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Silent Hill 3
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Product Description

As a teenage girl named Heather, players must explore and unravel the mysterious connection between the god-forsaken town, her past, and her inner fears. With enhanced graphics detail, a more complex storyline, and even more grotesque monsters than the previous games, Silent Hill 3 promises to be the best horror adventure ever.

Silent Hill 3 continues the series' trademark brand of psychological horror and terrifying gameplay. As a teenage girl named Heather, players must explore and unravel the mysterious connection between the god-forsaken town and her inner fears. The game features enhanced graphical detail, a more complex storyline, and even more grotesque monsters than the previous games.

  • First female lead character in the Silent Hill series.
  • An all-new, unnerving adventure.
  • Series trademark graphics are further enhanced with even more unbelievable detail.
  • New areas to explore within the town of Silent Hill, including the Amusement Park, Subway Station, and the Mall.
  • New weapons, including a sub-machine gun, sword and flame-thrower.

Customer Reviews:

  • The Horror Lives Again
    Konami has done it once again. Silent Hill 3 pulls you once again into the world of survival horror with an all new cast, a new assortment of arms, and new puzzles to solve to find the answers to a troubled past.

    You play as Heather, a teenager living in a small city, who is just enjoying a meager day at the shopping mall, when a detective approaches her to question her. Being the despondant young girl she is, she quickly eludes his questions, and tries to flee the mall, only to become caught up in the mysterious horrors of her past. Monsters begin to spawn around her, and she doesn't know why.

    Silent Hill 3 flashes back to the original Silent Hill of when Harry Mason battled against the abomination created by Dahlia Gillespie. As you progress through the story, you learn about Heather's role, and how she's connected to the town of Silent Hill.

    The grotesque atmospheres, creepy monsters, and unnerving sound effects are even better than those of the previous two Silent Hill games. Some of the bonus features include new weapons, such as a flamethrower, and a type of lightsaber. Plus, you unlock codes after completing it that allow you to get new costumes to wear as you go through the story. Hey, a girl has to look good when she's fighting evil, right?

    So if you're into being completely terrified outside of your wits, Silent Hill 3 is definitely a must-buy....more info

  • The Third place...
    After seeing a preview for the film Silent Hill, I see that they are using the third horror place from Silent Hill 3 which was AWESOME!
    For silent hill players you are familiar with the OK creepy town and the MESSED up creepy town - in Silent hill 3 you have OK creepy town, Messed up creepy town and OH MY GOD HOW HORRIFIC creepy town.
    The level of eyeball piercing obscenity is pure gold, it takes a while for your mind to catch up to what its seeing as it really and truely hurts your eyes and brain.
    Fabulous. Depth and the bunnies, the fluffy bunnies that run around trying to kil you - joy.
    I munched my way through it in 8 hours and played it twice more...
    It's at a perfect price now to get in there and fill your boots.
    ...more info
  • Perfect.....
    Yeah, pretty much the perfect game....

    PERFECT story, and everything else in the game is absolutely top notch....

    My absolute highest recommendation goes to Silent Hill 3. It does not get better than this!!...more info
  • Decent game, but kind of a letdown
    Synopsis: Silent Hill 3 is a direct sequel to the original Silent Hill game. The main character is a teenage girl named Heather Mason, who wakes up from a nightmare in her local shopping mall. After calling her father to tell him she'll be home shortly, she meets a detective hired to bring her back to her hometown of Silent Hill on the grounds that she was kidnapped as an infant. As she tries to leave, the mall turns into her nightmare and she is confronted by a mysterious woman telling her that she must remember...

    Finally, a direct sequel to the original Silent Hill. This installment delivers classic survival horror gameplay with lots of frights. Especially creepy are the sound effects, which could probably creep out anyone not made of pure steel. There are also great visual effects (look for a video of the mirror room from the game on youtube for an example) and some of the cutscenes are well done. However, my praise for this game ends there.

    The biggest problem I have with Silent Hill 3 is that so much of it feels contrived. Whole sections of the game contributed nothing to the story and felt like they were just added to make the game longer. This includes most of the first half of the game, which is basically spent waiting for something of any consequence to happen. In addition, the subtlety of the previous installments is gone, replaced with a much more blunt approach to storytelling. And while being hit over the head with the plot is required for some people, it's the ambiguity that makes Silent Hill's approach so unique. Not to mention that being a direct sequel canonizes certain endings to the first game, which ruins the point of multiple endings.

    All in all, the game is good for scares, but is blunt and plodding. If it interests you and you have 8-10 hours to kill, go for it. However, if you're ambiguous there are better games to spend your money on....more info
  • A Great Game, But Didn't Live Up to the Silent Hill Name
    To me, this seemed to be the shortest, easiest game up to this point in the Silent Hill series, which is kind of disappointing. 1 & 2 seemed to be more challenging in gameplay, and more in-depth in stories. SH3 just seemed to be loaded down with a bunch of extra stuff for AFTER you've already beaten the game. While it is FUN and kind of creepy (with great graphics and AWESOME music), I really don't think that it matched up to Silent Hill 2, or even 1 for that matter....more info
  • Compared to SH2, this is crud
    This game is basically a just an add on to the first SH. While the second game had an amazing storyline with great plot twists, this has a plot so shallow it made me sick that I paid this much money for it. Waaaaaay too short. For the kind of money I put into it, I expected way more. Graphics and sound are great as ususal, but that just underlines the pathetic plot. Save your cash for SH 4, which I hear they are working on. But I'm renting 4 next time, instead of running out and buying. I learned my lesson with this dud....more info
  • Heather has just open a door way to Hell
    Sillent hill is with out a doubt the scariest game ever made.
    Resident Evil is mostly just action and gore. This game is
    Disturbing and will scare the s**t out of you.
    The story is a little confusing. It got a little religouse to me than horror. The 2nd one was with out a doubt a doubt the most brilliant smartest survival horror game ever made.
    3 IS also brilliant and smart. The game is also kina depressing when heather finds her dad. The over all basis of this game is scary as hell. Im not very hyped up for the 4th one. The story seems kina crumy.

    So if you love survival horror game and arnt afraid to play it than buy this game now. You wont be dissapointed....more info

  • totally excellent
    The first two were great this one is as good if not better. So what you waiting for???...more info
  • mmm mmm good
    I had just beaten Silent Hill 2 when I found out they were going to release SH3. I was beyond excited. This game has got to be the strangest and most imaginative thing I've ever played. It's not as creepy as SH2, but what it lacks in creepiness it makes up for in weirdness.

    I can't even begin to recall what was going on, there are so many instances where I was blown away by how eclectic the concepts were that I was proud of the creative team that put it together. The mirror room alone would be enough to make me buy this game. I mean really, what in the hell? I was just running along, minding my own business and I step into that! Many times during game play did I have to sit back a reflect on what had just happened. Quite impressive. I loved the random rooms that had nothing to do with anything except to just creep you out and leave you asking yourself "what the hell?" Like the room with the strange "sour" smell wafting around and the black curtain in the middle. Nothing ever happened there, they just wanted to let you know that something was expired I guess.

    The whole game was just alive. It had a pulse for god's sake. The walls seemed to be breathing and looking at you as you wondered around looking for the room with the guy with his blood let so that you could fill up your plastic bag with his blood to make a sacrifice and move on. Simple as pie! Everything was just so ridiculously weird like that. Fer god's sake! And while your nearing the end everything just gets out of control and the trippy, symmetric wall shows begin. I mean really, could the atmosphere of this game get any more absolutely insane? There are so many worth while situations to mention: the carosal with all the bloody horses; the fairy tale monster; the countless bottomless pits everywhere; the haunted mansion; the friggin' wheel chair scene; the subway; the amusement park... it was all very interesting, believe me.

    The sound was great, fantastic even. Definitely responsible for all the tension in the game. Graphics were great too, of course there was a lot going on with them. I've never seen so much detail put into a game. The only big downfall was the superbly crappy ending. Seriously disappointing. I think that they must have so much going on that they just don't know how to end these games. SH2 was in about the same boat. I haven't gone back yet to replay it for some different endings, but the one I got was pretty sad. But it was worth it, I look forward to playing it over again. They've started on SH4: The Room and it looks like it's going to be excellent. I haven't been let down yet....more info
  • What just happened?
    Great game! Scary game!Bla bla bla bla..... very boring. I am a huge fan of horror games. But, this was very dissapointing.(A waste of 50 bucks) .Many people saying that it would give you nightmares! Hell no! The reason, I gave it two stars was because of the story and graphics. The gameplay is horrible. Combat is very weak, so you just run away. Also, there's like a million freaken doors, that have broken handles, and that's very annonying.It forces you to explore. The monsters just look wierd, not at all scary! I reccommended Clock Tower 3 or Residnet Evil X Code Veronica better!...more info
  • Good, but really spooky game
    I really enjoyed this game because I'm a resident evil fan, but it scares you a lot more n creeps u out a lot more than resident evil. Good game still....more info
  • Plagued with flaws.
    Ok, first off this game looks beautiful. The graphics, models, and sounds are all superb. Its just too bad everything else goes downhill from there...

    And let me just say that this game is NOT scary. The monsters looked strange and funny. You have a fat naked blob. You have a tall skiny naked blob. You have a funny sounding 'dog' monster. You have a torso that crawls thingy. Everything looked strange.
    And all those humanoids crawling with their shaking heads reminded me of a Tool video...

    And seeing blood on every wall and floor is not scary. I get it... theres blood everywhere. Let me open up the next room and see, surprise!, more blood. :Yawn:

    The only thing that gave me nightmares in this game were the doors. Every hallway you enter has 10 doors in it. Yet only 1 or 2 can be opened. And with the way the map works, you are forced to try and open every stinking door in the game for fear of missing an important clue inside it. You will be spending more time finding a door that opens than actually finding clues.

    Plus the camera system in this game seems to be haywired.
    I cant count how many times my character would run 'towards' the screen down a hallway and the only thing i can see is whats behind me. And everytime you leave a room all the camera shows you is the door behind you that you just closed. I hate changing the camera angle every five seconds just to see whats ahead of me.

    In the end this game failed to impress me. It wasnt scary. It wasnt that good. And most importantly, it wasnt that much fun.

    ...more info
  • Over Hyped!!!
    Silent Hill 2 (SH2) is a classic. Silent Hill 3 (SH3), I just wasn't sure about. I bought it because I enjoyed Silent Hill 2. But after 40 min saw no reason for what I was doing. There very limited ammo so all you really do is run around trying to avoid unrealistic monsters. If you've played silent hill 2, you've been there and done that SH3 is a replica of SH2 with a little better graphics. Now if you enjoy running down hallways buy it or else to what I did, return it and get Fatal Frame 2 (FF2). If you like SH2 I would suggest getting FF2....more info
  • One of the best in the series though to some it might seem a bit short
    I found this gem in a pawn-shop. By that point SH 3 had become difficult to find. It seems like all these games have that defining fault. (Luckily I'm getting an X-box 360 about the time SH V hits shelves). Regardless I'm sure you've heard many things both good and bad about this one when in comparison to SH 2.

    Well the truth is I'm not a SH 2 fanatic. I actually liked James alot, and yes his story was interesting but what some people termed "gradual build up of suspense" I thought was boring as I explored a town that was in many ways a bit too open ended. Yes, SH 2 is longer than SH 3 (I own it too) but does longer always equate to better? I suppose that depends on who you are.

    The truth is I'm a lover of the first game. Alot of fans say it was too
    "cult influenced" but when you think about it the monsters were STILL generated by someone's nightmarish delusions and it was still far more psychological than it was cheap shock thrills. (Not that there is anything wrong with the later either mind you. Yes, I do like RE as well.)

    SH 3 is a little piece of black sunshine in many ways. First of all it is the first time a girl protagonist is introduced. I've heard many debates about Heather. You either love her or hate her. But before you past that judgement you should get to know her. Yes Heather is a wise cracking loner. She does not hang out with gaggles of giggling girls her age. She doesn't like being followed and yes, she has major "trust issues". If she was like this for no reason I could understand the angst of gamers. But as it stands she has a VERY GOOD REASON for being as paranoid and aloft as she is. The only man she can trust is her dad and when you find out who she was in the past you can forgive her for being abrasive. SH 3 does much to prove "human beings" are the worst monsters and not even Pyramid head can compete with the scum baggery of certain individuals out there.

    The game is definetly a roller coaster ride. Your dream sequence in the amusement park is scary enough to make you question playing further. Right from the beginning you are dropped into the jaws of hell and they bite down hard.

    SH 3 does mess with you. For example there are parts in the game you "almost" feel safe. No monsters around and you can hear comforting muffled human voices on the other side of the walls. You actually start your true journey having over slept in a mall that has closed down around you. Their is a very subtle anxiety about trying to make your way out of a building past closing time. Its' not you fear monsters or irrate security guards. It just feels creepy being in a place that normally bustles with activity after everyone has gone home.

    In the first area Douglas a concerned detective and a strange woman named Claudia make their appearances. Douglas is hired by Claudia to take you back to your "home town" under the suspicion you have been kidnapped. Actually it gets sloppier. Your father killed someone in self defense and you have both been on the run awhile making your situation questionable. Apparently your "happy home-life" has not always been so happy.

    Of course being Heather you don't trust Douglas the middle aged gruff cop movie reject nor do you trust Claudia even though she claims you used to be friends that grew up together. Like a typical teen with angst issues you set out on your own.

    From here on out there are things worth noting. The first is the graphics in this game are darkly beautiful and filled with ambient atmosphere. Truth be told this is the best looking SH out there. Secondly the creatures are bigger and meaner. Some fans liked this...others did not. Regardless the strait jacketed spinning pendulums with their whirling blades and the fat grotesque insane cancers add a sense of claustophobia and impending doom when you are sandwiched in close quarters.

    The enviorments are also worth complimenting. The subway, church, and lake side amusement park haunted house come to mind immediatly and throughout the game alot it divulged about your past as well as that of "The Order" everyone's favorite group of resident crazies.

    Claudia and Douglas are interesting enough but when you meet Vincent your really in for a mind freak. Vincent is almost too genial and polite making you think a cackling insanity is being held down just beneath the surface. He even makes you question if the "monsters" you have been slaying are actually real people and it is obscure to figure out which side he is on.

    As the game progresses these people fall into the roles of "watchers" "antagonists" and "supporting friends" but I will not give away anymore than that. Regardless the point is the side characters are well defined and intriguing which has always been a trade-mark of the SH mythos.

    By the end of the game I was endeared to Heather alot. She was not perfect but frankly I get tired of perfect anyway. She was not "super model beautiful" but yet she was cute enough to be that girl next door you might have had a crush on. Heather is "one of us" the normal people and in that lies her charm. She is acessible and you could imagine hanging out with her doing stuff you'd do with your friends. Though she gets scared she is brave and dedicated. While her laugh sounds more like a whimper when confronting various monsters at least she trudges onward and once you DO earn her trust she's there for you through thick and thin. Females really don't have many good role-models in gaming so in that regard Heather is a breath of fresh air. She dresses plain and her cleavage is not about to bust out of her shirt.

    I should mention the game-play is a bit smoother compared to SH 2 but not much. The combat system in SH has never been deep but if you could multi-hit combo creatures through walls it would defeat the aspect of being a normal smuck amongst terrifying circumstances. As before you get an assortment of melee weapons and a few guns. As before you can stomp creatures on the ground though some of them will try to latch onto you. Beat the game and you'll get a few nifty items that pack alot of punch or are blatantly ridiculous fan service.

    The only negative gripe I have with SH 3 is not so much it is a bit linear (I don't mind that) but that it only has 2 endings. Ok 3 if you count the usual UFO parody ending but compared to SH 2 its' like they made a sub-way sandwich with less meat. It still tastes great but it is definetly not as filling. For some this will hurt the re-play value.

    Regadless if you can pick up this game. I don't exactly know how easy it is to find but it is likely one of the better installments in the series. ...more info
  • The Truth about Silent Hill 3...
    Another review, another game played and beat... what a way to spend a series of nights off. Silent Hill 3 was a sad tragic tale in the long story of Silent Hill. I didn't like this game and to be honest here's why...

    First off this is the third game that bares the name Silent Hill and after the story and experience of Silent Hill 2, I was expecting something better... even remotely better... I didn't get it needless to say.

    As for the graphics and sound and yadda-yadda, yeah they are great and as to be expected from a PSX 2 game title. The problem for me comes in the form of losing that "Disturbed" feeling... which is what Silent Hill really clings to. The feeling of horror from seeing such disturbed images and what-not.

    In Silent Hill 3 you play as a teenage girl... so we all know now that the directors of the game are going to focus on the stupid teenage lust craze thing going on in the world today. Sadly this is evident in the game as you sometimes find yourself wondering what the heck a teenage girl such as this is doing in such a situation. Hey been there done that... but the loss comes in lack of story driven potential as Silent Hill 2 had.

    In the end I would recommend skipping this title over for something that truly delivers original content and exciting gameplay. I hate to say it but I was suckered into false hope of a better Silent Hill 4... that is for another time....more info
    Let's be honest. Resident Evil is not the least bit scary, just fun. Hmmm, I want to get a scary game. The reviews on the internet point all fingers to the Silent Hill series. I guess I'll find a copy of #1. Ok, that was the scariest game I've ever played, even with bad graphics. I'll pick up a copy of #2!
    Not as scary, but an unbelievably awesome storyline with an ending that was so emotional, I almost cried. heh heh. Now SIlent Hill 3.....

    Silent Hill 3 blends together what made the first and the 2nd games great. It uses the buildup of fear and horrible creatures like in SIlent Hill 1, which #2 lacked. And it uses an awesome story line from #2 but definitely not as epic as SH2.

    The things that happen in this game are extremely, and thoroughly disturbing!!! ( some spoilers) Like in the alternate hospital, that was the first time in a silent hill game where an alternate place actually seems like a real nightmare. The blurry, blood-red squirming walls, which seemed to made out of bloody maggots. That sent shivers down my spine. Then when you walk into that room with the mirror, that made me have a heart attack!(You know what I'm talking about) THen that haunted house, was pretty gruesome but freaky. (What was that red light anyway?) I like how the first level is a foreshadowing of events to come like in SH.

    Fantastic game. I honestly belive it's the best of the 3.
    ...more info
  • Beyond Frightening
    It's good that you took the time to read this review, beacuse if you are, like I am, a horror fan, this is a very fair warning.


    There i've said it. Yes it's that scary. Shortly after I played this game I went to see "28 Days Later" on Dvd. No effect. I hadn't seen Sixth Sense so I gave it a shot. No effect. In fact these movies were rather boaring, only after I played Silent Hill 3. Silent Hill goes beyond fear and no words in the human language could possibly describe it accurately. But here goes nothing.

    Do you ever wake up at night from an increadibly scary dream, but you know it's a dream that shouldn't be scary, but it is? Something about that dream just scared the living S*it out of you and you lay there alone in your bed trying to push the horrifying images out of your head? That feelings comes up multiplyed by 10, when playing this game. Your palms WILL become sweaty, you WILL jump at the slightest sound in the real world even if it's your cat walking over that bag of doritos you had earlier. I could go on telling you how much this game will scar you mind, but i best get on with the details.

    If you aren't new to the series, the controls are nothing new. The graphics take a huge leap. And the puzzles are just as satisfying as the last two games. The enemies are just as twisted, ranging from mutated, disfigured, things lurching down the hallway, to the gruesomely horrifying freaks that enjoy mutilating dead bodies in their spare time, when they're not trying to club you with rusty metal pipes. The story is very detailed and deep but, like all silent hill games, leaves off with pleanty to think about. The game starts off a little slow, but holds you long enough for you to really get into the meat and true horror of the series. New comers, stick with the game and make your way through it. Like any good book or movie, it does start off somewhat slow, but then grabs you by the neck later on and won't let go.

    Everyone who plays this game, it is impossible NOT to get scared when playing, and if you don't find this game the least bit frightening... seek mental help... IMEDIATLY.

    i just found out a perfect word to describe this work of art.


    Five out of Five, the best game in the series yet. All other Silent Hill Fans, heads up, Silent Hil 4: The Room is coming out very soon as well....more info