bit as well. I was certainly surprised to find this little gem for 19.99 on I decided to pick it up.

    What started out as general interest turned to disapointment rather quickly. The geniuses at Sierra decided to relinquish most of the aspects that made the predecessors fun. Now all you do is build an army, wait for the troops to swell its ranks, and unleash your hordes upon your foes. Rinse and repeat.

    You have the option to engage into each individual battle, but that matters little in the later stages. You end up furiously managing each army all over the map (no thumbnail or country map to quick scroll too-frustrating) and when you feel satisfied with your tasks, you wait. And wait. And wait. Feeling the need to provide strategic help to your troops? Good luck. It seems to me the battles are basically won with rudimentary plans and superior numbers. My heavy cavalry takes on some swordsmen and ends up routed? WTF?!

    Economics and empire management have been completely phased out of this game. EVERYTHING is delegated to your vassals. Yeah, you have to build a farm, a city for income, but overall? Build armies, move around, fight, rinse and repeat.

    My suggestion - save your money, and buy a total war. I picked up Medieval, and hope I won't be as disappointed as I was with this once proud classic......more info

  • Disgracefull
    This game looks like it was made by high school kids, it bares little resemblance to it's glorious predicessors. This "game" involves little more than staring at the computer screen wondering what is going on and what your supposed to do. You quickly learn that very little is going on and there is nothing for you to do. That's the worst part, the manual tells you virtually nothing, the game teaches you even less and then it plays on it's own at snails pace.

    Just avoid this like the plague....more info
  • This game is a HUGE disappointment...
    The 2d graphic elements and design to the game are GREAT- just beautiful. But the game is horrible! And yeah, it plays like a console game- really DUMBED down!

    Here's the problems I see:

    No sandbox mode- thats right folks, you need to UNLOCK maps to play them! ARG! You can't assign the AI's difficulty, and or even how many there are on a map!!!!!!!!!!! All preset scenarios- like I'm some stupid 13 year old who can't decide how he wants play all by himself.

    Some odd behavior among the AI such as armies appearing instantly at home when they "retreat" from a battle in foreign lands. I had ALL of my enemy's army magically appear instatly at a castle I was JUST defeating- talk about stupid feature. retreating needs to be fixed. Once when I retreated ALL my armies magically dispersed to their home fiefdoms at home....

    Game balance is lacking a certain edge to it that would make things more fun and graspable- esoteric I know, but LOTR2 had that, so did every other impression game, in fact.

    Speed adjustments ruin animations- game plays sort of fast in normal mode- castles get built REALLY quick. All you do is pay money and about 1 minute later, castle all done!

    You can't reinforce battles as they are going on!?!? What the? I had a poorly defended castle then rushed reinforcements... they arrived... and stood there doing nothing while the enemy army burned it to the ground!

    Hiring mercenaries is not explained very well- as in when do they show up? randomely? depends on your town? what?

    The manual is garbage.

    interface is trash. hot spots are too small and not intuitive.

    pilaging the enemy lands doesn't last but a few seconds and POOF up springs another enemy fief fort complete with troops. Annoying. Not an AI cheat as you can do this yourself too- once you assign the lord, poof you get an army or instant food for your army. Stupid.

    there's no list of who your current assigned people are (like KoH already has ONSCREEN!)- only a list of *unassigned* people constantly lined up to go- who cares about them!

    The interface as far as getting information and getting to do the things you want to do is really opage and involves a lot of clicking to search for the one piece of info you want.

    But, as I've said elsewhere the graphic art to this game is superb- I mean the menues and faces and such. Really beautifully integrated... too bad that's not enough.

    And little things ruin it too, here's another: You appear on the tactical map in castle fights in always the same position, and RARELY is this position facing the gatehouse- which is how a castle would have been DESIGNED when it was built to be approached. Catles are naked on the field and in EVERY case i've encountered you can totally SURROUND it(!!) and approach it from any angle you want! Almost always (even the largest most powerful castle) will be faced from the BACK or SIDE, so your gatehouse is worthless, and all the AI troops are lined up along that front wall while you "sneak" a MASSIVE army up behind them.... just sad....

    Also, while playing last night I came upon a way to take over AI castles when they're the largest, strongest castle possible... it was almost too easy: once you knock down a wall, the AI units rush out one group at a time.... my archers waited patiently and picked them off. I had one group of chevaliers to the flank, and the stupid AI (rmember NOT ADJUSTABLE FOR DIFFICULTY) always rushed headlong into my main mass while my knights charged from the flank. Then we knock down a section of wall closer to another group... pick them off, rinse and repeat. -yawn- And I figured this out on the FIRST day??? Didn't anyone beta test this game??

    I can't beleive the AI didn't gather everyone and at least rush me all at once the walls came down or my own men came within a certain closer range, if it's going to come outside of the walls at all!

    The game *may* be fun during multiplayer- but I'm not a huge fan of that in strategy games where I want to play for a few hours.

    I'm very sad for this day....more info

  • What a Disappointment!!
    I am a big fan of the Lords of the Relm series, but I must admit that after only owning this game for one day, I am forced to trade it back in, what a dissappointment. I knew with the price that is wasn't going to be a great game, but didn't expect what I got. If you have played either of the two previous versions of this game, you will know what I am talking about. You don't control the building of your armies, or what your countries produce. All you do is pic a vassel and let them do everything and then you march your pre-determined sized army (oh sorry, you can combine them, but still have set limits), and march around and attack your enemies. So, you basically do nothing in this game. You just fight battles if you feel like it and even those aren't all that exciting. The battles are similar to Medieval Total War, but less detailed and not near as life like. The graphics of this game are great, but the game play itself is awful. I was really looking forward to this game, but wish I had saved my money. If you new to the whole Medeival strategy game style, then this game my be a good learning tool, but for those of us that have played Medeival Total War, Age of Empires and the previous Lords of the Relms games, you will find this game boring and not worth the money. I know, you are all just saying the same thing I said when I read the reviews of this game.... he just didn't like it and is bitter. Trust me, I said the same thing and went out and bought it today and now I am hoping the EB will give me at least a couple bucks for it to try and buy something else. So, for those of you on the fence about this game, I hope it helps some and for everyone else, try it at your own risk. Enjoy!!

    "Ave Caser, morituri te salutant"...more info

  • It's really worse than ONE STAR !
    If I could have give it negative stars I would have. Expecting an upgrade to Lords of the Realm II, what I/we got was a totally different game. IT's an RTS POS. Gone is all the fun of turn based micromanaging and playstyle. All that is left is what the Siege Pak of LOTR II gave us, battle battle battle, boring. There's lots better RTS games out there, heck you can get EMIRES DAWN of the MODERN WORLD for less than $20 on ebay now and it's 1000x better than this game. No demo, and I surely can see why, nobody would have bought it, except a few clicky babies maybe. I'm glad I had a seven day return policy, I only needed ONE though! This isn't even worth bargain bin $5 to me. I have too many GREAT RTS games than to play this. Heck MTW (Medieval Total War) is better. It's $20 or less also on ebay and probably here at also. This one's a dud. It's so much of a dud they won't let you say anything bad about it over at the official website forums. If you think I'm kidding go try. ;)...more info
  • Never buy a game without playing the demo first!!
    I had my doubts about buying a game whose MSRP dropped from $50 to $20 vitually overnight. Unfortunately, I bought it anyway assuming since the earlier games were so much fun this one must be too. I've played bad games before but this time I really feel like I was had.

    Zero stars....more info

  • nothing like lords 2 do not buy
    they completely changed the intereface and the whole game in general. One of the worst sequels ever...more info
  • Not even value for money at $20. It's just not fun.
    LOTR2 was a classic game. LOTR3 should have expanded on the things that made LOTR2 good, but strangely removes all the interesting bits in managing your lands, and leaves you with kind of a weaker version of a "Total War" title.

    Everything happens in real time, which means armies *crawl* across the global map far to slowly. This would have been better handled as a turn based element. Not fun.

    Individual parcels of land don't seem to be anymore valuable than any other parecls of land. You don't seem to get invovled into that "damn I really need that mine/deposit/wood". No choke points on the maps either. Not fun.

    Actual battles are frenzied, quick, and extremely hard to control. Calvary types can get arcoss the battle maps faster than I can even select my troops and get them into some sort of logical order. Not fun.

    There are many possible formations and stances for individual troops, but no logical formations for groupings of more than one troop type. I.e. if you select a troop of archers and a troop of pikemen for instance and tell them to march to a location, they march off as if the others didn't exist. That means the faster moving archers arrive first and get wasted by melee types, then the pikes arrive, who engage the enemy melee types, but get mowed down by the enemy archers. Lightly armored ranged troops should fall in behind melee troops. Other games have been doing this for years now. Whats the problem? Not fun.

    Not too much point trying flanking with calvary either. The lighter faster troops arrive first, so you may as well just plough straight into them. My battle tactics have simply been to pause the game, select all troops, and direct them all to attack en mass at the center of the enemies ranks. Mindless. Not fun.

    Attacking castles is painful. You can't seige them as in LOTR2, you just attack with your current troops straight away. Troops scale the walls etc, but this combat seems buggy and confusing. Units appear to get get trapped up on the walls, and no quick capture the flag to end battles. LOTR2 is *much* better in this aspect.

    No skirmish mode. Yep. NO SKIRMISH MODE. Not fun.

    I'd suggest looking around for "Kohan Immortal Sovereigns", or a "Total War" game over this one....more info

  • Not as bad as people make it sound.
    One can not argue that this game is not a departure from Lords2. The food system, army recruitment, combat interface, and political systems all have received an overhaul, and there are also additional levels of complexity as well. The initial result might lead to the notion that the game is overly simplified, but the combinations of these systems makes for a new game play experience that is much more in depth than Lords2.

    All of the economic element has been replaced by a system of vassals which you assign to units of land in your province called "parcels." Different types of vassals provide different yield from that parcel - knights recruit troops, bergers allow you to hire mercenaries and special units, and bring in coin, serfs provide food for your armies, and clerics make churches. The vassals themselves all come with advantages (and disadvantages sometimes) that separate them from other vassals of a similar type, and your conduct in game directly determines which vassals you have access to. The vassals also are unique, in that if you acquire one vassal, you may be depriving your opponent of that same one.

    There are three values that your actions affect: christianity, chivalry, and honor. These can be raised or lowered by whom you attack, where your battles are fought, various decisions made outside of battle, and how many church parcels you have, among other things. The three values give penalties and bonuses in both combat and diplomatic relationships with the enemy, and play a large role in determining which vassals you have available to you, which in turn affects which type of military units you will have available to you and what kind of bonuses you can get out of your non-knight vassals. The result of this is that the way in which you conduct your military affairs has a large affect on your game play experience to a much larger extent than in Lords2.

    The political system, while not vast enough to really warrant the name "system" in comparison with combat, for example, is more flexible than Lords2, and works well with the three "attributes."

    There are some elements of the game that I can not fully describe in detail, as they are often more complex than they first appear, but there are more unit types, more seige engines, custom build castles, and medieval:total war ish battles in scope. The economics are simple in appearance, but the strategies that derive from them are quite numerous, and there is a bit of a learning curve before you can feel comfortable with the vassal system. The overland rate of movement of armies is pretty adequate, and directly affected by your country infrastruction as well as food supply, and the battles are set up so you can take part when you feel a need, or leave it to the AI when you are fighting on multiple fronts and focus on the important fights.

    All in all, I think that the experience comes off as much more realistic in a refreshing sort of way. It by no means is as frantic as these modern quasi-strategy games like warcraft 3, and even if you're getting soundly trounced, makes for a reasonably long experience, so you don't really feel like you're in danger of things getting out of your control as much. Depending on what pace you like things to happen, there is also an option to choose "slow" mode, but on the normal mode, as a big fan of turn based games over RTS, I never found myself being pressed for time too much.

    A few things detract enough to prevent a 5 star rating, but perhaps they will change:

    You can't set up a game on x map with x number of computers. You have to play games out of the campaign, which essentially let you do the same thing, but it'd be nice to have some more custom game options.

    Army movements sometimes are interrupted uncontrollably. You try and combine two armies that are pretty close by, and one of them is engaged by an enemy army from farther away, and they aren't allowed to combine first. You can not bring an army to attack a seiging force, or help the defending army, and if an enemy army makes for the castle, and you click to send an army into the castle to aid defenders, even if they're closer they some times will not go in the castle, or they may engage the enemy instead of going into the castle. It DOES prevent you from endlessly running away from the same enemy army and staying at a stalemate indefinitely, but it also can be a bit of a pain.

    There's no easy way to select a specific army inside a castle. You have to double click all your armies one at a time in the troop selection screen sometimes, until you find the right one.

    A couple other minor issues, but for the most part, this game is excellent, and seems to be criticized more for it's difference from Lords2 than on it's actual merit as a strategy game. At 19.99, it's definitely worth a try....more info