Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner
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  • One of those short, yet sweet games.
    If you into big robots/Mecha or anime or fast games or just big explosions, this is a must buy. Big improvement over the first....more info
  • The Best mech game ever!!!!!!!
    I purchased this game around a week ago. May i first start by saying that this is the best mech game ever created and far surpasses the first game. This is the closest thing to something like Gundam Wing. The visuals within the game are truly top class and the best on the PS2, from the barrage of explosions to the magnificent mech designs,the game moves quite fluently but at times slows down when a lot of enemies are on screen. The difficulty level on normal mode has stepped up a notch forcing you to use strategy on not only bosses but also the enemies within the game. The mix of techno and pop music fit in well with the game, along with the voice overs which were done very well. For fans of the first game i can tell you that the final fight against Anubis is well worth the wait and really goes to town on the graphics. The only great disappointment within the game was the story which was well paper thin, had this been fully implemented i would have given it five stars. I hope the developers Konami decide to give it another try as i would really like to see it achieve its full potential. Bring on Zone of the Enders 3!!!....more info
  • beautiful and fast, but repetitive
    I can't say that I completely share the enthusiasm of other reviewers...

    ZONE OF THE ENDERS 2 is a good game with beautiful, stylized graphics. It's fast, with lots of combat action and gorgeous special effects. Unfortunately, I find the combat to be repetitive and somewhat obvious.

    I don't think the story is great. It's convoluted and choppy, and the constant interruption of anime cinematics gets aggravating. There's a lot of watching in this makes for more of an interactive experience, I suppose, but it gets tiresome.

    The art direction is top notch, without a doubt, but the mech-element is hardly integral. You in no way feel like you're in a lumbering behemoth...instead, you're super-fast and flying in zero gravity. It's all good fun, I suppose, but if you're a mech enthusiast and you're looking for some MECH ASSAULT type of experience, look elsewhere.

    ZOE2 is basically a beautiful 3D shooter, physics be damned. Perhaps if some kind of online or multiplayer option where included the experience would be more rewarding. Better than the first game and definitely worth renting, if not to experience the look alone....more info

  • please, know what your talking about before you say things

    Iv played the trial version of Z.O.E 2 on my playstation underground cd, the excitment is never ending, the game is a mix of fast combo mashing battles, techno and orchestrated music,and a great storyline. All of these elements blend perfectly , making an excelent game, it may not have the add campaign that MGS 2 had, but it is sure as hell deservent of it....more info

  • best game you will ever play
    This is such a great game.even if you dont like combat games its still kool because of the graphics sound and pretty much everthing else.the environments are awsome.this is one game you cant miss.The first Z.O.E. game was great, and this one is a lot better.Its not just a combat game.Its an adventure shooter game that you have to play.At least rent it from somewhere to try it out,beleive me you wont be dissapointed....more info
  • The fastest and the best mech warrior type of game
    I am not a fan of mech warrior type of game. However, being a great fan of Metal Gear Solid I and II, I felt obliged to see what the famous producer and his team could offer, apparently something very different from MGS, and why not they worked on a sooner release of MGS III, which would be destined to be a sales success. The fact is, beyond expectation, the game is fantastic.

    Unlike most mech warrior games that control, speed, the player's perspective are always frustrations, one can do lightning fast and smooth (but very clear and viewable) moves, attacks and defences with simple and easy to manage keys. The graphics, the mechanical designs, the storyline, the gameplay are all brilliant. Without exaggeration, the whole game just offers something far beyond what I expected from my PS2 console.

    It is certainly a state of the art game and sets a new standard for all else. Strongly recommended....more info

  • 3.5; when destruction looks its prettiest
    Metal Gear Solid games were always fun to watch while playing them was pretty fun too but they always felt more like interactive movies with a huge emphasis on story rather than gameplay. On the other hand, Zone of the Enders is kind of the opposite: it's got a story, sure, but the bulk of it is centered around you and your mech smashing things up. However, the game suffers from serious nagging issues that prevents from being a stellar release. It's still fun in its own right but whereas most games have a great concept but never utilize it well enough, 2nd Runner has a great concept and solid gameplay if only for a few nitpicks.

    Story: You play Dingo Egret, a soldier who stumbles on the Orbital Frame (another word for mech, really) and turns out the BAHRAM military wants it and so Dingo has to reluctantly join up with members of the Space Force to help bring down the leader Nohman and Aumaan, an impregnable fortress. There's more to it but I'd rather not spoil it.

    Graphics: Anime inspired character designs with cutscenes that seem very reminiscent of Sons of Liberty, it's got a stylish feel to it. In gameplay, the graphics look kind of underwhelming with the locales looking at times just plain looking...that is until you meet enemies and things go boom incredibly purdy-looking and with the increased speed, it might scorch your corneas there's so much stuff to take in.

    Sound/Music: To be honest, the soundtrack was kind of iffy. Like a lot of action games, the music helps with the pace of what you're doing but you probably can't remember anything about the tracks at all. The voice acting is not up to par as MGS stuff but its serviceable although it does suffer from that Saturday morning vibe where lines seem kind of overacted and overeager but it beats reading.

    Gameplay: When in battle, there's not a lot that you can do but it's fun anyways. You can combo your opponents and depending on your last button choice for the combo you can send them up in the air or the ground. You can fire multiple shots from far away when there's too many little things to take on or you can go into Boost mode and deal a stronger attack. Also equipped are subweapons which can range from Grab (use enemy as a bat or toss them into other enemies) or one where extra damage is dealt if a shot knocks them into a wall, an incapacitator and others.

    The biggest knock I have to give the game is the controls. At times it's frustrating to control mainly due to the always-annoying camera either being too slow or can't seem to turn of its own accord at times, or lock-ons you don't want to lock onto. However once you get past that, you got to admit how fun it is to send enemies ramming into each other and taking hordes of baddies by your lonesome. Control might be annoying at times and if this was changed, this would've been one of the funnest action games on the PS2.

    Along with Ico, this was probably the hardest game on the PS2 for me to find. But whereas any flaws in Ico are easily overlooked, 2nd Runner is the kind of game that's one of those flawed gems where it is a blast to play and a pain in others....more info
  • Does everything that ZOE said it would.
    The first Zone of the Enders game was by no means a horrible game. In fact, many people bought just because of the great idea behind it (plus Hideo Kojima slapped his name on it). I mean, huge mech, lightning fast, anime styled battles. The combat delivered, but that was about it except for some flashy graphics. Plus a whiny protagonist thrown into the mix didnt help at all. This game is basically what the first game didnt do + the things it did well. Its an incredible game, pick it up whenever you can. The battles flow better, the hero isnt as annoying, the sub-weapons are actually interesting and everything just flows perfectly. The only flaw i can think of is the plot and the dialogue. The dialogue can be laughable, with the two characters basicallly grunting at each other. The whole "big war, bang bang, argh" thing is still in place, which was never a great plot in the first place....more info
  • G E T T H I S G A M E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Okay, so I haven't gotten past the first level but I LOVE it! It looks top notch and the gameplay is great and the Orbital Frames look soooo cool. I really recommend this game. GET IT NOW! (oh, and dude, it's pretty cheap too) If you get this game, you will be happy for a long time....more info
  • zone of the enders the 2nd runner
    if you want a peerly spectacular game, BUY, BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY THIS GAME,did I mention you should by this game. If youre into awesome hack n, slash games add this to your collection. The only thing wrong with this game that the main character's voiceover isn't quite perfect. You engage in some of the most beatiful combat known to the PS2, you have over thirteeen weapons that defintely kicks any game's weapons (except for a chosen few games) butt. Sweet unlockables and female main character that can defintely be rated as frickin hot , if you look hard enough on the internet you can find something that Ken ( the female character) to start taking it off . Other than that this is a game that will speak to you after your done you will feel like you just finished heaven, Be sure to pick up a copy of this game, have fun and good luck...more info
  • It has to be game of the year
    Ok this is way better then the first one. You can grab a guy and fly with him in your hands or use him as a weapon. The graphics are so good I thought I was playing Xbox. The storyline is actually good. With also surprising charcters like Viola. There is much more to do and the battles are much more harder. Even the little enemies are a pain. The boss are harder than ever and you actyally have to use your sheild to make it alive. What I am trying to say it is way better than the first and should be game of the year. I would say more but i don't want to ruin it for you,BUY IT AND FIND OUT....more info
    I am a fan of action video games and when this came out I reserved a rental at my store. Now I proud to say that the ZOE club have a decent video game under their belt. This game has a good fighting chemistry as you take control of complex robotic characters that whim through the dark skies and bright looms of green and purple space dust. Anyways if you like games in which you have to clean the sweat marks off the controller you just made from playing a certain game for a long time than I gurantee you as soon as you get into the ZOE zone than you will see for yourself the destiny that awaits of you!...more info
  • The 2nd Runner = Awesome
    It's not to often that a game sequal comes along and almost blows away its predecesor in almost every catogory, especially when its ZOE(Zone of the Enders). ZOE1 was a great game, ZOE2 is a better game. It has everything that you wanted from ZOE that you didn't get and more(except game length). First off being the graphics, there just amazing. The explosions have a cool cell-shaded look to them that will blow you away every time you see them, along with great character anime. The 2nd runner also has much faster gameplay and increased game difficulty(just fight Anubis, you'll see what i'm talkin about). Another cool addition is the 2nd runner himself, Dingo. He's much, much different than the previous character Leo who was a whiney little who never wanted to involved. Dingo is mean, tough and one of the coolest characters i have ever seen(asid of Dante in DMC). Sure, this game took me 4hrs. to beat but thats not stoping me from playing the couple hundred extra missions that you unlock once you beat it, as well as the intense versus mode. ZOE2 is a great game and a must own for all you die hard mech fans out there. (If this review isn't convincing enough for you to buy it, than at least rent it. You'll see what I mean)....more info
  • ZOE 2 Rocks!!
    I played the demo and it rocks!! The graphics are crisp and theres no little blocky glitches or whatever. The "Full" game features a verses mode and harder difficulties. YOU JUST CAN'T BEAT ZOE 2. Thanks for reading this and until next time "game over"........more info
  • Oh My Gosh!!
    It is an incredible game, maybe is a little repetitive but I must admit that the way of 2 players is incredible and when you have to all robots oh skies the ecenarios are impressive, but I believe that nothing makes an impression but that history go they has to like.

    Gameplay: 10

    Controllers: 10

    History: 9.5

    Graphics: 9.0

    It's a excelent PS2 Game....more info

  • extremely well done
    i have played this game at my friends house before, and I think it is great. The graphics sound aNd gameplay are all so awesome, and the cel-sahding was a nice touch. i would have rated this 4 and 1/2 but i cant and this is because of the difficulty in boss battles. My friend had to beat everyone of them for me. Overall i think this is one of the best games ive played in a very long time. go out and buy it today...more info
  • Hideo Kojima strikes again
    This title is one more brilliant video game coming from the genius mind of Hideo Kojima.
    Few things have changed since the first title. For start, Jehuty has now a new runner. I found the new runner even more likable and intriguing than the last one. The cutscenes are made in fashion of anime (japanese cartoons) witch is, for me, a big plus. The graphics have also changed (improved), looking more as cell-shaded game. Gameplay is similar to the previous game so it should please the players of the previous game and the newcomers. Also, I would point out that the story has also improved. I found myself more connecting with the characters and story in this title than the last one. Only flaw I could point out is the duration of the game, but then again, that might have spoiled the game in terms of the story.
    But there are vs mode and unlockables for those that seak more from game.
    All in all, this game is great in every aspect. If you are looking for action packed game that revolves around fast gameplay and mechas, that comes along with interesting characters and story, I think that you should pick up this title and enjoy it....more info
  • VEctor cannon
    What an awesome game! all I'v to say is the vs battle was superb where u get to battle against all the defeated bosses or become them. Its pretty challeging with some of the bosses but its all worth it when u recieve ur subweapon called the vector cannon. What power! better than ffx7 13 knight summon...more info
  • Hidden Gem
    This game is amaaazing. It is not very similar to Kojima's Metal Gear Solid series, but it succeeds in its own way very different from Metal Gear Solid. This game has to be THE fastest mech combat game, and succeeds in being both an action and third person shooter. However, small issues do make this game less-than-perfect.


    >This game has a pressure-sensitive mechanic, very much like Metal Gear Solid. It adds variety to the game, but doesn't really become an extreme necessity for those concerned about this.
    >Very smooth framerate, esp. on a PS2, which is definitely a dated system. This game, albeit very old (made in 2003) has super smooth graphics and animations, and could easily be mistaken for a ps3 game.
    >Story is well-written and has well developed characters; it's a Kojima game.
    >epic battles. I mean really epic. you will fight easily over 100 enemies, as well as challenging bosses that have high AI response. Scenery is very different too (wildnerness, cities, space, etc.), only downside is that one may not notice this with all the fast-paced action.
    >i just liked the theme, don't know if anyone agrees; i've always loved mech and gundam-wing genre robots with guns. This game just fulfills that desire.
    >multiplayer (single screen, but easy to adapt to)


    >very short game...maybe about 7-8 hours max. This isn't a gamebreaker, tho, because there's a high replayability desire.
    >Voice acting is ridiculous, one can definitely tell it's a Japanese game ported with English voice dubbing. I cannot think of one redeeming factor for excuse Kojima games
    >somewhat frustrating for some missions (save as many civilians and allies from enemies...i mean...i don't enjoy babysitting in a game) as well as tough enemies that will guarantee multiple tries before one can fully understand gameplay mechanics (Viola battle took me at least 3-4x for EACH of the 3 parts of the boss battle).

    but don't let those cons let you down. This game is a beauty that most have not heard of (Metal Gear Solid gets all the credit), and thus most do not know what they are missing out on....more info
  • beautiful and fast, but repetitive
    I can't say that I completely share the enthusiasm of other reviewers...

    ZONE OF THE ENDERS 2 is a good game with beautiful, stylized graphics. It's fast, with lots of combat action and gorgeous special effects. Unfortunately, I find the combat to be repetitive and somewhat obvious.

    I don't think the story is great. It's convoluted and choppy, and the constant interruption of anime cinematics gets aggravating. There's a lot of watching in this makes for more of an interactive experience, I suppose, but it gets tiresome.

    The art direction is top notch, without a doubt, but the mech-element is hardly integral. You in no way feel like you're in a lumbering behemoth...instead, you're super-fast and flying in zero gravity. It's all good fun, I suppose, but if you're a mech enthusiast and you're looking for some MECH ASSAULT type of experience, look elsewhere.

    ZOE2 is basically a beautiful 3D shooter, physics be damned. Perhaps if some kind of online or multiplayer option where included the experience would be more rewarding. Better than the first game and definitely worth renting, if not to experience the look alone....more info

  • ZOE2 finally delivers on all of ZOE1's empty promises
    In previews, ZOE seemed like it was going to be one of the Greatest Games of All Time. Unfortunately it ended up being a bit of a dud. Not a horrible game, but nowhere near meeting expectations. The combat itself was OK at first, but it quickly became repetetive. Aside from the bosses, there were only three enemy types. The game was filled with boring seek-and-fetch quests, an unappealing simpering lead character (that kid made Shinji from EVA look like Clint Eastwood,) uninteresting environments, useless sub-weapons, it was too easy, the story wasn't very exciting, the voice acting was abysmal, and so on and so forth. All it really had going for it was state of the art graphics, satisfying boss battles (well, except for the last one) and a VERY cool mech to fly around in. Oh, and a great soundtrack. But the bad more or less outweighed the good, and so the announcement of a sequel didn't really increase my heart rate. However, the current issue of OPM came with a ZOE2 demo, so I gave it a spin. I can't begin to tell you how much of an improvement it seemed to be over the original. I was so impressed that I immediately ran out and picked up the import even though the domestic version is less than a month away. Everything, EVERYTHING about ZOE1 has been improved upon, even the things it did well. Some notable changes are:

    * More enemies and targets appearing onscreen, a LOT more. This game is much more hectic and chaotic than the original, which seemed laid back a lot of the time. Enemies are more agressive, and some of the boss battles are more difficult than anything from ZOE1.

    * The lead character actually has some charisma going for him. The story (what I've been able to make out with my non-existent Japanese fluency) is gripping, or at least interesting. Characters actually have relationships with each other. Things actually happen to them. The story itself is told via very high quality anime, rather than ZOE1's 3D CG.

    * There's more variety in the gameplay itself. Rather than just contiunually roaming through area after area and beating up enemies and looking for programs, you'll chase down huge armored battle-trains, solve puzzles, and follow precise verbal cues or DIE. You can also now grab enemies and use them as melee weapons, and grab pieces of the environment to use as weapons or shields.

    The only real flaw I can think of is that the game's voice acting isn't up to the standard of other Konami productions, such as the Metal Gear Solid series or the Silent Hill series. It may be a notch or two above the truly atrocious acting in ZOE1, but that's not saying much.

    Trust me, if you liked ZOE1 at all, you'll be amazed at how great ZOE2 is....more info
  • Short but Epic
    ZOE2 is one of the most overlooked games of the ps2 generation in my opinion.

    ZOE: The 2nd Runner is an sci-fi action/adventure game for the ps2.

    The storyline follows respectivly from Zone of Enders 1 and no you don't need to buy ZoE 1 to catch up. ZoE 2 actually has a summerized video of ZoE 1 in the game menu.

    Well let's start with the review.

    Characters|Story: [4.5/5] +Characters are well built / -Story is a bit rushed

    ZoE 2 Main characters are great, they have lots of dept, mysterious backgrounds, lots of feeling, are multi-dimensional and they grow and mature. Dingo is the main character (typical anti-hero) with a bad additude and relucently ends up doing the good deed... (even if only to save his own hide).

    The story is great in my opinion, shocks and turns around every corner and believeable dialogue. The only problem is everything is a bit rushed... understandably to get it all in but still.

    Each boss is unique and you really feel like it's a triumph to defeat them.

    Also if you have played the first ZoE you get some great suprises and old faces await you.

    Sound/Music: [5/5] +Great ambience and SFX / - some of the hits could have been a little heavier.

    The sound effects where well done, everything from a sword swipe to the charging of a mega blast. All rocked my 5.1 sound system. Everything had a robotic/hollow metallic tinge to it, which was respective to the genre.

    Only complaint is I think that some of the impact sounds where too light in my opinion. I grab a guy, wind up, fling him as hard as I can and smash him against at wall. He explodes but there is hardly a huge thud/metal-grind before the explosion. Picky I know but sound is very important in emercing the player so tune up the base!

    Gameplay: [4.5/5] +Improved control system / -unique control system

    This is a very unique sci-fi game in which you are controlling a faster then light flying robot (Called an orbital frame) and all of your opponents can and will surround you 360 degrees from above and below.

    That being said it takes a little getting used to navigate your orbital frame but the game offers a very comprehensive tutorial which you can review at any time.

    The game provides a lock on system and 3+ difficulty settings.

    Over time you can gain mastery of your orbital frame and it really feels quite rewarding when you do. However you still have to learn the weaknesses and the patterns of the bosses in order to apply your new skills.

    This game is short but comes with a varity of extra options/missions/settings and secrets and even a PvP mode in where you can square off against a friend. VERY FUN, great replay value.

    Graphics: [5/5] +Great graphics & Presentation / -None

    Hideo was really going for a certain style here... very futuristic / stylish / sleek. I've seen it attempted in other sci-fi like batman beyond and Digital Devil Saga. Pulsing/glowing lines, pulsing armor, pulsing areas.

    Hideo nails it completely. The graphics and presentation are nothing short of amazing. Hideo is well known for his presentations for Metal Gear Solid Series. This game is no exception, from the start you feel like your in a movie. The cut scenes and gameplay are taken with great care and it shows.

    Overall: [5/5]

    This is a PS2 Classic a rare gem that for some reason was over looked. If you can get your hands on it I suggest you keep it close I have a feeling this game will be rare and valueable soon.
    ...more info
  • Awesome
    While many people would give this game a 3 or 4, i felt it deserved a 5 without a doubt. The game has everything that an action fan would want. Extremely fun combat situations, extra missions to up the replay value, versus mode with unlockable characters, and a great storyline. It doesnt give it to you either, i found myself getting a few gameovers on some boss fights and even some difficult situations. Overall, i recommend buying the game since it is really cheap, but renting it could suffice since it can be beaten in a weekend...more info
    this game is truly magnifacent! i thought the first one was awesome BUT HE SECOND ONE ROCKS MY SOX OFF!! its sooooooooooooooooooo kool. one problem though, you have to be a major mecha fan to enjoy this, otherwise theres too much action for you!! lol i was amazed by this price! this is by far the best price you'll ever find on this game!! (well the used price) if you ever see this game in the 20's BUY IT!! i totally reccomend this game!! in it you play as the second runner for jehuty...i doe not recommend this game for those of you who havnt played the first Zone of the enders, otherwise the plot is a little confusing...but by far the best mecha game of all time, it was rated "best game of the month" in the Electronic Gaming magazine!! BUY IT BUY IT!! YOU WONT REGRET IT!!...more info
  • Good...
    It has eye-poping PS2 graphics, but all of the dialogue is in japanese. It looks very nice. More info is on the way....more info
  • This is AMAZING
    I bought Official playstation magazine, and they had a playable demo in the issue of ZOE:2 an its just amazing. The graphics are so beatiful its hard to believe its on PS2 and not X box. The beatiful backgrounds and character models in this game, dont hinder the framerate what so ever. The action continues at a fast pace and doesnt skip a beat. The music makes you feel like your the last chance the world has, and everything is resting upon your shoulders. The story is pretty good considering its done by Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind the devoted Metal gear series. The characters are designed by todays hottest anime series drawers of Gundam Wing. When you combine these two hot elements your going to end up with nothing less than perfect. The gameplay is fast, and frenzied. The battles make you feel like your robot is superior like its supposed to be, even though it didnt feel like that in the first game. I would waste no time in renting or trying this game. When it comes out just rush through the grandmas beat them away and grab your copy of gold. You most definetely wont be dissapointed...more info
  • Better than last time...
    The last ZOE game was a disapointment to the player. Just as the excitment really began to rise, the game just bombs out and is over. Now there was a really big cliff hanger. After word about ZOE 2nd runner appeared, many scoulded it because the last game was too short.
    But don't worry. I have heard that this game will be a hole lot longer than the last one. There are newer characters, and some old ones at that. (Leo returns but does not drive the Jehuty) So in a sense, if you bought the first ZOE, you might want to check out the sequel. It looks promising, and the in-game graphics are amazingly real....more info
  • Coolest Robot Game Ever!
    This is so much better than the first one.You have more weapons,more characters,more trails,more throwing,and more everything!You even get 4 diffrent versions of Jehuty:Regular,Ver. 2,Damaged,and Naked.Naked Jehuty is Jehuty with lost parts.In this game,some of the old characters are there.Jehuty and you will be aable to save people,hold enemies and paralyze them,and grab debris to use as weapons.This game is longer than before.After beating the game,you can access more missions.This is really fun and it would be hard to the controller down.Buy the game!...more info